What Is the Best Recommended Soundbars for UHD TVs?

Check out our reviews on What Is the Best Recommended Soundbars for UHD TVs. Take a closer look at how each and every one of these soundbars can improve your UHD Television.

Plus, find out what is the recommended top UHD TVs to buy. Get instructions on how to sync and connect a wireless surround sound system together to bring a whole level of entertainment to your lifestyle.

What Is the Best Recommended Soundbars for UHD TVs?

These are the among the best of the very best of soundbars recommend by people like you who have found good success with these soundbars for UHD TV’s. We rated this set in three tiers: Good, Better, and Best.

Good: Is for those who are looking for a good sound system with a smaller room size. Which is affordable. Plus, it doesn’t take up too much space.

Better: is for those who would like to have more added to the room space. It’s a little more expensive but handles more of surround sound support for multi-purpose entertainment.

Best: Simply the best premium sound bar  to have for larger family gatherings. This is for enthusiast who have a thirst for great home entertainment. Your looking at top-notch surround sound for a premium price. You don’t get the best surround sound for cheap.

 We found the top consumer choices :Bose, Sony and Sonos soundbars for UHD TV.

Consumers Choice*


Sony HTS4000 2.1Channel Soundbar

The Sony 2.1 Channel subwoofer soundbar set Is the Most Affordable for home theater entertainment. You could hear real cinematic sound come to life though its powerful wireless subwoofer.

Which brings real intense audio sounds from the movies into your home with a dynamic S-force PRO front surround sound feature.

This spectacular model handles wireless or wired connections with HDMI/ ARC or the power of Bluetooth connections. It’s affordable and easy to operate and assemble. Hear crystal clear dialogue with Dolby digital technology.

Click on the image to find out how you can save on pricing and shipping now!


  • Affordable price for a soundbar & subwoofer combo
  • Offers S Force Pro front speaker surround sound
  • Features Wireless options for Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy Wall mounting features


  • Difficult instruction guide to use remote control settings.
  • Does not come with a HDMI cords.
  • Delivers good audio but not great bass structure from subwoofer

Best features:

  • Sleek design for any small living room.
  • Offers an OLED display on the soundbar to show at a glance display for sound features.
  • 330 Total watts of power for a masterful performance.
  • Wireless subwoofer, which connects with Bluetooth.
  • X: Balanced speaker with a separated Top Notch Edge sound for clear voice dialogue.
  • Richer, deeper, low bass structure. Which works great for smaller living rooms.

The Best UHD TV for Sony’s Soundbar- LG UHD 50′ Smart TV 80 Series

Click the link above to get the best in home theater movies, live television, sports and gaming. This makes surfing the web easy with its interactive display.

Also, It works great with Sony’s soundbar and subwoofer connections for wired and wireless technology. Check out details on shipping and financing. Don’t delay click the LG TV link above to save money now!


Sony HTA5000 5.1.2 Channel Soundbar

This soundbar takes it to the next level in engine design. Create a world of amazing audio with its spectacular array of speakers built into the soundbar.

Now you can witness the power of 360 sound mapping technology taking control of your living room.

It’s quite the immersive set that handles well in any environment you throw it into. Listening to real life sound features brought to you by DTS Dolby Atmos sound. Have it all controlled by your own voice command instantly.

Click The Image above to find out how you can save money on shipping and Financing options now!


  • DTS:X Dolby Atmos with Vertical Sound engine
  • A 360 Sound Space that adapts to the environment
  • Has Chromecast built in with Alexa and Google asst.
  • Uses Bluetooth, WIFI, Apple Airplay for premium streaming.
  • Connects with your device with ease wirelessly
  • Sound field Optimization to calibrate the rooms acoustics.


  • Lacks higher quality bass structure just room filling clean bass
  • Doesn’t include rear speakers or subwoofer
  • Not wall mountable.
  • Instructional guide is a bit confusing for setup.
  • On screen interface is dated and needs upgrades.

Best Features:

  • Works great with Braiva Smart TV models for connections and sound controls.
  • S-force PRO front and 360 Space surround sound
  • Calibrates to full speaker setup automatically to create a movie theater type of performance.
  • Pairs with SA-W3 and SA-W5 subs also SA-RS35 rears speakers once it’s turned on.
  • Connects with your UHD smart TV wirelessly.

The Best UHD TV for this SoundbarSony LED with UHD 4K Smart TV in Motion Display

True motion display enables your vision with high quality content for spectacular home theater entertainment.

Enjoy the brilliant colors of UHD 4k picture. Take notice how billions of colors and contrast has made this TV one of the best to have for Sony soundbars.

Don’t forget to check out how you can save on shipping and find great financing offers, just click the link for more details.


Sony Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 Channel Soundbar

Bigger bass, more speakers, equals more home entertainment. This is what your home needs.

Take what you have seen above and double the size. This is what Sony has to offer for your home theater.

Sony 7.1.2 channel soundbar delivers the sound, which is made for movies theaters. If you’re looking to excel in gaming, or listen to music, get ready to enjoy the full capacity of surround sound with Sony’s best soundbar.

Click the image above to see how you can save on this amazing soundbar today!


  • Extra Front end speakers (5)
  • Additional Tweeters (2)
  • Built in subwoofer.
  • Wider surround sound.
  • Full reach sound with virtual sound acuostics.
  • Works great with Bravia TV’s.
  • Chromecast built in for streaming.
  • Connects with all your devices.


  • It’s a bit pricey for a soundbar.
  • The instructions are confusing and needs a simple layout.
  • Does not connect with other speakers other than Sony
  • Very large soundbar, which may take up some space

The Best UHD TV for This soundbar:

Sony XR AJ90 4K OLED Smart TV

Imagine sitting in front of a large TV. A tv that looks like a window to the world with life like images. Spectacular features that will take your breath away. Billions of colors splash across the screen in different tints, tones and contrast.

No more having to adjust the picture. Sony has a Cognitive intelligent technology that sets itself apart from the rest of the world in a matter of seconds.

Explore movies and TV shows like no other and get the most out of your home entertainment system with this Smart TV Today!  just click the Image to get started now.


Bose Smart Soundbar 300

Great price for a spectacular soundbar. Gives you amazing audio quality that fills the room for surround sound fun. Features spacious sound with a dynamic bass structure all built into the set.

Has hands free technology that takes your button pressing fingers away to rest Just use your voice command functions.

Uses a sound controlling App that masters the audio sound to give your movies dialogue amazing clarity. Plus connect to your favorite devices for fine music play with Apple Airplay. Plus, use Spotify for access to the millions of songs you love.


  • Great Voice Dialogue.
  • Syncs great with Bose speakers and headphones.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Personalized Bose App.
  • Google assistant and Alexa Voice Plus Voice 4 Video features.


  • Confusing Setup Instructions.
  • Poor connection issues with Bluetooth between devices.
  • HDMI Cable not Included which is needed for Bose App.
  • Tuning into sound qualities for TV and Movies manually.
  • Wall Mountable but does not come with Brackets.

*The Best UHD TV for Bose 300 soundbar:

LG UHD 4K Smart TV

You get the true motion clarity to see clear images in the real time in every scene. Take in the intelligence of the processing technology with Thin Q AI.

It’s amazingly good and connects with your Bose soundbar with one hook up and matches the quality picture with your mastered sound quality.

Complete this step now click the image——>


Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Slimmer but bigger base, powerful voice commands and gives you the control without your hands. It’s the Bose 700 smart soundbar that keeps you in tune to true audio.

Connect your music though Bluetooth or WIFI to connect to Spotify and Amazon Music. Get the best out of your movies and TV shows with this high dynamic soundbar with many more features to love today! Click the image to get started.


  • Voice controlled with Alexa& Google Assistant
  • Wall mountable
  • ADAPT IQ technology for room calibration
  • Bose has its own Music and sound App
  • Dolby Digital DTS audio


  • Does not come with wall mount brackets
  • Needs an easier to read instructional Manuel for install speakers to sync with TV
  • Smaller base structure and needs to have a subwoofer to increase bass tones.

*Best UHD TV For Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Samsung Crystal UHD Smart TV

Has four times the picture quality than HD, Watch TV movies and sports from any angle of the room. Has Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, And Apple Airplay for Continued support form streaming.

This TV is works great for Bose Smart Soundbar 700 because of the connectivity and match sleek design. The one remote comes with this system to control the system and devices connected to the TV.

Get started with your order and catch these great offers for shipping and handling. Click the image to get started Now!


Sonos Beam Soundbar

Totally the game changer of the three soundbars with mastered sound, look and multi-purpose functions.

It’s really amazing to see how far Sonos has come to deliver a great soundbar for home theater entertainment. Sonos Has its own app to regulate the Sound techniques and give you more access to listen to more music than you ever thought of.

Voice command comes custom with Beam. It’s your voice that controls everything the Sonos app is the second in command which is connected to your favorite devices.

Discover why Beam continues to beat the competition in quality, Style and price by click on the image to learn more!


  • Sound Engineered by Academy award-winning artist*
  • Dolby Digital Atmos
  • Voice command features built in with Google & Alexa assistance
  • Mountable Setup
  • Crystal Clear Dialogue
  • Engineered by Grammy Award-winning Music Producers.
  • Has its own Sonos App


  • Does not include Wall mounting brackets
  • Totally relies on Voice command with no remote
  • Requires Stronger WIFI strength and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Sonos App Has to Have Separate Connections for speakers
  • Has smaller bass modules and requires sub for better bass audio.

*Best UHD TV For Sonos Beam:

Samsung OLED 55 inches 4K Smart TV

Brighter, Smarter, and Clear images like you’re looking though a life-size window to the world. It’s amazing to wonder the possible you can have with This new Samsung OLED high resolution television. up scaling visuals splash across the screen with real time speed.

No lag or buffering involved when you are watching Movies and get Dolby Atomos connected to the Sonos Beam for a magical performance that is truly Wonder to see.

Discover why People rave about Samsung and Sonos home theater set Today Click the image to get started and save money now!


Sonos Arc Soundbar

When It comes to having the Ultimate surround sound theater Sonos Arc has it for all your needs.

Listen to your favorite music in high-definition audio with Dolby Atmos. Use true Play to hear real life sounds from your TV shows, Live Sports and Movies with a fine tune setup for your personal taste.

Never look for the remote when you have the best features to use which is your mouth for voice commands. Now you can Control it all with Sonos App for the best streaming music services and personal song list you have been waiting to hear in full stereo.

It’s the best of the best of soundbars, what are you waiting for, get your Today! Click The Image to Get Started now!


  • Great Dolby Atmos sound system
  • Voice command with Google assistant & Alexa
  • Apple Airplay built In.
  • Cinematic 3D surround sound
  • TV syncing remote
  • Sonos App For Sound controls


  • Only has One HDMI output
  • There is no Bluetooth Streaming
  • It’s expensive among most soundbars
  • It’s not suitable for every room size
  • True play is only for IOS users only
  • Some TV can’t pass Atmos though Arc.

*Best UHD TV for Sonos Arc

Samsung QLED 4K Smart TV

Makes the most out your Sonos Arc and handles the complexes of what you would expect to find in TV and motion sound.

Introducing its newest feature called sound tracking which enables you to hear the slightest noise and dialogue from the exact place where the scenes take it to.

Now you’re in store for amazing 4K processor which handles the fast-paced motion of images setting across the screen.

Relax as the active voice amplifier reaches your ears with great clarity and full cinematic colors in real life picture. You have to check out Samsung Q80smart TV with Sonos arc to experience REAL home entertainment. Click the image to get started today!

What Is The Best UHD TV For Soundbars?

LG 65′ Ultra HD Smart TV

*Rated 4.5 Stars

Slimmer Bezel that allows you to view the whole range of picture and never take your eyes off the screen.

You can enjoy the Super Ultra High-Definition images which splashes across the screen with an intelligent AI processor.

This feature automatically adjusts to any TV show or movie you are watching to get the full content of color in billions of pixels to create a magical visual for a great cinematic performance.

Check out what deal this Smart has by click here today!

Why is LG UHD TV The best for Soundbars?

  • This Surround sound is elevated to the next level with its own built-in speakers
  • Uses Ultrasound theater techniques for room acoustics
  • Works with most soundbars for HDMI Connectivity
  • Has wireless and USB ports for connections
  • Has Google and Alexa Voice command which helps in controlling the soundbar.
  • Has LG sound sync which matches the Soundbar’s surround sound.

What is LG UHD TV newest features?

  • LG Thin Q processor (faster and Great clarity)
  • Full web browser
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Nano cell Technology (sharper images)
  • Billions of rich Colors
  • 4K Active HDR (higher resolutions)
  • True motion refresh rate120 at 60 Hz

What is the Best soundbar system to use with LG UHD smart TV?

Sonos Entertainment Set with Arc

The ultimate entertainment system that has all of what you need to play games, watch movies and catch live action sport in full motion without missing the most important audio.

Which is surround sound immersive stereo. It’s all in your hands, or shall we say, voice with Alexa and Google assistant in play to help you navigate through the features and functions of the set.

Wirelessly hook up your sound system to your TV and get the best in home entertainment with this amazing combination today Deals won’t last long click the image above to get started today!

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Top Five Surround Sound System Use for UHD TV

Source WhatHi-Fi.com

Sonos Arc Immersive System

Complete Setup with Sub, One SL Speakers and Sonos Flagship soundbar Arc, makes this the best soundbar system to have in your home. Take notice as this wireless system can fill the room with full audio sound acoustics.

It’s also to operate wirelessly which is easy to operate and can make things simple for movies, TV and Live action gaming Take closer look by clicking the link for special pricing and shipping discounts. Get started now while supplies and deals last.

Bose 300 soundbar

Sony HTS400 2.1 Channel soundbar

A major gamer changer that’s powered with 330w of audio sound creates a spectacular surround sound system. Witness Dolby digital sound continuing to build the lifestyle of amazing features that will benefit you and the entire family. Now every seat in the room is the best due to its ability to display sound acoustics in Conner of the living room or bedroom.

Come and see what Sony soundbar can do for you today. Click the Link to get stated now

JBL Bar 2.0 All-in-one Soundbar system

JBL carries 8-watts of audio sound which enough to get the job done for great sound theater. Designed with a slim sleek black coated look, it’s great for matching you home decor with ease. JBL has the bass to make movies and Gaming plus TV shows to the net next level.

Overall, you can stream music and videos and from the comforts of your couch with Bluetooth built right in. Operates with One single HDMI or ARC cable connection for great sound support to UHD TVs Check out the Specs and Discounts by clicking on the Link above

Samsung HW-Q60B 3.1 soundbar

Advanced sound features like Q symphony. Plus, Dolby digital with virtual-X technology, makes it the smallest speaker to stand out in a crowded room full large bass speaker. It’s about saving space and getting more out of your system without the extra stuff.

JBL is known to be one of the most affordable soundbars to have, but there is a lot to know about how well and efficient this system handles with UHD TV. Discover your own view of the world thought the lens of color and dynamic sound with Samsung Smart TV and Sound bar today click the link now to get started

Two Best Ways to Connect Soundbars & UHD TVs Together

1. Wireless Connections It’s as simple as connecting and syncing your system together with ease. Some soundbars are well equip with features to connect Bluetooth, WIFI, without any action on your part.

2. HDMI cable with one cable hookup you’re in store for some killer high-definition sound and visual arts. Developing the ability to connect with only one cord can simply the lifestyle of home entertainment by taking the pain of confusion out of it completely.

5 Common Mistakes Connecting Soundbars with TVs.

1. Connecting the Soundbar to the TV ports without reading the guide what is the right hookup is a recipe for disaster. Read the guide on how to properly connect the cables to the ports before turning on the system.

2.Connecting non compatible Soundbars with TV can get messy as well. Try to understand what soundbar can connect to what TV before buying and installing just because it sounds good and looks good may might be good if they don’t work together.

3.Using the Soundbar App for Sound syncing is great for installation. But could be bad for syncing if you’re not careful as to what the TV and soundbar is doing. Make sure the set controls are in the right position to communicate with each other. Have the App adjusted to the right type of sound for entertainment.

4.Mixing Old soundbars with a new TV’s or vice versa. This can make the technology hard to operate and control due to backwards compatibly issues.

It’s better to upgrade the equipment and get the right systems in place for connection this makes things much easier to use.

5.Right sounds for different uses. If you are planning on playing music, have the system connected to the TV for music, if you’re playing movies have the system setup for movies. It’s not wise to have one setting for everything.

Setup the speakers for music or movies for live action sports. this makes things sound off and it robs you of the full performance for sound theater and full connections to the TV.

Thank you for taking the time to read our article. We hope you have made the right choice for great UHD TV and Soundbars.

If you have any questions write it down below this article. Tell us what your biggest concern is, we love to help you. Visit us again at CoolHomeTheaters.com

How To Connect with Speakers Using Sonos Devices?

In order to find out how to connect with speakers using Sonos Devices? We have to determine what type of sound system you’re looking for. This requires checking out some of the best features Sonos as to offer. Also, you would need to see how these devices can connect with each other as well.

We’ll reveal the best option to use for connecting Sonos speakers together with ease.

Having a good connection to Sonos speakers offers space and opportunity. Without this, you not able to place your speakers where you like to have them. Sonos Wireless speakers is the way to go.

We have too much stuff in the living rooms, bedrooms and basements. And Just adding more cords and wires can make things difficult. Part of this solution gives you that freedom you need for surround sound home theater entertainment. Take a look below to see how does the process work for connecting sonos speakers together.

Disclaimer: I am an Affiliate Marketer. I am the owner of this Website. I make a small commission on every purchase from this website.

How To Connect with Speakers Using Sonos Devices?

Connecting to Sonos speakers is made easy. You can see the fast connection in seconds. Sonos made is made to get though the hassles of operation. People want to use these devices right away. Nobody wants to figure out how to get the sound system working while trying to catch a live sporting event.

We wanted to let you know these devices work to help make your experience easy and fun to use Sonos whenever your want. If your, having issues with this setup please free to ask by commenting down below this article.

The Basic Steps to connect Sonos Speakers properly

Setup using the Sonos App:

1. Download and Open the Sonos App

2. Go To the settings Tab and Tap on (add product).

3. Continue with the setup instructions on the App.

Setup Instructions for Using Sonos Connect device:

1. Open the Sonos App,

2. Tap the Tab: (add new system), to create or login to an account.

3. Continue to follow the directions on the Sonos App to add your music services.

As you can see, these are simple and easy steps to getting your speakers and music in sync to use Sonos Speakers properly. To find out how to get Sonos connect: Tap the Image above to order it today.

*Remember: To set the Line-Out levels for volume controls to Fixed or Variable

Fixed: This is to let Sonos System know your only using the Sonos App to control the volume settings and equalizer.

Variable: Means that you want the system’s app to not have access to the volume controls. Just speakers only. Not though the Sonos App.

How To Change the Line-Out Volume Controls for Speakers or Sonos App & Connect?

1. Open the Sonos App.

2. Select the Setting Tab and tap on it.

3. Select the room with your connect device.

4. Tap on the Line out levels and choose one of the options.

You can get more from Sonos connecting speakers than just operating them without the syncing features it has to offer. To help you understand this; We have a device you should check out that will create a synergy of sound theater performance the is second to none.

The devices you need to connect your Sonos speakers together is below this topic. Take a closer look at these options and get one or both for yourself and the family. Making the decision to enhance your stereo sound, will make things much easier.

What is The Best Options to Connect Sonos Speakers together?

Wi-Fi Internet Extender:

This Is one of the best ways to get most out your connect with Sonos Devices.

This is a speaker system. Also, the central processing unit. Which maybe the smart TV’s computer or Sonos Arc or Beam. If you do not have this service,

Click this Image to get your service started today!

Bluetooth Connection: Almost every sound system has a Bluetooth device that will help you connect speakers instantly. It’s called pairing. You pair the speakers together with this feature to gain more sound experience. Sonos Beam and Arc has this feature built into both soundbar systems , Click here to order your Sonos One Sl & beam today!

Sonos Boost: You are getting the best of both worlds. Once your finish with connecting Sonos speakers to your Wi-Fi internet extender called Boost. Boost and the Sono App will take over. Which will provide a standalone extended Wi-Fi connection that is made only for your Speakers. To get you hands on this device, which is the VERY BEST option to have , Click here to get started on your Order Now!

Okay, Now That you have the best options for Connecting Sonos Speakers. Find out how Sonos one SL speaker can connect to the Smart TV.

How To Connect One SL speakers to TV?

Sonos Arc: One of the best soundbars on the planet. It’s LOADED with features that will enhance the way you watch TV, listen to music and surf the web.

Arc has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities to connect with other speakers. So you don’t have to guess and wonder how to use it.

Arc automatically connects with other Sonos Speakers. With the help of the Sonos App Click Here To order your Sonos Arc

Sonos Beam: Smarter, Smaller and more powerful. Beam handles the guess work so you can get back to listening to music or watching Movies.

It’s your choice to use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi because the system has both as well. It’s more affordable than Arc and may have fewer speakers built inside, but your not missing much from this soundbar. , Click here to order Sonos beam today!

These are the ways to easy connection with Sonos one SL & your smart TV. Sure you can connect them straight up to the smart TV by turning on the Sonos Devices. The port connections are pretty much self-explanatory.

It’s plug and play at its best. But we’ve found out many people have suffered difficult problems with connections issues and bad interference with other wireless devices. That is why we recommend read our reviews for tips and suggestions on One vs One SL speakers.

What is Sonos One SL speakers good For?

This is what you’ll experience using Sonos One SL Speakers.

  • Great surround sound theater action.
  • Additional Rooms to place One speakers
  • Connects with Arc, Beam, Sub, and Boost devices.
  • Empowers your Smart TV with an extension of sound support
  • Syncs with smart phones though Sonos App
  • Streams music, and TV with Sonos App

How To Connect One SL To a Sonos Subwoofer?

It’s very easy to do. Just turn on both of the devices and watch them as the Bluetooth connection begins. Using Sonos Boost can help give that connection a stronger link. This will eliminate drops in service from other smart devices plus TV as well.

Sonos has design these devices to operate together. That is why we recommend getting a whole system instead of using one or two devices. Click The Image to Order your Sonos Immersive Set Today—————>

It’s possible to have Sonos sub and Arc or Sub and Beam work together only. But you are depriving yourself of the joyous wonders of true surround sound.

Imagine having this in your home with One SL speakers in play. Sonos move has that same ability. you can place them in different areas around the home to get listen wherever you like.

Because Sonos Sub uses wireless connections for great performance. You would need to Sonos Boost to extend the subwoofer connection for freedom of placement.

If your, not sure what is Sonos subwoofer. Tap the link to for more details and review information. Plus check out offers for free shipping as well. This Review is packed with ways to help you get the most out of your Sonos Subwoofer.

Check out our article on Sonos Boost to receive free offers though this link here. Just click here to place an order today!

In the next article you are going to see how does Sonos best soundbar connect to Sonos speakers. This is a simple process but requires the need for a few things to make it happen.

Can you Connect Arc to Sonos Speakers?

Absolutely, Sonos Arc has an amazing speaker system developed to bring out the best sound theater. The room will come alive with this spectacular machine. Arc comes built with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth. It recognizes the presence of other Sonos speakers. And connect with the help of the Sonos App

Once Sonos arc is connected to the Smart TV. adding new sets of one SL to the group will come together nicely. There are a few things we would recommend you should do. In order to get the full range of surround sound connection in place for peak performance.

Use Sonos Boost: we cannot stress enough how important this device really is. It’s the final ingredient to your syncing source connection.

This powerful tool extends the range of your Wi-Fi network. Plus it separates the Speaker Wi-Fi from other devices.

, Click here to start your order today.

Get Sonos Amp: What a way to transition from Movies to Music. Listen, we all listen to music now and then. Who knows, maybe you would like to connect to a gaming console, while listening to music at the same time. That is what Amp does for you. Don’t miss this offer, Click The Image to order now!

Enjoy Sonos Turntable: You can make the seamless switch without interruptions and dust off the old stereo set to listen to music. Are you an old school fan of turntables? Need to use those vinyl records to reminisce to the good old days? We have the perfect solution for you to see. , Click here to check out Sonos Turntable set which includes Amp and a modern turntable for one fair price.

The Benefits to Connecting Arc to Sonos speakers

  • You Immerse yourself in High Dynamic Audio quality performance
  • It elevates Music, Movies and gaming in one central unit without the hassles.
  • Wireless connection means your free to place speakers all around the room(s).
  • Watch Videos, Movies and TV shows with a powerful system for sound theater.

Experience Sonos Arc Immersive system meets your standards of everyday living. You get to set the alarm and wake up to your favorite morning show. Listen to your favorite podcast while showering, get quick ready to eat recipes on the go. And do it all with simple a voice command functions of Alexa and Google Assistant. Click here to Order your System Today!

Best Way to Connect with Sonos Speakers

Connecting with Sonos Speakers is easy. We showed you in the topics above. But if you are going to learn the basic way to manually connect Sonos speakers together. It’s important to know this in case you do not have internet connection or Bluetooth access.

Many people avoid this process. I don’t blame them. Connecting cords to base speakers and sound systems, seems like a daunting task. That is why your going to learn the basic structure for hooking up speakers the old fashion way.

Make sure to get a pen and paper to jot down these steps for yourself before buying a Sonos speaker system. Here is seven Basic steps to connecting your speakers using Sonos

Seven Basic Steps To Connecting Sonos One SL Speakers:

1. Open the Sonos App.

2. Tap on setup new system, login or create an account.

3. Tap on The device you want to set up

4. Follow the Direction on the Sonos App To select and add music services.

For Connecting Sonos One SL speakers to an existing system

5. Use the Sonos App To look for settings

6. Add the Product to the existing system: Tap Settings, then Tap Add product

7. Follow the steps to complete the connection to your existing system in the Sonos App.

This can be done also with Sonos Five, Sonos Sub, Sonos Move, Sonos Roam, Arc and Beam Soundbars.

It’s best to plug in speakers and devices. Also, turn them on as well. Download the Sonos App (S2 or S1) and follow all instructions for setup. This will ensure the best way possible to get a full range of performance of your Sonos sound system.

We hope this helps you on your journey to find out how to connect Speakers Using Sonos devices. If you like, please share this article with friends and family that will find this helpful.

Join us on Facebook were folks share information on how to get the most out of Sonos products. Also, check out our Pinterest page for great home theater ideas to use with for your home. Add it your board list labeled Sonos Speakers.

Thanks for visiting us. Please tell us what you think of this article. Come back soon for more interesting articles like this and more at CoolHomeTheaters.com

What Is the Best Recliner for Tall Men?

This is a solution for tall men who suffer from uncomfortable joints and muscles after squeezing into smaller recliners. You deserve better! That is why we wanted to help you find out, What Is the Best Recliner for Tall Men?

Are you having troubles getting up after sitting for hours into a neck aching chair? Do you suffer chronic back problems from unsupportive recliners? These average size recliners only provide relief and comfort to those who are under size and shorter.

You need a better recliner that caters to taller men. We’ve found the recliner to help your situation. Undersized recliners can’t offer the space and length for your Limbs, Neck and Back.

What you’ll find here is the solution for longer height and weight sizes. We’ll compare your height and weight to get the right size recliner for your choice.

We’ll identify what is the primary reason men have with undersized chairs and zero in on the top choice for your needs. Take a look below and discover why it’s important to have a specialized recliner for tall men. Take a closer look at why tall men need a better recliner below.

What is the best Recliner for Tall Men?

This is necessary to have the best recliner because your back is worth it. Heck, your whole body needs the best comfort and support. To help you understand this more, we broke down the top things tall men need for long lasting comfort.

Check out what is the best reasons to own a power lift recliner below.

5 Biggest Reasons You Need a Power lift Recliner

  • Longer or Extended Footrest
  • Extra space armrest with more length
  • More space and depth for back and Seat
  • Longer Back support for Neck and Chest
  • Extended Headrest For better support.

Each and every one of these reasons can be answer with this recliner below. Take a look at why most people prefer this recliner over others as the best recliner to have for tall men.

Disclaimer: I am Affiliate marketer that gives advice and knowledge on home theater equipment and furniture. I earn a small commission for every purchase though this website.

Ashley Yandel Power Lift Recliner

This answers all the questions and checks the boxes for men who are taller. A power lift recliner with specialize height and depth can bring a world of soothing relief to your body. Relaxing in Ashley Yandel recliner melts away your stress and tension. At the same time gives you comfort in the right places. Why Choose an Ashley Yandel?  Take a look at why Ashley Yandel checks the boxes for great comfort and support below.

Click the Image to Order your Ashley Yandel Recliner today——>

1. Ashley Solves Back Issues:

Stop adjusting to the seat of an old, ragged chair that makes you feel pain and soreness. Ashley recliners are design to comfort your back with the most suburb lumber setting for taller individuals. Got a sore back? check out number 2 below.

2. Wider Space for backside:

The wider the space, the better your experience. This recliner is made for you. Ashley Yandel has 35 inches within comfort for the better option to ease into bliss without feeling the sense you went five rounds with a MMA fighter. If you need more softer touch take a look at number 3 below.

3. Smooth to the touch:

With upholstered leather, you can feel the soft cushions crest your body in-style with your choice of color chocolate, black or saddle. These leathers coverings are backed by a sturdy cushion support system. which is built to last for many years to come. Number talks helps with your descend in relaxation check out number four below this one.

4. A Slow Recline Means Easier Time To Relax:

This levels the playing field in terms of ease to comfort control. You can watch as the seat slowly move towards your favorite reclining position, that way you back and legs have time to adjust to the level of comfort the body is receiving. If you are worried about head space take a look at number 5 below this topic.

5. More Space for Headrest and Feet:

It’s about time we seen a recliner that can cover the amount of space, for the most important areas of our body. The headrest is wider and longer. Plus, it provides extra cushion support for those who enjoy that head on the cloud feeling. Don’t miss out on total comfort and peace of mind with a Ashley Yandel recliner to get started read the link to get started with your order below.

To get more information on this recliner click the image above or this link to get started on your journey to better luxury today!

Why is Ashley Yandel Ideal for Tall Men?

It’s recommend for taller and older men. You can’t get any better than this recliner which offers a comfort level second to none. Once your body is in this recliner, say goodbye to your aches and pains of dealing with an undersized chair. It’s actually built for tall men and older gentlemen. Read below on how Ashley Yandel can save you space. Read the next topic.

Ashley Yandel is NOT made to take up space

Click the Image to Order your Ashley Yandel Recliner Today—->

It’s not made to take up space, but to provide space in sitting for long periods of time. Many of us have smaller spaces and room sizes.

That’s another reason why Ashley Yandel is the people’s top choice. It’s able to be carried though door ways and fits in smaller rooms without taking up too much space.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out what other furniture experts are saying click the click the link to get the facts.

According to Houseandbeyond.com A spacious recliner is ideal for the best comfort which speaks wonders for tall men to enjoy it more. “Everyone deserves Comfort” is the title of the page take a look at what it means to have a great comfortable recliner for tall men. Having foot issues, Read the next topic below to understand how Ashley Yandel handles those problems.

No more feet dangles

It’s about elevating your feet not hanging them to pain and discomfort. You can rest assured knowing this recliner handles the length of your average tall person by 69 inches. With a recliner’s height of 16 inches. Your feet are meant to be supported.

How much weight can it Support?

It’s about 250 to 300 Lbs. in total. Ashley furniture design this recliner to handle weight like this for very periods of time. Which is a game changer for amazing comfort. It’s like getting a new leather jacket and watch as the leather improves after use over time.

Easy to Sit in and Get Out.

As we mentioned, it’s made for seniors as well, so the idea of getting out of the recliner is just as easy as getting into one. You can imagine yourself feeling confident as you lean forward to rise up without tipping over or loosing balance. Same goes for sitting down.

What can a Power Lift Do For Tall People?

A Power Lift is design for people who have back problems and a hard time getting into a recliner. It’s tilted in a way to help you ease into the chair without hurting your back or legs. this is due to aches in the joints or immediate soreness in the body.

Have you ever noticed yourself making an exhausting exhale after plopping down into a seat? That’s your body telling you to take it easy as you sit down. That is why it’s important to ease into the slow recliner than to be thrown in by gravity.

Great motorized functions

Each of the devices for reclining is made to ease up and down in a synchronized motion to handle your weight gently. While the soft coils and cushions bring you into the world of bliss. Relaxation is on your mind when this happens.

Power Lift And tilt feature

It’s great to have an assist without asking for someone to help you out of the chair every day. With a push of a button, it’s all in your control to ease out and sit in, Which is the way you want it to be. It’s designed to handle the maximum weight capacity in any position.

Ashley has your back for outages

Don’t you hate it when the power goes out there is no way to use your recliner to rest? well with Ashley Yandel recliners it’s possible to use the backup battery for times when you’re not able to use the wall plug in to use. This will give you extra hours of comfort & easier recline while the power is being restored.

How To Assemble an Ashley Yandel Recliner?

We often get excited to get a new shiny toy in shipment and discover after unpackaging how difficult it looks by the way it’s packed. Well, we would like to help you ease into that situation without getting confused over the manual instructions.

1. Unpackage And line up

Take all the Parts and fittings and place them on the floor to make sure you have the connections in place for assembly. This is the easiest way to ensure that there is nothing missing or confusing to locate.

2. Start with the Red bag

You can find this bag underneath the chair or back piece. This will contain the power transformer, Power legs, and control wand, and Power cords. Remove them from the bag and place near each other.

3. Install the Legs

Place the chair on it’s back and find the legs and mount them on the bottom part of the chair. After securing them on safe, now turn the chair on top of it’s legs.

4. Plug in the Control Wand

Find The control Wand, and remove it from the plastic bag, connect it the female plug to the left side pocket.

5. Install The Back

Align the Female Brackets in the back with the male brackets in the chair base, This Should allow you to slide the back in to place to create a clicking noise by locking into the joints.

6. Install The Wings

If the model has wings, align them with the male and female brackets as well. Slide them in downward into place. 

7. Time To Connect Power

Connect the transformer cable with the similar transformer cord plug which is from the back of the chair. Figure A #5

8. Connect the power cables

Connect the power cord onto the transformer Figure A #6

9. Plugging into the Wall

Connect the Power plug into the wall. Make sure all LED lights are on. Be sure the cords are clear from the chair before operation.

Now that you have the chair assembled, it’s time to test and see if the all the connections are fastens and secured.

After you checked for the connections plug in to the wall outlet. Time to check for the LED lights to come on. This will let you know if the wired connections are connected properly.

To get started, click this link to order your Ashley Yandel Recliner now.

Ashley Yander Works Great with Home Cinema

Now that you have your brand-new Ashley Yandel recliner setup and ready for relaxation. It’s with our great appreciation to introduce to you the ultimate home theater system for your home entertainment. If you think having a great recliner to rest and sleep is cool. Then wait till you see what this fantastic home theater center can offer to your living room.

Sonos Arc Soundbar

This is recommended to be the best of the best of soundbars, Voice command, High definition audio, Sound acoustics that will blow you away with amazing performance. This soundbar can easy connect with your TV set to bring out the best music, Movies and Live videos. Click this link to learn more about how you can get one today!

Sonos Subwoofer

This is a major game changer. Imagine having the best surround sound system on planet in Sonos arc soundbar. Paired with this powerful bass subwoofer while carrying the most dynamic low and high tone contrast audio you have yet to hear? well it’s all in one with the Sonos subwoofer. The best part is it’s wireless and can be placed where ever you want it to be

Click this link to get start with your order today. If you act now there maybe time to catch a deal on this offer!

Sonos SL Speakers

These speakers can make your room feel like you are in the action of the movie or show. Think about the high quality speakers you hear at the movie theater and visualize them in your home with Sonos SL one speaker.

Sonos One SL speakers are wireless as well and can be placed around the room of you choice to not only hear movies and shows in Higher definition. It’s able to be used for music listening as well. Check how you can get these speakers to complete your set today. Click this link to order your set now!

We hope this article help you in find out what is the best recliner for tall men. We also offer some better home entertainment ideas to help you relax and enjoy your time at home with ease.

For more exciting articles and information on the latest home entertainment needs, visit us here at CoolHomeTheaters.com for more helpful advice thank you for reading our article. Please share this with your friends and family though Facebook, Pinterest, And Twitter. Comment below and tell us what do you think.

What Is Sonos Subwoofer: Love it or hate it?

What Is Sonos Subwoofer: Love it or hate it? It’s a wireless powerful speaker which carries lower tones of bass for Sonos Arc, Beam and One SL Speakers. Think of it as the center piece to the collection of a sound theater. We will explore this in greater depth to help you understand the true aspects of using a Sonos subwoofer,

Below we have found the best ways to use a Sonos subwoofer. Plus, you will get to see other amazing speakers the sub can connect to for different opportunities around your home. Know in mind, when you finish reading this article, you will know what a Sonos Subwoofer is: Love it or hate it

What is Sonos Subwoofer: Love it or hate it?

Many of us would like to understand this sub is only for music enhancement, or higher quality audio to your TV. Perhaps it’s just looks really cool next to your TV. We would answer these questions with a big yes for all of them. you can watch TV and Listen to music. But there is more to learn about Sonos Subwoofer.

It’s your choice to use this subwoofer for your own liking. We would like to ask you this question: what can you do with a Sonos subwoofer? It’s a different ballgame when the question is asked to you. The possibilities are almost endless.

We could sit here and break down the complexes of this speaker. But its going to bore you to death. That is why we took the liberty of giving you the best options to use this magnificent subwoofer. What treat to use it in different areas around the home!

Disclaimer: I am the owner of this website I am also an affiliate of this advertisers products. I make a small commission on every purchase though this website.

Best ways to use Sonos Subwoofer

1. Sonos Arc for surround sound entertainment.

2. Sonos Beam for surround sound entertainment.

3. Sonos Play 5 speakers for in depth bass quality.

4. Pair One SL Speakers for extra rooms.

5. Connect your TV to get more live action audio.

6. For an intense Video gaming experience.

7. Great for music playback and streaming services

All of these options are yours to explore when using this subwoofer. It’s really in your hands to decide what to do with it.

To order your Sonos Subwoofer, Click the Image above to order yours today!

Many people who have used this powerful sub, found creative ways to use it. Some of those who stride for the best surround sound experience, find the joy of building up the system of sounds.

It’s all about doubling the amount of audio output that is available with Sonos speakers. And you can find it as well. It’s just depends on your taste for entertainment. Use it for movies, music, gaming, news, videos and more!

To use a Sonos subwoofer is easy. If your looking to achieve surround perfection, then you would need to choose for yourself. In order to find the right combination of speakers. We have a few choices to look at that will help you.

Sonos One SL speakers: Surround home theater speakers

Sonos Play 5 speakers: speaker placement around the home for audio listening

Sonos Roam Portable Speakers: personal and outdoor use of audio sound.

Connecting is easy. To learn more, continue reading to find out more about it below. So, there you have it. Now that you know what is a Sonos Subwoofer. let’s take a look at how it can operate with music and better listening.

How to Use Sonos Sub’s For Music?

There are many ways you can enjoy music today. From streaming to digital downloads. You can even go back to the old school ways of listening though the radio. What if there is a way we could introduce a device that is capable of performing these tasks?

Better yet connect to them as an outlet to amazing audio? That is possible with Sonos. Here ways to use Sonos sub in connection with other devices that you might already have for better sound.

Sonos Top Music devices to use with Sonos Subwoofer

Sonos Roam:

What a wonderful device that makes music listening personable. To hear the best sounds quality experience, with true audio in your hands. Connecting Sonos Subwoofer to this will make you the life of the party.

Pairing is easy and simple to do. The output of this set can make your room rock with the music you always love to listening to. It’s like hearing new music for the first time. With Sonos subwoofer paired with roam, you will hear audio sounds like never before.

Take advantage of the wireless capabilities by pairing your sub to Roam or your favorite device. The Sonos App, you control the show with ease. To order Sonos Roam Click this image to get yours Today!

Sonos Music App:

Now you can access your favorite songs on one device for your pleasure. Sonos Music app is designed to make your navigation experience much easier to use.

Plus, its opened to regulate the sound you’re hear these amazing speakers. Connecting to the subwoofer will give you more control over the bass tones for music playback. And if your taste is for the music streaming scene, The app has access to many popular platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Prime music and more!

Sonos App is standard with the purchase of these devices you choose for listening. It’s be1tter when you pair them with a powerful speaker in Sonos subwoofer.

Sonos Arc and Subwoofer for Music:

What a treat to have a system the doubles or triples the soundboard for entertainment. That is what you get out of a Sonos Arc Soundbar set. There’s amazing features to use for this soundbar and music is just one of them.

Yes, music is one of the best ways to enjoy a Sonos Arc. Pairing it with a Sonos subwoofer will display a theater performance that is truly remarkable. This makes the life of listening to music that much better.

Just imagine yourself reclining in the chair listening to a classical set of songs that melts your day away, after long stressful day. Sonos arc is totally customizable. You can tweak the right pitch and tones to perfection.  Also you can allow the system to do it for you using TRUE play. We have an article that explains this in detail called :Five Great Ideas for Sonos Arc

Sonos Beam and Subwoofer For Music:

This is more of an affordable version to the Sonos arc. Beam operates in the smaller environments. You can have almost all the features the Sonos Arc has for smaller rooms.

Fewer speakers, but you get the same great output and spectacular sound performance that is amazing to hear. Sonos beam handles surround sound setup as well. you can get a good premium set of audio and video in one soundbar.

Sonos Subwoofer can easily pair with this to create a masterful audio performance for a small group of people or just for one person to enjoy. To learn more about Sonos Beam and how does it work for Sonos Subwoofer by checking out our article: Sonos Beam is the Best Soundbar

Sonos Play 5 Speakers:

This is what you can use for any room around the house. You can have all types of fun with these speakers. Get the chores done in no time with ease, while listening to a song playlist of your choice.

Then add a little bass to the mix while you workout to the beat and tunes. That is what you get with a Sonos play 5.

Click the Image to Order yours Today!

Adding Sonos Subwoofer to Sonos play 5 can also help your 12-inch vinyl turntable set come alive in no time. Just connect your vinyl player to play 5. Then connect the speaker to the subwoofer for an eye-popping audio performance for your home.

These are a few ways to use Sonos subwoofer for music. This is something your missing out on. No matter what your smartphone offers. Its not even close to the amount of audio you get out of this subwoofer.

Even headphones are still catching up to the superior sound a true bass structure of Sonos subwoofer has to offer to your home. Listen to old music that has been locked away for years in full audio. Crisp, sharp sound made for your ears to hear.

Order your Sonos Five, & turntable To combine with Sonos subwoofer by clicking the images Now!

What Is Sonos Subwoofer Best Features?

In order to find out what is a Sonos subwoofer all about, we need to check out its best features. This will determine how you can use it for your home entertainment. Sonos has made it clear that in order to become the best sound system for home interaction, they needed to give the public real value. That is what we want to show you.

The Best features of a Sonos subwoofer:

Amplifiers: Has Two class-D Amplifiers which tunes to the rooms acoustics for better audio performance

True play: This is the software that controls the Amplifiers range of sound using the room’s space for measured audio bass.

EQ: This is the bass control system. It’s designed to regulate the Treble, Bass and loudness though the Sonos App.

Ports: This feature allows you to have easier connectivity. No more looking around for the WIFI password or Bluetooth connection

Join Button: One push of a button makes it happen. This allows the Sub to connect to devices such as Arc, Beam or One and play 5 speakers.

Each of these features interact with one and another to perform the best functions for home entertainment. You are getting the best of the best in home audio. It’s simple to use and blends in with the environment of your home.

The sleek and shiny gloss design, has a touch of class that no other subwoofer has yet to be seen. Discover why Sonos subwoofer is made you by clicking on this image above to get your subwoofer today!

Sonos Subwoofer have Wireless Connections?

Many of us can’t stand to have clumsy wires hanging around the walls and floors. That is why the wireless world is clamoring for the opportunity to use wireless technology. If you think about it, we are living in a wireless world. Rotary phones have become smart phones. Cable TV has become streaming TV. Now wired controllers have become wireless devices.

It makes sense that our home theater entertainment system should be a wireless setup as well.

You have the power to use this technology. It’s yours to have it the way you want it. Sonos makes the case, its leading the charge to give you what you really need. An that is a great sound theater for many platforms of entertainment.

The dangers of tripping over these wires has change the way we live our lives today. Now Sonos has a feature with its devices called wireless technology built right into its system for better connectivity and no more wires to handle.

Sonos subwoofer for wireless and device connections

Wi-Fi Network:

If you have an internet connection. This is perfect for Sonos sub’s to give you the freedom of connection.

It’s like your in a candy store with the possibilities of placement in your room. You can place the speakers and subwoofer anywhere around the living room or basement for the best sound experience.

Don’t worry about the slowed connection process or data. We’ll cover that later on. The sub only needs 2.5 to 5 GHz of data to deliver the best quality performance.

Bluetooth Connections:

This can help you gain connections with other devices as well. If you have a TV or stereo receiver for listening, this feature will help you stay connected. Also, gaming devices is much easier to connect to as well..

You can even connect your smart phone to the device. Now you can share your favorite playlist with others. Perhaps you would like to listen to a song personally on a big bass speaker. Whatever your needs, Sonos has it for you to explore.

Sonos Boost:

Now remember the part of this article where we talked about slowed data and connections? Well, here is the solution.

Boost is designed to make your Wi-Fi connections separate. This is to keep your devices working perfectly. It’s a standalone device with multi-device wireless connections.

Now you can connect your Sonos devices though WIFI with ease and never have to reset any connections again. To get your Sonos Boost, click the image or the link to order yours today!

Sonos Amp:

A powerful device which elevates your existing stereo system. Combine this with Sonos sub, and you’ll hear music like you never heard it before. Every bass, tune and melody is upgraded for a full listening experience.

Click here to the image to get your Sonos Amp today!

Sonos Port:

Works the same as Amp but focuses on the devices you have for connection to your favorite Sonos devices.

That means you can use One SL speakers for your old turntable set or stereo receiver. Maybe you have Sonos Move speakers and may want to use Port to connect them the radio that you had tucked away. This is what you get with Sonos Port.

Click the image to get your Sonos Port now!

What is Sonos Subwoofer’s Best Offer?

This is the best part of the Sonos Subwoofer System.  You get to use the sub for all of your needs around the house. Why bring on different devices, when you can have a complete set to enjoy everywhere around the home?

To help you understand this more, we’re excited to show you two of Sonos Sets that will give you all the immerse audio theater entertainment you have been wait for. Check out our recommended surround sound sets Below.

Discover what these magnificent systems can do for your home today. When your done reading, we suggest you should order your system while supplies last. People have a hard time finding these sets to complete their ultimate home theater and sound setup.

Sonos Beam Complete Set

Sonos Beam is the of top choice soundbars for premium visual and audio entertainment.
This easily connects with your subwoofer and creates a powerful sound system.
The set comes with One sl speakers, Subwoofer and beam  to create a fantastic home theater and audio performance that is truly remarkable. To get you yours today Click the Image to Order Now!

Sonos Arc Complete Set:

Sonos Arc is the Best soundbar to have in your home period. It’s loaded with features for Game play, movies, and audio. you have the luxury of using voice command and can feel the powerful of these speakers surround you with interactive amazement.

This set includes (2) One SL speakers, One Sonos Arc soundbar, and Sonos Subwoofer. To get Sonos Arc Complete Set, Click the Image to order your setup today!

We hope you learned a lot on what is Sonos Subwoofer: Love it or hate it, These devices will bring a new element of sound theater to your home that is leaps and bounds away from the average sound system.

If you know anyone looking around for a Sonos system please share and this article with them though Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. You can visit us on those social media channels as well. Check out more in-depth articles and reviews here at CoolHomeTheaters.com Comment below and tell us what do you think.

What is the Most Comfortable Sofa for a Sore Back?

We often complain about having a sagging sofa to deal with while enjoying a good movie. Why don’t we do something about it? What is the Most Comfortable Sofa for a Sore Back? Sit back and relax, we have some best selections for comfort that will help you ease into relieving the aches and pains of an unconventional sofa set.

Below you’ll find a list of primary causes of back problems and the sofa that can not only handle your back aches, but its design also to withstand the test of time as well. But first, let’s make sure you are in need of these sets by running a quick check down of the problems you may have.

What are the primary causes of back problems?

1. Saggy Warned out Sofa

When your sofa sinks in the middle or the most warned spot of the couch. This is due to the number of times people sit on a couch for long periods of time. Look For a curving shape in the sofa when you take a step back and look at it.

2. Weak or broken lumbar Support

The lumbar support is broken or warped due to overuse and can cause a lot of stress in the lower back area. This is supposed to support and keep the back up right and straight. It’s important to have a strong lumbar system to keep your lower back supported.

3. Worn out Couch Springs

Some couches are built with old material such as factory springs that were made in the 70s or 80s. Combine with the number of times we sit on these sofas with old sprigs can cause them to break down or bend to the pressure, instead of supporting the weight.

4. Sore muscles for work or over exhaustion

When working all day or using your back to get the job done can make your whole back have issues later on. It’s not even worth it to try to sit on a broken couch to ease the pain. This will increase the aches and cramps for long periods of time.

5. Poor sleeping habits

Sleeping less can cause more issues with your muscles and joints especially the back area. It’s great to get at least 6 to 8 hours sleep time, not rest or naps, sleep. The more you sleep the better your back will feel. It’s okay to want for a sofa that can support you comfortably and allows you to get that sleep time needed.

6. Sagging old worn-out bed

Do you get that sinking feeling when you sit or lie in bed? It’s because some springs are loosened and can no longer support the weight you put on them in a particular spot. Causes sagging bed syndrome. Why bother with an old bed when it’s possible to have a state-of the-art furniture for snoozing?

7. Sleeping on the couch in an uncomfortable position

Sitting or sleeping in an uncomfortable position can cause a lot of issues with your back and neck area. This is also a sign that your couch is too small to support your body, or the couch is worn out in a way to cause the cushions to feel uneven evened or warned down. Try not to sleep on these couches that are too old to use.

What is the best solution for these symptoms?

You need a Comfortable sofa that can handle and support your lifestyle.

It’s no secret, it’s time to replace the sofa, bed or chair. For those of you who are dealing with these issues, we found the best solution to offer for great comfort and maximum support. I was in your shoes not too long ago, until I made the decision to buy this sofa and its has made my life 100 times better.

According to clubfurniture.com It’s important to take couch construction and design into consideration. This will help you get the right type of sofa or sectional for a sore back. We come in different shapes and sizes, so our sofa should be the right fit for our bodies.

Getting a reclining sofa helps create the relief that is possible to have while settling into a relaxing position. Check out the image by clicking on it to find out about discounts and offers on free shipping details

My story on how a Saggy Couch Hurt my Back

There was a time when I was watching TV on a saggy old couch, for hours my back was on fire with aches and pains due to discomfort of sitting in one place for too long in the most painful of ways.

This is not supposed to happen to me. Even falling asleep, there should be no reason why I should not have to deal with soreness and aches after sitting on a chair. So, I took matters in my own hands and ordered a new Catnapper sofa for my living room and my bad back problems were gone!

Change is good, what led to my decision to change sofas? the list above gave me proof that I needed to make that change immediately! My hope is that you will make the change soon before its too late. The latest recliners and sofas are designed to create an environment of comfort and flexibility. It’s supposed to be a place of peace for relaxation. So now that we identified the problem let’s check out the solution.

What is the Most Comfortable Sofa for A Sore Back?

Catnapper Reclining Sofa:

This is what you had been missing. It’s plush, soft and comforting to your upper and lower back. It’s full features to enjoy.

And if this sofa is not your cup of tea, its fully customized. Take a moment and feast your eyes on the way it looks with you sitting on this sofa. Instantly, aches and pains are melting away. To bring a new level of comfort your back needs. Click the image to get yours today! —->

Let’s take a look at what makes this sofa one of the most comfortable sofas on the market.

Comfort Gel Coil Seating

This Material is made to withstand the pressures of life with you and your family. You can tell how much the difference is when sitting on these sofas. It’s amazing how elegant the design is. The way it is built to sooth and support your weight.

The gel material has a bit of memory foam to it. once you sit down, the coils surround you with soft plush comfort. After you get up, almost immediately the coils retract back to its original form. This prevents sagging and keeps your lower & upper back supported.

Special Stitching for Strength and Support

we all love to have a sofa with a nice look, but what good is it when your back is hurting from the hard leather or worn-out fabrics? That is why the catnapper sofa has a luggage stitching design. It is created to handle wear and tear from constant sitting and potential spills on the seating. This creates a soft to the touch feel.

Sleek Look with Auto comfort control

Catnapped has determined that in order to satisfy the customer with the best of comfortably by making its sofas more modern and sleeker to fit the modern living space. The seating is manufactured to bring a high level of luxury which matches the level of plush and soft design. You can rest at ease knowing these sofas can make you living room look good while making life for you family happy.

Suede With Faux Leather

The type of material that is for comfort. As you slide into its seating, your reminded how a real sofa is supposed to be. Catnapped has the right mindset to develop the best in design, creative comfort, and bring a level of class to your home living room.

Catnapped Reclining Sofa Specifications

  • Dimensions: W 81 inches x D 40 inches x H 40 inches
  • Weight: 198 LBS
  • Color Charcoal, Black, White, Tan
  • Upholstery: Faux Leather- makes these sofas more affordable but stronger, with no animal Hyde (vegan friendly)
  • Style; contemporary – Original for modern living rooms
  • number of seats TWO
  • Type of style: reclining

The best part of these Sofas is the reclining feature. It’s designed to help you enjoy watching and reading while kicking back and relaxing. Check out why is this recliner made for Theater room use below.

Is Catnapped is great for Home Entertainment?

Having a Catnapped is great for watching sports, movies and live TV shows. As you sit for long hours it not only takes you mind off the pain its melts it away at the same time. This is a double benefit because you have pain relief and a premium sofa with a comfortable look that is ready for prime-time action on the screen.

It’s great to have a recliner in your home for preventing further back problems that could make you have bad posture, difficulty walking and standing on your feet for long periods. Also, the pain and soreness of muscles in the legs and feet. But you can benefit from watching great movies while sitting this reclining sofa for long periods of time.

The downside of sitting in a regular chair

For those of you who are take a look at the modern chair. It’s not really built for comfort, It’s designed to give you temporary rest and the ability to take care of things while sitting. It’s stiff, hard but supportive. Many of us rest on these things to get a sense of comfort and ease off our backs. But fail to realize that its only made for temporary use only.

For those of you who are enjoyed reading a newspaper, or novel, watching movies and TV shows is your escape. Then you would need more than just a chair for comfort. It’s time to look into why a reclining seat is best for home entertainment.

As you sit back in a chair, we tend to slouch down which cause a lot of pressure on the lower back. Later on, that will make you have minor aches which could develop into chronic pains. If you’re a napper, this could be even worse when sitting in a regular chair. That is why the need for a plush comfortable chair that reclines for ease of comfortably.

Whether its automatic or Manuel, it’s great to know that relaxing in a reclining sofa can bring a level of stress relief that is soothing. That is why the Catnapped reclining sofas is perfect for you. Not only can you experience the joy and ease of pain relief you finally can benefit from it as well by just sitting back and relaxing in minutes, and watching the pain just melt away.

Catnapped Reclines for Sore legs and feet

                                 This is the Most Comfortable Sofa for a Sore Back

For those of you who are had been on your feet all day, or perhaps been in some type of rigors workout for some period. You would need immediate relief from the aches and soreness. Many of try to get that in just sitting a wooden chair not knowing they are causing further damage to the body. Have you heard the saying ” take the load off”? It’s true. You need to elevate that pressure and take the weight off it by reclining into a Catnapped sofa

Reclining into a Catnapped sofa helps your feet from the stress of standing on them all day. And while you rest, the pain just alleviates the tension and cramps your muscles develop from exhaustion.

This could be a game changer when your feel a chronic illness in your legs or feet and need to keep off of them for a certain amount of time. don’t ‘t worry about falling asleep in a catnapper, you will feel rested and pain free after sleeping. It’s all about comfort control, and that is what Catnapped delivers.

Are you a victim of soreness and aches and pains? Do you experience muscle cramps? These are the results of having a bad sofa or bed to sit or lay in. The Catnapped sofa recliner help you solve that issue. Sometimes sitting in a certain position with a hard or stiff seat can make your muscles ache to the point of having more cramps.

The Catnapped will resolve that issue with support and comfort by placing your body into a set position to prevent sore cramps in the neck and back areas.

Why Is It Important to Buy a Catnapped Sofa?

Purchasing a Catnapped brings add value to your home environment. It’s increases enjoyment and interaction with the family.

Most of us Think having a Sofa is for the living room only. You have more than one option for this type of Love seat sofa. It’s possible to have it in your man cave as the centerpiece of your entertainment. Click on the Sofa to Get Yours Today–>

The basement is perfect for the Catnapped sofa. The garage is a prime spot for your outdoor and indoor entertainment.

The attic can be converted into a home theater room with the catnapper as the number one spot have in the house. This changes the way family lives their lives for the better. Study time is a joy for the kids when sitting and resting while studying.

Your spouse loves reading in the recliner, that makes novels enjoyable to read. The kids love to play video games sitting in this sofa. And of course, you can relax to the soothing sounds of music while melting the stress of the day away.

These things are what makes families enjoy being at home with each other. That is what so important to buy a Catnapper for your health and the benefit of your family.

Power Vs Manual Reclining Sofas: Which One is Best for You?

Having a great recliner that automatically adjust to your back and legs and weight is amazing. By the push of a button, you can reach maximum comfort in seconds with no effort at all.

That is the joy of having a power recliner around the home. Some power recliners have some the best features to choose from and customize for a better luxury option. Here’s some features you can expect in a power recliner. Click the Image Below to Get Your Catnapped Recliner Today! —–>

Power reclining chair features

  • temperature control cup holders
  • USB Ports
  • Storage Compartments
  • Lighted footrest
  • Center docks for snacks and treats
  • Message sensors for back stress relief

For more details and specifications, check our article review on this topic for more information. Click here to read about top five best recliners for small spaces

Enjoying the abilities of a manual reclining sofa has it benefits your back as well. You can rest and recline in no time.

Just rest and watch the full motion of reclining as soon as you sit down. It’s marvelous! In some instances, its even possible to just kick your feet in the air while sitting and watching the sofa react to your legs by extending out the support while kicking back.

Click the Image on the right to get a closer look at our top choice for power recliners as well

Manuals are still a hot commodity, and can be a lot cheaper for the money, no energy use for comfort, and you get the option to choose what position sofa is in without reaching for the button to make it happen. Check out the features for manual reclining sofas below. Click The Image to Get Your Catnapped Sofa Today! ——->

Manual Reclining chair Features

  • Levers are easier and manageable than buttons and remotes
  • Sack compartment on the side of the armrest for ease of access
  • Auto manual recliners are easy to kick back relax to in one sitting motion.
  • Leg rests are extended in seconds not minutes
  • Head rests are extended to your liking

We have an article that talks about these features and more just check out this page about manual recliners here at Recliners for small spaces with big ideas for those of you who would like to take a closer look, we selected the best recliner for manual recliner lovers just click the image to get started.

We hope you found some new information to use for finding what’s the most comfortable sofa for sore back. The catnapper is the considered to be the best among others. Which continues to help those who suffer chronic back and leg issues.

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Sonos Arc vs Bose 700: Love or Hate

Choosing the best soundbar isn’t easy. That is why we want to compare the two top soundbars in the market to give you better options to choose. Sonos arc vs Bose 700: Love or Hate review, we’ll check key features, and go into the specifications to see which one offers the best entertainment. Check out the pros and cons to owning a soundbar and what does each one offer for music, gaming and TV.

Sonos Arc vs Bose 700: Love or Hate

The best way to compare Sonos Arc and Bose 700 soundbar is to discover what is it are we looking for in a soundbar. Then we’ll draw out the best qualities in to match what offers the best need for quality in each. Let’s first start by defining what do need more out a soundbar.

*Things you needed to Look for In a Soundbar

1. Better Surround Sound:

It’s about bringing out the best in high dynamic sound. By adding a powerful soundbar to your TV.

The sound quality to hear music and movies clear with no low dialogue or fuzzy noises. If your HDR 4k TV has high-definition video, then it only makes sense your soundbar system should match it as well.

2. Wireless Capabilities:

What a difference wireless soundbars makes without the hassle of dealing with clumsy wires and cords in the way. Using a Bluetooth or WFI connection, can put your mind at ease from thinking about tripping, or the frustration.

Or Worse, wondering where to hook up more cords to more speakers. Some soundbars automatically connect though WIFI or Bluetooth within seconds!

3. Less Energy Consumption:

Don’t you hate it when there is a new appliance installed in the house, and there is a bit of concern for how much your energy bill is going up? This is why we look for an energy star logo to check the actual amount of power is necessary to using a new soundbar for home entertainment.

4. Interacts with Other Devices:

Device interaction is a plus. There is nothing like having a device to control other things you don’t have time to get to. That is what you should look for in a soundbar.

These new spectacular machines can deliver more than what you think. Some soundbars is able to control the temperature, play movies, and music at a simple voice command or turn the lights on.

5. Offers an Affordable Price:

This is the main topic on every person’s mind when think of buying a soundbar for the first time. “What is it going to cost me?” The big fear is that soundbars can rack up in cost.

But that is not true if you do your research first and find the most affordable soundbar to buy. Most companies offer executive deals and specials on the latest brands. That is what you should look for.

6. Takes Up Less Space:

We have too many things in the living room or bedroom to afford more clunky junk in the way of things and everyday life. That is why you should consider the size of the soundbar and how much space can you give for it as well. Most soundbars are smaller and slimmer, but they could still take up too much space nearby your TV set and radio system.

7. Easy Operations:

One of the most annoying things we have to deal with, is how to operate a new device or piece of technology for simple functions. To access and play a device, it should be as easy as pressing one button.

Make sure to look for this “simple to operate” feature on these new soundbars. It can save you all the problems that may surface down the road.

8. Easily Connects with Other Speakers:

Sometimes connecting new speakers can be a pain the butt, therefore making sure a soundbar can connect to external speakers and sub-woofers has to be important.

What if the speakers are wired and need a billion ports to plug into? Find out if the soundbar has wireless connectivity or fewer cords and wires to use is the best option, most soundbar companies would like for you to stay in house and use it own speakers for “best results”. Just make sure it well within your budget.

9. Offers More Features:

We love to see the new shiny toy in action. It’s great to see new things we haven’t seen before, just look at the new I phone. Soundbars should have a few new things that will entice us to buy.

But let’s stay on the same page about what is need first before getting these soundbar. Just because it has fantastic zoom or bigger bass structure does not mean it’s good to buy. It’s okay to geek out at the new options to choose, just as long it for your needs first.

10. Has Tech Support and Warranty coverage:

Look, we would like to think each soundbar can stand the test of time without ever breaking down. Especially if we paid a pretty penny for them. Which why it good to check for a warranty card and offers tech support advice to troubleshoot any problems with the device.

This could happen with new or old soundbars. It’s possible the TV may need updating or the soundbar may want to update but requires a tech adviser to help you.


What Can a Sonos Arc Do for You?


The Sonos Arc is capable of doing many things for you. It’s designed that way. Most people think it just another soundbar with better features, True but they fail to know how much of impact it can have on your everyday life.

The way people integrate it into everyday life, it almost a part of the family. Sonos offers more than the average soundbar can do. If your not sure about this, take a look at what we discovered ourselves that will be a potential game changer for you and the family.

*The best Features Sonos Arc offers for your home

Rated 4.3 out 5

Made with Real Surround Sound

Powered by Dolby Atmos technology, brings you into the real-world intense action of the movie with crashing planes above your head to creeping footsteps right behind your back! It’s 3D Audio dynamics operating out of one single system. With Arc, it about the experience of feeling the sound all around the room, as if you’re really there.

Sonos Arc Operates Hands Free

Get used to not having a remote to control the volume or turn to another station. It’s all controlled with your voice by Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, you have the option to surf the web, Check scores and access other home devices that may seem too out of reach at the moment. Click the Image above or this link to check out details

Enjoy a Wireless Lifestyle

Don’t get tangled up with wires, cut the cords and use WIFI to connect easily within seconds. If you would like to add a Sonos Subwoofer for extra Home Theater action, do it wirelessly. The best part is the freedom of range from placing speakers on any side of the room. It’s even possible to have it in different rooms as well.

Tune Up Your Life

Stream your favorite playlist right from the iPhone or Android and relax to the tunes while doing the dishes or cooking dinner. Perhaps you have a go to podcast that is new to listen to on your phone. Sonos Also has an App Which can carry your podcast, iTunes Apple Airplay, Pandora and more! The power of stream is in your hands, just press play.

TRUE Play Sound Acoustics

There is now needed to worry about getting that perfect sound, place it anywhere you want and get the best performance in any positions around the room. TRUE Play matches the room’s size and range and fills it with amazing theater action sound you can enjoy for hours. This is the difference of have a soundbar and Sonos theater room entertainment center.


  • TV Remote Sync
  • WIFI Connections
  • Financing Available
  • HDMI Ports
  • Voice Enabled
  • Sound enhances by Dolby Atmos
  • 16 speakers in one

Now that you have a taste of what Sonos Arc has to offer, take advantage of the opportunity to own a Sonos Arc today by clicking on this link to get started. Or click on the Image to check out offers on Free Shipping and more!

*The Best Features Bose 700 Offers for Your Home



Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars

Quiet The Noise and hear True Sound

Crafted to bring true audio sound to your living room without the distortion of noise a regular soundbar makes. For supreme theater surround sound. These carry the most live action by displaying it in your face every time you turn on the set.

Muti-Directional Projection

Don’t just hear the sound, feel it from all angles of the room with Bose Multi-directional ports. Hear the music coming from different angles around the room. Tiny transducers create a spacious projection to make every crash, explosion, and roar of the crowd feel like you right there in the scene.

Low Profile Drivers

It’s great to have a superior sound on display, its’s even better to know Bose has special driver designed to modify the sound to make it clear to hear though the most distorted action scenes. Hear dialogue in crystal clear depth and enjoy the audio that comes with it profile design.

AdaptIQ Technology

Bose 700 automatically adjust to the room’s size and depth to create the perfect sound anywhere in the room. The sound acoustics are amazing to hear when you’re sitting near or far from the TV set. This is a game changer in terms of home theater sound display performance.

Great Voice Pickup

The Voice control feature is second to none for catching your commands for functions. Make or receive phone calls, get the latest news updates, find more shows to watch. It’s all up to you. Plus, you can use voice command in the loudest noises because Bose is programmed to hear only programmed functions you speak.

Bose Stream Team

With Spotify, Pandora, Apple Airplay2 and Chromecast built right into it system you’re on the best platform for premium music stream all under the Bose 700 soundbar. Using Bluetooth & WIFI for connections is easy to use. These are great options for different devices as well. Just in case you were wondering, Bose has an App as well to handle those streams.


  • WIFI and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Apple Airplay2
  • Superior Voice Pickup
  • Personalize music App
  • HDMI ARC Ports
  • AdaptIQ Calibration
  • Universal Voice Remote

The Pros and Cons to Owning a Soundbar

We often hear all the best things from these fancy soundbars but what are your opinions and views of these soundbars? We compiled a list of things people like and dislike about both of the soundbars to give you a better perspective as to what seems to be your ideal fit in terms of price and size and features.


Bose 700

  • Free 2-day shipping
  • 90-day risk free Trail
  • Price match Promise
  • Low Financing offer
  • Voice Controlled
  • Universal Remote

Sonos Arc

  • Easy to operate
  • Digital Designed by award-winning engineers
  • Connects with other devices wirelessly
  • Able to mount
  • Voice controlled


Bose 700

  • It’s pricey to buy
  • slim but very long in length
  • Only connects to other Bose products
  • Speakers can reach only the size of the room

Sonos Arc

  • It’s pricey to buy
  • connects to sonos products only
  • Extra speakers can cost extra money
  • Confusing HDMI port for connection to TV

So, there you have it, we have an idea to what is excepted when using both of these soundbar systems. We put this on display, to help you on your search to choose the right soundbar for yourself and the family. Both of these amazing soundbars can deliver on a dime within an instant for all of your personal needs.

It’s up to you to know what your overpowering need for entertainment is. Are your gamer, then we would recommend the sonos arc because of the access to other gaming systems, and ease of connections for operations. If your music person, we recommend the Bose 700 soundbar for premium sound and terrific bass structure.

Our Top Soundbar System for Home Entertainment

This is the top soundbar system that meets your needs for premium surround sound entertainment. What We discovered is people love to have many ways to enjoy themselves in the modern era of home theater. That is why we choose this sound set to be the top recommend soundbar setup.

Sonos Arc surround sound Set

This setup comes in three forms of devices that makes a powerful surround system that could stand the test of time for many years to come.

Take a quick look at each one of these components that offers a special touch to the overall cinematic system. We promise to brief with the features, but to get more in depth with the specifications there is reviewed to help you understand more about each device.

Sonos Arc Soundbar:

The top of line for many platforms of entertainment, whether its music, gaming, or just sitting back and watching good movie or TV show. This soundbar captures your imagination to a world of fantasy and action with a touch of adventure. It’s great for small and large rooms and looks great enough to blend into any room of choice.

Sonos Subwoofer:


What a powerful device to have. This subwoofer can elevate any type of platform your using, gaming is much more realistic and fun to enjoy. With Music, you have the freedom to explore many ways to use around the house.

Watching a movie will never be the same. It’s like going to the movies at home every time you turn on the set. The powerful bass features alone are worth looking into check out our review page How Can A subwoofer improve your home theater?


Sonos One speaker:


This is a next generation of surround sound entertainment not only can you place these speakers around the home for great theater type audio, but it’s also easy to connect them to other sonos devices for great music and live stream TV as well.

Placing these speakers in parts of the house to use for podcasting or following a cookbook recipe is great tool to have in times of need without touching the device and moving around to find the remote.

To find out more on these terrific speakers check out our review page for great in-depth ideas to use them here. What Is Sonos One SL speakers

We hope you found the right choice for soundbars for your own entertainment needs. Share this article with your friends on Pinterest and Facebook. If you have more suggestions, please comment below and tell us what you think. Thanks for visiting us be sure to join us again at CoolhomeTheaters.com



The Best Ways to Mount a Sonos Beam

After taking your Sonos beam out of the box, where should you place it? if there is no space to place it near your TV, find out what is The Best Ways to Mount a Sonos Beam without placing holes in the wall. Plus were giving ideas on how to install beam. We also look forward to sharing with you how sonos beam can sync with the best smart TV. Get Do’ (s) and don’t (s) for mounting a soundbar to a Smart TV as well.

Look, nobody wants a faulty mount or worst, a bunch of mistake holes in the wall after the first failed attempts. That is why you should read on to get these simple tips for mounting a sonos beam the right way.

Disclaimer: I am the owner this Website, I am an affiliate of this manufacture’s advertiser, I make a small commission on every purchase of products on this website.

The Best Ways to Mount a Sonos Beam

We know what you’re saying…” I can get a wall mount and boom it’s done.” but what if the wall you have is too thin or too thick? Perhaps you have a brick wall that requires more than just the standard screwdriver and screws? These are things we must take into account when dealing with mount for a TV or Soundbar.

Luckily, we have some options for you to try out and use for your own particular type of wall. We figured you would need many options because, we all don’t have same walled structure for mounting. Check out the list below for details for options mounting sonos Beam.

1.Traditional Mounting: some sonos soundbars come with a mounting kit to install it yourself.
For those of us who do not have this kit There is a place we could recommend to you for purchasing mounts specifically for sonos beam. Go to Abt Electronics.com get started with your order. and if you act now, your shipment is FREE. or you could click the image to get started—>

Purchasing this mount, gives you a one-year warranty for parts and labor and customer support is available if you need assistance for installation.

2. Adhesive Mounting: The sonos beam weights up to 8 lbs. In this situation, would we have adhesives that could ease the guilt of putting holes in the wall Plus the need to move or to place it in different areas. Therefore, we have the next option for your needs.

3. Mounting hooks: Mounting beam on a brick wall requires mounting hooks for support and better structure. Adhesive strips may help but eventually they will not support the beam any longer. This can be done with our simple tips below for mounting hooks below this section.

4. A Mounting bracket for both TV and Soundbar: This may be the easiest way to save you are wall from further destruction. By simplifying the process.

A simple one-way setup for both mounts is the way to go for better and safer installation. Most manufacturers have a standalone mount specific devices why not have it for both?

We have a better solution for this It’s made by Sanus which is designed for Sonos soundbar devices. This mount can support up to 14 lbs. of soundbar weight and can take the weight of a TV set in ranges of 37 inches to 70 inches with a max TV weight of 7lbs.

To get more of an idea we have a link for you to take a closer look at ABT electronics.com or click the image

4 Easy Ways to Mounting Sonos Beam

Now that you have this brand new shiny sonos beam fresh out of the packaging, there is a set of directions for mounting. That seem look like a foreign language. Even though it’s readable. If the technical terms for installation does not comprehend to your understanding. It’s okay, we can help you on this.

The best ways to install a mount on the wall should be the simplest. That is what we want for you. Here is our guide for basic standard setup for each of these options above.

This won’t have the specifics to the instructional guides, but it will give you a better idea as to what you need for a more secure installation. We complied information from Sonos guides and other brand name mounting bracket companies and broke it down to a common English language that’s easier to use.

Things You Would Need to mount Your sonos Beam:

  • Leveler for measuring the balance for mounting
  • Plastic screws and wall plugs
  • Electric Drill with a 5/16 drill bit
  • Mounting bracket
  • Philips’s screwdriver
  • cardboard cutout mount for measuring and size
  • Tape measure or ruler for marking the positional screw holes

Traditional Mounting:

1. Use the Tape measure or rule to make the markings on the wall for holes

2. Make sure the marks are even by placing the balance next to the marks and guiding it along the wall.

3. Use the drill to screw in holes, to support the weight of the sonos beam will be (three screws).

4. Screw in the Wall plugs into each of the holes to secure the screws for mounting

5. Place the cardboard cutout over the holes and screw in two of the screws half-way to see if the mount looks flush.

6. Take off the cardboard cutout and replace it with the actual mount after taking the two screws out of the wall.

7. Place the mounting screws into the wall with the actual mounting bracket.

8. Screw in the plastic screws into the soundbar that is sitting on the mounting bracket.

Things you will need for mounting Sonos beam without screws:

  • 3M Adhesive strips Four strips
  • Leveler
  • Drawing Pen or pencil
  • Cardboard cutout of the soundbar
  • zip ties for keeping the cords together
  • Ruler or yardstick

Adhesive Mounting Steps

1. Measure and mark the wall twice with the drawing pencil for the strips.

2. Use the ruler or smaller yardstick to make sure the marks are even for mounting

3. Place the leveler on top of the yard stick or ruler to make sure it its balanced.

4. Carefully place the adhesive strips with film removed, on top of the markings (make sure it’s in between the marks)

5. Press firmly to secure the strips on the wall for ten seconds. (Do this for all four strips)

6. Take the cardboard cutout of the sonos beam bracket and place it over the strips to make sure the bracket is even.

7. Remove the cardboard cutout and remove the strip covering to expose the adhesive side for mounting the bracket.

8. Carefully Place the Bracket over the expose adhesive strips, by firmly pressing it against the wall for ten seconds.

Things you would need for mounting sonos beam using hooks:

  • Command hooks (two to four)
  • Leveler
  • Bracket Guide comes with the purchase of soundbar
  • Desk tape
  • Mounting screws/ and washers
  • Philips’s screwdriver

Mounting hooks:

1. Place the Bracket guide on the wall and mark the wall and tape it, then use the leveler to make sure it’s even.

2. Wipe the wall gently (without wiping away the marks) with rubbing alcohol and towel to clean the wall surface.

3. Place the Command Hooks where you made the marks and tape it but do not remove the film strips yet.

4. Take off the desk tape and remove the film to the strips and press firmly to the wall to secure it for ten seconds.

5. Place the Mount onto the hooks using the bracket holes and test it by pressing downward slightly with your hand, then place the washers on the holes and use the screws to mount the soundbar onto the mount.

Things You would need to use for a Universal mount:

  • Universal Mounting Bracket
  • Philips Screwdriver/ Electric drill
  • 4 to 5 Rubber Washers for Mounting between bracket and the soundbar
  • Instructional Guides for Assembling Universal Mount

Universal TV Sonos Beam Mount:

1. Assemble the Universal Mount using the instructional guide to make sure the mount is secure.

2. Place the TV onto the mount and secure it using the screws and instructional guidelines of the manual.

3. Place the washers on the mounting brackets before placing the soundbar on top of the mount.

4. Place Sonos beam on top of the bracket with all four washers secured underneath it.

5. Screw in all Four mounts securing the soundbar to the universal bracket.

Do’s & Don’t (s)’s To Mounting Sonos Beam

Have you ever heard the saying, ” measure twice, cut once” well that is what we hope to educate you for preventive purposes? We all have done it, made uneven cuts or lines in the wall or underestimated the length of something and wine up going over the size or under it. Well, this is about getting the pitfalls out the way by learning from the mistakes of others.

This will ensure a better chance of success and lessens the number of mistakes we all tend to make time to time. Take a look at our do’s & don’t(s)’t’s list to get an understanding to properly mounting a sonos beam on the wall effectively.


Test the mount: It’s always a good idea to pressure test your mount no matter what type it is and what form of bond you are using. For those of you who prefer to use adhesive mounting solutions, press firmly on the adhesive strips for ten seconds to make sure it’s connected to the wall firmly.

For those of you who prefer to use the screw and drill technique, slight tighten the screws enough to so there is no wiggle and jiggle. To test the mount’s weight capacity, place a couple of books on top of the mount to see if it’s compatible with the weight.

Measure twice and apply once: We know it’s measure twice and cut once but, we are not cutting anything..LOL This has to be correct to make sure the mount is at the same length and is evenly applied to the strips This has to be done correctly with drilling, this is in case you may have a lopsided mount which could make the soundbar side off or look uneven. This could drive you crazy.

Give the cords Space: This is necessary. Having access to cords and wires when the reception is bad or need resetting is vital. Most sonos soundbars have a craved-out space on the back of the soundbar to allow access to the connections.

If there isn’t a space or something seems to block the way, Keep it away from the wall by creating the space of at least 1 to 2 inches for disconnecting and plugging in other wires and cords. *Also marking the wires or ports could save you the guess work.


Don’t (s) use any screws for mounting: Mounting a heavier device such as a soundbar needs a sturdy mount for long term use. It’s not wise to use weaker or rusty screws for drilling. This may result in faulty installation and could cause problems down the road. Use Plastic wall mounting screws or steel screws for drywalls.

Don’t forget about the Wall plugs: It may seem tedious, but it’s needs to be installed. It’s the difference between a sturdy mount and wobbly one. Plus, you are saving a lot of unwanted damage to the wall by placing these plugs in the drill holes. They will prevent wear and tear from the movement of mount.

Don’t double stack the mount: It’s not a good idea to place more than one object on top the mount. It’s designed to carry the weight one device. Doing this could make the mount buckle and fall apart over time. Try to keep things off the mount that supports the soundbar (Only). Even though it looks secure, it does not mean it’s strong enough for more weight,

The Best Smart TV For Sonos Beam

Now that you have one of the best Sonos soundbars properly mounted to the wall, what are you going to watch it on? Are you sure the current TV you have can handle what sonos beam has to offer for an ideal home entertainment system?

Perhaps you are in the market for buying a new TV. Would you like to know what is the best TV for Sonos Beam? We have some suggestions for you to take a closer look at to help you get the right type of entertainment and use beam to the best of its abilities.

These smart TV’s are the best and the top of the line in terms of visual theater quality and syncs well with sonos soundbars. If you click on these images, there is a chance you could catch some great deals on these sets while supplies last.

The Sony X1 4K UHD Smart TV

This has the makings of a fabulous home theater set. Turning on this smart TV is like unlocking the vault to a new world of colors and contrast. Sony X1 has the technology and the ports connections for a high-powered sonos beam.

Wireless connections are seamless and can be such an ease to use. Just look at these features below and witness the power of fusion with Sony and Sonos beam. Click the image to check out more!


X1 experience Processor: With X1 processor running, Sony can detect and enhance the objects by brightening every detail of color. Making every image seem very realistic.

X wide angle: Enjoy watching Sony X1 Smart TV from Every angle in the house, no more moving around to get the best seat when every seat in the room gives you the best viewing. That means, every shade of color and contrast never bleeds away or looks fuzzy from different angles.

X- motion clarity: No more wondering if the picture has the ability to keep up with fast-paced motion when you have x motion clarity to display crystal clear detail in the fastest pace action sequences.

Triluminos displays: a beautiful wider color pallet that develops as the image is focused to bring in a realistic view of pictures with a wide array of colors, hues and shades. Think billions of colors to use for viewing

HDR entertainment: Now the power of gaming and movies in you are hands with HDR programming formats. This feature is built to handle all the complexes of soundbars equipment and gaming software combine to deliver and never disappoint.

4K HDR Display: No more “Banding” and making up for color tones and gradations when you have a smoother super bit mapping setup from Sony 4K HDR picture quality. That means, you can enjoy true views of the sunset with a natural look and many colors of shade and contrast with love.

Alexa Powered: Voice control the Sony X1 Smart TV without even touching the remote. Alexa handles the task that you may end up trying to find by remote. Just use your voice to flip to a favorite show or movie and turn up the volume,

Samsung OLED TV Is another amazing Smart TV with fabulous features. To take a closer look at is design and functions for the sonos beam check out our recommend article which goes in-depth about all the ways for syncing it to sons beam and other home theater devices as well it called: How To Buy A Samsung TV?

Lg OLED 65′ 4K HDR Smart TV: This is the best smart TV You have ever imagined. Witness the true power of AI technology with thinQ processors, discover more colors with brilliant image displays for crystal clear pictures.

Have it under your control with Alexa. It’s perfect for sonos Beam in every way possible. Just check out what LG can do for you Today! Follow this link to the home page by Clicking the Image Below to get started

Benefits To Owning a Sonos Beam

We cannot explain enough about how the great it is to own a brand new Sonos beam. Then mounting it on you are wall for the world to see it’s magnificent display of power coming into you are home.

This would make you are neighbors green with jealousy. You have so many options to choose from because it’s crafted from movie Theater technology. It’s in you are hands to explore what sonos beam can do for you. We would like to share the best features Beam can do and how does it improve you are everyday lifestyle

hearing the speakers as they interact with you are living room in a way you have never heard of is truly amazing. It’s no wonder why people are chopping at the bit to own one. But here is why they are so fascinated with its features.

Be sure to check out our article review on Sonos Beam before you make a purchase on this site. It’s vital to understand how soundbar works before use so you would know what it is fully capable of doing for you are home theater system.

It called: Is Sonos Beam the Best Soundbar? Share, like and follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter We have a Pinterest pin you can save to you are own board labeled Sonos Beam below this article.

Please take the time to comment you are thought on Mounting Sonos beam if you have suggestions on improvements on the site or the topics, please feel free to state you are opinions below this screen thanks for read our article and be sure check back with us for more exciting topics like these and more at CoolHomeTheaters.com

Sonos Arc Vs Beam: What is the Best Soundbar?

Which one do you prefer? A masterclass bass performance speaker, or all in one home entertainment source with a touch of cinematic sound? We’re talking about two of the best soundbars you have yet to experience. It’s Sonos Arc vs Beam: What is the best Soundbar?

Those of you who would like to get into the meat and potatoes of this topic by getting the specifications and features, scroll down below to feast your eyes on these great features.

If you’re a serious gamer and would like to take your video gaming to the next level, Sonos soundbars take it to another level with 3D sound for fast paced graphics. Looking to make your room feel like a symphony orchestra? check out why Sonos surround sound makes it the best choice for great audio.

Also, check out how Sonos beam and arc can elevate your gaming. If you’re not the gamer or movie buff type, find out how Sonos arc and beam can deliver the masterful sound performance you have been waiting for.

Sonos Arc Vs Beam: What is the best Soundbar?

In order to answer this question, you would have to find out what’s needed most for a typical soundbar system. Next we’ll match our wants and needs with Sonos arc and beam to discover which one answers the bell and checks the most boxes.

1.wireless soundbar: this is the most important thing to have for a soundbar. This opens the opportunity to place your speakers whatever you want without worrying about those clumsy cords. You will have the freedom to use Sonos Arc or Beam in almost any environment to get the best entertainment at home.

2.Soundbar with voice command: This feature is very valuable. Due to the fact we all tend to lose or misplace the remote control now and then. There is nothing like giving a few voice commands to control operate the devices you use on a daily basis and watching it activates without lifting a single finger.

3.Soundbar connectivity: You have to have this feature for speaker enhancement. And surround sound. Imagine listening to your favorite tunes in every room of your house and never worrying about missing a great song. That is what connectivity gives to you. Also, having the ability to connect other ports for HDMI or external video ports is so vital to use nowadays.

4. Delivers bass clarity: What is soundbar without its bass structure? Having a bass system placed next to the soundbar or better yet, built right into the system itself brings out a cinematic theater sound you can grow to love. The crisp Sharpe sound of a clean bass rumbling though those speakers as you watch a chilling horror flick makes it worth its weight in gold.

5. Has many options for entertainment: No longer we can say that a soundbar is only good for movies and TV. We want variety in our lives, and its starts with great soundbar with multiple features to use.

Surf the web though your TV, download music, videos and popular Apps to use instead of using the phone and tablet. Connect to the phone and tablet though voice commands to Arc or Beam to make phone & video calls or view family photos. These are some things we all love to have for a great soundbar system.

Disclaimer: I am the owner of this Blog site, I’m also an affiliate of these manufacturers products. I earn a small commission upon purchase of these products on this site

What does Sonos Arc have to match these features?

Best Features:

  • Sonos App
  • Stream your favorite Music, Movies and TV shows
  • Connects with other Sonos speakers, and sub woofers instantly over WIFI
  • Special gaming sound effects for 3D gaming audio
  • Dolby digital audio for music playback and live musical performances
  • 16 internal speakers including 2 elevating speakers for maximum reach around the room.
  • True Play Tunes to your rooms acoustics to get the right sound, right on time, when you need it most.
  • Voice command with Alexa and Google Assistant built in, so you don’t have to use the remote.


  • Amplifiers: eleven class-D Amps working together to bring a sound performance worth listening to.
  • Tweeters: Three silk domed tweeters design to create a crystal-clear dialogue.
  • Woofers: Eight Egg shaped woofers makes sure the playback, dialogue and bass is clear and powerful.
  • Weight:13.78 lbs. | Dimensions: H-3.4 in/ W-45 in/ D-4.5in | Colors: White and Black
  • Memory: 1GB of SDRAM | 4GB of Network Video | Quad Core: 1.4 GHz a-53
  • Contents: Power Cable (6ft.2inches) |HDMI cable (4ft.9inches) | Optical Cale for TV with Optical Output, User guide, Warranty Information.

Rated 4.3/5: Engineered by a Grammy Award Winning music artist Glies Martin and crafted to blend into your home perfectly, this soundbar entertains you in so many ways. Developed for the whole family. Sonos Arc is the next level of Home Theater entertainment.

Check out our Full review plus tips and tricks for better price and added features Click here>: Five Great Ideas for Sonos Arc

What does Sonos Beam Have to match these features?

Best Features:

  • HD sound Controlled by the Sonos App
  • Processor Chip accelerated by 40%
  • Dolby Atmos Surround sound with 3D effect
  • Sharp Clear Dialogue with Speech Enhancement
  • Night Mode For Quiet Effects and makes slight audio dialogue stand out more
  • Power Stereo sound which elevates music in full dimension.
  • Engineered to perfection by Grammy-Award winning Artist Giles Martin
  • Uses Voice Control with Google Assistant and Alexa built in
  • Easy Setup with only 2 cords to connect and use the Sonos app to activate


  • Adjustable EQ For great balancing of sound and with Sonos app.
  • Microphone array Distinguishes voice command functions and creates an echo-cancellation for quick accurate control.
  • Five Amplifiers For maximum reach around the room using class-D amps for better sound acoustics.
  • 1 tweeter: Centered to give crisp and clear dialogue hear the slightest sound clear and enhanced.
  • Four Mid-woofers Ensures great playback and low-end output.
  • Three passive radiators for low frequencies and a better-balanced sound.
  • Weight: 6.2lbs.| Dimensions: H-2.72 in/W-25.63in/D-3.94in |Colors: Black and White.
  • Contents: Sonos Beam (Gn2) | Power cord | HDMI Cable | Optical Adapter | Quick Start guide |Warranty Card
  • Requires: WIFI Source, Power outlet, Sonos App

Rated 4.2/5: Offers the best in home Theater sound technology. Delivers fantastic bass and surround sound. Beam not only fills the room with amazing cinematic sound acoustics, but it also matches your room size for sound range. Sonos Beam takes you into the action like you’re in the movie.

Check out our Full detailed Article on Sonos Beam for Exclusive Details, Discounts, tips and tricks to enhance your home entertainment by clicking here>Is Sonos Beam The best Soundbar?

So. Which one is the best Soundbar?

Sonos has created the best soundbars families can enjoy for many years to come. But we’re here to see which one is considered to be the best of the best.

Our choice is Sonos Arc. This soundbar has an all-in-one package. Arc is clearly an upgrade over beam.

*Arc has 1GB of ram drive space for apps and video and music memory, Arc is meant for larger families, beam is meant for small family members and personal use.

*Beam can transfer easy to a personal unit or gaming for two. Beam Also uses four Mid-range woofers but Arc has eight Mid range woofers.

*Arc has eleven class-D amplifiers beam has 5 amps. Even though Beam has a faster processor chip, Arc captures the same computer processing power with more interactive features.

The Pro’s & Con’s to Sonos Soundbars

Now that we saw the best of what Sonos soundbars can offer let’s go though some pros and cons to know before buying a Sonos Arc or Beam. Knowing these tips can help you prevent buyer’s remorse. Plus, its added benefit to know how much quality does each soundbar have to offer for you.

Sonos Beam


  • Multiple option for connections.
  • Offers great speaker range for surround sound.
  • Gives good voice command features.
  • Has its own app for settings and syncs with your devices.
  • Processing chip operates 40% faster


  • It’s a little pricey for its size.
  • Only connects with (Sonos speakers only)
  • Doesn’t use TV speakers only relies on the soundbar and speakers
  • Good subwoofer but needs more bass range

Sonos Arc


  • Fantastic Sound with Dolby Atmos stereo
  • Has eight mid-range sub-woofers
  • Three cone shaped tweeters
  • five amplifiers for great soundscape


  • High priced compared to other soundbars
  • takes up some space on the shelf or wall
  • Weighs a bit too much for wall mounting

Each one has its good and no so good qualities. But It’s good to know these features and deficiencies in order to have the best option for purchasing later on. Take these pros and cons into consideration when looking for a soundbar, this could be a game changer for you and your family.

Do you Need More Speakers?

Both soundbars provide a great sound system that handles most of your needs for surround sound entertainment. But it never hurts to have more speakers around you for that full cinematic performance.

The good news: its connection between Sonos soundbars and wireless speakers is easy to sync. All that is needed for connection is a WIFI or Bluetooth setup.

Also, there is option for personal speaker connection with Sonos Roam, Sonos one SL, and Sonos sub woofers.

This will allow you to be able to transfer to another room or use multiple rooms for music and live TV performances. So, you can take care of things around the house and never miss a single tune.

We would recommend you should consider checking out Sonos speakers for theater entertainment options. Here is the list of Sonos speakers for home theater below.

Sonos One SL: We have an article that offer more in-depth coverage for use and review, Check out: What is Sonos One SL?

Sonos Roam: An Personal Speaker that has more features to use great music and streaming movies. Roam is portable and wireless. Like Beam and Arc you can give voice commands and it links with your phone or tablet.

Sonos Move: One the best home portable speakers on the market, it’s like have a mini boom box that connects to your favorite devices like android, i phones, Tablets, and watches.

Sonos Sub-woofer: Great bass structure, perfect low tone bass, is wireless operation that can sync with sub-woofers to create a powerful acoustic surround sound. To get more information on Sonos Subwoofer Check out the info page here to get more details and pricing by click here.

Which Soundbar is Best for Music, Gaming and Movies?

In order to find out which Sonos soundbar handles your need for maximum gaming, fabulous music playback, and fantastic theater with a cinematic performance, we have to find your level of need between these options.

In this section, we displayed the best of what each one of the soundbars offers for each feature to gauge your satisfaction for choice.

Compare these features to your own to find out which one works best for you and you home environment.

Sonos Arc for Music: Best for One room reach, which extends to the total length of the room gives you option for personal speaker use. It’s engineered by Grammy awarding winning artist Giles Martin and tuned to give you the full performance of any music streaming sounds.

Sonos Arc for Gaming: This is the best option for gaming, you’re getting the best system for optimum performance. Hear surround sound gaming in 3D effects. Sharper contrast for dialogue, plus in game adjustments for faster response time to complete your experience for next level console action.

Sonos Arc for Movies: Great option to use for sweet surround sound technology. You will become immersed in the action. Sound acoustics. That eliminates the need for more speakers to use when one soundbar takes care of it all.

Sonos Beam for gaming: Has a feature for game mode enhancement. Which focuses on the game’s graphics and action in a depth from background to foreground visuals synced with 3D sound.

Sonos Beam for Music: This option works great with personal audio choices and creates a dynamic sound contrast. You can hear the difference in these speakers compared to headphones and smaller speakers.

Sonos Beam for Movies has a feature for night mode which quiets the louder audio and makes the slightest sounds and dialogue clear to hear. This soundbar can work great in smaller rooms which makes the whole room feel like you’re in the movie theater.

Our Recommendations for Buying The best Soundbar System

We recommend checking out the Sonos Arc sound system. This set has the Ultimate home theater entertainment system for TV, Movies and Music for at home. With so many features to see, we have an article that goes in-depth with tips and advice for savings, placement and operation: Check out Is Sonos Arc the Best Soundbar?

Thank you taking the time to read our review on Sonos Arc Vs Beam, we hope you found out which one works better for your choice to use for home entertainment. Be sure to share this with friends and family using our Pinterest link below and let us know your thoughts on these two soundbars as well by commenting below. Check out more reviews and comparisons on home entertainment electronics like these and more at CoolHomeTheaters.com

Top Recommended Soundbars with the best Features

In this review, we’re taking a closer look at the Top Recommended Soundbars with the Best Features. This should give you plenty of options to see what’s the best Sound bar for your particular need. What we’re going to see is a full detailed breakdown on the top brands of the market.

In order to get the best soundbar we decided to narrow it down to the Top Five Best of the Best, with the most fantastic features. and special discounts. These top brands will not only have a great specification, but you’re looking at some good discount prices.

If you keep reading on, we have some special devices that adds more to the sound bar which makes your whole theater surround sound system complete. Even though there may be a lot of great offers, please pay attention to what you need first then move on to the things you would like to have for your sound system.

Disclaimer: I am the owner of this blog site; I am also an affiliate of the advertiser’s products in which I will receive a small commission for every purchase made on this blog site.

Top Recommended Soundbars with the best Features

JBL Bar 2.0 All-In-One Soundbar

JBL has made the top grade of Soundbars with its new sleek and slim design with great features. to use with your TV and speaker system.

Multibeam comes with a remote control & batteries included to help you navigate streaming movies and hear the best sound the world has yet to hear once you hook up this device to your home entertainment system.

Best Features:

  • 80 watts of total speaker power
  • Deeper Bass structure
  • Bluetooth version 2
  • Low profile design with a sleek black finish

Booming Bass Structure: Experience the thunderous roars of movies and enrich yourself with the deep bass as you tune into your favorite musical playlist. With a powerful bass built in this soundbar, you will wonder how do they make it travel around the room?

Dolby Digital Sound: Witness The power of performance and superior sound casting into your room. Live in the motion picture of sound though Doubly digital technology with major surround sound dynamics.

Stream Music: Streaming music with JBL is easier than you think by linking up and selecting featured apps connected to your favorite music like Pandora, amazon Prime, and Apple iTunes, just with a click of a button, all your streaming content is pre-loaded and easy to download!

Wireless Connection: Connection to more devices is better with a wireless connection. Using WFI and Bluetooth can extend your range of use for devices around the room and give better quality of performance for surround sound theater. This is also built in into the system which makes operation for syncing easier.


  • Weight: 3.55 Lbs.
  • Height: 2.28 inches
  • Width: 24.17 inches
  • Depth: 3.54 inches
  • Optical and Coaxial Digital Inputs
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB, Optical Inputs
  • What s in the box: One Remote control with batteries, Soundbar Power cables, HDMI cable, Quick start guide, Warranty card, safety guide sheet, 4 Mounting Screws.

Rated: 4.5 stars: Very affordable, its durable and Shipping is free.

*Financing available to apply for: Four Interest free payments!

Click the image above to get started while supplies last!

Sonos Beam Gen 2 Black Soundbar Speaker

With an incredibly powerful audio system developed and it’s fine-tuned to high performance, you’re in store for a great cinematic theater performance. Sonos beam has now set the standard of how a good soundbar is supposed to be in your living room.

With a faster processing chip, it’s about the giving you the best of what’s to come when watching and listening to the best entertainment we have yet to experience. Discover the power of wireless technology with Sonos built into the device. To put a cherry on top, you’re in control with a special feature Sonos App, which puts the control in your hands.

Best Features:

  • Voice Control with Alexa, and Google Assistant
  • Sonos App
  • 3D Sound
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Smart True play Tuning
  • Panoramic Sound Stage

Voice Command: This makes the control to access so easy to use. Imagine losing the remote and need to change the channel, use your voice command feature like amazon Alexa, or google assistance for all of your remote-control needs.

Crystal Clear Dialogue: You don’t have to turn up the volume to hear what’s being said between scenes, or place captions on the screen to understand the dialogue. With Sonos Sharpe dialogue, you get auto tuning of the background noise for better listening.

Sound Quality: It’s about the development of great sound performance, crafted from theater quality surround sound. Using Dolby Atmos soundscape continues to set the bar for higher quality audio in every show, movie and song.

3D Sound Effects: Just to understand this better, hear echos of sounds in the movie like it’s next to you, hear a flying plane over head literary sounding like its flying over your head. These are some the things you’re going to experience with Sonos Beam.

Simple Setup: It’s just as simple as plugging in and pressing play. With a few cords to power the system and connect to the TV for better connection. If you hate using a lot of cords, don’t worry, WIFI and Bluetooth can be your main connection.

Sonos has an App: What an awesome concept to have control of the system though its own app. Volume control, Channels access, Selection of different apps for music, TV shows and Movies. Sonos App is the access panel to your system.

True Play Tuning: Don’t frustrate yourself with placing the speakers around the room for the perfect sound. With True play, its designed to automatically tune to your room’s sound acoustics, which means, every time you place extension speakers or Sonos beam itself around the room, you’re getting the best sound performance the way it should be.


  • Weight: 6.35 lbs.
  • Height: 2.7 inches
  • Width: 25.6 inches
  • Depth: 3.9 inches
  • 1 year warranty for parts and service
  • 1 Tweeter
  • Connectivity: USB, WIFI, HDMI, Apple Air Play
  • 4 mid-range woofers built in
  • In the Box: Beam, HDMI cable, Audio adapter, Warranty card,

*Financing Available to apply for: 6 months interest free payments

Click The Image Above to Get Started Today While Supplies Last!

Rating: 5.0 stars Makes the case to have the most features. with easier access to operate. It’s sleek and has the top-notch sound quality to have in an any room of the house. You can add more speakers to this system to extend the range of the sound to every room.

Bose Smart Soundbar 300

Bringing the best of Bose sound to the home entertainment market. Stylish, sleek, and simple to use. Tune in into the sounds of Bose cinematic performance with a touch of superior sound class.

We always loved the way Bose sounded in our cars, trucks and SUV’s. Now you have the power of this sound coming from a smaller slimmer design that pours out an amazing amount of audio. Simple voice command can set the bar high for great performance.

Best Features:

  • Surround sound spacing
  • Clear Dialogue
  • Works with other Bose Speakers
  • Voice 4 Video Control
  • Bluetooth up to 30 feet
  • Voice Assistance: Google Assistant, Alexa

Acoustic Surround sound: Four different driver of sound to direct the audio around the room but works together to make the system performance truly wonderful to hear.

Voice Command Feature: Built with the top voice assistance of Alexa and google assistance. These features are the key focus of great entertainment with ease of control without the use of a remote control. You can manage your lifestyle and get up to date information by a simple voice command. It’s called Voice 4 Video features.

Tuning to Perfection: No more adjusting the speakers to get the best quality sound. Bose 300 soundbar fine-tunes and quiets the background noise to make the dialogue crystal clear to hear.

Quiet Port Technology: Has the ability to clean up the distortion and delivers clean bass to enjoy. It’s about finer quality sound though a power sharp bass structure.

Private Sound Feature: Do you like to listen to good music without disturbing others? sync your favorite Bose headphones to the sound bar to experience the same great audio. You can Watch movies or have the children tune into the cartoons while you study in peace.

Music Listening your way: Stream your music to your favorite devices or tune into your favorite music apps for all the best music to listen to on Bose 300. It’s your choice to get the best quality sound support though Bose 300 soundbar.

Simple Setup and Play: You got only one connection to the TV and wall, after that’s it, Using Bluetooth is much easier and faster to connect to. Use WIFI for more speaker range. It’s as simple as pairing your headphones to your phone wirelessly.


  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Height: 2.25 inches
  • Width: 27.5 inches
  • Depth: 4 inches
  • Warranty 1 year for parts and service
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, HDMI, optical input
  • In the box: Soundbar, Remote, Power cord, Optical Cord, Quick start guide

*Financing Available to apply for: 6 months interest free

Click The Image Above to Get Started while Supplies Last!

Rating: 4.5 stars Bose continues to develop the best sound quality we all love to hear. But it’s great to have it in the home theater entertainment system as well. Also, Shipping is FREE!

Sony 5.1.2 Channel Soundbar

Sony has made the best of its sound stage with bringing in a new level of audio sound to your home with the best surround sound entertainment in its 5.1.2 channel soundbar.

You are getting 5 up firing speakers and side beam tweeters to create the environment for theater performance at its best. Dolby Atmos is the topping of the cake with features for sound support that will make it totally worth the experience.

Click The Image To the right to get started while supplies last!

Best Features:

  • Dolby Atmos Sound Technology
  • 8K & 4K Pass Though audio
  • 2 Built in Sub-woofers
  • Acoustic Control Sync for Bravia Smart TV’s
  • Streaming Selections with Bluetooth, and WIFI using Spotify, Apple Airplay, Chromecast 11
  • Voice assistance: With Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant.

Great User Interface: This makes the controls simple and easy to access when working with the volume and visual controls. Connect wirelessly or use HDMI ports and USBs to get that connection you need.

Super Sub-woofers:  Built in speakers or add more to the system with two bookshelf speakers from Sony to complete your surround sound setup. The best part about hooking these speakers up to the system is just turning on and watching the speakers sync with the sound bar automatically.

Crystal Clear Audio: It’s fantastic to hear sharp, clear sound on display with clear dialogue. Hear the slightest background noise coming all angles of the room. You don’t just hear the audio coming in front of you, this Soundbar brings you into the world of cinematic performance.

Automatic Sound Adjustment: You don’t have to worry about not getting the best sound in a room due to space and area. Just place it where you want it and plug and play. The Soundbar automatically adjust to the rooms acoustics to fill your ears with the type of music or sounds we love to hear without the distortion.


  • Weight: 3.5 lbs.
  • height: 2.75 inches
  • Width: 47.75 inches
  • Depth: 5.63 inches
  • 1 year warranty on Parts and Labor
  • Connectivity: 5.0 Bluetooth, WIFI, USB, HDMI ports
  • In the Box: Soundbar, Remote Commander, HDMI cable, AC cord

Financing Available To apply for: 4 to 6 Months

Rated: 4.5 stars: Sony Soundbars is in high demand with its affordable pricing. Its new slim, sleek design gives premium audio sound with great features to use for many options around the house.

Samsung 2.1 Channel Soundbar:

We all know what Samsung Phones can bring, It’s TV’s can elevate your visual experience to another level. But have you seen what Samsung Soundbars can do for your home entertainment? It’s powerful audio & amazing sub woofers and sharp crisp dialogue makes it the best among others for home theater fun.

Click The Image to right to get started today while supplies last.

Best Features:

  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Powerful Bass Booster
  • Wireless Surround sound
  • Game Mode for all Consoles
  • Bluetooth TV Connection

Sound Equalizer: This gives you control of sound output though out the room. Also balances background music or audio. The dialogue is much clear to understand when this feature is in effect. No more adjusting the sound settings around to get a better listening experience, let the Equalizer do it for you.

One Remote: You have all in one Remote that handles the controls to both, TV and Soundbar with ease. Automatically flip between what’s on the tube for streaming or switch the streaming to music to relax and listen to your favorite tunes and radio content.

Gaming Mode: Flex on your system performance with Samsung’s feature for gaming consoles which allows you to connect to each gaming operating system for better sound experience. This feature enhances the way you play video games.

Powerful Subwoofer: A Powerful crystal-clear bass structure that connects with the system wirelessly from anywhere around the room. This Subwoofer comes with the system to help enhance the experience.


  • Weight: 12.8
  • Height: 2.1 inches
  • Depth: 2.9 inches
  • Width: 10.7 inches
  • 1 year Warranty on parts and Labor
  • Connectivity: USB, Bluetooth
  • Financing Available for 4 interest free payments

Rated 5 out of 5 stars: Perfect trifecta with Phone, TV and Sound bar for the best Audio and visual entertainment for home theater.

What to Look for in Sound Bars?

Voice Command: Nothing is better than giving a list of commands and getting a result in seconds without lifting a finger. We love to use the remote control to flip channels, adjust volume, and turn the TV and soundbar on or off.

But to get a soundbar, one of the most important things to have is Voice command features. Which handles streaming for watching movies and TV shows and music. Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant is the best for these soundbars and continues to set the bar for great home theater entertainment.

Wireless Connection: We struggle to keep loose cords and wires together. Especially when there’s a lot of cords to connect to other devices. Wireless connection stops that problem from happening. With Bluetooth and WIFI connections you can connect sub woofers to Soundbars, and TVs to surround sound speakers.

Sound Quality: Pay attention to the depth of the bass structure. The crisp of dialogue between scenes. And the powerful range of audio reaching the full range of a room. This s what you should look for in a Sound theater performance.

Device Compatibility: Most soundbars are compatible to its own manufacturer brand speakers and TV’s that is why it’s important to get educated on what soundbar s able to connect with other brand speakers and TV’s

Quality Of Price: Just because the price s higher than most, it doesn’t mean it’s the best in features. and quality. You have to do some research, find deal and specials, and get the most for the less money. That is why we displayed the best rated soundbars with the best features. at the lowest price or discounted price.

What Type of Smart TV works Best for Sound Bars?

Samsung: From its Stylish Cell phones to the fantastic OLED HD TV’s, you’re getting the best of the best of what Samsung has to offer in visual entertainment. Why not Add a Samsung Soundbar to complete the whole package?

If your not convicted about the Samsung TV brand, Take a closer look at our review on the Samsung TV set’s to help you understand the power of Samsung Smart TV’s. Check out: How To Buy a Samsung TV

Vizio: This Smart TV set s peg to be the most affordable Smart TV to buy. How does it operate with a soundbar? What Type of Sound Bar’s best for Vizio smart TV? We recommend Checking out the Vizio V505 4K Ultra HD Smart TV This answers all these questions for using a Vizio.

LG: Some the best Smart TV’s ever made came from LG. High dynamic resolution, great visual effects wide range of display meets a powerful soundbar that harness the amazing detail of sound effects: check out our article on LG TV review.

Sony: TV’s makes sense for those who want more than what they are used to. HD 4K Images, Millions of pixels Billions of brilliant colors displayed on a smart TV. This commands a great soundbar that fits its style and performance. We recommend checking out. Sony XBR 65 inches 4K Ultra HDR Smart TV

Why Is Wireless Sound Bars Becoming a Popular Option?

NO Messy Wires: We all hate Tangled cords and wires lying around the floor waiting for some unsuspecting person to trip over them. It’s hard to untangle the cords to connect to the TV and Soundbars and speakers. On top of that you have a limited space to place speakers and TVs around an outlet. Wireless connections correct that.

Preventing Trip Hazards: Again, it’s dangerous to keep wires around the floor and in the dark. It’s even more dangerous when these cords and wires are connected to the outlet which can cause an electrical shock or worse. Wireless connections prevent the whole situation from happening.

WIFI And Bluetooth connections: How great is it to have two options to use for wireless connections? Bluetooth gives you instant connection by pairing devices together. While WIFI connects your system together with a simple click of a button.

Good Range of Placement for speakers: With a wireless connection, you are now Free to spread the speakers across the room or even the next one as well. WIFI extends the range towards the next room. Bluetooth allows more than one device to connect to each device.

Top Recommend Surround Sound System

Sonos Arc Sound System: 

The Ultimate Soundbar, that keeps you well entertained has many options to use. The Amazing features. come second to none and we are just getting started with what it does for movies and TV shows. Check out our article on this amazing Soundbar called: Five Great Ideas to Use for Sonos Arc

We hope you found the soundbar that meets your standards. We always take our recommendations seriously. Because its about the finding the best quality home theater equipment with the best feature at the lowest cost. Share this article with friends by Pinterest and labeled it under Soundbars. Be sure to check more reviews comparison articles and topics at CoolHomeTheater.com

How To buy A Samsung TV

Buying A Samsung TV can be pretty overwhelming, if you do not know how to find the best prices and great deals to catch online. Luckily, we can show you How to Buy a Samsung TV with confidence, by giving you the newest features and specs to get the most out of your home entertainment.

In this review, we have many selections to choose from that will help you understand that values and functions of what a Samsung TV can offer to your family. Also, we’ll breakdown the top Samsung models to see which one fits your specification most.

Stay tuned for more ways to get the best out of your Samsung TV Purchase with these great offers that is compatible with the Samsung family. These would be the best in Surround sound to enhance movies TV Shows and Live TV. Now Let’s dive into how you can buy a Samsung TV online.

How To Buy A Samsung TV

In order to buy a Samsung TV, there should be a checklist of things you look for in a TV. This Could be a number of things like; Better Lighting, Higher resolutions, More features, Parental controls, or maybe hands-free controls. If you’re not really sure on the specifics, here is a quick rundown on how to get started.

These are some the traditional ways to buy a Samsung TV:

In The Search Menu type in Samsung TV.com. This will head you over to the site, in their own search menu you type in TV or click on the TV icon in the Fly out menu.

We have a simple way of do things here, all you have to do is click on the Image on the left side of the screen to get access to buy a Samsung TV. We want to inform you of the TV you are about to click on. This Model of Samsung has many features and is a part of the best selections to check out.

Samsung Q60R QLED Smart 4K UHD TV

There’re wonders of amazing color volume which offers 100 percent of its gamut. Witness its real picture views and quantum dot resolution to make the oldest film look like it’s was produce today. Samsung brings more to the table than your average set just look at the features for more information.


  • Quantum Dot Processor In 4K picture
  • Billions of colors displayed in the most brilliant performance.
  • Crisp & crystal-clear images to watch from any angle.
  • Quantum HDR 4X throws shades of different colors for lighting as well as darker scenes.
  • 4 times the HD resolution, is the result from Quantum Dot Technology
  • All in one Remote which can detect, and control all devices connected to the system in your hands.
  • Voice Command by Bixby on TV, just ask it a question and take control of your TV hands free.
  • Streaming with Apple TV App on QLED resolution to get the best performance while watching the newest shows.
  • Works With Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for connection to speakers for a full surround sound experience.
  • Game Enhancer that allows you to see things clearly in the dark and feel the live gaming action in crystal clear sounds.


  • Type: OLED
  • Width 43.3 inches
  • Height 28.8 inches
  • Depth 10.4 inches
  • HD 4K
  • Screen 49″
  • Weight 41.70LBS

Price: Listed at 1036.25

Deals and Specials: Check out this Special discount: Click the Image Above to catch this deal!

Which Samsung Smart TV Is the Best?

This is the fun part of shopping for a Samsung TV. You can Compare the best vs the best to see which one stacks up to your own liking. We have Three of the best Samsung TV to Check out. This Specifies in different options for entertainment.

*Get a more detailed Advice and instructions on How to Mount a Smart TV 

Samsung 65” Terrance QLED 4KUHD Outdoor TV & TV Mount Package

RATED 4.7 stars


  • 3840 x 2160 resolution
  • Outdoor Optimize picture QLED
  • Wide Angle Viewing with Anti-glare Image
  • Quantum HDR Processor 32X
  • Weather resistance durability IP55 RATED
  • Active Voice Amplifier powered by Bixby
  • Works With Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Dolby Digital Plus


  • Resolution: 4K
  • Built-in WIFI
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Two Speakers built in
  • Wall Mountable with Full swinging motion
  • Weight: 81.1 Pounds
  • Height: without mount 33.5 inches
  • Width: 57.7 inches
  • Parts Warranty 2 years
  • Labor Warranty 2 years

Price: 5,145.98

Check Out This special discounted price. Click the image Above.

Samsung 75″ QLED Smart 4K UHD TV with Q picture

RATED: 4.5 Stars


  • Equip with Quantum Dots Processor Which delivers amazing picture quality in the brightest of rooms
  • Q color is created with billions of colors plus shades to enhance to the most fuzzy and dull images made only for the best TV.
  • Q contrast Plus helps makes the darker shade and brighter colors tune to many tints for perfect image.
  • Ultra-Black Elite in depth view of vibrant colors with the power of HDR resolution
  • Motion Rate 240 Makes the Picture Refresh rate faster to catch up with the fastest images with quality and performance.
  • Elite Image Illumination is a back lit edge of the TV.
  • Ultra-Wide Angle To keep the Light glare from taking away the visual image.


  • Type LED
  • HD 4K
  • Smart TV
  • Game Mode
  • Weight: 122.0
  • Height: 37.8
  • Width: 65.9
  • Screen Size 74.5 inches

Price: 3499.00

Click The Image Above to Check out the Special Discount price.

As you can see, the best of these two are in different functions for a better experience. We wanted to compare the best of the best to see if there is a special need you have for home entertainment.

It’s more to do with what you’re looking for, which makes one of these Samsung TVs perfect for your choice. Make sure to check out the special discount price. Even though both may have some similar features to use, its built for different operations. If you haven’t noticed, Shipping is free on purchase for both, so head over to the order page today and claim your Samsung TV!

Where To Buy A Samsung Smart TV?

There is a number of ways to buy a Samsung TV. We have the list of ways to go. Also, we have our own way which is the fastest and most simple to follow. All of these steps are pretty simple and easy. Get ready to jot down some ideas on how to save on buy a Samsung TV also. list the best Samsung TVs on both advertisers’ sites.

Best Buy.com: This Site seems to be the go-to for best in name brands but does it have the best discounts and free shipping.

Amazon.com: Has free shipping and good prices to look for. When It comes to financing you would need to qualify for credit though it owns card offers. Plus open a prime account would be the next step after but it’s worth it to have.

Walmart.com: Has excellent Shipping which takes about one to three business days, offers a Strike though price that is a pretty good discount off the MSRP but offers no Financing options for purchasing.

Samsung.com: Offers FREE Shipping, you can catch seasonal Specials on the best line of TVs. Also, has a qualification for Financing. And you can get it in a bundle package setup for a great home entertainment.

Recommended for Savings*

Appliance Connection.com: Offers easy to follow Financing Options to apply for/ Plus 5% gift card on orders over 999 dollars. The shipping takes 8 to 12 weeks. They are willing to meet or beat any price other online stores offer as well. Delivery is Free for Orders over 99 dollars.

The Best Surround Sound For Samsung TV

Now that you have the Samsung TV you always Wanted, we are excited to introduce to you a great surround sound system that enhances the way you listen to music, and watch Movies and Live TV. It’s a whole new world of interaction whenever surround sounds is added to a Samsung TV.

We have the best options to check out below. Make your choice wisely to insure a great home entertainment experience.

Samsung Black 3.1.2 channel Soundbar with subwoofer

Rating: 4.5 stars


  • 330 watts of total power
  • Dolby Atmos
  • HDR+ 10
  • DTSX
  • Game Pro Mode
  • Samsung Acoustic Beam
  • Works with Alexa voice control
  • Wireless TV Connection
  • Adaptive Sound
  • One Remote


  • WIFI
  • Bluetooth
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Sub power 160 watts
  • Height: 2.6 inches Width: 38.6 inches Depth: 4.5inches
  • Weight for Sound bar 3.6 pounds/ Weight of Subwoofer: 13 pounds
  • Parts a Labor Warranty 1 year

Price and Discounts: Click the Image Above to Get Deals and savings

The Samsung 3.2.1 channel sound system handles more than what you think when it comes to performance. It’s sleek, with a high dynamic subwoofer armed to create the best sounding cinematic sound your ears have never heard of. Take advantage of the shipping and discounted price of this model today before it’s gone. Click the Image to get started

Top Rated Samsung TV to Buy.

We know you’re interested in checking out the best of what Samsung TV has to offer to you. That is why we wanted to let it all hang out, and put it on full display for you to see what is the top TV Samsung has made to buy. We wanted to make sure that this was the best among the best of what Samsung has to offer for performance, quality and multi-purpose functions that will blow you away.

According to Techradar.com Samsung 4K NEO QLEDTV is the flagship of its best quality and most selling. Due to its popularity we wanted to break down the aspects of what makes it the best of its kind. If there is a top-grade Smart TV to look for, this is it.

Samsung Neo QN900 4K QLED TV

Rated 5/5 stars


  • Real Feel Life Color Technology
  • Mini Led can improve the overall look of display
  • Major upgrade to Color Brightness by infusing more colors tints
  • Quantum Matrix Technology makes every frame better to see.
  • Anti-Glare focus to make every angle clear to see.
  • Next Gen Neo Processor For faster, crisp, sharp images.
  • Turbo accelerator to increase the speed of gaming
  • Wide Angle Viewing to get every bit of action from inch of the screen.
  • Voice intelligent to raise the dialogue volume during such as other noise distractions.


*Smart 4K Technology/ HDR10+/QLED/Alexa, Bixby/WIFI/Bluetooth/One Remote

*Width-56.9/Height-35.2/Depth with stand-11.2/Weight with stand-61.9

*Speaker Power 60W/Refresh rate120Hz/HDMI 4 ports/1USB/1Ethernet

*Shipping is Free/ Screen sizes 55 to 85 inches.

*Great Financing opportunity

*Special Discount Offer: Click the Image Above to Find out now!

Make sure you catch the savings on these Samsung TV sets its worth the opportunity to find out how you can get more of entertainment at home today. The process is easy to purchase, just click to order on the main page and follow the steps. Fill in your information, which give many options to buy.

We hope you found the right choice to buying a great Samsung TV Set. Samsung never fails to deliver on smart TVs. You can see the evolution of this technology becoming the best in the market. Please share this article with friends and family on Pinterest and Facebook and Twitter. Visit us again to see more exciting articles reviews at CoolHomeTheaters.com

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