Best Projectors for Your Home Theater

Home Theater Projector

People want the best, the most valuable, and top end premium quality when comes to cars, clothes, and even shoes. But I believe you should have the best projector for you own home theater. It’s vital to have this in you living room, good to great projector, good to great surround sound system, good to great FURNITURE !

You don’t want smelly, old, uncomfortable furniture in you home especially when there is guest coming in from out of town, and the need to accommodate is there, trust me…. You want the best furniture set!

Doing this will set the standard for you whole entire home theater system. Not to mention it may solve any potential issues you may have with new equipment as long as you have a good warranty package.

Which One Best Suits Your Style?

People love to be wow and amazed, others like the simple settings with no flair, then there is people who need to have it all. Which ever choice is made, make sure it’s what you want and commit to it. when you look for the best in home entertainment there has to home projector that fits you style, comfortably, and taste.

I my choice is always performance and look. It my go-to for proper selections and value. I have no doubt in my mind this can really give me the type of options I’m look for. It’s really up to you how you would choose you home projector system.

Some people like to have high ceiling mounts but then there are same folks who want their projector to be right to them or even under the sofa for more performance and less clutter.

I’m just giving an idea of what to expect when you out shopping, just take the time and ask yourself if this is what you need using for you home? Does this really fit my entertainment center? Does this projector have all of what I require using for movies or television?

These questions are as important as purchasing you next home theater system, especially the pricing.

Top Five Projectors To Buy

This is my top five list of popular projectors, high quality and best features and great value. I feel without these in you arsenal you up a creek without a paddle.

Epson Home Cinema 2100

There is a lot to love about this model, you could start with the basics and work up from there and watch the amazing features take effect on the screen will fully convince you made the right decision. One of the more popular features to this model is the no-rainbow effect you’ll experience while in the action sequence of the movie or show.


  • 1080pi widescreen helps in discovering better colors and cover a wide range of lighting features
  • Great for streaming movies and T.V. shows so you don’t have to run out to go get a movie from a video store
  • Support HDMI connections to further enhance to the quality of the picture from a longer range
  • Has 3LCD capabilities to switch between modes for movies with 3-D properties
  • Dynamic Contrast 35,000/1 ratio which can really contrast to different tones in really dark scenes in the movie or shows
  • Flexible positioning for angling the device in different positions for maximum quality effects
  • Play video games and stream music using a fire stick or just simply plug and play with a USB port


  • HDMI ports ( gives you more intense action with clarity)
  • 3-LCD technology ( no more Rainbow effect)
  • Stream music, HD TV, and movies by supporting MHL devices
  • 35,000 / 1 dynamic ratio (for darker contrast and richer color enhancement)
  • 2500 lumens For brighter whites and good to great balance of colors
  • 10 watt speaker box built in so if you don’t have that top of the line surround sound system, this will deliver

The best thing about the Epson 2100 is having the comfortably to place this model anywhere you want and it’s can auto adjust to the position easy. It’s no wonder Amazon picks this model for great entertainment.

Price 699.99

Buyers Rating: 4/5 stars

Good place to buy: Amazon

Pro’s : Great performance, high quality, easy to set up

Con’s High priced, no warranty, Triple Batteries NOT included.

Optoma HD143X

Just when you thought you seen it all with projectors another one comes in to the market and blows off you socks with amazing features and great projector effects. The Optoma High Definition 14EX has the best features you can ever want in a home theater projector.


  • Bright and colorful 3000 lumens (for higher quality and brighter white contrast)
  • Lamp life of 12,000 hours which also conserves energy while in action.
  • 23,000 to 1 ratio for beautiful bright colors and contrast
  • 1080 picture with HD video high resolution effects
  • Flexible zoom and ratio controls for easy setup and adjustable projections
  • Full 3D effects which will take you home theater system to the next level


  • HD14EX setup For the Highest quality and dazzling colors
  • AC power cord
  • Remote with Batteries (triple A)
  • Multilingual CD-ROM
  • Quick Guide Card
  • Warranty Card
  • 10 watt speaker (built in)

With Amazon’s top pick to buy I would say this is another great option to consider, but I’m SHOCKED it’s HALF the price compared to other top end models and has a warranty package with support.

It’s good to know the HDMI ports can support the gaming, Blu-ray, and HD TV movies which can transform a living room, basement, or garage look to a home theater for Multipurpose entertainment which means more bang for you buck.

Price: 499.00

Good Place to Shop: Amazon

Buyers Ratings: 5 out 5 stars!

Best features: Flexible Zoom and Throw Ratio setting

Pro’s: Affordable price, Warranty card, Remote control with Batteries, 3000 lumens sharp color

Con’s: Does not come with bracket or mounts for the projector/ Not a 4K Projector and can’t HDMI 2.2 ports.

Upgraded 2018 DBPOWER Mini

this mini projector has a lot of output and does wonders on you energy bill. I can’t speak enough on size with this projector it’s able to fit in you hand that’s how much space you can save as well.

Just imagine every type of feature on the market poured look to a great handle held size device? It seems too good to be true does it? here itthe best part… It’s even CHEAPER than the optima projector.


  • Supports HD TV, Bluetooth, Cell phone tablet, Laptop devices
  • 50% Brighter and Sharpe, with brilliant colors and 5000 lumens
  • 50000 lamp life using
  • Noise reduction down to zero.
  • Technical team to help solve issues


  • Supports a 1080 p high resolution, great for Movies and HD games
  • Distance 1-3 meters for high Quality projection
  • Remote Control
  • RCA cable
  • Power adapter
  • User’s manual

Price: 65.99

Good Place to buy: Amazon

Buyers Rating: 4 out 5 stars

Best Features: Size is the GAME CHANGER, This model saves energy for those who what small, no noise with convience.

Pro’s: Great for saving space and energy with great performance. / Very inexpensive.

Con’s Does not accommodate parts for complete device connection. USB ports and no HDMI cables.

Vankyo Leisure 3 Mini Projector
Vankyo Home projector

This is a nice upgraded lens which gives a 40% brightness with more clarity and color set. I believe this has ALL the bells and whispers SPOLIER ALERT.

I’m looking to know more about this type of system. The parts included is a plus for me. I think you find it pays to shop smart will enjoy using this device as soon as possible, without paying for it in cost.


  • 1080 p high resloution
  • 20,000/ 1 ratio of contrast clarity
  • TWO built in speakers for good wholesome sound and display.
  • Noise suppression Technology
  • 40,000 hours in lamp life
  • Led Brightness LUX LED lighting system
  • Projection sizes 33 – 170 inches


  • 2400 brightness
  • 14:3 and 16:9 Ratio High reaching color contrast
  • Supported Resolution 1920 to 1080 p
  • Carrying bags and tripod
  • Dual speaker enjoyment

Price: 89.99

The Best place to buy: Amazon

Buyers Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Best features: MTS advance star color engine for 60+% more brightness.

Pro’s: Size does MATTER, if you look to getting more people over to watch a movie this will help in accommodating/ Fine upgrade.

Con’s: No HDMI cables for hooking up you cell devices or ps4, x box one S/ No 4k projection.

Epson 5040UBe HD Projector

I love saving the best for last, and this one is the projectorto make ALL projectors put to shame. Epson finally got this home theater projector in the right gear and came out with a great, great, system. If you look to really put the topping of the cake on this project I would say you looking a the right device.

This feautre Projector has all what you need to fully entertain yor guess and family with. I believe you have the best option on deck so let’s take a look at what you get for REAL value.


  • 4K enhancement feature which means It can not only support 4K It can enhance non-4K Images look to life-like viewing.
  • 3-LCD chip to throw out the color wheel, the white segment , and NO RAINBOW effect
  • HDR10 with 100,000,00 to 1 ratio with dynamic color and contrast to deepen the dark scenes for crystal clarity.
  • 3D ultra color gamut to color brightnesss and exceed 3D effectsto the next level.
  • 2500 lumens for brighter white light


  • 5040 UBe Projector
  • AC power cord
  • Two HDMI clamps
  • Remote with AA batteries
  • CD-ROM with user guide Links
  • User guide

Price: 2298.98

The Best place to shop at? Amazon

Buyer’s Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

Best Features: 4K EnhancmentTechnology, 2500 lumens, Ultra Black levels, 3-D Demenentional Technology

Pro’s It’s ten sets ahaead of every other projector, if you look for the best then this is it.

Con’s Very expensive device, may take a pretty penny but if use for multi-purpose activities it’s worht it’s weight in gold.

Which One Has the Best Features

I could not find a definite projector with ALL the best features so I think it’s best to display a few to make a good choice on. This matters to what do you need the most to fully satisfly you need for home entertainment.

Some people want 4K projection with a mounts and a quite motor, and then there are people who who want the smaller package deal with all the bells and whisltes. THis option I would like to know from you please leave a comment and telll me what is you ideal projector. Maybe I could give same good advice on mounting or placement.

The Ideal Home Projector

This is my top choice among all of the best projectors on the based on how much value, features, and compatablity each one projector compared,which is a plus for you in terms of making a good sound choice.

Make The Right Choice

This choice is all up to you, the person look for the best value, and has the highest rating system. Choice wisely it’s too easy to fall for the brightest and the shiniest object without edcating yourself. Compare new to old, high price to low, best feautres to few and really make a desioin for you next home theater projector.


  1. Thanks for your great post. I am a huge fan of home cinema, and the ones you post are very cool. I used to want to get an 4k projector from Epson but ended up going with the Vivitek HK2288 4K Projector. I installed it in my house last July and I totally love it. It’s super quiet. Watching movies and playing video games inside your home theatre room is so great that I do not think I can go back to normal TV anymore.

    • hello Jackov29,

      The Vivitek  HK2288 4k is a fine choice, I checked this out and the reviews are raving with so many great things to say about it. I see it has more resolutions and fine quality which I’m sure you love. I think it’s more to do with everyone choice on what is the best features to use for them. I found out people have selected needs for certain types of projectors. Some love adjustable lenses, other people like the super high resolutions to display more 3-D imaging. Thank you for sharing the Vivitek  model. I will feature this in my next review for comparisons.

      If you have any questions to ask please feel free to ask. 


  2. My brother has a projector and since seeing his, we have been looking at various options. He was lucky enough to buy a house with a built in screen that comes out of the roof, so it’s a real treat watching a movie or you tube there. 

    Our problem obviously is the screen and where to put it. We have a face brick lounge so no white walls to project to. 

    Nevertheless these projectors have come a long way since I was a child, and it would be wonderful to convert our living area into a home theatre with one of these gadgets. 

    • hello Michel, That’s creative way to view movies from the brick lounge. I would find out which side of the brick lounge you want to watch movies and check out the size and quality brand you need to complete your system.

      This is so important to know when your checking out a new projector or a looking for a surround sound system as well. The good thing is most of these projectors and surround sounds is compatible with each other for the most part. These new forms of a technology have amazing features that you would of never though could happen. Take the time to check out Sony’s projectors It’s well worth the opportunity to look into. 

      Thank you for sharing a comment with us and if you have any questions please feel free to ask


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