5 Ways To Improve Your Everyday Life Using Alexa

We look to have more ways to get things done in our home. Also, to have so many things to do, it requires us to use both of our hands and feet to get the job done. But this is more importantly about discovering an idea to make life a little easier to navigate though in the best way possible.

In the household, it’s possible to understand the difficult task of trying to get several things done at once. Would it be nice to use the opportunity to use our voice to execute a simple task for us? There’s plenty of devices that has this ability today. You have the google nest mini, Amazon Echo, but now you have Amazon latest device that has made the case to complete group of fantastic voice command devices.

With Amazon Alexa you have to wonder what is so special about using this device in a home theater environment. It’s more to know and understand that people have a special love for things that help us live our lifestyle in the simplest way possible..

To define what is Amazon Alexa, it’s to picture it as a personal assistant that capable of executing task by voice commands. It’s backed by Amazon’s AI technology, which allows Alexa to answer the most bizarre and worldly questions and can tap into many information areas to educate and update from around the world and delivered into your home.

With the expansion of the social media world with podcast, videos, and audio books, you can enjoy these amazing features though a simple voice command. “Alexa?” “What is the weather today?” she answers your question with sometimes a playful joke to interact with the user. This has to be one the best forms of human to computer communications that we have yet to have in the home environment.

It’s makes you think, did Amazon create this device from inspired scenes from the hit TV show Star Trek: the next Generation? If your not familiar with this show it’s an early 90’s Sci-Fi sitcom where intergalactic travel though space is the way of life. There is a crew aboard a space ship set in the future that communicates with a computer though voice commands.

These were some most inspired ideas that has shape the way we live today in the modern world. Our goals here is simple, to educate you on the 5 ways to improve your everyday life using Alexa voice command. It’s giving helpful reasons why it’s such a wonderful tool to use around the home. Also with interaction with other devices and appliances as well.


Plan Your day With Alexa

It’s great to have a little personal assistance following your every request at a simple voice command, while you continue to carry on with your everyday chores. It would be even better to have Alexa do the dishes and mop the floors as well, but it’s just the 21st century, and we have ways to go before that happens. But let’s look at some the amazing things Alexa could do to help you plan out your day and help you conquer the day.

Alexa, Set the Alarm: No need to set the clock when Alexa is on the job to help you wake up to a new day. On time, every time, just tell Alexa what time you want to set the alarm and she will respond in acknowledgement to wake you up with a tone, music or radio show to listen to.

Set the appointment Alexa: What a wonderful idea for those who have a hard time keeping track with appointments and task to get the day underway. From dentist appointments, to remembering to take the kids to the movies, Alexa can remember those events and recall them to you at the time you need them most.

Set a reminder For Alexa: If you have tickets to a play or want to get tickets purchased, it’s okay to allow alexa call and put your through to the ticket master to have the seats you always wanted in time before it sells out.


Stay Up To Date With the World

It’s great to have the Weather updates right before leaving the house in the morning or afternoon. It’s even better to do it while dressing for the weather conditions that way your prepared to endure rain storms or possible snow falls. These are the fantastic ways to make life that much easier to enjoy with a helpful assistant like Alexa in your home help you navigate through the rigors of the day or night.

Did you know that, it’s possible to have your favorite news app report the news when you need it most? With a simple voice command, have alexa to program that section of the news report at the same time each day or night. You have the most up to dates news and sports with commentary on the world with no use of buttons to push or screens to scroll down and select.

To find out what is the hottest fashion and jewelry also discover the best deals to save on food and supplies around the home. Alexa searches and finds the deals and discounts displayed on the web and other reliable sources.

The new Sonos One with Amazon Alexa built right in: Free shipping, free 45-day returns.

Tune Up Your Music

Most of us love to listen to some great music, when we need it most. This has to be the #1 thing  people use Alexa for entertainment. From the living room to the bedroom you have the choice to listen to good tunes for as long as you like. We have found a service that works great with alexa for music and organizes your favorite playlist with the simplest controls from your own device. It’s called Sonos.

Sonos sound systems gives you the next level of sound performance crafted by award-winning sound engineers, captured dazzling effects of music in ways you have never heard of. Sonos has Alexa built in its devices to help you enjoy the full use for social media, music apps like Pandora and uses Apple Air play to tap into your personal playlist for the tunes you have stored in your phone or tablet device.

Sonos Move & One Smart Speakers - Bluetooth & WiFi Enabled - Battery-Powered - With Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa - For Outdoors & Indoors - Black


These are some the best Sonos devices you can use in the home with Alexa:

Sonos One- Is the best personal device to use around the house. Take this speaker with you in the kitchen, while your cooking, or you could place it next you while your relaxing in the tub after a long days work. It’s design to resist water environments, so having this speaker next to you while your in the shower is safe to use, and it retains no damage from moisture. For more details click here.

Sonos Playbar- A multi-purpose sound bar, which is more like the conductor to your TV set and sound system. Adding Alexa to the mix makes this system a powerful tool for home theater entertainment. Access the web, send a post from the TV set and Watch YouTube videos using simple voice commands to operate. Can’t find the remote? just use your voice to set the volume and never get up to turn the lights off when watching a movie have Alexa do it for you. To see our review on Playbar click here.

Sonos Arc- A very smart sound bar. With all the features and controls the Playbar has, Arc takes it to the next level in premium audio style. In many ways Arc breaks the down he whole extra speakers debate and stands alone as a powerful soundbar with an extra kick of bass. Truly a theater surround sound system to help you enjoy the way things are supposed to be heard. Does not require an extra speaker because it is the extra speaker. Check out more details here.

Sonos Move- Ready to go to the park? or maybe your in the mood to chill out in the backyard? whatever your interest for the outdoors is, Sonos Move is a portable device designed to keep the party going outside and inside the house. Just charge it and take it with you. Activate it by voice command though Alexa and allow it to connect to your device for WIFI connections. For more information on this click here for details

Use your favorite music streaming apps, like Pandora, spotify, and amazon music, google play and apple music. Also, have your favorite music on voice command with and use your devices to interact with alexa. There are many ways to use Alexa in the home theater environment for portable speakers, soundbars and TV’s.

The new Sonos One with Amazon Alexa built right in: Free shipping, free 45-day returns.

Alexa Built In Surround Sound For Home Theater

As you can see, Alexa makes your devices better to use and provides an ease of convenience to have the best voice assistant to give you the control in your home theater. Sonos love using Alexa for its products and creates an environment to help the consumer discover ways to use it around the home in different ways. One of those ways, is using a high performance Surround sound system to increase the level audio play for movies and music plus video gaming as well.

Sonos featured surround sound device has the ideal fit for Alexa. Combined together your getting the most out of your home theater experience. Check out what does Sonos surround system can offer for your home.


Sonos Surround Set Features:


5.1.2 Surround Set with Sonos Arc, Sub, & One SL - Black
  • built in with Alexa and Google Assistant voice command.
  • Tuned acoustics to perfection to display the most optimized audio sound.
  • Has a powerful Sonos Sub-woofer for deep rich bass with sensitive tones for clarity.
  • Coupled with two high performance One SL speakers to create a dynamic theater experience.
  • Uses a feature called TruePlay which automatically adjusts the acoustics to fill the room with sounds from the movie. and adds more flair to the audio.

Mounted or placed on the table for use. Arc gives you control though a remote, Sonos app, which you can control it though your favorite device and now you have alexa voice command technology to back it up as well.

For more information on the Sonos surround set with Alexa click here for details.

We hope learned something from these 5 ways to improve your home with Alexa. It’s one the best ways to get the most out of your home entertainment as well as lending a helpful hand for the simplest things like turning down the volume on the TV, to reminding you of what time to pick up the kids from daycare. You can discover many things with Alexa installed in your home.

We appreciate your comments and questions, please feel free to post them below this page. Check out our site for ideas to extend WIFI network for services like Alexa here at https://CoolHomeTheaters.com




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