Amazon Fire Tv Cube w/Alexa (Review)

Amazon Fire TV Cube with Alexa

Amazon’s product information*

best Features: Alexa voice command service/ HD Player

What is included: Media Player, Alexa Voice Remote, 2AAA batteries, Power adapter, Amazon Eithernet Adapter

System Requirements: HDMI Input, Internet connection, HD Television with 4K capabilities,

Device Color: Black

Product Sizes:3.4 x 3.4 x 3.0 inches

Warranty Options: 1 Year Limited Warranty plus options for more

Product Weight: 16.4 ounces

Memory: 2 GB

Storage: 16 GM Internal Hard Drive

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My Rating 5 out of 5 stars *

Today we are taking a look into amazons the hottest selling home theater devices to ever grace the market. This is the amazon cube with alexa enabled to power you with the best forms home entertainment.know in mind that amazon fire cube has given you the power to voice control your devices and take control of the living room and create music and movie interaction that makes the best movie theater set a great fun center made just things that much easier your those who want to enjoy the simple lifestyle of fun and wonders of amazing sound and cinema theater.

There is so much to discover in today market of devices for theater control which begins in the now when it comes to great theater entertainment. this is mostly the best part of the section of great fun in does continue to bring the most out the family fun time but let’s take a closer look at why this could be the best home theater invention on the planet.

People want more simplicity out of life, so it’s possible to just get more in terms of relaxing and family which continues to raise the bar each every year though out the digital age making wave after wave of amazing devices of entertainment.

But you would be truly amazed by the effort this amazon fire cube is making with its hands free voice control system that could handle the pay load of devices from TV’s features to DVD players specs to surround sound systems to projectors sets and stereo equipment. Making the most out of your control center device could be the game changer you have been waiting for in quite some time here.

When it comes to another age of direction where many of us have to make a decision to bring more than enough to the table to defeat the dulldrums of boredom by playing board games of inviting others over for a night of fights to watch or maybe a game is on you want to impress friends with what you can control with this amazing fire cube.

So Small Yet Great To Handle

You have to take notice of this wonderful sizable little device capable of making such a great impact in your world by giving you so many options of control in each device. What you can really get a kick of is the better part of getting a new voice commands at the simple mention of the name. “Hey Alexa” then ask, whats the temp?  Ask again  Get my favorite music on my playlist to listen to.

It’s like this little machine does your task work for anything and is a little assistance for operating what your need is in the livingroom or kitchen and even the bedroom. Its a joyous wonder to the  extent amazon has made this little gem out be for those who want more out of life.

Discover what is the best have about this cube shaped device here and get more raved reviews at amazon review page talking about how much is this cube device is saving people the common hassle of trying to do things while getting back to their lives.

People’s lives are changed and don’t expect them to come back from this anytime time soon. It’s the new type of hype that sweeping the market for better forms of entertainment and can not be denied.

If their is a way to really have this device in control of temperature and most of the household controls that would be cool to have as well. But at least we all could appreciate the greatness of this entertainment devices abilities and features. Speaking of features let’s check out some these features and find out what can  give you a better perspective on how to really gain ground on how it actually works for you here.

What Does Amazon Fire Cube Control ?

Compatible Flat panel TV and A/V receivers, Sound Bars, Cable boxes and even lights when you need to turn into a nice movie or sitcom. Just imagine the possibilities and get a good ideal of how this system could work for your home living room structure.

If your into music, make a simple voice command to listen to the music hands free. Turn on the TV without using the remote or getting up to turn on the set, catch a live score without reaching for the internet or bring up a display to disrupt the movie.

How Does The Voice Command Work?

The cube has about eight little microphones inside this cube so it can literally hear voice commands form across the room and still pick up the directions of the commanding person give out instructions.

Just imagine your looking to develop a good dinner to cook and want to get the specific recipes to cook. Alxea can help with that by going to the prefixed channel you set to watch the favorite cook show and keeping the favorite tab open for more shows to remind you later.

Does Fire Cube TV Come With 4K UHD?

Absolutely, It’s totally possible to have the best 4K TV which enhances the ability to have sharper, clear, high definition which continues to raise to the next level in HD lifestyle. Experience the best in what life has to offer in this feature. More style and crystal clear perception and picture quality is what you need the most.

Everything get better With Prime.

As apart from the Amazon membership You get access to a service that allows you to stream music videos and movies in one setting called amazon prime. It’s great to have, your basically getting the best of both worlds here. You get to listen to your favorite tunes on a free streaming network for free and do it with hands free as well. What a wonderful feature to have in your home.

My Recommendation:The Alexa Powered Fire Cube is legitament and fully supportive for the family to fully enjoy at anytime for many options. The best part about it is the voice control remote and high quality picture to display 4K UHD content for your full viewing pleasure. It’s some the most fun you have for years to come.

I highly recommend Buying Amazon Fire Cube and it’ worth taking a chance to find out how good this could work for your home theater set. Please leave a comment below and tell us what do your think of the Fire cube set. Be sure to check our article section on tips on saving and rearranging your basement and living room with the best high tech systems to use for home theater life.

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