Five Things Your Man Cave Must Have

Many of us would love to have the ideal man cave to enjoy and show off to our friends and family. But there seem to be a few things we tend to forget or maybe we don’t even know when developing a man cave that meets our personal standards for home entertainment. That’s why we are here to show you five important things your man cave must have. Let’s face it, we don’t want a plain room with a TV and a few chairs and old table to call an actual man cave do we?

It’s supposed to be fun and exciting to have a man cave. It’s a place of escape and entertainment when the world doesn’t want to be fun. You have a place to create a sense of peace, joy and happiness to share with anyone you choose.

It’s a different world that we live in. That means we are so distracted by other things in life that it’s hard to keep our attention for more than fifteen seconds. We all have the devices and computers to keep us occupied in many ways than one.

So how do you keep the life of the party in your man cave? Well we have some options to consider for better entertainment. Below we’ll go into the topic of how a theater projector can make the difference for your home environment.

#1. Theater Projector and Screens

A theater projector for the man cave is a huge upgrade in the home lifestyle. Many of use can wonder why is there so many ways to introduce a better source of entertainment. The exciting part of using a theater projector for a man cave includes many options to use in the home theater environment. You can find many things to use for a man cave setup using home theater devices and technology to enhance interactive fun and enjoyment.

The projector screens can be portable and come in different sizes for use. most theater projectors can accomedate for the types of projector sceeens made today. To get a idea what type of sceen you need for your man cave click here for details.

There are many ways to get the most out of a theater projector, here is some the options consider.

Hosting sporting events live: This is an excellent way to have fun with friends watching sporting games and fights streaming from your device to the big screen. This host up to ten people at once which makes the party better to have.

Video Gaming tournament: Get a team of your friends together to play special live gaming events taking on the world with fantastic effects and become the champion of gaming. Your man cave will be the number one spot to have fun.

Watch Movies at home: Invite the family to the room to experience a cinema theater feel in your own home. A bigger screen with a high quality projector can make the huge difference.

#2. Surround Sound System

To fully understand what it means to have a good man cave is to have some great sounds in your cave to make the place feel alive. It’s so important to upgrade the home with superior surround sounds. The cave may seem lame to others around the room and could need a pick me up. How are you going to enjoy the festives of gaming and live action sports with poor or limited quality sounds in the room? It’s like owning a high end sports car with a lawnmower engine installed in it.

Just take our word for it, installing surround sounds in a man cave can mean a world of difference for you. Many of us can wonder what does it take to bring the most sounds to a room? Sure you can hookup a stereo set or use some old speakers you had since your youthful days to deliver.

But to avoid the headaches of suspect equipment or rely on wires and cords lying around the room waiting to create a health hazard for tripping and falling, then you should look for better options to improve your sounds equipment with a good surround sound system. Check out some our recommend choices here for wireless surround sound speakers.

#3. Home Theater Seating

Most of us love to sit, watch and be entertained. You can see why there are many reasons to use  theater seating for a man cave room today. It could be for those love to watch streaming movies for long periods of time. Also could become a option to use for carrying our drinks and food while reclining back to enjoy a fighting match. Or you could use it for those who have a history of bad back problems and need more comfort and control to ease the stress.

We would like to you to know there is three types of furniture you can offer for your guest in a man cave.

One seat Recliners: This offers to the personal experience for comfort. Most of these recliners come in manual and electric controls for better operation. Leather seating, massage cushions, and storage compartments makes the difference. Click here for more on this option.

One Row Seating: Has a setting of seats with a center console and completed with a recliner for supreme comfort and accessibility. In this set of furniture, you and the family could benefit from it the most. Seats up to four people.

Sectional Seating: This works great for groups of people in a small setting. Which could help for saving space. Sectional seating comes in two, three, and four piece sectionals. Which can carry a lot of good options for comfort as well. Seats up to five people at once.

#4. Mini Bar

Everyone gets hungry and thirsty from yelling, dancing and sitting for too long. Why not have the option to have a mini bar installed with a small kitchen area for cooking some tasty treats for everyone to enjoy. To have a great man cave setup requires to have refreshments and snacks for entertainment. Let’s take a look at some of the best options for serving to your guest.

Setting a bar keg pumping station: It’s beer time, have your favorite beer keg set to keep the good times going with drinks on tap. This idea alone has to be the best option to use in case your party needs a bit of picking up.

Setup a bar table: It’s better to have a designated area for proper drinking and an area for entertainment. It cuts down on spills and messy clean ups. Also offer a soft drink section for those who do not drink hard liquor.

Cooking is essential: To cook, and set up snacks for guest is a great idea to have. If you room have enough space to install this setup, this will be the game changer you have been looking for. 

#5. WIFI Network
Boost - WiFi Solution - Stream Without Interference - White - Sonos

In this world we love our devices, There is almost no area of the world where any electric device is not online. Too many of us spend too much time on the internet. Don’t forget the use of technology in the home area which depends on streaming and proper connections to keep the live action going. This is our recommendations to have for good WIFI connections can give you the added advantage to complete your man cave.

Use a personal network for WIFI: It’s important to use a stronger router to reach most devices and maintain a better flow of connections for good internet services.

Get a WIFI Extender: This is the best possible way to keep connections safe between devices and controls. Works best for music, gaming and video streaming. Our recommend choice for this option is Sonos Boost. Click here for details

Create a Guest WiFI service: Your guest love to check on e-mail, call friends, and check social media for updates, this is vital to have to avoid interruptions and drop offs in connections. Creating a separate connection outside your original internet service helps you and your guest maintain a good services.

We hope you found great ideas to use for your man cave. This should help on your way to developing the best options to use for creating a fun filled interactive spot for your guest that should last for years to come. If you have any questions on this topic and wish to share them with us, please feel free to comment below, Check out our design plans for a great man cave setup here at

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