Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker Is a Sonos Move

Making plans to go and enjoy the sunny day at the park? or maybe you have plans to go camping and want some good sounds to listen to while enjoying the nature view. Sonos Move has the solution to your problem with a device that is taking the world by storm with its innovative design and cutting edge technology.

There is so many things to enjoy and see with a sonos move in your home or outdoor lifestyle. One of the most amazing ways to use this device is the ability to take Sonos move with you while your on the go. There is not many audio devices out there with the capabilities Sonos move has to keep you in tuned with your daily activities.

To get an idea what we are talking about lets take a closer look at this amazing machine and see what is in store for you to buy in the future. It’s always best to check the specifics of this item first, to get a good understanding of what this device could offer for you and your family.

Take Sonos Move With You

Probably, the best feature to use for this audio system. You have the option to take an audio device to the park and chill back watching the clouds pass by, see the trees move in the breeze, and enjoy nature in fine-tuned audio. It’s like having nature’s soundtrack playing in the background while you get to experience it in person.

Sonos has made it easier for you to enjoy a new way of living by enhancing and bringing value to it a unique way with this added feature. To give you some ideas to use, lets say we are at the beach and the sun is shining, the seagulls flying around the tide comes and goes off the shore line.

Your relaxed, laying down catching a tan, but your in need for some soothing music. Your smartphone is overheated due to sun and heat exposure, the wires to your headphones are all tangled. you’re thinking to yourself “Is there an audio system I could use without wires and durable to heat?” That’s were Sonos move come in to play. You don’t mess with wires, move is smaller and lightweight design to withstand sun heat exposure.

The new Sonos Move: durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening. Free shipping, free 45-day returns at

Sonos answers the bell when it comes to your needs. We just solve three of the most common problems you my have with a smartphone while trying to enjoy life in the sun, on a beautiful day at the beach. Need some more ideas? OK lets give you another scenario,

It’s morning, your up early in the bathroom getting yourself into a well dress routine for work, as you take a shower a favorite song hits your mind and you’re wondering to yourself: ” Man, I remember that song I just can’t remember the name of the artist, and wish I could hear it right now.” Move answers that question by one simple voice command feature. Plus you have the option to tune in to the song at your request.

Did we mention Move withstand water as well? Yes this device not only is heat-resistant, it’s design to resist moisture too.

This is what’s your in store for when purchasing a Sonos move. Place it next to you in the shower, or combing your hair and even brushing your teeth. As you live your life, you’ll discover how much of a convenience it is to have such a wonderful device around the home in everywhere you go.

Sonos Moves Around The House

Doing daily chores around the house can get tedious, might as well listen to some good music while you finish cleaning the house. Take Sonos with you for a change and watch how much faster the job gets done. You have to realize that move becomes apart of your life. This audio system help makes things so easy to do in so many ways.

With voice commands, Sonos move is easy to operate. Experience the convenience and total control with the Sonos app, from your very own smartphone. It’s definitely worth the money. Move has a base charger that is slim and almost all non- existent which keeps things the way you like it most, no wires, no extra boxes, just good sounds to enjoy at your command.

Move is small enough to carry around and place it where you need it. Wash some dishes and listen to a great podcast and see how easy it is to get the dishes done. Carry it to the backyard a play fetch with the dog while streaming a live band. Your bound to love the way move makes it fascinating to use and easy to operate.

A Look Inside Move

This part of the article is very important to know because this lets you find out what do you really need to know that is system and how can it affect change in your life for the better.

What You would need to operate Sonos Move

  • A power source to plug in the speaker for charging
  • WIFI, Bluetooth, or hardwired connection to a router
  • The Sonos App, For full control of music and movies plus more.

What Does Sonos Move have to offer You?

  • Use voice commands with Alexa, and Google assistant to help you carry out simple task and get back to doing your own thing while the device does what you want to do. It your voice so it’s your choice.
  • Stream with all your favorite apps to use like spotify, Amazon music, Google play, I tunes, pandora and even hook up your TV apps to this speaker to listen and watch your favorite shows and live events.
  • Listen to this device in any room in the house and pair an additional speaker to hear a better sound and bass structure easily with no cords.
  • Durable and water resistant so you can listen to move in the shower while it’s next to you. Or even in a hot day in direct sunlight the sonos move is built to withstand the elements. Also, tough enough to withstand drops and spills as well.

Sonos Move Specifications

Dimensions: H 9.44 x W 6.29 x D 4.96

Weight: 6.61 Lbs

Color: Matte finish Black/White

Contents: Charging Base, Sonos Move, Quick Start guide, Legal warranty information

Battery: 36Wh Operates at 10 hours per charge

WiFI: supports 802.111 b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz for home use.

Bluetooth support: for steaming music and movies when you away from home

Audio Chime: Gives you a notification chime when move hears your voice command..

Privacy LED light: for the option to mute the microphone for total privacy and comfort

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What Is Your Biggest Need For Move?

It’s easy to see that we all live in a world with technology and devices, So it helps to unwind and kick back with some nice soothing music.

Are you into reading a good book while listen to some classical music? Maybe you enjoy painting in the evening and want to get inspired by Mozart to create a fine masterpiece, It’s your down time, make full use of it with a system that delivers what you need at the right time.

As you can see the Sonos move can provide many options to use. Life is much easier to handle when using this device, from doing chores around the house, to getting back to your favorite hobbies like, fishing, painting a portrait, and reading a good magazine or book. It’s your choice to decide what do you like to do with this amazing device.

Sonos Beam

Most of us love to just dance and have a good time with a good premium sound system that produces great sound and high quality bass and treble. While others rather prefer the day to go by and just listen to something that will sooth and relax us. Move does well either way you want it. Just turn it on and see what can it do for you.

What’s Your Next Move?

It’s in your hands to make the decision to change the way your life is with or without a sonos move. Many of us can think of ways to develop options to complete our satisfaction for great entertainment on the go, or just handling things around the house. But why put up with those hassles when all the hard work is done for your to enjoy life with.

If your in the market to buy a system that will give the maximum amount of great sounds and home theater entertainment. Sonos speaker system is your next move.

You have to check out the way Sonos Move defines your ability to have fun and live your life as it should be. Do things your way and make the sonos move work for you in the household and wherever you may go as well. Please give us your ideas on what you would like to do with a sonos move. We love to hear from you on this topic.

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