Artlii HD Projector Review

Artlii Upgraded Lumen 3800 Home Projector

Amazon’s Product Information

Projector Weight: 5.5 pounds

Projector Color: White

Size Dimensions:12.2 X 9.6 x 4.6

Model Number: US-YG 600watt

Best features: Large HD Screen Projector/HiFi Stereo speakers/ 3800 Brightness

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My Rating: 4 out 5 Stars

Your in the control of the movies at home when Artlii home theater protector is on. Thank goodness it’s capable of really giving you the best form of entertainment when you need it most. Just image your place lighting up with joyful wonders. With a delightful style and ability to sustain a wonderful amount of high quality is great in its self.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just as effective as the next one when Artlii has made the commitment to stay on top of its game and deliver the best types of good quality you could ever ask for.

In this review we are going to discuss the true aspects of this wonder crafted device which joy entertainment to our homes with passion and excitement. As we walk though each amazing feature be sure to check off what do you really need for your living room or basement in terms of a home theater projector.

This will give you the space and opportunity to develop more of a family fun entertainment center with great feature you need to deliver the type of quality theater system you need for the cinema home lifestyle.

Artlii Super Brightness

The way new projectors can give a good developed projection is to make the quality of light high end and intense. Artlii has step up and made things an lot more interesting by brighten the lighting up to 3800 to see if there is more contrast in color for the best to understand a better perception which holds more value to the better quality of picture than most could want.

To put it in other words, That is 3000:1 ratio which should allow the picture have sharper images and high quality contrast and tones in each frame. The more the picture is vibrant the better it is to really understand the great quality of color motion picture.

Stereo HiFi Sound Makes Life Better

Enjoy the day watch the movie with superior sound qualities and actually hear each piece of sound effect when it’s between of each scene. Do you ever wonder at times about missing the better part of the movie due to the inability to hear the full range of content? So your forced to use closed caption for the intended purpose of understanding was being said during the certain parts of the film.22

Built in Dolby stereo speakers that have a more of a high power kick to them that will give you more than enough sound support alone.

There is no need for additional amplifier support when you have better comfort and great style of sound coming these speakers which tend to deliver when ever your in need of it. These speakers are located each side of the projector it’s builds in to the projector itself so there is no addition cords to hook into for good sound support.

Projector Performance Without the Projector Noise

Many of us can’t seem to like the fact that a buzzing noise or warming sensation is filling the air waves to the point of irritation. Were talking about the high quality effects of a projector set that have to be cooled down to maintain to a certain degree. Artlii has found the way to quiet most of that noise.

Imagine a thermal cycle of control that manages the timing of the cooling effect to take place, and in the process you can’t even hear much of the fan or motor sound when it’s in full cooling mode. The projector is in regular operating mode there is little to no noise to hear which sets up a real quiet atmosphere to enjoy the movie with the projector effects.

Stay Cool While you Watch Hot Movies

If you are wondering what is keeping things so cool around you when the projector is on is the cooling effect that’s located on the back of the device. The two cool fans keep things wonderful and pleasant to enjoy the movie without the heating and burning sensation cause by your old hot running projector.99

The best things in life seem to come in two’s That is why Artlii has two built-in cooling fans on each side of the projector near the back end. To help keep things cool inside the projector and cooler around your home as well.

Long Life Lamps For Entertainment

The brighter the Lamps can be the shorter the life expectancy the lamps have right? wrong, with 45,000 hours of total action packed use it’s built for the long haul of use in a daily basis. Even if you watch the movie and leave it on to tend to laundry of simply forget to turn it off, this will give you peace of mind knowing it’s built to withstand 18 years of long term use.

Before you go out a get this projector set make to know that every thing has an expiration date and taking good care of the devices you accumulate could not only give you more out of projector it’s great to have a model that’s giving you the best form of entertainment to love and enjoy.

My Recommendation: You have been in though enough problems from under preforming models knowing that it’s about the best quality projector you can use for your home or away entertainment. There is quality to know that Artlii has so many uses to function on a much better platform for many ways to discover.

In searching for a better type of device for home theater system Artlii has the market cornered for high performance at such low cost to afford.

This projector can be used outdoors and indoors. It’s possible to connect devices to it such as your laptop and music devices and smart phone with the help of HDMI Devices which could make your home lifestyle a lot more different to enjoy on a daily basis.

We have More than one to discover the best option for your home theater lifestyle by enjoying checking out our guide to better ways to build a great home theater experience which is located here at

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