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Seatcraft Solstice Home theater Power Recliner

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Size dimensions:39 x 37.5 x 43 inches

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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Model Number: 88-2266-7116-3E

Seatcraft Solstice

Can make the case of become one of the best home theater recliners on the market that deliver nothing short of results in big on features. Get use to the class of this wonderful display of performance which to continues to strive for excellence and top amazing quality.

Seatcraft listens to the customer and develops a great recliner that could put a lot of other recliners to rest. If, you need more evidence let’s take a look at some the features. This will give you a better perspective as to what are you really looking for in a recliner set.

Hand Picked Material

If, you wonder what has to be done with the leather seating in terms of high quality it’s taking the time to find out what is the best material to use for fine grade of comfort and style? For the solstice it takes good research and hours after hours of selection of the most top cowhides to use for premium seating.

That’s 30 percent of the best in the world to give you one of the best lines of furniture you will love and cherish for years to come.Seatcraft takes things very seriously when t comes to comfort but make no mistake it’s not about sacrificing class and luxury for comfort, in fact Equinox is an improvement from the previous recliners.

Solstice Comfort level

You have to take notice of this recliner, it’s powered and design to help you with making life easier for you while your body thanks you while sitting in one these seats. Just to remember, You have the power to control the back the neck and shoulders from strains and aches. By pushing a button, it’s like your floating on air.

To be clear it’s supported by

  • Adjusted power headrest
  • Power recliner seating
  • Adjusted powered Lumbar support
  • Memory foam at your fingertips

Get The Best Seat In the House

It’s getting the best seat in the house for everyone to enjoy not just one alone. These type of recliners could help you change the way you’re living environment for the better. One of the things Seatcraft has done an outstanding job of keep you in front of the reaction not taking an away from it.

What do I mean? it’s simple, keeping you comfortable and providing accessible items to use while in the recliner is one the better ways to take you mind off of the fact you are sitting in a chair and gets you focus on reading or watching a movie.

Amplify Your Entertainment

Ever wondered what would feel like to totally experience the action sequence of good movie like is if you were right there in the movie? Seatcraft has teamed up with a new company that shakes and rocks the seat to give you the real time rumble, crash, and explosion the movie creates. It’s amazing to know that you have the option to upgrade to a new level of entertainment.

Using the shaker technology helps you in creating an environment of theater sound and motion quality which tends to continue to revolutionize the industry of comfortable theater seating. This is a game changer in terms of great home entertainment. This feature will amaze your family and friends and surprise them as the movie continues to play.

Extra Space For More Devices

Do think it good to have more space around you to store some of your favorite devices to use when in need or between commercials? It’s pretty simple to understand that you have keep a smart phone or baby monitor to keep an eye on the baby, but would if I there is a way you could store it inside an armrest place it on top of a tray table to use?

This feature allows you to have that freedom in mind to store and get back to relaxing, watching a movie or catch up on reading a good book to enjoy. Perhaps you enjoy a good tube of popcorn to eat during the movie play.

What is great about the tray table is the fold out motion that near gets in the way of things but also keeps things from spilling over your lap or floor. This is a win in terms of getting the best out of your solstice recliner set.

Illumination And Convience

We all have this type of struggle in life to get over when it comes to spilling drinks and tipping over popcorn. There is a way to eliminate these situations for happening with the help of a great feature to light up the cup holders do you can have the vision to see where did you place that drink without any fear of spilling.

What about stumbling over objects like the dog or any toys? Your trying to excuses your self without disturbing people around you or turn on the light to ruin the movie for everyone else. This can be avoided as well with the help of LED lights around the base of the recliner.

It’s just make the right sense to have these two LED’s around the base and cup holders to get the best light available to use in case situations to avoid possible chances of problems happening at the worst times.

Charge up the Devices

One the best features to have around you is option to charge your favorite devices while you take a charge and relax yourself. It’s quite good to know there are options to use for adjusting your recliner to the correct position and catch a good flick to enjoy. In this case many of us have so many devices and needs to use it’s important to have a USB port or wall plug in available to use for access which is a great feature to have.

My recommendation:

With the many features you can rely on it’s no wonder why it’s well worth the money to invest in you and family to share and enjoy. It’ perfect for reading and sleeping sometimes when your not able to move due extreme laziness. Solstice has many options to help you discover ways to really enjoy time watching a movie.

If your interested in reading more reviews, check out amazon’s section to see what other buyers have to say about the seatcraft solstice. Be sure to check out articles talking about the ways to save on home theater furniture by clicking here.

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