Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K PRO-UHD Review (Nice Deal)

Epson Home Cinema 5050UB 4K PRO-UHD

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Amazon Product Information

Size Dimensions: 17.7 x 20.4 x 7.5 inches

Item Weight: 24.7 pounds

Color: White

Model number: 5050UB

Best features: Three Chip Technology Feature

Warranty Options: 2 Year Projector Warranty  with a 90 day lamp warranty

My Rating: 4 out 5 stars

How do you view watching movies? Do you just turn on the TV and just watch what is on the next channel or are you setting up a Blu-ray device and popping in a movie? Or are you The type that loves to have the top-notch high performance system which can deliver the most out of your life when it comes to good home theater projection?

You can tell the difference in comparison when other models are placed next to Epson’s projector. In this review were going to take a look into the specifics and dynamics of this device to find out what type of technology gives you most out of your lifestyle.

As we look into each feature, check out which one of these features can really give you the most for your home theater set. In order to find great quality it’s good to know where the source of quality projectors come from by checking out how did Epson became one the worlds best projector manufactures in the world.

The History Of Epson

Since 1942 The Epson continues to give you great high quality fine-tuned precision that commands excellence. Epson has a long standard in stable and consistent products made to be high efficient that is the tradition though out it’s his history as one the best in the market for many products. Micomemchanictronics is the stalwart of this company’s value.

By developing a relationship of trust, ultra fine quality products and good customer service, it’s no wonder why each one of its projectors have such great value and precise tuned features with amazing feature for your convince.

What is 3-Chip Technology?

It’s Epson Best feature for projectors, Just when you though it’s not even possible to have a full range color gamut within each frame, guess again, because it’s exactly what you might think. Epson has figured out the way to have 3D RGB color signal within each and every frame.

That means outstanding brightness without the “color brightness” or “rain bowing” that you would see in other under performing projectors. The three chip part is three individual chips of LCD which help produces a great spectrum of brilliant displays of color rich imagery.

Experience 4K In Your Living Room

Could be the type of Projector that could change the way you view live music, movies and TV shows. Dream bigger than before with high resolutions that will amaze you and make you wonder if there is a TV in your living room or is this a window to the world. The way the room lights up in total array of dazzling colors and you have to be in shocked and of total disbelief at the idea of this is Four TIMES the 4K resolution which gives you more detail to watch and enjoy.

That’s right, It’s millions of pixels showing great amounts of detail and super sharp contrast that will convince you that regular television is not the way to view movies anymore. It’s More of an upgrade or enhancement of 4K display. Welcome to a new world of beautiful color and visual brilliance.

Amazing HDR Processor

To know that you have 4k projector is not even enough, not even for Epson’s standards, how about a powerful HDR professor that is capable of organizing the color contrast to the point of really distinguishing the difference between dark color scenes and light color contrast. The ratio is  enhanced to 1,000,000 : 1 which means brilliant color schemes to discover though every frame.

This feature gives a full 10 bits- HDR color processor which delivers more than just any old exceptional performance, it’s creates mind blowing effects from frame to frame. Every time you turn on the projector set.

Digital World Of Pictures

This feature make the transition from analog to digital with an 12 bit real time processor. This makes the movie watching go from good to great within a blink of eye. If Your worried about the “blocking” or “banding” people have seen in other models, rest assured, this projector has eliminated that problem to deal with. It’s all reproduced to faithfully deliver the high quality displays of image the way it should be projected.

This feature offers a smooth more complete tonal transition to crystal clarity which helps in the process of development of carrying the most powerful color processor with an almost naturally setup to perform at a high level each time your in the mood to watch a movie.

The Brightness of an Epson

Can You imagine a world of action packed entertainment and joy with all the array of dazzling colors and high bright colors coming though a small boxed shaped object that is designed to create only so much content but brings out more?

What is great about this projector feature is the ability to perform at a high level and at a great intensity of light. About 2600 lumens of brightness while delivering the right brightness. This feature pretty many sets up the 4K projector abilities to develop to a fined visual masterpiece. Also, it allows the HDR processor to have an wide open spectrum to create more special effects for the visual cinema

Darker Contrast With Lighting Controls

What a great idea to know that Epson has the right tones to make the black tones even darker which creates such a fined detailed performance of the image it’s not even funny. You will be able to see what is going on in the darkest scenes and show great detail to color and graphic visuals to keep you interested for more.

Epson uses a feature to help stray the light in most places of the frame to continue more of the fine sharp detail. Just know that it’s operating at a 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio which delivers excellent performance.

My Recommendation: This is one of the best projectors to ever make the grade as the best among the best. You could not ask for better projector than this in many of the ways of family entertainment and cinema performance. It’s mind blowing to know about its features, but to experience it in a whole new world in its self. Is out of this world.

Epson continues to get a whole lot better in terms of great quality and fine tune percise projection. It’s definitely worth the chance to look into for more high quality home theater action in your life. For more ways To discover a optimal performance for your home theater set, check out our articles here at

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