Best T.V. Sound Bar is a Sonos?

Do you really want to know what’s the Best TV Sound bar on the market? Great let’s go right into it. But first let’s identify what exactly are you looking for in a sound bar.

How Much Output Do You Require using?

If you have very large room and planning on hosting a large gathering of people, Then I would suggest getting a sound bar that can deliver not only higher output but has the capabilities to link with additional speakers for more range. If you already have a flat screen with a decent audio system, good, this will help you surround sound.

People get this part confused to the point of frustration, especially when it comes to surround sound, My suggestion would be to relax and sit down and think about how much sound you want in you living room.

Do You Need a Special Television for a Sound Bar?

No, not really, in my research I found out it’s just about any flat screen can support a sound bar that has Bluetooth capability or HDMI cable hook up. It’s all up to you as far as you needs for a television. But in case you looking to find out, I have a few options you can take a look at.

Is It Better to Have a Sub-Woofer to Get More HD Sound?

Yes, The difference between having sub and not having one is a huge difference in sound quality. I believe most sound bars come with a good size Sub. I would do some homework on what type of particular woofer is required for you needs

The three things I usually check is the

  • The range of sound
  • What is the highest Output
  • What is the size of this model

It’s so important to know these things when checking out the latest models, remember not to get too wrapped up in all the bells in whistles but to concentrate on the quality aspects of it. In order to have the home theater you always wanted, you have to do some research on it to find out “how much does it cost?”,”Where to buy a sub-woofer?” and “What is the warranty on this model?”

Knowing these things and doing you home work is worth it. Once you will have all the right options available, you really KNOW what you actually need, and lastly check customer reviews to find out how Legit is the model’s worth in value.

Installing a Sound Bar Does Not Take Rocket Science.

It’s really true, with new technology coming out nowadays, it’s safe to know that you have a good chance of getting struck by lighting other than Just stuck trying to figure out how to connect you sound bar up to you T.V.

Now, I’m saying you should put it to the test, It’s so easy to install a sound bar, My 70 year old neighbor who has no clue when it comes to technology, but It’s that easy to install a sound bar.

Most systems automatically link to the device when you turn on both the TV and sound bar though Bluetooth or Wi-FI connections, which is a great feature to have specially if you looking to expand the range of surround sound and High Definition sound.

In my own opinion, this is what you need to have an idea of where you want you system setup in order to have great cinema experience which is a huge difference between having fun at the moment versus getting blown away by the effects of you sound bar’s system.

Is it Possible to Hookup Additional Speakers for Surround Sound?

Depends on the type of device you’re using. Remember some sound bars come with sub woofers and additional speakers is already installed inside the bar it’s self. This alone can pack a very powerful punch.

I love to use tall wireless speakers myself for more entertaining effects. I believe that if you want the best movie experience possible by acquiring the best devices for great entertainment.

The sound bar’s range can cover almost the entire living room with brands. But if you crave more, here’s a look at one I would personally recommend you.

Sonos Play Bar is the best sound bar on the market Hands Down

What’s The Difference between a Sound bar and Play bar?

I find out that Sonos Play Base has wireless technology for mounted flat screens, the size is another reason why it’s different from a regular sound bar.

Most sound bar come with a sub-woofer, but the Sonos Play base has the sub installed like an all in one sound system prepared to deliver the best quality sound right on the spot.

The wireless connection to each of it’s devices is what love the most. No wires! No problem!

Using the power of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can give you home theater an awesome look for expansion speakers to get the best quality of sound you always wanted.

Sonos Play base features and details

Okay, now that we know what’s the best sound bar out there let’s take a closer look at this brand that stands apart from the rest.

Two wires to use that’s all one to the TV and one for additional speakers.

Has 9 different speakers for low bass and crisp sound clarity and epic home theater sound.

Wireless connection to help you stream you favorite music with no installation problem

Connection with Alexa or Echo can give you the luxury of voice command to operate at you own without stopping and resetting the controller to Display or play you streaming music service.

Has a 5.1 channel sub-woofer installed for that great deep bass surround sound.

As you can see Sonos has an all-in-one setup to pretty much get the job done in many ways possible.

My Recommendation

I HIGHLY recommend buying this Play bar to get the movie experience started with no hassle of installation and if you want to protect you investment Amazon offers a two-year protection plan to help recover or replace in case you device doesn’t operate to performance.

Combining this sound bar to a home theater system like the Sonos sound system can give you the ultimate home theater system that’s capable of blowing away you most skeptical critics.

Also know that, it’s okay to have the best entertainment, what’s the alternatives, going to the movies to watch and pay for high end food plus 3D glasses sitting with a bunch of strangers walking on a sticky floor? Don’t waste you time and money when you can bring home the cinema like experience you family would truly appreciate.

My goal is to help those who want better entertainment for home by raising the bar for home theater systems, making sure people who want better quality time together is spent very wisely.

If have any questions about this article or you wish to share you own experience with is , please feel free to do so, you feedback is important to me.

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