5 Amazing Ways To Design Your Game Room

Do you remember when you were young or younger for you millennials, there was that ideal special place to escape to your total enjoyment with friends and family? For most of us it was the park with a dog or maybe the pool or the lake with either fishing in mind or just a quick dip. But if your passion was for the arcade rooms, then this is definitely for you.

Going to the movies was the place to be. especially when you’re waiting for the movie to start. The lobby area was always packed with people getting food at the concession stands or taking pictures with each other. For most of us, we look to play games at the arcade spot for sure.

From shooter games, to popular racing machines, this was some the best times to get in on the excitement. Arcade machines was so popular that you could go to local malls and corner stores to invest a mound of quarters to play your favorite game to play for hours.

To some, it was a way to escape from the world and get excitement in the best way possible. To others, its was about beating the next top score. What ever the case maybe, its was fun everytime you place quarter into he machines for game play.

I could remember the time I was a kid racing to the local corner store with a bag of bottles to trade in for quarters to play video games and have fun. This was a ritual every Saturday morning after cartoons of course. But nowadays people have found a new-found love in video gaming though various ways to entertainment which continues to be a staple in most markets today.

What we would like to show you is five fantastic ways to design your own game room with terrific ideas and fun ways to improve i as wellt. These are some of the best ideas to keep you and your guest happy and entertained for hours. Please take the time to read and jot down these ideas and tips. Some of these options could make your room stand out among others.

Home Theater Projectors

Some the best game rooms developed starts with a top of the line projector. These wonderful machines can take any old room and create an array ideas for you to have for starters. Have you seen the new developments these home theater projectors can offer to your room?

We have a list of some the best projectors with multi-purpose features and options to create for your game room. To help you understand this more, let’s take a quick look at our featured model for starters and we’ll break down what does it bring to your the game room.

Sony VPL- HW45SES Full HD SXRD Home Cinema Projector

Sony VPL-HW45ES Full HD SXRD Home Cinema Projector


  • Screen size 40″ to 300″
  • Ultra Low Fan Noise
  • Brightness output: 1800 lumens
  • HDMI input: 1080/60p


  • Sony Home cinema Projector.
  • RM-RJ28 Remote Commander.
  • AC power cord, AA batteries.
  • Lens cap, Operating instructions, Quick Start guide.

Weight: 20 pounds.

Warranty: Three year limited warranty.

Power requirements: AC 100V to 120V for operation.

Check out details on pricing here.

Amazing Visual quality: Has the tools to make your room come to life with excellent picture clarity. You will see the difference of how well live action games is displayed. Above that, its built in with 3D technology that combines HD quality aspects to make a great features for video gaming, sporting events, and movie theater action.

Capable With any Size Room For Installation: You have the option to place this projector where you want to get the entertainment for your game room. That means, no matter how high the ceiling is, the room could be the largest in the house. Sony’s home cinema projector is flexible to your needs. Thanks to help of 1.6x ratio manual zoom feature, its possible to get the same if not more visual qualities for game rooms that is small or large.

No Blurring Visuals: Sony has perfected the art of motion pictures with its latest technology Motionflow. This feature can give your picture the same crystal clear images even in the fastest motion though any action scene. This is a great feature for live action events like sports and movies.

Built in 3D transmitter: This makes your transition easier to convert. This features synchronizes with compatible RF 3D glasses to expand the wider coverage plus better stability, which helps you get the full range support of picture.

Surround Sound Systems

There is no reason to have a game room without a great sound sound system. I know what you’re saying, “what else can surround sound offer other than great movie theater action?”. Well in order to understand this more we have some models that offer more than just surround sound quality. Check out our list below, you’ll discover that its more than meets the eye in entertainment.

Sonos surround set with Beam and One SL

3.1 Surround Sound System - Beam TV Soundbar & One SL Speakers - Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa - AirPlay Enabled - Home Theater - White - Sonos
  • Voice Control- with Alexa and Google Assistant built into this model, the features is at your command.
  • Superior sound Bar- crafted by Oscar winning Sound engineers, It’s fine tune voice dialogue is clear and accurate..
  • Fill range Woofers- Delivers mid range bass plus clear sound support playback for deeper bass and crisp tones.

For more details and pricing click here.

Sony HT-ST5000 7.1.2 ch. 800w Soundbar

Sony HT-ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Sound Bar
  • Dobly Atmos-enabled speakers- Built in to create a sound to bounce off the walls and ceilings for maximum surround sound
  • 7.1.2 Surround sound- With S Force technology, emulates a 3D sound effect with creative sound wave in the room.
  • High Quailty Resolution sound- with studio sound features, its amazing to hear a level of live action playback.

For more information and pricing click here for details

Bose 5.1 SoundBar 700 System

Bose Soundbar 700 5.1 Home Theater System with Amazon Alexa Built-In, Surround Wireless Speakers, and Bass Module 700 Subwoofer (Black)
  • Amazon Alexa Built in- Use voice commands to control the soundbars functions.
  • Bose Music App- stream your favorite music, at a push of a button with easy controls plus access popular music apps for streaming.
  • AdaptiQ Technology- this feature automatically tunes your sound bar system to high performance sounds and delivers a bigger impact to the audio system.

For more information click here for details

Theater Seating

Something is wrong with you if you think there is no need to have seating for sporting events and game play around the room. With no where to sit and enjoy the festivities or maybe even catching your breath. But wait till you see what can these seats can offer for you when you check our lines of furniture for game room seating.

Single Recliner seating- Getting the most space out of you room requires cutting back on the space of your seating. This options could help you balance out the room with a set of recliners that take up smaller spaces. For more details on recliners for game rooms. Click the link above to check out details.

Three Piece Sectional Seating– This type of seating can be made for those who prefer to use corner space and designated areas for seating and enjoying live action events and gaming. This set comes with a foot stool and can could seat up to five people. Check out this option by clicking the sectional link for more details.

Four in Row Seating- Theater seating has to be a one the best ways to enjoy theater event features. From in headrest audio, to center console trays. You have the option to rest your drinks and food next you while enjoying the festivities. Check out the deatils by click on the link above.

Classic Arcade Machines

Everyone loves to have an arcade machine at home. The real question is what do you look for in the game room? Do you have a taste for the classic arcade games? is it pinball that draws you in? We have some options to entice you and give you ideas to build your own game room with.

Here is some of our ideas to share to you, check out the features and specifications.

Pinball machines: from modern age to classic vintage style games, you can have the option to choose which type of arcade is for you and guest. Check out the details here

Air Hockey Machines: Coming in many options and sizes, its possible to find a particular air hockey machine that’s the perfect fit. From simply choosing a machine to use and compare the pricing to others. You can find out more on this by clicking here for details.

Table top arcade machines: A true classic style arcade to enjoy, the best part about it is the space and price which is pretty affordable. Classic games have been the staple to use for these machines but its a nostalgic type of feel to understand when guest get familiar with childhood games likes these. Check out this page for more details and options by clicking here.

Mini Bar Set up

Thirsty? guess what? your guest will be too when playing all types of games and getting fatigued at times. Why do you think Dave and Busters gets crowded with extra people? they even have a designated sections for drinking, eating and game play.

Just to be sure about this, having a setup to keep the party going its great. a mini bar setup for food and drinks take it to the next level in fun and enterainment. to  help you with this setup we have a list of options to check out to get you started on this option. Check out our feature page for details here.

If you have any question on this topic or maybe you would like to share ideas on a fantastic game room. Please feel free to comment below this page. Thank you for visiting our site, don’t forget to check out our arcade review on game rooms here at Https://CoolHomeTheaters.com

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