Ben Q 1080 P Home theater Projector (Review)

High Tech

Ben Q 1080 P Home Theater Projector

Best place to buy: Amazon

Size Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 5 inches

Projector Weight: 8 pounds

Product number: HT2050A

Color: White

Best Features: 1080 p / 2200 brightness of lumens

Warranty Options: One Year Warranty

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

What an impressive way to get your living started off the right way by investing into a great device that will create an entertainment you always wanted for your family. Ben Q Home theater projector system can make things go to from boring life as home to a family center of joyful excitement. You have to take into account what this would open up for you and your loved ones, It’s high quality as it best with the operations and superb like abilities.

To bring out the options to have more of less or less of more This projector does not take too much room but it’s over delivers on projection every single time you turn it on to start the dazzling effects of quality does it make things easier to enjoy? yes it’s a par the class the color and contrast to give you the balance of style and quality that stands out in the mist of other projectors out there.

You have to experience this type of brilliant display of TV to really have to understand what would it takes to bring out more than enough picture quality to your living room .In this review we are going to take a walk though the aspects of what Ben Q’s project has on deck for your home entertainment and make a decision to understand why is this projector the reason you need high preformance picture qualtiy in your home.

                           Real Cinematic Colors

This is what the movie directors wanted you hear and see when you pop in a great movie to watch for the first second and third time. Just know there is so many ways to capture the fully gamut of colors arrays but Ben Q has delivered to you though its magnificent display for picture quality. As you watch each frame of picture change so shall you see the contrasting colors move towards the way the picture is portrayed to show you more in each films sequence during screen play and fast pace motion.

It’s like taking the normal average color set and speeding it up 6 times the speed and delivering such a wonderful array of color schemes that will dazzle your interest and desire to watch more movies  just for the super sharpness and fullness of picture quality each film produces.

You will see such a crisp, sharp image on screen it will question what would you consider real or not in this world of cinema as your keep your eyes peeled towards the next frame of color performance.

             Get In The Fast Lane For True Gaming

As you get into the next level for popular game play take the time to notice how good your graphics sets are now and understand what is the best type of quality for true gaming. Most would believe is the graphic detail that makes the game so fascinating other may think it’s how much style and develop is a part of the set but we all could appreciate the speed and timing of the system and how it delivers the power you need to complete on that next level.

To Many of us hate it  your about to ascend to the next level of gaming and see the lag or slow motion of game play due to the CPU system trying to keep up with the amount of processing of graphics and detail which could take up more than enough room on the system processor which makes it difficult to keep pace. But you don’t have to go though that with this type of projector set in your hands.

BenQ has a feature called low input lag which triggers higher rates of response and greater detail to gaming. That makes things much more exciting to know about as you take on the next level of entertainment for family fun though gaming.

Think know about this feature is the high color and graphics which is accelerated to show more than just an average image and greater appeal to picture. This makes your whole gaming system grow into an arcade on steroids.

Short Projection Power With Side Projection Versaility

It’s More than enough to know about the high end detail of contrast and color scheme is crazy to see on display from frame to frame but try to understand the power of what does it a project can handle in the projection of 8 feet away and delivers 100′ feet of projection with a picture perfect form?

Do you need to know more about proper placement when you can basically place the projector in different spots and don’t worry about the trapezoid spots of projection when in screen play. It’s delvers the same high quality content when you need it most.

Keystone correction will keep you from getting the wrong type of horizontal and vertical effects of the trapezoid effects as well just setup time and enjoy the movie. So you have the power of placement by your side as you decide to change the look of the living room give your home theater a new-look to impress your friends and family.

My Recommendation:

With no doubt it’s one of the better projectors that is still killing it as far as the specs and features, to deliver your the best to enjoy in so many ways to the home theater market. You can see the difference in what aspects your can get from this projector set in terms of sound, visual graphics detail and cinematic performance which tends to belong in a whole new category of quality projectors.  BenQ 1080 p home theater projector is definitely a projector to have for many ways of entertainment. 

If you have any more questions and inquires about BenQ projector set please give us a comment below and let us know what do you think of this review. Check out more tips about home theater products and services at

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