Basement Theater Ideas For Beginners

So you are turning your basement into a cozy theater, but need some tips to start off a new-found project. Well you came to the right place for this type of information.

Learning and applying what your want for your basement is fun and could open up a world of creativity you never thought could happen. I would like to help you on this journey to give you a better perspective to knowing what does it take to build the dream theater you have been looking for.

In this article were going to cover:

  • How To Build Your Home Theater In The Basement?
  • What type of Items you need to build a home theater?
  • What type of budget do you need to build a basement theater?

I would to take the time to tell you that building a basement theater system takes some time and good creative thought process, but it’s your blank canvas to design. There is no right or wrong way to build it when comes to your needs and wants.

People talk about do’s and don’ts but how is that when it’s your basement to build and it’s about your ideas.

The real instruction manual is in your head to use. The goal is to open your mind to new ideas and construct your plans for a great basement theater. Let’s start with the first topic and take plenty of notes to use for future plans.

How To Build Your Home Theater In The Basement?

It’s about planing and it takes careful thought and concentrated will to open your mind to new possibilities. Never doubt your self and always leave new ideas up for consideration. You can realize the potential in the most bizarre ways. It’s okay to think outside the box and look into crazy ideas for better home entertainment.

These are my list of things to start with, you can go ahead and copy them to your own if you like, but keep in mind the aspect of using your own creative mind to build using ideas we are willing to share.

  1. List out your most current basic needs for this theater
  2. think of a place you want to specifically organize for construction.
  3. What type of floors and walls do you want to accommodate for this basement theater?
  4. Find a good reasonable budget to work around your goals for building.
  5. Search for the most bizarre ideas and pick out the golden nuggets for your room.

I would like to keep it short and simple to help you gain some knowledge on your own thought process to focus on. The key word in this article is CREATIVITY. You can do this. And were going to help you find a way to get better options to choose from.

What Type Of Items You Need To Build A Home Theater?

Okay now that we have our list, now were going to look into the things you need most for a basement home theater.

Wireless Internet services: This will be the game changer to set a new standard for home theater entertainment. You will need an efficient internet service that provides for multi-purpose devices and give you better convenience. I like to think it will save you on the construction cost along which is great option to choose from.

Picture your self in a wireless world without the hassles of wires placed in every crevice of your wall and floor, this is the idea of thinking outside of the box.

A Floor Plan for Your home theater System: You have to create a plan of attack to find out a place exactly your system of features and devices and furniture is placed. In order for this plan of action is implemented knowing how much contraction is needed for place is valuable.

It’s vital to have this floor plan in the process of planing and building. It’s like a guide to help you along the way. This will give you better options for areas that may require plumbing and floor depth options.

Portable Projector System: Your on the right track for this type of device. It’s one of the most brilliant ways watch and enjoy home entertainment .

The placing for a home theater projector can be the foundation of your whole operation. If your interested in knowing more about portable projector systems check out my article on projectors for home theaters, it’s worth the read.

Proper Speaker system: It the world of sound you can agree that it takes great surround sound to cover a whole room properly. But what if I knew a way to show you better options for surround sound systems?

Some people opt to use wireless technology while others stick to the wire and cable hook ups to solidify good connections. But in this day in age we have another option to prevent more wires.

Creative Lighting Structures: There is so many ways to display light in theater room, so I will list out some of these to use for your basement.

  • Wall mounted cylinder light structures
  • Floor Lighting or dimming and low lighting options
  • hanging Lighting structures for design and Movie features
  • Neon Design structures that light up in the dark
  • Motion detection lighting for conservative energy
  • Theater Seating Lighting installed for personal use

And many more! I have more options for better lighting plans but would like for you to get a few for a better idea to know what to do for your own plans of execution.

Projector Wall Screening: In order to know what your basement theater has, it’s best to know what are your options to show the main attraction which in this case it’s the screen it’s self.

You can play with great ideas with this option. Many people have wrestled to find more great ways to come up with amazing designs for home movie watching. Here is my set of ideas to use.

  • Automatic roll down screen with a simple push of a button
  • Sliding curtains to display it in full cinema like action
  • Protable Display Screen for temporary set up
  • painted wall display for a higher quality

Furniture Sets for Comfort: You have to realize that you and your guest will need to have a place to sit for long periods of time and it’s all about comfort so were going to look at some ideal furniture to use for your new basement theater set.

  • Leather sectional sofa set: It’s one of the most overlooked sets of furniture. You can invite a small group of friends to share a seat and watch a good sporting event in total comfort.
  • Four In line Recliners: with Center Console and Power seating you can have pure comfort and luxury that could give you the best form of relaxation and personal control.
  • Single Recliner with individual cup holders: This set can have all of what you need for the big game while keeping your cup holder cool or heated
  • Plush Sofa Set With Heated Massage System: Just relax and let the seat itself do all the work for you. I love it, you get a two in one for this set, a massage with warmth for chilly seats.
  • Power Recliner seating Set: This is one the better options for the ultimate device friendly system. Imagine sitting in a chair that reclines at a push of a button, charges your devices and has a personal spot light for access to your smart phone. Then to top it off, you have a luminated cup holder that chills or warms your drinks at a simple push of a button.

What Type of Budget do You Need To Build a Basement Theater?

It’s always good to know how much you need to build a basement theater, especially on a budget. This requires good sense of knowing the items your plan on buying for starters next you will have to take into account what type of construction is need for operation. Then it takes proper planning for installation cost to cover.

This type of process can amount up to high end cost. But if you just starting out and want to keep things on a good budget with little to no construction, here’s a few ideas to kick around and check out for beginners.

Get portable Devices: It’s not the most sexy way of doing things but it can save you hundreds or maybe thousands in this case to use affordable options like:

  • Portable Projectors
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Comfortable seating sets on discount
  • Area rugs instead of premium carpeting

These are just ideas to get your creative juices flowing, there is nothing wrong with saving money during a project faze. Your just getting an idea to see what’s meet your standards for better entertainment. This makes sense in a way to find more options in the future to work on while your entertaining your guest.

If you have any new ideas to share with us, please take some time to share your thoughts with us by commenting below this article. We truly value your opinions and suggestions

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