The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget

We’re developing a The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget that fits your family environment for years to come. We have many tips to share on how you can design your own home theater system on a good budget. It’s great to put thoughts into action and see what we hope you will establish in the future.

It’s about using your creative ideas to craft the best theater entertainment system for your needs. Let’s dive into the topics of how much size do you need for construction. Also, find out what type of budget you need for development. As you look further into this article There will is a breakdown on affordable prices for items you need for building a fantastic surround sound theater system.

The Best Home Theater Ideas On A Small Budget

We’re Breaking down the key aspects to having a budget for a large expense when it comes to home theater systems.

To Make a good budget that can cover the things needed to develop a home theater, It takes a careful consideration to understand what exactly are you looking to add to your theater project. Many of us have an idea to craft out a decent budget but wind up in an over spending in the process. Too much cost and not enough to cover for the necessities.

That is why we would recommend having an ideal budget to for each aspect of the build to get the most out of your home theater project.

Let’s take look at the main ingredients of items to start with. This will be your launching pad to work with as you build out the list things that are add-ons and complementary.

Do you require a Projector? If so, you would have to look into a Projector screen. 3D projectors is adjustable to your level of viewing and lighting. This would make things easier if you would select and find a projector set that is compatible with the latest surround sound system. This would require you to do some digging and researching for compatible projectors and home theater systems. Luckily, we have an article that helps in this type of situation: check out our article on the five things you should know about Projectors

This article is packed with Intel for how you should get the right type of projector set for home theater surround sounds and more.


If your more of an TV person you would have to consider the size of the TV for a small theater room. Ideally we often find ourselves going over budget in this area because the amazing features a bigger TV set has to offer. It’s happen to us all. But you would have to practice patience and look for the TV set to handle the necessities.

Samsung, Vizio, LG, and Sony have the best type of functions you would expect. But it could get pretty confusing when checking out the features. Remember to stay focused on your goals and set budgets. To help you more, we have a mini guide to help you stay on track while shopping for these types of TVs.

  • Does It Offer WIFI Connections? It’s important to have this function because you want your system to connect with other devices for surround sound, or perhaps you love to use your phone for a remote, maybe you like to check the latest updates on TV rather than the phone. Perhaps you are used to using a tablet and want to turn on the system with it. These are important to know when shopping for that new TV.
  • What is Included In the purchase? Don’t get fooled into thinking that it’s all inclusive, when things are not really what you think. There is nothing like opening a new package only to find out that you have to go out and buy more things to operate it like batteries for example. So check the section or box to see what is inside before purchasing.
  • Is It Compatible with surround sound system? Do you really think all TVs are compatible because they are new to buy? guess again. It’s smart to just find out if the TV of choice has the most up to date compatible devices to connect with. Same goes for surround sound systems.

Take the time to understand what type of theater sound system do you want. Then measure what type of sound system your room actually needs. This will determine the value and quality of the particular surround sound system you can purchase that will make sense for you and the family.

We have some tips to share that will help in making the right choices for surround sound theater.

  • Does your sound system have wireless connections? This can make or break your chances of nailing the right choice surround sound. It’s about keeping the area clear of cords and wires. you may see that we will touch on this a few more times because it’s that important to reiterate the importance of keeping a safe and clear home entertainment area.
  • What Do You Look For in A Sound System? This could get messy if your caught up in the features and functions. It’s good to make a list of things you need for a quality sound system to work for your room. Like bookshelf speakers, to a multi functional soundbar. Whatever your need is for this system add it to a list and check it out before buying.
  • Is There Free Shipping On Purchase? This may seem inappropriate but if your on a budget, it can add up pretty fast. Most sites and places to shop have set shipping prices. Some places can offer FREE shipping on a certain amount of cost on purchase. This is a valuable tool to use when checking out certain deals and specials.

How Do I Build A Home Theater Room?

3D projector: This is for those who love a limitless screen and want to have the freedom of use with a larger area of the room. You can imagine the possibilities with a portable 3d projector set, It’s one of a kind and can range between 92.00 dollars on the low end to 4,500 on the high end. Most of the projectors are ready to accommodate your needs on either end it’s just a matter of how high of a quality do you want this projector to operate.

To help you save money we outlined three awesome projectors that will save you big bucks!

Multi-Media Mini Bedroom Projector: by KUDOSALE 24- 60 inch display viewing, Has the resolution of 320* 240 can project from 0.8 to 2 meters of space, and only weighs about 300 grams. This projector has USB, HD, AV and TV ports for use. It’s rechargeable which makes easy for use in different areas. Which also cuts down on wires. It’s small enough to pack in for trips away from home. Has LED lighting which lasts up to 20,000 hours of playing time.

Comes with: Charger, AV cord, Remote control, Manual

Cost: Found on Walmart for only 31.49

Projector Screen: These wonderful screens can enhance the way you view the movie or TV show of choice, The size will make the difference in price. You would need more than enough space to operate but the good news is that portable projection screens can be either wrap up or fold into a much smaller space. Projector screens can range in size and prices like for example:

Electronic Rolling Projector screen 77.09 at 120′ inches to an inflatable 17 foot larger screen which comes with an inflatable pump at 239.00. again these screens can help you on either side of the coin, it’s all about the size and the room that will determine you taste for building a theater center.

foldable Anti Crease Portable Projector Screen: This is made by Outerdo and is 84′ inches, which great for saving space and it’s ratio for viewing is 16:9 ratio which makes it easy to use for movies, gaming and more! This screen can be hung by string, with hooks and 4-6 holes, pinned or stuck to a wall. This can also work for backyard cinemas, also Check Out Our Article For Creative Backyard Theater Ideas To Find Out More. we found this on Walmart for only 10.00

Indoor Outdoor Portable Movie Screen: This screen is made by Hzgang this screen size is 120″inches. It’s not recommended for white backgrounds. You can also fold this screen to backpack size. It’s double-sided, so there is no need to guess which side to use for operation. This projector screen can be use for multi-purpose functions like shadow dancing, lighting techniques, and of course you can use it for the home theater action. Take it outside and post in the air for a backyard theater as well. This was spotted on Amazon for only 9.99 dollars!


Smart TV: This is another option to consider, Most of us love the big screen TV with great resolutions and fantastic features. These Smart TVs can offer the most in convince and is built to communicate with surround system as well.

The sizes and quality functions will determine the price for sure. That is why we recommend only looking for the things you need when shopping for a smart TV. But ultimately it’s to get you more familiarized with the brands and prices we have a list to show you.

24 inch Westinghouse ROKU Smart TV:

Offers: Voice Control, Stream Services Built in, Access to Gaming Consoles, and is surround sound ready. Cable, Sat, and Antenna ready. It’s an automatic update to get your latest apps and software so you are ready for use it.

Has Three HDMI ports for wired connections/ Has a resolution size of 720p which is a good picture view to start with.

The Price for this Smart TV Set is 99.00

Toshiba 32′ inch LED HD Smart Fire TV

  • WIFI Connections
  • 720p resolutions
  • Alexa Voice remote
  • Stream movies and shows with built in apps
  • LED Display
  • 3 HDMI and 1 USB Ports

This Smart TV Price is set for 159.99

What TV size is Good for A Home Theater Room?

Let’s take a look at the size of a room which you will create the home theater system worth designing and loving. We will give you our recommended sizes and for particular sound system. Also, we’ll give some tips for certain items to check out.

For those of us just starting out, an average room size would be 10 by 15 feet of space. An ideal personal family room for entertainment. This would be fun and affordable to have good to better surround sounds. The TV set would be around 43 to 55 inches which gives you a space of 7 to 11.5 inches of space to watch.

We suggest you should get a good measure of distance between where your sitting and the TV screen to enjoy viewing at your own comfort level.

For the projector screens crown, this would require for your viewing pleasure of at 80 inches. Which is the lowest size to use for smaller rooms. The highest would be 150 inches.

This is a small breakdown of what you should be comfortable with in terms of space for viewing TVs and Projectors.

How far should you be from the screen

Tv screen size (1080p) Suggested viewing distance in inches Suggested viewing distance in feet.

70 in 114 – 120 in 9.5 – 10 ft

75 in 120 – 129 in 10 – 10.75 ft

80 in 129 – 135 in 10.75 – 11.25 ft

85 in 135 – 140 in 11.25 – 11.5

How far should you sit from 120-inch screen

Projection Distance

Screen or image size Projection distance (1) Minimum to Maximum Screw hole number (2)

80 inches (203 cm) 110 to 121 inches (281 to 306 cm) 4

100 inches (254 cm) 138 to 151 inches (351 to 383 cm) 3

120 inches (305 cm) 166 to 181 inches (422 to 461 inches) 2

150 inches (381 cm) 208 to 227 inches (529 to 577 cm) 1

This would be perfect for the average size room. This is what we believe to be best sizes in average. For those that are in large spaces like the basement and garage areas, you would have to use bigger space for viewing and a bigger TV or Projector screens to make it work.

For Surround sound systems, this is our recommend options for use in a 10 by 15 foot room size.

Sonos Surround Sound system does the job for rooms that are 10 to 25 feet in diameter. Each speaker is designed to reach out and reflect sound vibrations to make the experience that much better. Plus Sonos is designed to accommodate to your room size. Know in mind the bigger the space the better the surround.

The price ranges for Sonos surround sound

Surround set (1) 1,359.00 Which Includes :

  • Subwoofer- a low tone bass that is room rocking sound with deep rich contrasting tones and crystal clear sharpness.
  • Surround Speakers- One SL Wireless speakers, uses Bluetooth connectivity. Plus delivers surreal audio performance.
  • Sonos Beam Soundbar- Wireless, communicates with the system and the TV or Projector set. Also, has voice control.

Surround Set (2) 1,856.00 which Includes:

  • Subwoofer- Has the ability to reach any size room structure and deliver the performance of any special effects viewing.
  • Surround Sound Speakers- Pairs with The sub and soundbar to sync into a powerful surround sound theater.
  • Sonos Arc- Not Your typical soundbar, Has Voice control, Music Apps, Mini subs and amps built into it’s system.

Shipping is always free. Sonos uses your shipping information to present you with customized shipping options.

Bose Wireless Surround sound system is great for smaller room sizes. The superior performance you get with a powerful sound system makes the difference with Bose. Equipped with two wireless speakers and a subwoofer which turns the room into a home cinema worth investing into.

Bose Surround sound set(1)

  • Smart Soundbar 300- WIFI and Bluetooth technology, Voice Control and hand held remote, Bose Music App. For 399.99
  • Bose surround speakers- Definite Sound clarity, Surrounds the room with superior audio entertainment for 299.00
  • Bose Base Module 500– Massive carrier of sound bass and completes your surround sound theater for 399.00

Bose Surround Sound Set (2)

  • Smart Sound Bar 700- Universal Remote, Voice control, Wireless Connection to TV and surround sound for 799.00
  • Bose surround sound speakers 700- A little taller than the four inch 300 series speakers, twice as much sound for 499.00
  • Bose Base Module 700- More crisp powerful bass with a room shaking depths of sound creation for 699.00

These two sets are different from one another. The first set is more for those who are on a tighter budget. The second set is for those of us who crave more home entertainment and has the additional room and family for cinema fun. All Shipping on these two sets is FREE as long it’s over 50 dollars or more. And you get to try it out for 90 days risk free to see if it’s what you wanted in surround sound system.

How Does A Theater Room Add Value?

It’s about improving your overall look of the home that makes sense for the long term. This could make your home value double or set you back for years if not crafted the right way. That is where we come in to help you understand and navigate though the pit falls.

This is where we give you a simple step by step process to designing an ideal theater system. This will give you the creative juices to brainstorm your own ideas for making a theater room of your own choice.

Using a room To create a home theater entertainment center should not be all technology and electrical equipment. It should complement your room with stylish, and living room types of design that is easy and comfortable to be in. Theater systems have come a long way in today’s styles of home entertainment. We have some tips to help you get more of that type of feel with some great ides to use when selecting an ideal theater system.

  • Stick to Wireless systems- It’s easier to connect to other systems and you would not have to worry about tangling cords and wires taking up space an around the room. Nobody likes tripping over wires trying to move around the room.
  • Use Voice Controlled Systems- That allows you to access the web and control the audio. This makes things easier to operate in case your in a comfortable spot and don’t want to disrupt the mood by moving around and looking for the remote.
  • Smaller Devices Is Better For Small Rooms- You can make the case that having bigger speakers and longer soundbar is great but in a room, but that has only so much space to move around in. It’s better to have powerful speakers that is half the size than the bigger and more expensive ones that take up space.
  • Limit the lighting In Your room- Once Your in the mood of viewing and watching great movies or TV shows, having more light distracts and take away the quality of picture your eyes has yet to see. Using darker curtains to help would also block noise and sound distractions.

Following tips would greatly improve the quality of theater entertainment the room. You will find that friends and family can not resist the room to have a royal night of enjoyment that will bring the family together with ease. This is what true value is in developing a room for cinema entertainment that whole family can love and enjoy together.

Small Budget Home Theater Design Ideas To Use

These are the top recommended ideas and tips you should check out for designing your own theater system. This would include affordable electronics and where to position these items for the full cinema theater performance.

Room Space savings Tips: Decide to use limited device for use in the room which could cut down on the clutter in most cases. It’ best to use good judgment when operating under such tighter and strict budget.

It’s great to understand the where exactly the system is placed this will determine the ares of space are able to work with the amount of people be allowed to have in the room. Most of us have these devices placed around the room for full entertainment experience. It’s good to have it placed between the furniture sets and around the floor area of the room that’s not too noticeable and can create a fun filled environment.

Purchasing Options: It’s best to keep your options open for better deals and savings when shopping when you see an okay deals on item and see a certain time of day when savings are abundant, It may pay off more to save more and wait, versus just get the item when you first see it. Check for specials and when shopping for projectors and sound bars and speakers. These types of equipment can add up when not noticing at first.

Buy in Bundles: We try to get the most inexpensive deal on every piece of device we can find to help our purchasing power grow. But it’s better to buy in bundled set that will limit to amount of items to buy, which in turn will make the process much more smother and cheaper to navigate though.

We hope that you have found these tips, and advice very helpful to developing a fun fantastic and amazing theater system, for your room on a good reasonable budget. For more tips and advice on these topics check out our articles on home theaters and more at We have a link to share this on Pinterest just click the link and save to your favorite board on Home Theater designs Ideas and comment below if you have questions.

Fantastic Top 5 Garage Man Cave Ideas

In this article you are going to see some of the most fantastic top 5 Garage Man Cave Ideas to create out of your own garage. Most of us would love to have a home theater entertainment center at home.

But to create an opportunity of escape and fun out of a unique place such as a garage is truly remarkable. Building a man cave in the most unlikely place of entertainment makes it great and stands out from the rest of the crowd.

So, If your ready to find out what is The Top 5 Garage Man Cave Ideas, then I would suggest getting a sheet of paper and a pen to write down some tips and advice that could help you on your journey to building a spectacular garage man cave theater for your love ones to cherish and admire.

#1 Fantastic Top 5 Garage Man Cave Ideas

*Theater Seating

In order to have a great place for fun and entertainment, You must have  good seating to start with. It’s important because of watching TV for sporting events like Football, Basketball, Hockey, and MMA fighting plus more.

Most of us would love to just to lay down and relax and enjoy the festivities. Especially if your looking to lounge around the Fanstac place and need to recline and stretch out to good music or movies.

To help you understand the reason behind this, let’s take a quick look at the top reasons for having Theater seating in the garage.

  • Watching a Movie or TV sitcom.
  • Catching a Live Event like sports or competition shows.
  • Relaxing to music, or therapeutic Treatment.
  • Playing Video Games.
  • Having dinner with friends and family.

As you can see the need for theater seating is fantastic and It takes much more than your average use of sitting and watching or the overall look for taste to have it in the garage.

Those who buy theater seating realize that there is more to do, Things to place around it, and it’s a great help on the body as well. Why sit on a bucket or hard wooden stool when you can have the luxury to rest on a plush comfortable theater seat?

Here is some the most popular Theater Seats You can offer to your Garage Man Cave.

  • Single Seat Recliner manual or powered. Adjustable to height and weight.
  • Double Seat Recliner With illuminous Foot rest and cup holders.
  • Four in One Row Seating with USB ports, Cup holder and Docking stations for devices.
  • Sectional Seating Couch With Personal automatic adjustable headrest & message vibrations.

These are some the most you could expect out the most popular Theater seating in today’s market. Those of us who would love to splurge in the realm of luxury with all the bells and whistles, could appreciate the finer details of design that comes with it,

For Example the type of texture for seating is:

  • Cowhide Leather Tough and durable but soft to the touch.
  • Ostrich stitch Leather with temper tested material.
  • Plush soft Suede Fabric which comes in different colors.

These are the top ideal seating coverings people use for theater seating. Again if money is not an issue and you want your garage to really stand out from the crowd, this is some the best forms of fabric you could use for seating.

One the best ways to get the full use out of a theater Seat is the features and functions that come with a modern recliner or sectional. Take for instance mobile devices we love to have and use when were in chill out mode. Our smartphones is constantly ringing or buzzing when a new alert or text hits our phones.

Perhaps we love to Watch TV or update scores on the tablet. Those of us love to read while relaxing to the soothing sounds of rain forest on the stream.

This can be quite troublesome if your away from the devices due to the lack of length for cords for charging. Or simply your hands are full from holding other things like the remote or laptop which is keeping you from that freedom of total relaxation.

Well here is some the features we outlined in previous text and more, so you can expect to see it in recliners:

  • Luminous Stainless Steel Cup holders to Keep Drinks cold or hot.
  • Charging dock Stations placed in the center console of the Sectional Seating area.
  • Adjustable Headrest Recliner that adjust to height and weight sets.
  • Air conditioned Seating for those who sweat or get chilly there is a button for that.
  • USB Ports and Charging Connections on side lap of the Armrest.
  • Storage Container Located under the armrest or underneath docking stations or center consoles.

>Take a look at some the features and functions for a Recliner and Sectional Seating here<

Features and functions is a joy to have for theater Seating. Now that you have a good understanding of theater seating types, sizes and specifications, It’s good to stay on budget when developing a Man Cave in the Garage.

So What is the Price Ranges for the types of Theater Seating Your would See in Today’s Market?

According To :

“The Average cost for a Lay-z Boy Recliner be around the price ranges of 299 to 4000 thousand.”

So you would have to adjust your budget for good quality theater seating.

This is an investment into a way of better quality of life for not only you, but for  future generations and family members to cherish, enjoy and value for the long term. It’s not easy to plan for this but its possible to have the type value your want to add to the home lifestyle.

#2 of Fantastic Top 5 Garage Man Cave Ideas

*Theater Projector

To enjoy the good life of Cinematic displays, a home Projector brings great excitement and entertainment to a whole nother level.

Back in the day, we use this form of viewing to catch up on family videos and movies that we miss and cherish. That is what people love to have at home. But you have to understand that today’s market of projectors is much different from the ones we are used to from the early 70s to the late 90’s.

How different? well take for instance the use of movie reels and the way film is used in the 80’s in comparison to today where everything is in digital format. The size of your usual bulky Projector that took up a good reasonable space is an eighth of it size today and most can even FIT IN YOUR POCKET!

To help you understand the reason for this let’s Take a quick look at the top reasons for having a Projector set in the garage.

  • Portable Projectors can save space and use no cords for plugging into the wall.
  • Digital Data is the Way to go For Storage no clutter and damage to family videos.
  • Most Projectors operate without screening which actually elevates motion picture quality.
  • Multi-Functions like auto zoom, correcting contrast features and quite fan motors is standard.
  • Billions of Colors & Hi-Definition Display, Plus anti blurring pictures though motion and fast paced images.

The Projectors of today bring a lot more to the table for not only theater performance, You can enjoy good shows, pictures and live events in high definition without Using a Smart TV. It’s a matter of creative imagination that sets the tone for your home garage entertainment.

There are Specific types of projectors for different needs. Here is small list of options to check out for yourself.

  • Pocket size Portable Projector– works good if not better from the modern size projector uses less energy and takes now space.
  • Digital Light Processing DLP– Delivers images & color at a much faster rate without buffering at a high rate of speed.
  • Cathode Ray Tube CRT– is a vacuum tube containing one or more electron beams of which is manipulated to display images on a phosphorescent screen. According:
  • Liquid Crystal Display LCD– The combination of open and closed pixels can produce a wide range of colors and shades in the projected image.
  • Laser Projectors– Rely on the Light source of Laser instead of Lamp Lighting. This would make it easier to operate with less lamp replacement maintenance.

With these types of Projectors you can open up different options for theater or live event action.

But know in mind you would not require the use of a TV for projectors. Unlike the 1950s version of the overhead projector, the modern projector doesn’t need to be place in a specific spot in the room. It’s literally plug and play.

The three Ideal places a Projector is used in the garage setting is:

Garage ceiling mount: Makes sense for those who have now room and want that theater experience.

Garage Wall mount: Helps in displays and angles for projector screens and offer wider array for projection.

Floor position display: For high quality displays with now requirement for adjusting for size because of the auto refocus mechanism.

Most people love to stick with popular brand names for high quality operations, but it’s not always the case. There is other brand names with less popularity, but offer more value. We want you to check out both to make the best decision for yourself.

LG- 4K UHD LED Small Home Theater Cine Beam Projector

This is as good as it gets for LG projectors. Millions of Pixels (8.3) makes the picture quality that much better.

A smarter Processor in  LG AI ThinQ. This is the best projector for your money.  Also zoom remote Focus is the game changer for accurate view of the display without any adjustments on your end. Of course there is nothing like having LED technology with its sharper crisp images.

No More color wheels, Just deeper color tones and greater shades of contrast & Blacks.

Here is some the things you can expect in CineBeam Projector

  • HDR: HDR10
  • 4K Up Scaling / Super Resolution
  • Digital Keystone Correction: Auto Keystone (Vertical)
  • *4K UHD resolution with 8.3 million discrete pixels projected by XPR (Expanded Pixel Resolution) video processing
  • **The brightness is based on the perceived brightness equivalent to the brightness of lamp projector!
    • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Resolution
    • Up to 1500 ANSI Lumens Brightness
    • Up to 140” Display
    • IP Control
    • HDR10 & TruMotion
    • LG ThinQ AI | Google Assistant | Alexa*

>Wait till you see the special pricing options and great shipping details by Clicking Here!<

Samsung The Premiere LSP9T 4K Smart Triple Laser UHD Projector

Laser injection era has begun. What a joy to have one laser set to bring out the splash of brilliant colors. To have two lasers makes the whole system a cut above the rest in terms of quality, performance and colors.

But to make it a Trifecta in laser projection is the ultimate setup of all home theater cinema entertainment.

The smarter the better for Samsung, as it takes the lead in levels of competition for high tech projectors. With a short throw display, this helps in delivering the goods in such a compact design. But with a fantastic Acoustic Beam that makes your garage sound like a cinema theater, you can truly enjoy the power of UHD in processing for graphics and system matrix.

To help you see what Samsung Premiere system has to offer to your Garage man cave.

    • Resolution: 4K UHD Ultra-Bright Triple Laser
    • HDR10+ (HDR10 & HLG)
    • UHD Processor
    • PurColor
    • Game Enhancer*
    • Contrast

Smart Features

    • Smart TV Powered by Tizen
    • Universal Guide
    • Multiple Voice Assistants
    • TV Plus
    • Samsung One Remote
    • Tap View

With great Power comes better pricing, Check out These Shipping & pricing details by clicking here<

#3 of Fantastic Top 5 Garage Man Cave Ideas

Projector Screens

What every high performance Projector need in the garage is a good durable projector screen set.

Make no mistake about this we are now just dealing with the old standard edition screens that is hard to assemble and small to use. These types of screens can provide to a wide range of solutions.

If you need a brighter screen that keep sun glare away, there is a screen for that. If your look to go big and would like to place a screen in different places, there is a screen for that as well.

The Three top Projectors screen we found most people use today are:

Elite Screens Aeon Series 120″ Edge-Free Screen

Fixed screens makes things easier for Theater enthusiast and your get the best with Elite Screens Aeon Series 120” projector screen.

Built to fit the best type of projectors and has a CineWhite material that holds its water for the most complex projects sets. The best part about this Screen is you don’t have to deal with borders and adjustments. Works with standard Short throw 1080p/4K projectors as well.

  • Aluminum lightweight split-frame design
  • Stretches over frame for a permanent tight-tensioned flat surface
  • Easy to assemble and install in minutes
  • Smaller footprint maximizes viewing area
  • EDGE FREE® or install ultra-thin velvet tape trim
  • Wall mount brackets slide ensuring the frame is properly centered
  • Optional LED backlight kit with remote control

>Get the best offer for your buck though pricing and shipping details Here<

Elite Screens 180″ Diagonal Saker Series Projector Screen

Enjoy the Features of a what movies theater to offer in the comforts of your own garage with Elite Screen latest and greatest version of projector screens today.

Totally able to fit up to 180” of TV and movie displays and is HDR 3D, and 4K Ultra HD ready. Have a ball and be amazed to what Elite Screens bring to your home garage lifestyle.

  • Electric Projector Screen
  • 180 inch diagonal image size
  • Aspect ratio:16:9
  • Screen constructed from Max White Fiberglass material
  • Wide viewing area disperses light evenly
  • Works with 3D, 4K and HDR projectors
  • Flush hidden wall mounts keep your screen centered
  • Easy to install

>Check out What you can get in terms of pricing and shipping though Warranty options.<

 Laser Smart Home Short Throw Projector with Elite Screens CLR Screen

Great things come small packages, but there is also packages that come in bundles with  Elite Screens to deliver the best in terms of best fit for operation, style and performance.

Not only are you getting the best in terms of quality screening, you are witnessing the top of the line projector with he most to offer for garage theater experience.


  • Display Type: DLP
  • Native Resolution: 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)*
  • Screen Size: 90″ ~ 120″
  • Bluetooth sound out: Yes
  • Built-in Speakers: 5W + 5W Stereo
  • Brightness: Up to 2700 lumens**
  • Contrast Ratio: 2,000,000:1
  • Lamp Type: Laser


  • Nominal diagonal: 100″
  • Viewable height: 49″
  • Viewable width: 87.2″
  • Screen material: StarBright CLR
  • Optical layers: 7-layers
  • Contrast improvement: 100x greater than matte white
  • LED back light included

>Check out what Has to offer for Pricing, Warranty and Shipping Details here<

#4 of Fantastic Top 5 Garage Man Cave Ideas

Surround Sound Systems*

This a considered a favorite for this type of technology because it makes the whole garage man cave roar in excitement.

To have some the best surround sound systems in your garage to use for premium entertainment is just as good as having an extra extended theater room in your home. The modern surround system has much more to offer than just for home theater systems.

Your opening your world to a new level of stereo opportunities with solid game play, plus karaoke though bass tones and acoustical sound bouncing off the walls of your garage man cave.

To help you understand this more we excited to show you the top surround sound system to complete your audio stage for the garage man cave.

Sonos Arc 5.1.2 Entertainment Set

Introducing to you Sonos best surround system that offers the world of audio sound straight to your man cave. Immerse yourself in the realm of sound performance that continues to amaze people to this day.

Sonos has the market figured out and has made it simple and easy for you enjoy pure sound enjoyment without much hassle and disruption though fine-tuning and bass tones. Now you can enjoy it with a acoustical sleek soundbar and a powerful subwoofer that handles the new level of sound theater.

You have to check out what does this soundbar system have to offer for those look to upgrade the garage with man cave worthy audio bass structure plus more!

Sonos Arc & Subwoofer:

  • TruePlay Enabled to Deliver more acoustics.
  • Night Sound reduces the intensity of loud sound effects.
  • Adjustable EQ settings in the app, including bass, treble, and loudness.
  • Speech Enhancement emphasizes the frequencies of the human voice to clarify dialogue.
  • Two force-canceling drivers face inward for powerful bass without any cabinet buzz or rattle.
  • Two Class-D digital amplifiers perfectly tuned to the acoustic architecture.
  • Dual acoustic ports precisely tuned to enhance performance.

>Have you checked out what has to offer for pricing and shipping? Click here For Details<

#5 Of Fantastic Top 5 Garage Man Cave Ideas

Game Consoles & Vintage Arcade Machines*

What is life without enjoying a little fun with it? Those of us who remember the arcades with all of your favorite pinball, race car and shooting games lined up around the store that offer many exciting features and hours of fun.

You can  bring that fun to your garage man cave with an assortment of riches with vintage games and new age gaming consoles to keep the party jumping.

We have the perfect set to get you started, but check out our list of ideas you can start with below and read our reviews for better gaming in the link as well.

  • Pinball Machines
  • Air Hockey
  • Arcade machines
  • Xbox One s
  • PlayStation 5

>Check out the five things your Man must have here and scroll down to the arcade section<

We hope enjoyed the Top five garage man cave ideas we shared. We love to hear what is your top five garage man cave ideas. Please comment in the section below and tell us what do you think of our list as well. Check back for more exciting articles like these and more at

Sony 4K1 LED (Home Theater Projector Review)

Sony 4K HDR Home Theater Projector

 Great deal to Save on Sony —>Click Here for more details<—

Item Model Number:  VPL-VW295ES

Image Brightness: 1500 Lumens

Display Resolution: 4096 x 2160

Connectivity Technology: HDMI, USB, micro SD, AV ports

Projector Weight: 3.1 pounds

Size dimensions: 19.5H x 8.3 3/2W x 18.25D inches

My Rating: 4.5 out 5 stars

—->Click Here to Buy Now<—-

This one projector that will make you think, where is the best place to watch a good movie nowadays ? That pace is virtually anywhere you want it to be. Now thanks to the advanced age of technology we have the luxury of reaping the rewards of great entertainment.

Did you ever think, is there really a way we could enjoy good television on a wide screen projection with friends? If yes then my next question is, what about stopping the movie and taking it with you to you friends house for a sports viewing party?

You can do that plus more with Sony home theater projector. With the ability to not only playback video and live TV you can enjoy great music and watch that movie in 4K quality like your at the movie theater but it’s your house instead.

There is so many things to talk abut it with this projector, but the main thing we’re trying to show is this projector can bring good to great value to your home. So what were are going to do is list out the most important aspects that could totally impact your home lifestyle for entertainment.

This will give an ideal view of what you need to have for your home theater setup. Also, we are going to show you ways to use this device on the road for quick setup.

8.8 Million pixels to display

Just knowing that you have this many pixels to watch and enjoy a movie in a totally different way you haven’t seen before. This is what it’s like to have more option o the screen to see all of it’s dazzling array of colors, plus a higher contrast to give you twice as much the tones you are used to seeing but even better. Top that with super sharp 4K 1 technology which continues to impress the world of High definition. Find out more about Sony’s high Definition Specs by clicking here

This make the resolution explode into a setup that is second to none. This is the difference between the 1950s dusty projector and Sony home theater projector computer. I bet your wondering what does the “4K-1 mean” it’s for the next generation Of 4K lovers and enthusiast. The ultra effects to this technology has more levels to this. You are experiencing the wonders of higher quality grade projection the best performance.

Those of us who would like to know what are you getting in a nutshell for pixel powered 4K engineered projector this is the cream of the crop and takes things to the next level of entertainment. It’s just a sample size to have 200″ of high grade crystal clear ultra fine images display some the most amazing types of pictures you can just sit and watch it for hours to come.

Sony Projectors Support Your Devices

It’s your devices to control and keep in your possession. In case your wondering can it be possible to hook them up to the projector, Yes it’s possible to get more out this projector by using your favorite devices to for home entertainment.

You have 2 HDMI ports, 1USB port, and 1 TF card slot. This is so accessible it’s not even funny. You can bring the fun and joyful memories to life a good high tech digital camera to watch all of what you capture on the memory or record new ones see it in finer quality. Maybe your gamer that enjoys the time online with friends and family challenge each other to new levels of game play.

Many of us love to check what is on the net to see what is going on in the news and latest gossip show, catch it in real time with voice controlled devices like Alexa and google assistant to help you navigate though simple operation controls and devices when your away from the projector and need to rewind back to the good parts of the movie.

6,000 Hours of Lighting and brightness

It’s wonderful to know that you can watch hours and hours of TV shows to catch up on knowing that your will not have any problem with the access of controls or lighting issues for a long time. This will not only keep you in the light, it also delivers the best quality of lighting which is actually 1500 lumens that has more brightness in the right spots without cooking the projector or the room where the device is placed.

The best part about Sony high performance projector there is no cooling down period or warm up moments to wait on. You get instant activation when you push the on button and it cools the system within minutes when your turning off the system. To place a bow on it, It’s low maintenance, So that means less times to  change the light bulb. It’s one of those gifts and keep on giving.

Sony Fantastic Four Features To Know

Just When you thought it’s a wrap on this projector, there is so much more to get to know about and keeps you well entertained. With these next features you can get the idea of where your needs fit  into this projector model and see the difference in other when comparing projectors to Sony 4K-1 ultra Home theater projector.

  • Qcast LED’s: It’s beautiful thing to know there is more than a few ways to display brilliant colors and styles of contrast which continue to resemble more than enough display to dazzling effects in the right areas to enhance the viewing experience.
  • OnBoard Media Player: Now it’s possible to share photos though the projector as well with high grade quality and profound colors and high definition. Just hookup though USB port or SD card and get ready to share your view to the world or maybe just the friends and family.
  • 2 Watt Speakers: It’s just not enough to have just one speaker built in so, Sony built in (TWO) and have more ease of quality sound that delivers the fine-tuned sound you need at the right time.
  • Mobile Versatility: You can take the projector and place it on the table and enjoy the movie or plan a party and mount it on the ceiling for premium theater movie watching at home the way you like it most.

Ways to Place The Projector For Great Entertainment

Many of ways to get the best out of your projector. One the best ways to really enjoy it is to place it on the table in front of your and turn on the button… That’s it..there is nothing to Sony projector. If you rather prefer to place it ceiling and watch movies and shows theater style, that is fine as well but you will have to buy the mounting gear separately.

What is your favorite position to watch movies is there a particular position to place this projector around the room space you think it’s best please leave a comment below this review. We have more projectors that could bring even more option to the table for your entertainment. Check it out here at

5 Things You Should Know About Sony Projectors

Throughout history families have certain types of memoirs the share with each other the keep a certain tradition together though generations. There is photographs, quilts, letters, stories and paintings. But one the best ways the retain those family memories is though a home projector.

The old school projectors back in day, have a the old style reel and film that seems the deteriorate after a certain amount of years. Then there is the digital age projectors that continues to preserve those precious moments in time for ages… Well at least until the next best thing comes along to replace it.

We all have found a love for these types of projectors nowadays. That could be because of many things a theater projector is able the operate in the home environment. To some people, these projectors hold the power the distribute high quality movie grade picture. There is some 4K projectors that’s even better than others.

We would like the share with you how great Sony has improved its Home theater projectors by educating you on the newest features and specifications. Sony has met the mark of excellence and high quality standards for home entertainment.

You should have a pen and paper ready the see what is the best benefit the having a Sony projector in your home. We’ll cover as much as possible the give you the confidence the invest into a projector that meets your needs. That is why we are sharing with you five things the know about Sony projectors.

Sony HD projectors not only has the technology, its sleek and decorative. The projector meshes well with your home decor, which is a plus considering other devices that seem the clutter and turn your living room into a technological laboratory.

Sony 4K projectors enhances and improves your home lifestyle. Check out why does Sony’s projectors the improve your families home lifestyle.

Sony Brings the Family Together

When you think of a family get together, We believe it’s about traditions, reunions and celebrating anniversaries. Bringing a family together could sometimes be a wonderful and joyous event the share. But there are times we’re caught up in life and can’t seem the stay in one place at a time.

But that’s life. When looking to gather the family together and share moments of history and events that everyone could cherish for generations, why not purchase the best Sony projector available that’s dependable and can stand the test of time?

We have to understand that not all home theater projectors a can put up with the rigors of life or the elements, while delivering those moments that your family expects the see and enjoy with each other from time to time.

That’s the reason why its good the get the best projector technology that continues to deliver premium quality entertainment you could ask for at home.

Just imagine what would be like the have a Sony projector in your home. You and your family can ditch family night at the movies that seem the always drain your pocket book, and underwhelm your families standards of entertainment.

Your kids can enjoy playing high graphic video gaming without trying the add more consoles and high cost TV screens to compensate for size.

Home theater projectors preserves those pictures that you have been missing for ages displayed on the larger screen for everyone the enjoy and marvel, without looking for reels and tapes and CD’s to load into a big bulky machine.

Of course, you have the best seat in the house to watch sporting events at home from pay-per-views for Boxing, MMA, Football and Basketball. Watching high definition graphic detail of each frame in motion.

Sony defines the odds of color depths, and bringing more out of live events with such an array of colors and dynamic 4K ultra UHD picture quality that is unmatched. These are some the best things the expect when you’re sitting in front of a Sony projector. expecting a dazzling picture performance. Take a look at this Sony short throw projector system…

Sony VPL-VZ1000ES 120″ Ultra-Short Throw 4K UHD Home Theater Projector

  • Four Times The HD resolution with high grade picture quality.
  • 8.8 million pixels for clear corner to corner picture performance.
  • One quarter of a pixel size of 1080p HD resolution makes the  picture seem much closer.
  • Ultra Short throw picture resolution: Place it closes the wall, mount it on the ceiling or even place it on the floor for good to better or greater screen ratio picture quality. Ratio range from 80″ the 120″ in space.

Catch rebates and discount prices by clicking here for more information.

The Short throw home theater Sony Projector can offer an array of opportunities which gives you an informative outlook on your home design. This should help you determine what is best for your family environment. Hurry and catch special discount offers and rebates that could save you THOUSANDS of dollars by clicking the link above.

Brighter and Higher Ratio of Contrast

Having the power to display higher contrast in a cleaner color spectrum makes the difference. This in turn, has the makings to develop what people love to use in the home environment.

Sony focuses on the dynamics of its Illuminations which enhances its style of picture. No more wondering what is the font print on a much smaller screen when you can easily see every detail right down the the texture each object.

This makes the viewing that much more realistic and clearly dazzling the see when discovering the wonderful display of colors and shades. The deeper the tones in graphics images, the higher the contrast you should be able the experience when each scene is in action. Not only will you be able the see these wonder definitions in full contrast colors, It’s to possible the enjoy this in a real time image as if you’re staring into a window of a new world of view.

Check out the visualisation of Sony’s high performance projector here.

Movie Theater Quality Features

Sony has set the bar high in theater entertainment The projector continues the deliver what most people determine the be the most by any standards, the best to create a fun interactive design in theater projection.

It’s more than just a projector when your enjoying the sights and sounds of a real home theater performance.

It”s like bringing the cinemas back home where it should be, in your house hold. Here is a few features the take a closer look at what Sony Short throw UHD projector can do for you and your family.

  • Reality Upscale your favorites- This makes your Blu-ray and DVD movies and shows stand out even more with flair due the the technology of SXRD which enhances the color, contrast, and texture.
  • VPL-VZ1000ES- Has laser light source of panels and displays. It stands out to emulate Full HDR lighting contrast.
  • Motion Flow Technology- Takes fast pace scenes and dictates its next frame of motion by every fine detail in each set of frames that would greatly maximize the flow picture motion like a theater display in each movie.

Getting the best picture in this setting requires a higher definition projector like Sony to complete your movie theater experience. Enjoy the movies the way you suppose to with higher definition quality standards though Sony’s home theater projector. Check out its built in 3D transmitter that upscale 2D the 3D without making any adjustments here.

Long Lasting Lamp Life

It’s terrible to have a such a wonderful high quality projector shutdown on you due the a short lamp life.

This Can be pain in the butt trying the replace or install the bulb yourself, if this is your first time. These are some of the issues many projector owners can face when dealing with faulty projectors that seem to not live up the quality standards you require for your home.

Using a Sony projector, You can rest assured with its 2500 lumens lighting that is designed the carry over that same high quality lighting for a long period of time.

  • Z Phosphor- A projector laser light source that is capable of lasting up to 20,000 hours for uninterrupted service.
  • No lamp Replacement- This operates on laser lighting and creates a brighter illumination.
  • Virtually no maintenance – There is no bulb to replace, glass laser lighting is here the stay.

The effect of having this feature for a home theater projector, sets Sony apart from the pack. You can see the difference as suppose to other projectors when the features of lighting and color tones splash across the screen with high grade perfection.

Check out how does Sony discover the true-to-life color display that enriches the gamut with life like features using a form of technology called Triluminos. Click here for more details.

Home Cinema Theater Projector

Sony VPL-VW295ES 4K HDR Home Theater Projector


  • 3D capabilities
  • Display Technology SXRD display with HDR 4K performance
  • Operates from 35 the 85 degree temperatures
  • Powered Lens and zoom projection
  • Power consumption: 120v the 390v
  • Brightness output: 1500 lumens with nine picture modes
  • Dimensions: 19.5W x 8.3/32H x 18.25D inches
  • Weight: 31 pounds.
  • Contents: VPL-VW295ES 4K HDR Home Theater Projector, Remote control, AA batteries, instructions, AC power, Quick reference manual.


  • Motorized Zoom lens shift- with 2.06x zoom the widen and raise up the 85% vertical and 33% horizontally.
  • Reflexive Display of SXRD panel Technology- which delivers native 4K resolution and deeper Blacks.
  • Super Resolution Display- Creates 3D viewing with high contrasting colors and tones.
  • Longer Watching time- with 225 watt ultra-pressure lamps, using up to 6000 hours the playtime.
  • 18 Gbps- which means your watching higher gradations of graphic detail in a smoother image.
  • True-the-life Color Tones- with triluminos technology that takes 2D and coverts the 3D though color.
  • IMAX Enhanced Technology- Gives your theater quality experience you have been waiting for.


Bring the high quality standards of home entertainment to life, with 4K projection and cinema like features. Makes the case to use for more than just movies as its able the convert for gaming, live action, sporting events and photo imaging.

Motorized adjustment range of positioning for viewing. Has the technology the enhance DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming devices. Uses Motion Flow technology which shows each frame in motion with clear detail and higher resolution.


Due to high quality features, Sony’s projector is quite expensive. Although running time is longer, the possibly for replacing the lamp still exist. The cost for replacing the lamp is easier, but still is expensive to purchase. Due the the high level use of lamp brightness.

Projector’s lamp produces mercury, which means disposal of these materials may be regulated due to environmental considerations. You may have to consult with local authorizes for proper disposal information.

Our rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Recommendations: With careful observation, the consideration of Sony’s Cinema home theater projector is a good fit for your home. The fact that it delivers more quality content and features than other projectors have yet to have. Sony’s projectors ius one of the most affordable in comparison the other of higher grade projectors. This projector is truly one of the best home theater systems you could invest in for multi-purpose uses in the home environment.

Discovering the many features and functions has made the case, that we are confident in your ability to be please and satisfied by Sony’s home theater standards. It’s a true gem of what every home needs for the future. Don’t miss out on these special deals and rebates for the Sony cinema home theater projector by clicking here.

If you have any question and concerns, comment below this article. We welcome your thoughts and opinions here at

Five Reasons To Own a Theater Projector.

To have a home theater projector is the crown jewel of the family’s memories and history. You can always have that time of remembrance of joy and peace to reminisce about the good old’ days when you were younger or recall things in time how it was back in the day. As you see in the past we have different places to show and view these precious memories. It’s the better choice to see where do you value them the most.

Most of us love to gather in the family room or a very comfortable spot in the house. So It’s good to accommodate the room space for larger groups to view and enjoy the time together. That could be in a number different spaces around the house. Here we are going to show you some of the best places you could place your projector theater. This will give you the opportunity to see what other ideas you can develop for your own theater setup.

we suggest you should get a pen, and a sheet of paper to jot down more things you could get the idea of what you really need for creative points for design. So here is our five reasons why you should own a theater projector.

Living Room Theater Upgrade

Bringing style into the fold for a projector theater has to do with unique styles and shared passions of an art form. You want to express what it’s your own outlook and overall comfort not only for you but for your guest and family as well. We are going look into some ways that would help you discover the true art form of style with selections of projector home theater options.

Designing the theater in the living room is quite simple, but still requires your attention to detail. For instance. Are you planning this theater room entirely for projector viewing? How many people are you looking to have in this room? Does your living room furniture have enough space to use.? these are just some questions to ask yourself to see if and where do you find this as an ideal spot to use in your home.

The next options to consider is the lighting in the room, do you want more or less? Many people love to have much less in order to give more attention to the screen and less attraction to the outside world. It’s still a good idea to have some lighting which could give you more ambiance to the picture screen. The select use of equipment in the living room has the same level of importance as what your watching as well. The quality grade of devices and equipment can make total impact on your use of a projector to use for viewing slides and pictures or video.

Using the living room as a position to have a family get together for home theater use is paramount. This is the most traditional way to enjoy the entertainment and great memories that you share with the family with comfortable settings. This is easily a family favorite to use for your home.

Basement Design Technology

Adding the best forms of technology requires the best of what the industry has to offer in terms of cutting edge technology. We can imagine what out ideal basement theater could look like by envisioning the specifics. This is an important step to take on your journey of construction to build the right type of basement design for your family and friends. In a basement design, your in control of developing better options for a fantastic projector theater. 

These are some ideas to consider for the basement.

  • Shop for the best projector sets.
  • Consider comfortable furniture sets for theater use.
  • Good selections for surround sets to install in the home.
  • Picking a good portable screen for projector viewing.

The placement in the theater is very important to use in the basement. This will determine how this could affect the way you see the screen and get the most out you room for good theater use for larger groups of people. Planning, budgeting and placement is the biggest things to consider when developing a great projector screening for basement entertainment.

Garage man cave techniques

Create the man cave that you would be proud of. It’s not about how you can make a man cave that is like you buddy’s place or room. You have to think outside of the box in terms of development and creative style. It’s has to look like your imprints all over this project. To own a man cave it has to look like your own cave. Take a look at some suggestions to find what is your own style of need for the garage man cave.

Use the drive in theater themes and styles for development:

  • Vintage Car classics- You can build out the garage with old school cars and vintage seating
  • Country music- Music legends posters and musical symbols graced around the garage for starters.
  • Rock and roll Images- 50s radio sets to vintage checkered titling is a good option to start with.
  • Hip hop inspiration- Disco balls, or extra spotlight support for a dance like atmosphere can make an impact.
  • Sports and recreational- Football snack helmets, Basketball plastic hoops, to hockey play tables it’s a good idea.

Each one of these themes bring the ideas to your mind in to encourage more creative ideas to bring out. You have the option to see what is best for your garage theater. In many cases it’s what your theater can handle but starts with your creative mind set which sets the tone. Remember, in the previous topic is to have good placement and spacing available to use these options. It’s not suggested using this option if you have a use for parking you car or truck in the garage.

Creative Attic Development

Design you attic space with a movie theater sex appeal. This for those who still have that type of space to spare with good options to use. Designing a theater room in the attic is not as imposing as you may think. With a well ventilated room with optimum spacing for good theater play is a good start. Plus people sitting the attic could make noises down below, there is option to soundproof your attic space for premium entertainment without driving people around you nuts.

Let’s start with a basic must haves for good attic creative development:

  • Have the attic space checked for hazardous conditions.
  • Make sure the attic has proper air conditioning.
  • Check the space to see if the space able to use.
  • Determine where are you going to place the projector setup.
  • What type of seating do you want for attic theater entertainment.

This is some of the things to consider when making for decisions for a theater setup. In one of the unique places can make your home a place for theater entertainment. With careful planning and good adjustment to know what is the best placement measures to use in development, is the thoughtful way to discover your own attic space gem.

Our Recommend Theater Projector

Now that you have the best places to set up your projector set and create and good safe spot and for space and good environmental entertainment. The fun playful idea of creating a themed projector theater is unique to others for great use is quite the idea you want for your home theater. let’s give you the list of projectors we recommend to out theater enthusiast for the sake of good quality playback and enjoyable projector use. Our List of the best project to buy with feature specifications to use in your home.
Our top theater projectors for different place in the home lifestyle.

Portable projector- This a Good Idea for those who crave to have this projector set in different rooms around the house. Go from living room movie watching to presenting the family photos in the dinner table while your getting in a good meal.

Mounted projector- This projector set has the movie theater type of appeal to take your room to next level. This provides a wonderful array of quality picture sound and great seating options.

Floor Projector- For those who want more space to use and require this for more seating options. This projector can be placed in smaller spaces. You have the options from underneath the couch to and on the bookshelf is a fwe places we can use this projector for great viewing opportunities. Less noise, more options for placement.

By now, you should have the list of good ideas for your own projector theater set. We hope you would be interested to share with us your own type of design ideas to help others. We appreciate your feedback and we strongly suggest considering these reasons why you should own a projector theater. This is considered some the best types of technologies you can use for your home entertainment. Thanks for visiting out site, please check out our pages for home theater topics at

JMGO Smart Theater Projector (Review)

JMGO 1080P 4K Smart Theater Projector

Best place to buy: Amazon

Projector Weight: 3.4 lbs

Dimensions: 8.19 x 5.24 x 4.25

Best Features: Auto Focus, 3D cinema, Bluetooth,10 watt speakers

Warranty Options: One Year warranty w/ Lifetime customer service

Color: White

Product Number:J6S

My Rating: 4 out 5 stars

When it comes to re-inventing the wheel it’s very hard to do. If your consistently trying to make small improvements to the wheel and make it faster and more effective than the last one well your making waves to change the game in different ways. JMGO has the market on its ear with its bundled package set smart projector that has the all the right features to help make things a lot more fun and entertaining around the home front and living room.

JMGO brings a lot to the table as far as the major push for greater entertainment is concerned. This could make some things really stand out to the point of greatness itself. But in order to fully get an idea of what we are looking at, lets take a look at some features to get a better understanding of what this smart projector can do for you and how much of a benefit does it bring to the table for different needs.

1080P Power With 4K and 3D Cinema

Does your TV have trouble showing movies in high definition quality? how about having trouble with placement of where to put up that speaker set or need a great place to project a good viewing size and picture? All your questions are answered with one word JMGO. This projector has the ability to auto focus on the positioning and give you the premium content of picture quality you have been waiting for.

This projector flex it’s muscles and give you more than what you expect in a projector set by delivering some the better qualities a theater performance set has to offer. Which is nice cnsidering the 1080 p grade pictures, with 4k upgrades to take to your cinema excitement to another level.

This Company is about understanding what the customer wants and bring more than what customer expects. I think that is what JMGO has mastered – Advice Giant 

HIFI Bluetooth Speaker Sound

Does make you think, what else can you use out of this projector? there is plenty to use in the theater set but it is what can you discover in your lifestyle with this new form of entertainment around your home and in your life. One of the best options to get to know about is Bluetooth enabled 10 inch watt speakers that will really surprise you in the way it’s able to handle such a high amount of output while giving your all the power to control it while it’s in the standby mode.

What a wonderful option to have in the home when things get a little more out of place you rest relax to the new tunes in your own time by catching your favorite music to watch every time your at home with your smart phone.

The 3D Cinema Comes Home

It’s totally understandable if you have never had 3D action your home like forever but remember as a kid we all wanted those special 3-d glasses at the bottom of our favorite cereal so were digging and eating our way to the great prize to enjoy the TV show that displays 3-D television for thirty minutes. Well in this case you get to enjoy the whole movie at your own leisure without digging though the cereal box. You will have access to 3-D glasses JMGO glasses comes with them as well. 

JMGO Has Keystone Correction For Different Positions

If you worried about placing a projector in different positions of the room and but not sure of the off positioning of the projection? JMGO has that cover as well with an auto focused technology with supreme sharpness that give you the right type of positioning the way you always wanted every time you use it.

This feature use a 45 degree angle at horizontal and vertical adjustments to deliver the best viewing and the best quality. To many of us, this is a blessing to have in a projector because we all have the tendency to change up homes, rooms and spaces from time to time. So if your looking to move around more than usual this would be perfect for you.

Brighten Up Your Entertainment

It’s a beautiful sunny day but your favorite show just came on, so you decide to watch the program but realize the sun is too bright for your television set so drawing in the curtain maybe the right choice to make. But for those of us who choose to use a JMGO for enhance capabilities like 2500 ANSI Lumens that pretty much make it a lot better in terms of style and quality plus great clarity with some awesome detail to your viewing.

Would not have to get the drapes and cover the window to get the full brightness to come thought eh screen when it automatically adjusts to fulfill that darker image with a brighter clear picture to enjoy.

My Recommendation:

With 1080 p plus 4k projection and Bluetooth speaker power built in, you sure to have the most out your entertainment with this projector in the living room or basement. With a contrast ratio of 3000:1 seeing different shades and colors and darker tones will create a dazzling color effect of depth with crispier and crystal clear detail to be amazed and become more intrigued to see more.

You can tell this project has the making of a great projector that continues to wow you with amazing features and opportunities to keep you and family together and share fun times together. The one feature that has my attention the most is the 3D technology that helps in using this feature for movies and shows that is 3-d enabled, but imagine it with 4k projection with half second clarity and auto focus mechanics.

The JMGO 4K Smart Projector continues to exceed every ones expectations in terms of great style ability to deliver on a bigger stage while dazzling the whole family with its wholesome amount features to keep you entertained. If you have any questions about this projector please comment below this review and tell us what do you think of the JMGO J6S model.

Be sure to check out more reviews on some the best types of home theater systems and look out for more great tips on proper budgeting tips to help you build up the right home theater with breaking the bank in the process.

Ben Q 1080 P Home theater Projector (Review)

Ben Q 1080 P Home Theater Projector

Best place to buy: Amazon

Size Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 5 inches

Projector Weight: 8 pounds

Product number: HT2050A

Color: White

Best Features: 1080 p / 2200 brightness of lumens

Warranty Options: One Year Warranty

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

What an impressive way to get your living started off the right way by investing into a great device that will create an entertainment you always wanted for your family. Ben Q Home theater projector system can make things go to from boring life as home to a family center of joyful excitement. You have to take into account what this would open up for you and your loved ones, It’s high quality as it best with the operations and superb like abilities.

To bring out the options to have more of less or less of more This projector does not take too much room but it’s over delivers on projection every single time you turn it on to start the dazzling effects of quality does it make things easier to enjoy? yes it’s a par the class the color and contrast to give you the balance of style and quality that stands out in the mist of other projectors out there.

You have to experience this type of brilliant display of TV to really have to understand what would it takes to bring out more than enough picture quality to your living room .In this review we are going to take a walk though the aspects of what Ben Q’s project has on deck for your home entertainment and make a decision to understand why is this projector the reason you need high preformance picture qualtiy in your home.

                           Real Cinematic Colors

This is what the movie directors wanted you hear and see when you pop in a great movie to watch for the first second and third time. Just know there is so many ways to capture the fully gamut of colors arrays but Ben Q has delivered to you though its magnificent display for picture quality. As you watch each frame of picture change so shall you see the contrasting colors move towards the way the picture is portrayed to show you more in each films sequence during screen play and fast pace motion.

It’s like taking the normal average color set and speeding it up 6 times the speed and delivering such a wonderful array of color schemes that will dazzle your interest and desire to watch more movies  just for the super sharpness and fullness of picture quality each film produces.

You will see such a crisp, sharp image on screen it will question what would you consider real or not in this world of cinema as your keep your eyes peeled towards the next frame of color performance.

             Get In The Fast Lane For True Gaming

As you get into the next level for popular game play take the time to notice how good your graphics sets are now and understand what is the best type of quality for true gaming. Most would believe is the graphic detail that makes the game so fascinating other may think it’s how much style and develop is a part of the set but we all could appreciate the speed and timing of the system and how it delivers the power you need to complete on that next level.

To Many of us hate it  your about to ascend to the next level of gaming and see the lag or slow motion of game play due to the CPU system trying to keep up with the amount of processing of graphics and detail which could take up more than enough room on the system processor which makes it difficult to keep pace. But you don’t have to go though that with this type of projector set in your hands.

BenQ has a feature called low input lag which triggers higher rates of response and greater detail to gaming. That makes things much more exciting to know about as you take on the next level of entertainment for family fun though gaming.

Think know about this feature is the high color and graphics which is accelerated to show more than just an average image and greater appeal to picture. This makes your whole gaming system grow into an arcade on steroids.

Short Projection Power With Side Projection Versaility

It’s More than enough to know about the high end detail of contrast and color scheme is crazy to see on display from frame to frame but try to understand the power of what does it a project can handle in the projection of 8 feet away and delivers 100′ feet of projection with a picture perfect form?

Do you need to know more about proper placement when you can basically place the projector in different spots and don’t worry about the trapezoid spots of projection when in screen play. It’s delvers the same high quality content when you need it most.

Keystone correction will keep you from getting the wrong type of horizontal and vertical effects of the trapezoid effects as well just setup time and enjoy the movie. So you have the power of placement by your side as you decide to change the look of the living room give your home theater a new-look to impress your friends and family.

My Recommendation:

With no doubt it’s one of the better projectors that is still killing it as far as the specs and features, to deliver your the best to enjoy in so many ways to the home theater market. You can see the difference in what aspects your can get from this projector set in terms of sound, visual graphics detail and cinematic performance which tends to belong in a whole new category of quality projectors.  BenQ 1080 p home theater projector is definitely a projector to have for many ways of entertainment. 

If you have any more questions and inquires about BenQ projector set please give us a comment below and let us know what do you think of this review. Check out more tips about home theater products and services at

JVC E-Shift5 D-ILA Projector (Review)

JVC E-Shift5 D-ILA Projector

Amazon Product Information

Best Feature: 4K E-Shift5 Technology

Projector Size: 47 x 45 x 18 inches

Projector Color: White

Projector Weight: 15.4 pounds

Model Number: DLA-X590R

Warranty Options: None

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Have you ever thought of a 4K projector with its own exclusive piece of technology to use for home theater action? It’s possible because JVC has the type of devices to make you think seriously on making a decision to buy a better projector set for home or basement use. It could be all about end lamps or the intense color HDR display, maybe the high performance stereo system installed inside the model its self, But JVC made the new exclusive totally capable of handling the most important needs to use.

There comes a time when the decision to upgrade to a different device becomes relevant and needed in the worst way. This is possible due to wear and tear of outdated models and the ever-changing revolution of the industry that’s always looking to get better and faster all the time. It’s important to get a model hat answer all your needs for premium entertainment.

As we take a look into the aspects of this model design its possible to take into consideration on what features could really help you and the family for the long run. To many of us have been hung up of choice theater projector with all the high tech designs. To find out that its not really an option, but its not really you though it would be so it could be vital to know that your have understand what is the best options to use for a home theater.

4K Support and Action

Don’t you love the abilities of a 4k projection device? It’s capable take regular average 1080 p and converting it to high class with pure eloquent style that is designed to fit your own type of lifestyle. Maybe your movie buff that enjoy watch movies on the regular basis. It’s okay, This projector is design to run on long periods of time.

With dazzling displays of HDR picture your tuning the outside world out and tuning into a brand new opportunity that continues to grant you the most your could ever afford on a day by day mindset. Sharp detail and high end color gamut brightness that will leave you in such awe over to’s power display of action sequence to catch every fine detail and tune it into the most high quality device to use in the industry.

E-shift5 Your Mind To New Images

You can see the difference in the most powerful set to use in this market this is a way of making the world a better place to watch enjoy good movies to really get the most out of your lifestyle with grater content and fine detail to enjoy and peacefully catch the full display of every single frame don’t the last minute.

The power of e-shifts relies on the aspect of the tuning 1080p technology and converting it into the high quality style of 4k compatible display to view each every single color contrast. With great motion picture detail plus fine-tuning. This is your source of smooth transition to really take a good understanding of change each time from old frame of picture quality into a great form of fine detail and straight dazzling effects of color display. To darkened contrast tones to be amazed.

The Need For Speed and Motion

You crave the motion of a picture in real time speed? of course, you do, the faster the better is hat we all want. I don’t you think you you only want the bogged down effects of poor quality speed at less than 4 mbps its no enjoyable at all to think about it. So how about 18 Gbps? Now you have less time to take to bring up the low grade resolution to the full speed to operate at a 4k projection. This is what your really want.

It’s great and amazing to watch things in full motion speed as if they were in real time but really close to it. In time there will be more devices or could be out there in many ways we have not had seen yet which has to beg the question of who is the next to buy this tending powerful device to really bring home the movie theater to the living room or basement?

Are You Looking for more than Just Fine Quality?

It’s About getting the most out your buck as possible and you want the best that holds its side of the bargain when it comes to digital devices the should have a high capability which holds the best forms of great performance. So why demand the best if the best demands we pay more? Good thing JVC stands tall on its products with an opportunity to develop a good customer base showing the high of confidence that is missing in this market.

That is why JVC has Upgraded the 2018 version with he new E shift Technology that way new or old buyers to the technology can enjoy the new features its beating it chest about and have more of a high satisfaction rate that is steadying rising to the top of the market in terms of cream of the crop products with he likes of Epson and Sony products.

Pro’s About JVC Model Projector:

You can see the most out the gate that continue to bring a certain type of style that makes it so appealing to check out and use for better purposes. This what you want in a device that could carry that weight as the best and deliver on those promises. Upgrading the technology with E-shift5 and adding more a kick with quite fan motor has a profound effect which help in the long run.

Con’s About JVC Model Projector:

Were disappointed to see that JVC failed to provide the customer base a supportive warranty package to make sure that its on the up and up with he top dog brands of the market like Epson and Sony to name a few. The device has very little audio ablities for the price I though it would give out so much more than the main focus on the’ high picture performance alone.

My Recommendation: This is in the category of one the best performing devices to ever demand the best of the home quality entertainment. you in good company with a JVC in your hands to use. This projector can each convert the pretty good quality picture of 1080p towards the top-notch high speed of 4k Technology which is great all by its self.

You would be disappointed after using this mode land then turning back to an another original projector which has more than enough high quality aspects to get the job done but to have the features of this model set in your living room is a game changer for sure We like to recommend the investment on a JVC projector set.

Please to leave a comment below to tell us wht you think abou this projector set  and be sure to check out our newest article on how to shop for the right funriture set for home theater lifestyle

Artlii HD Projector Review

Artlii Upgraded Lumen 3800 Home Projector

Amazon’s Product Information

Projector Weight: 5.5 pounds

Projector Color: White

Size Dimensions:12.2 X 9.6 x 4.6

Model Number: US-YG 600watt

Best features: Large HD Screen Projector/HiFi Stereo speakers/ 3800 Brightness

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My Rating: 4 out 5 Stars

Your in the control of the movies at home when Artlii home theater protector is on. Thank goodness it’s capable of really giving you the best form of entertainment when you need it most. Just image your place lighting up with joyful wonders. With a delightful style and ability to sustain a wonderful amount of high quality is great in its self.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just as effective as the next one when Artlii has made the commitment to stay on top of its game and deliver the best types of good quality you could ever ask for.

In this review we are going to discuss the true aspects of this wonder crafted device which joy entertainment to our homes with passion and excitement. As we walk though each amazing feature be sure to check off what do you really need for your living room or basement in terms of a home theater projector.

This will give you the space and opportunity to develop more of a family fun entertainment center with great feature you need to deliver the type of quality theater system you need for the cinema home lifestyle.

Artlii Super Brightness

The way new projectors can give a good developed projection is to make the quality of light high end and intense. Artlii has step up and made things an lot more interesting by brighten the lighting up to 3800 to see if there is more contrast in color for the best to understand a better perception which holds more value to the better quality of picture than most could want.

To put it in other words, That is 3000:1 ratio which should allow the picture have sharper images and high quality contrast and tones in each frame. The more the picture is vibrant the better it is to really understand the great quality of color motion picture.

Stereo HiFi Sound Makes Life Better

Enjoy the day watch the movie with superior sound qualities and actually hear each piece of sound effect when it’s between of each scene. Do you ever wonder at times about missing the better part of the movie due to the inability to hear the full range of content? So your forced to use closed caption for the intended purpose of understanding was being said during the certain parts of the film.

Built in Dolby stereo speakers that have a more of a high power kick to them that will give you more than enough sound support alone.

There is no need for additional amplifier support when you have better comfort and great style of sound coming these speakers which tend to deliver when ever your in need of it. These speakers are located each side of the projector it’s builds in to the projector itself so there is no addition cords to hook into for good sound support.

Projector Performance Without the Projector Noise

Many of us can’t seem to like the fact that a buzzing noise or warming sensation is filling the air waves to the point of irritation. Were talking about the high quality effects of a projector set that have to be cooled down to maintain to a certain degree. Artlii has found the way to quiet most of that noise.

Imagine a thermal cycle of control that manages the timing of the cooling effect to take place, and in the process you can’t even hear much of the fan or motor sound when it’s in full cooling mode. The projector is in regular operating mode there is little to no noise to hear which sets up a real quiet atmosphere to enjoy the movie with the projector effects.

Stay Cool While you Watch Hot Movies

If you are wondering what is keeping things so cool around you when the projector is on is the cooling effect that’s located on the back of the device. The two cool fans keep things wonderful and pleasant to enjoy the movie without the heating and burning sensation cause by your old hot running projector.

The best things in life seem to come in two’s That is why Artlii has two built-in cooling fans on each side of the projector near the back end. To help keep things cool inside the projector and cooler around your home as well.

Long Life Lamps For Entertainment

The brighter the Lamps can be the shorter the life expectancy the lamps have right? wrong, with 45,000 hours of total action packed use it’s built for the long haul of use in a daily basis. Even if you watch the movie and leave it on to tend to laundry of simply forget to turn it off, this will give you peace of mind knowing it’s built to withstand 18 years of long term use.

Before you go out a get this projector set make to know that every thing has an expiration date and taking good care of the devices you accumulate could not only give you more out of projector it’s great to have a model that’s giving you the best form of entertainment to love and enjoy.

My Recommendation: You have been in though enough problems from under preforming models knowing that it’s about the best quality projector you can use for your home or away entertainment. There is quality to know that Artlii has so many uses to function on a much better platform for many ways to discover.

In searching for a better type of device for home theater system Artlii has the market cornered for high performance at such low cost to afford.

This projector can be used outdoors and indoors. It’s possible to connect devices to it such as your laptop and music devices and smart phone with the help of HDMI Devices which could make your home lifestyle a lot more different to enjoy on a daily basis.

We have More than one to discover the best option for your home theater lifestyle by enjoying checking out our guide to better ways to build a great home theater experience which is located here at

Please leave a comment below and tell us what do you think of this review and Artlii HD projector.

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K PRO-UHD Review (Nice Deal)

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K PRO-UHD

Best Deal To Get: Click here to check it out

Amazon Product Information

Size Dimensions: 17.7 x 20.4 x 7.5 inches

Item Weight: 24.7 pounds

Color: White

Model number: 5050UB

Best features: Three Chip Technology Feature

Warranty Options: 2 Year Projector Warranty  with a 90 day lamp warranty

My Rating: 4 out 5 stars

How do you view watching movies? Do you just turn on the TV and just watch what is on the next channel or are you setting up a Blu-ray device and popping in a movie? Or are you The type that loves to have the top-notch high performance system which can deliver the most out of your life when it comes to good home theater projection?

You can tell the difference in comparison when other models are placed next to Epson’s projector. In this review were going to take a look into the specifics and dynamics of this device to find out what type of technology gives you most out of your lifestyle.

As we look into each feature, check out which one of these features can really give you the most for your home theater set. In order to find great quality it’s good to know where the source of quality projectors come from by checking out how did Epson became one the worlds best projector manufactures in the world.

The History Of Epson

Since 1942 The Epson continues to give you great high quality fine-tuned precision that commands excellence. Epson has a long standard in stable and consistent products made to be high efficient that is the tradition though out it’s his history as one the best in the market for many products. Micomemchanictronics is the stalwart of this company’s value.

By developing a relationship of trust, ultra fine quality products and good customer service, it’s no wonder why each one of its projectors have such great value and precise tuned features with amazing feature for your convince.

What is 3-Chip Technology?

It’s Epson Best feature for projectors, Just when you though it’s not even possible to have a full range color gamut within each frame, guess again, because it’s exactly what you might think. Epson has figured out the way to have 3D RGB color signal within each and every frame.

That means outstanding brightness without the “color brightness” or “rain bowing” that you would see in other under performing projectors. The three chip part is three individual chips of LCD which help produces a great spectrum of brilliant displays of color rich imagery.

Experience 4K In Your Living Room

Could be the type of Projector that could change the way you view live music, movies and TV shows. Dream bigger than before with high resolutions that will amaze you and make you wonder if there is a TV in your living room or is this a window to the world. The way the room lights up in total array of dazzling colors and you have to be in shocked and of total disbelief at the idea of this is Four TIMES the 4K resolution which gives you more detail to watch and enjoy.

That’s right, It’s millions of pixels showing great amounts of detail and super sharp contrast that will convince you that regular television is not the way to view movies anymore. It’s More of an upgrade or enhancement of 4K display. Welcome to a new world of beautiful color and visual brilliance.

Amazing HDR Processor

To know that you have 4k projector is not even enough, not even for Epson’s standards, how about a powerful HDR professor that is capable of organizing the color contrast to the point of really distinguishing the difference between dark color scenes and light color contrast. The ratio is  enhanced to 1,000,000 : 1 which means brilliant color schemes to discover though every frame.

This feature gives a full 10 bits- HDR color processor which delivers more than just any old exceptional performance, it’s creates mind blowing effects from frame to frame. Every time you turn on the projector set.

Digital World Of Pictures

This feature make the transition from analog to digital with an 12 bit real time processor. This makes the movie watching go from good to great within a blink of eye. If Your worried about the “blocking” or “banding” people have seen in other models, rest assured, this projector has eliminated that problem to deal with. It’s all reproduced to faithfully deliver the high quality displays of image the way it should be projected.

This feature offers a smooth more complete tonal transition to crystal clarity which helps in the process of development of carrying the most powerful color processor with an almost naturally setup to perform at a high level each time your in the mood to watch a movie.

The Brightness of an Epson

Can You imagine a world of action packed entertainment and joy with all the array of dazzling colors and high bright colors coming though a small boxed shaped object that is designed to create only so much content but brings out more?

What is great about this projector feature is the ability to perform at a high level and at a great intensity of light. About 2600 lumens of brightness while delivering the right brightness. This feature pretty many sets up the 4K projector abilities to develop to a fined visual masterpiece. Also, it allows the HDR processor to have an wide open spectrum to create more special effects for the visual cinema

Darker Contrast With Lighting Controls

What a great idea to know that Epson has the right tones to make the black tones even darker which creates such a fined detailed performance of the image it’s not even funny. You will be able to see what is going on in the darkest scenes and show great detail to color and graphic visuals to keep you interested for more.

Epson uses a feature to help stray the light in most places of the frame to continue more of the fine sharp detail. Just know that it’s operating at a 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio which delivers excellent performance.

My Recommendation: This is one of the best projectors to ever make the grade as the best among the best. You could not ask for better projector than this in many of the ways of family entertainment and cinema performance. It’s mind blowing to know about its features, but to experience it in a whole new world in its self. Is out of this world.

Epson continues to get a whole lot better in terms of great quality and fine tune percise projection. It’s definitely worth the chance to look into for more high quality home theater action in your life. For more ways To discover a optimal performance for your home theater set, check out our articles here at

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