Best Bluetooth Headphones for Home Theaters

Do you remember the first time you put on a pair of headphones? Was it a certain song or album that made you think back to the days of listening on a pair of wired headphones? Even if you didn’t grow up in that era, Your interest in headphones was at all time high.

When ever you wanted to get into a workout and get some chores done or go for walk you had a favorite pair of headphones to wear whenever things need to get done. To some people, it was more a style, to others it was use of comfort. But whatever it was Those were your own personal headphones.

Now, the world has changed when it comes to headphones. To some people it’s all about the brand names. The big name makes the difference. But you have to get more information to find out what is the best type of headphones which carries the most features and has the best comfort.

Bringing the comfort home is paramount to your lifestyle. Theater systems have the most impact in giving most families the best entertainment around the home. You can now enjoy the life at home while others can do different things in the household without disturbing each other in the process. That is why we’re looking to find out what is the best bluetooth headphones for home theaters.

Our Next topic will discuss the origins of headphones and how does it work for your home entertainment system. This will give you ideas to bring to your own theater system.

What is Bluetooth Headphones?

It’s technology of sending and receiving data to other devices likes your tablet, smart phone, computer desktops and other systems that are enabled with this type of technology. bluetooth headphones pair with your phones to create a connection of information between the two for audio playback.

Wearing wired headphones, what was the number one issue to deal with having wired headphones? Tangled wired headphones of course. If it wasn’t the tangled wires, it was the short you would experience in the wires after using them too many times. During those days it’s was a struggle to have among most wired headphones companies. People just got tired of the disposal wired headphones. This is the breaking point to the industry to make better headphones that changed the game.

From Sony Walkman to Sony disc mans it was always the issue with the headphones. Wired to wireless was quite the transition to the industry. It made headphones cool to wear again. Which made more companies come into the fold good or bad. That is why we have to make sure the right headphones for home theater important. We have a few headphones to take a look at that will give you the opportunity to free yourself of the hassle of trying to find them and give you options without the limits of staying connected to the disc man or stereo set.

Cool Home Theater Headphones

Sony WH-XB900N/B Wireless Noise Canceling Extra Bass Headphones (Black)

Best Features: Built-in Mic for hands free calling /Extra Wide Bass Sound

Sony WH-XB900N/B Wireless Noise Canceling Extra Bass Headphones (Black)

Bluetooth Technology: Enabled at version 4.2 Bluetooth

Voice Recognition: Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Built-in

Lasting Power: 30 hours w/10 minutes charge time for one hour plaback

Weight: 8.96 oz

Audio Cable Length: 1.2mm stereo plug


  • Carrying pouch
  • Sony wireless Headphones
  • Operating intructions
  • Connection cable
  • USB cable
  • Warranty card, Reference Guide.

Noise Cancellation Technology: Enabled

Price: Click Here For Details

Our Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Streaming Services: Sony Connect App

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones II (Silver)

The Best Feature: Acoustic Noise Canceling Headphone technology

Bluetooth technology: Enabled/ wired connections for non-Bluetooth support devices.

Weight: 10.9 oz

Voice recognition: Google Assistant/Alexa built in

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise-Cancelling Headphones II (Silver)

Lasting Power: 20 hours of playback w/ 15 minutes charging

Dimenisions: 7.1H x 6.7W x 3.2D

Audio Cable Length: 47.2 inches

USB cable Length: 12 inches

Streaming services: Bose App for access for controls and access to streaming music and videos.

Price: Click here for details

Contents: Bose Quiet Comfort Wireless Headphones II, Carrying Case, 3.5mm audio cable, USB cable.

Our Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

5.1.2 Surround Set with Sonos Arc, Sub, & One SL - Black 5.1.2 Surround Set with Sonos Arc, Sub, & One SL – Black

Add cinematic surround sound to your home entertainment with Arc in the center, Sub providing the bass, and a pair of Sonos One SLs as rear speakers. Experience enveloping sound from all angles with crystal clarity and rumbling bass. Easily control sound with your remote, the app, and your voice.

Having a theater system with wireless headphones is the turning point to getting the most out of your home lifestyle. Watching movies in high definition, to getting the comfort of relaxing in different places around the room. You would have more than enough room and space to check updates, surf the web, do some social media without interruptions and distractions. You could get lost in your own world and have no problems in listening to music and viewing live events.

Now we all have a love for big speakers, but do not want them to take up space. We need wireless headphones without taking up space in the room. You can make the case which one is the better use to have for home theater entertainment. It’s all about the perspective of need and the great use of wanting more out of your home theater. In this next topic were going to compare to the best set of theater headphones for the best type of home theater system.

Home Theater Speakers Vs Bluetooth Headphones

This is amazing if you think about it. You have some the best types of wireless headphones out there for different types of needs and some of the best high quality theater systems you could use for a home theater. This is why we displayed the best of the best in bluetooth headphones and theater system so you have a clear cut idea as to how these two devices can provide real value to your home lifestyle.

People use bluetooth headphones built to connect to theater seating as well. This is a great option to have for less noisy environments and creates a personal interactive situation to entertain the individual. If you’re a gamer, this would fit great to those who love to have more space to and hands free action to play games and speak into the headphones as well.

Sit back and relax after the day is done in a comfortable recliner and listen to some soothing tunes on your favorite playlist. It’s all about your choice as to what you need most in your home. From taking care of chores around the house to separating yourself from the crowds and just enjoy the movie with no interruptions. This makes the case that your choices should be defined to a fantastic lifestyle.

Sonos 5.1.2 Home Theater Surround Sound

5.1.2 Surround Set with Sonos Arc, Sub, & One SL – Black

Weight: Arc- 13.78 / Sub- 36.3 / OneSL- 4.08 lbs

5.1.2 Surround Set with Sonos Arc, Sub, & One SL - Black


  • Arc: 3.4W x 4.5H x 4.5D inches
  • Sub: 15.3W x 15.8H x 6.2D inches
  • OneSL Speaker: 6.36W x 6.36H x 4.69D inches


  • Ethernet Port 1 10/100bps
  • WiFI connection 802.11bg 2.4 GHz
  • Streaming Services: Sonos S2, Apple Air Play2

Color: Black


CPU: QuadCore 1.4 GHz / Quad core 1.5 GHz


  • Arc, Sub
  • (2) One SL
  • (2)Power cables
  • Power cord
  • Quick Start Guide,
  • Legal and Warranty Information,
  • HDMI Cable, Optical Audio Adapter

Price: Click Here For Details

Best features:

  • Trueplay Acoustics
  • Speech Enhancement
  • One Tweeter for crisp sound
  • Sonos App for Streaming and controls

Our Best Bluetooth Headphones For Home Theater

Audeze LCD1 Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones Audeze LCD1 Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

The LCD-1 has been meticulously engineered for reference quality sound that will appeal to even the most discerning audiophile ear. Featuring Audeze?s renowned planar magnetic technology within an open-circumaural foldable and light-weight design the LCD-1 delivers premium audio in a comfortable and travel-friendly package perfect for mixing mastering and audiophile listening. A Tradition in Music Creation For decades professional musicians and audio engineers all around the world have placed their trust in Audeze headphones. This legacy inspired us to create the LCD-1 a new benchmark in studio and audiophile listening. Designed for Home and Studio The LCD-1 blends Audeze’s coveted LCD sound quality together with improved comfort and portability Audeze LCD1 Over-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

The choice is your to make but these are the best headphones to get the most out your home lifestyle. It’s safe to understand how much the cost maybe, but know in mind you’re getting the best types of headphones for home theater. Also we wanted to make sure you have the best system to use, which should provide many options like access though your phone and devices for more control, voice recognition, surround sound play action, Place phone calls while surfing the web.

You have the power to block out the outside noise while not disturbing others with watching a movie or playing a video game. This why we highly recommend checking out these bluetooth headphones , and our recommended home theater set that fits perfect for all your needs. Thanks for reading this article please give us your thoughts below and tell us what do you think.

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