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XGIMI H2 LED Smart Projector

Amazon Product Specifications

Dimensions: 201 x 201 x 135mm

Projector Weight: 5.51 lbs

Color of Projector: Sliver

Best Features: Screenless projection, Bluetooth projection, 4K technology

Resolution: 1280 * 1080 (Supports 4k)

Brightness: 1350 ANSI Lumens

Contrast Ratio:10000: 1

Keystone Correction: One Click Keystone Correction

Projection 1,2: 1 ( 60 inches @ 1.5m)

Cache + RAM: 16G + 2G

Image Size: 30 – 300 inches

My Rating: 4 out 5 stars

XGIMI LED smart projector is one of the best in the market for its innovative ways the capture our hearts and excitement and continues to develop better and better products. One the true leader of the pack brings forth the new wave of amazing projectors.

When a manufacturing companies such as this, step up and delivers an out of this world type of quality for the home entertainment it’s safe the say your getting the best in the market to have around you . Try to understand what type of projector you will need to suit you needs best. Your looking to have more than enough detailed choices then you have to realize the true aspects the have them around you. Let’s Take a look at some the best features XGIMI has the offer.

The All-in-One System

Can you realize how important it is the have not just a projector but a device that is capable of doing multiple things the satisfly your interest while delivering high grade content the fully enjoy. It’s more to do with what you like the have in the living which makes the most sense. Are you into movies and internet? there are options for that, if your looking the just watch TV and listen the good music? there is a feature for that as well.

Perhaps you would like the use all of these and have less effort of setting things up. that is possible with the XGIMI H2 LED Smart Projector. To many of us crave the multi task and get several things done with ease. It’s about knowing when the get the most out of your life in terms of great entertainment.

Built In Speaker System

There is nothing like having a high performance system operating at optimal levels with Sound capabilities geared towards enhancing the cinema experience. XGHIMI Partners with a top brand name company called Karmon Harman speakers these speakers are designed to deliver the good in terms of great sound support for TV and movies plus a standalone system with the power the display music of you choice and it’s built inside this sleek new device.

To have more in smaller packages is unique and great the have. Why? you have less space the deal with clumsy cords and excessive device taking up space and draining too much energy which in turn makes things a lot more enjoyable the love and admire.

Just imagine Hearing the type of sound would normally hear the movie theater, filling the whole room with quality of sound totally making the best two punch combination you deserve. With Bluetooth connectivity, It’s possible the DJ your whole house with new song and features just down load the latest apps the get the best opportunity to listen the music digitally with no problems just download, push and play.

Motion Of Real Time Speed

It’s all about the accurate motion real time speed in a motion picture movie. If you are tired of watching blogged down images trying the catch up the good real time speed? then you can rest assured that XHGIMI has settled that problem to get things back into focus.

This is an excellent feature to have in your home. No more listening to the movie play while the motion of the picture is trying to keep up. it magically auto corrects the issue right off the bat if this situation occurs.

Take the time to understand these type of small features and do wonders for you and family going forward. You should also knowing that when watching this with real time motion sequence the movie gives more detail the effects of the picture which could be the game changer you have been waiting for.

4K Projection For Entertainment

The type of quality you could really appreciate in the form new age technology which continues to deliver the most in terms of high quality projection. 1080 P has to be the one of the most used in terms of high grade performance which to many, is the gold standard of excellent displays of picture.

There is nothing like getting home and watching a good movie in enhanced picture quality with millions of colors splashed across the screen making the darker images bright and darker contrasting images have display beautiful tones of shades the show the high quality depth of color and contrast around the frame images.

My recommendation: The XGIMI Smart Projector Review

It with great wonder the see if there is a type of projector that could raise the bar of the level of entertainment and become one the very few projectors with most in terms of style and quality that continues to bring more the table set the stand for higher quality performance with many features the satisfly the most skeptic person.

It’s more to do of what the customer wants and get the most out of it for me. Does the XGIMI Smart Projector bring entertainment in many ways? yes. Does this projector bring more options than a projector system brings? yes. Is it family friendly and entertaining? YES! Then this is the ideal system the buy. The real question is, does any of these features fit your way of life, and does it fit your budget the have in your home and help shape the lifestyle You wanted idealistically.

The smart projector is worth the price in my opinion, on many reasons. But what is it worth to you ? Let us knowing below this review by commenting and telling us what do you think of this model projector. Remember to check out our articles on design and decorating your living room and basement for home theater sets at

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