Best Home Theater Subwoofer To Buy

These days we look for a good deal in technology, that will not only last for years to come but delivers the high quality performance which makes the whole deal possible. But the sweetener to the deal is the price. Man do we all love getting a good deal on a price for something that is a bit too expensive to afford. Companies thrive off of this option and utilizing this to its advantage.

You know about the high price devices like the IPhone and the oh so expensive Beats headphones. Those are some of the  electronics you can expect to always pay for when shopping in terms of name brand and style of design. The thing is, we all love high quality devices that tends to give us great value in return.

The best subwoofer to buy is a balance between the two in where you need to be in terms of high quality performance for an affordable price. This is where we are going to show you the best high tech designed sub-woofer on the market. We’re break down the specifics to give you an honest review, which will give you a good option to choose from in terms of design, style, abilities and features.

Sonos Home Theater Sub-woofer

Staring off as just an audio company, Sonos realized that its mission should be improving the sound quality of its devices. By enhancing the aspects of syncing Sonos sound acoustics with a high dynamic tweeter.

Also making smaller but significant changes to the voice dialogue system to make it way more crisp and clear to translate. Sonos even added more depth to the bass tones to create that real audio capability to communicate with other Sonos devices for awesome performances.

After making these three changes, Sonos reached out to Oscar award-winning artist to tune up and perfect its audio quality by ten fold.

Music artist like Rick Ruben truly understood the sound qualities to make the most out the audio devices that would make it possible to use in the home environment. As the industry grew in home technology so did Sonos products.

By expanding its sound capabilities towards the home theater market, The audio giant has made strides in terms of high quality design for the whole family to enjoy and use in different ways.

Here is some the top brand name companies competing with Sonos to make premium audio and high end theater devices today.

Bose Audio system: This giant has been in the game for few years now creating a huge array of devices for home theater music and electronics but has failed to adapt to newer technology, Sonos has developed over the years. Sticking to the same values and similar services can make a difference in terms of ingenuity, and the ability to grow towards an ever-changing market.

Sony Audio System: To have more than enough in terms in TV and sounds is where Sony hangs its hat on for competing performance which delivers the powerful sounds to use on different platforms like headphones, stereo speakers. To reach towards the home entertainment service is where Sony has still yet to grow. Most of the years this brand has successful lines of products and services for its customer base but much like Bose, Sony has yet to take the next step on the market of high tech affordable home theater devices.

Samsung Audio System: has made its mark on the world with its line of Phones, TV’s and audio. Just like Sonos, The expanding of market reach has paid off for this giant in the industry but. remains to over look the value and quality of its products by just over pricing for devices.

Sonos Beam

How Does a Sonos Sub-woofer Work?

Using a Sonos Sub-woofer can bring a new level of sound quality to your home entertainment. It’s like having a media player tuned up to a boom box level of play. To get the most out of a sonos sub woofer, try connecting the device to other Sonos theater devices like:

Playbase- For surround sound technology, Has to be the best ways to create and harness the power of a full home theater system.

Playbar- The ultimate starter system for Multi-platform uses. Great for live events and surround sound capabilities.

Beam- One of Sonos most affordable services for home theater lifestyle entertainment.

Why Is Sonos Subwoofer The Best?

With a Sonos Home theater system. you get more than you bargain for in the terms of use of the product, It’s ability to operate in different places without breaking down. And offers the family source of comfort and convenience for affordable price. You can make the case The sound system has come a long way in development to become one the world largest manufacturers in home electronics.

The Sonos Sub-woofer is the bright red bow on the audio sound department that continues to deliver some the best devices for theater action at home.

The display is easy, It’s accommodating to space and size. You can stand it up or simply lay it under the couch. It’s wireless design allows you to use it anywhere you see fit around the room. To paint a good picture, let’s run down some of the specifications to see if this subwoofer is compatible to your standards to purchase.

Breaking Down Sonos Subwoofer


Sonos Subwoofer

Weight: 36.3 lbs

Color: High gloss white or black

Dimensions: H 15.3 x W 15.8 x D 6.2 inches

Contents: Sonos Sub, one power cord, Quick start guide, Legal and warranty Information

Best Features:

  • Two Force Canceling speaker drivers- this is for more clear bass structure and less distortion and rattle.
  • Two Class-D Amplifiers- To match up with the speaker drivers for which in tunes with the acoustical architecture.
  • Dual Acoustical ports-  Tunes up and enhance the Sub’s performance
  • Automatic Equalization- This feature matches the balance of the speaker’s depth and sound with other Sonos audio devices for a full length array of amazing performances.

Our Rating: 4 out 5 stars

Pricing: Check out Sonos for more Information here.

Customer FAQ:

  1. Can My Sonos Subwoofer connect to other manufacturer devices though Bluetooth? No, Sonos products is designed exclusively to its own devices for entertainment.
  2. Can I place The sub on it side? And Is it possible to place the subwoofer the couch? Yes, Sonos made it possible to use the sub in different positions and areas around the room.
  3. What other devices Sonos sub-can hook up to? Play:5,  Beam, One,  Playbase,  One SL and Amp.
  4. Can you Operate surround sound system without the Subwoofer? Yes, Although you will not get the bass structure and full theater performance that you would expect with it on, but its operational without it.
  5. Can you hard-wire the sub to the playbase or Playbar system? No, all connections would require to be connected to WIFI. This is because its a wireless speaker. This would allow you to move the sub around in different areas near by the system.

Our Recommendation

To budget for a good quality product is not easy. But its worth the shot of getting the satisfaction of having best sub woofer set to use for a good home theater system. Try to use a better option to find out what is more useful to the home theater by checking out some sonos devices.

We’re confident you will not be disappointed of the quality, and power,plus the dynamics of it’s devices bring to your home. Check out top ways to design your home theater system here. Please give your thoughts on this topic by commenting below this screen.  Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Be sure to catch our previous articles on Sonos theater systems here at

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