Backyard Graduation Party Ideas

So the time is come to get your friends and family together to share in the moments that will last forever. But you have no clue as to how this party is coming together. You know it’s going to be in the backyard, probably know how many people is  attending but still don’t know what is the grad party has to look like, or need to keep your guest happy and entertained.

It’s no reason to panic because we have some ideas to share with you that will help kick off the festivities with your family and friends. These are some of the best options to use. We bet you and your friends will have the time of your lives. Hosting a backyard grad party requires proper planning, and good budgeting for getting the type of party you need to start.

There is no reason to shy away from the technology, we all live our lives around it every day. It’s makes sense to use it to your advantage which will give it more fun fill activities to follow. Grab a pen and paper and jot down some these things that could give your party a boost or a total makeover that will please and impress your guest.

What Type of Party Are You Looking For?

Are you looking for a traditional party set hookup? These are good to start off with. For the back yard, we would have to consider other options as well. Here is some features for hosting a backyard party:

  • Pool party is a great start to making it happen- This is a great way to make the talk of the neighborhood. Everyone loves a good pool party.
  • Dancing Jam party- This is where people can come to let loose and have fun friendly competition to see who has the wackiest dance routine.
  • Raffle Ticket Contest- you can award the winner a gift card or stay a cool restaurant . Or movie cinema.
  • Costume Party- It’s fun to dress up and come as an impressive guest and relate to others as their favorite character.

Each of these theme parties can give you the ideas to create the back yard grad party of a lifetime. Now that you have an idea of what type of theme you want to have, now it’s time to figure out what things and activities you want to get the party to have. The next section will go into the ways we can develop a fantastic party for larger groups of people.

Top Five Ways To Set it Off

Karaoke, Skype the Party to other classmates or family, or a movie theater in the backyard, DJ dance party, Video gaming competitions, Barbecue cook off, is the options to consider. But we will go into a these to give you ideas to put together.

This will get you off a great start for festivity and entertainment, so please take these option in to consideration for good opportunities which could give you the best options hosting a backyard graduation party.

1.Karaoke singing party- This will be in the spirit of good fun and breaks the ice with other to have a better chance of bonding and great memories to share.

2.Barbecue Party- We all loves a good BBQ why not host one to the party so your guest will enjoy the entertainment.

3.Skype The party- The games you play is shared with others who can not attend. Plus people will have the chance to interact with people who cannot make it. This makes the fun that much better you host games at your backyard. Sonos helps with this feature. Just click here find out more.

4.Giveaway prizes and gifts- This is excellent option to use. Everyone loves gifts and they could be affordable toys and moments.

5.Video Gaming Contest- Fun completion and great interaction for your guest. It’s easy to put this together with a few modifications that will give your guest the fun entertainment that will last for hours.

These are just options to consider. By now, you should have some good grad party ideas for fun as well as themes for what type of party you want to host. Next we will go into the aspects on how you can enhance the games and activities around the backyard with using an option that would give you a host of ideas to think about.

Bring More Action to the Party

Are you looking to add a DJ to the party? Most people would consider this to be an expensive option to have especially given the rate some DJ’s charge nowadays. But it’s possible to make your music and stream it out using a good backyard speaker(s) to get things popping and exciting. Here is a few devices to you develop the party you need without blowing out your budget in the process.

Sonos Outdoor Speaker Set: It’s the next level in fun and interacting success. Your free to mount and display this device anywhere in the backyard so your next tune up music and playlist you have been creating for this event. It’s good to have this around the house but it’s portable to take with you to enjoy the music and keep the party jumping. For more information click here for more details.

Sonos Amp & Outdoor Speakers Set - Architectural Speakers - Multi Color

Sonos Move Set: Just like the outdoor speaker set, you have the option of taking this device with you to use around the house and out doors as well. The difference between this system is it’s much more affordable and light weight to carry. People love using this option for on the go uses, but that doesn’t mean the party can’t go on without the cords, it’s wireless and streams your music as well.

Sonos One SL Wireless Compact Speakers - Pair - WiFi Enabled - AirPlay 2 Compatible - Humidity Resistant - When You Don't Need Voice Control - Black

Sonos One SL Speakers: You have less space to take up which means more room for fun ceremonies, food and fantastic games to play. Sonos one sl is designed to bring your audio sounds from inside to the outdoor world without using extra cords in the process. Set up your music set on a playbase or Sonos amp and have it to connect wirelessly to your One sl speakers to display outside while the party is going on. The performance of thesee speakers will cover the full length of the backyard which is what people love.

Sonos Move & One Smart Speakers - Bluetooth & WiFi Enabled - Battery-Powered - With Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa - For Outdoors & Indoors - Black

Using these options could be the game changer you have been waiting for. This is where you have the most interaction with karaoke and dance competitions.

Video gaming is not ruled out either, if you get creative and use a large screen projector and a good affordable gaming system to use for games to play it’s possible to make things happen. We’ll cover the options for this and more in the next section below. It’s good that you have a theme, have what type of activities to show plus have a different option to use for DJ, gaming and singing events.

Capture the Moment

Sonos products can keep the family memories together while creating new ones in the process.

Let’s say your displaying a dress up costume party and it’s a dance party. We all know it will be time we need to take pictures to capture those moments for years to come.

You have to realize that these are just as important as the grad party it’s self. But we have to take in consideration what the options are for getting the best moments available to your friends and love ones. So here’s a few things you can use for preserving those moments.

*Use a projector and screen for displaying classmate photos- You can set a portable projector to show classmate photos on the wall or add a portable projector screen inside the garage or in the backyard as well to cap off a viewing of memories to share.

*Setup a Make Shift Photo Booth- This could consist of using a black cardboards and black silk sheets to cover from outside lighting. The exposures will be displayed later on as show piece to share with guest, and could be share electronically to your friends as they leave the party.

*Dance the Night Away- This only requires a good speaker from Sonos and a good playlist downloaded from your sonos app to make this work. Oh yeah a good dance platform to dance the night away.

Final Tips For a Grad party in the backyard

Sonos Wireless Music Player

Make sure you have a good idea on the number of guess to accommodate by making food, prize, and activity functions enough for those who do decide to come and enjoy with your event.

So as you finalize these option to consider, please take notice of what could help around the backyard.

This could a good way to have your best party in decades. Remember to exercise good judgment, and create a good budget in place for creating a well-designed graduation party. For tips for budgeting we have an article that could help on this topic. If your interested in getting a hold of a good projector set, check out our article on portable projectors here at

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