Game Room Ideas For Your Basement

It’s Great to know how to build your own game room in your own home, but if your Interested in building a great home entertainment center with features that can make a game room only apart from the whole center inside the basement you came to the right place.

Nobody wants to have to be stuck learning a new way to get creative on building the right type of setting for this multimedia center inside the basement area.

So what I would do is create a list of things I would want my area of the basement or attic space to have and look at what type of space is necessary to have this type of sets in your basement.

What Type Of Items Should I Start With?

Use your own creative mind to envision more than just a bar with a few old school arcade machines, try thinking outside the box for a change. Vintage machines is great to use, could be better if you, For example: have them installed inside a bar table set while drinking your favorite beverage. arcades

Now that is real creative thinking and good options to work with just remember you have to write these things down and then next we will discuss how to effectively implement them into the basement area. In order make this plan work properly it is a must you have a good reasonable budget to structure the ideas to fit your goals.

Now that we have established how we are able to get a list together by using creative ideas for space and structure let’s take a look at what type of items we could use to build a list on for a pretty cool game room.

Things to start a game room with:

Arcades– Vintage pinball/Retro gaming/ Interactive video

Sports– Foosball, Air Hockey/ Ping pong/ pool tables

Dining – Bar table set/ Round table with chairs/ tables to seats/ Bar Tap

Television– Inside table/ inside seating/ Wall mounted/Floor installed/portable viewing

As we go though these options please take notes to use for your own ideas to layout a plan to develop your own version of your game room. At the end of this please share with us your game room features with styles.

What do I look for in Aracade Entertainment ?

It’s good to get a fine understanding of what your looking for in arcades, many people tend to use what the next person is envisioning, this will only become a disaster. Instead, try looking into what do you like about having an arcade set installed.

Nobody wants to waste money and time going after what someone else wants for your home game room set.

In order to realize your creativity and designs, structure your ideas to hone in on the most important things that you really want in this room.

Old school arcades– When thinking old school it’s more to a view of pin ball machines, vintage one brings the joy of what it’s like to play this when you were younger, or have a fond excitement for a particular type of machine. But try not to let it drive you away from the overall process.

New age machines – You can go into this route and ask for more in interactive entertainment:
Game Room Options

  • Karaoke Machines
  • Dancing entertainment
  • Touch screen gaming
  • Projector screen gaming
  • Sports interactive games/Gaming stations

Karaoke Machines: have a crowd value to it which helps in pleasing a gathering for parties. You have to have a willingness to invest well into a good machine that will keep up for years to come.

Dancing/Gaming sets: Who would love to dance to the beat and work up a good sweat to impress friends and break a few records? It’s what younger people as well as the older would love to see and try this fun way to get the family back spending time with one and another.

Touch Screen Gaming: There’re ways to go from here, If you don’t mind gambling machines which still a popular item to use choice for those in the gambling. Another can be four player hookups for competitive racing games or top end platforms for team events online.

Top end platform gaming meaning X box PlayStation, Vintage video gaming, etc… We will get into that later. You could in different places with these types machines but it’s all about what do you really to have in this set of gaming options.

Projector Screen Gaming: It’s nice to use when your up for an online tournament. you could really benefit from the home entertainment value. People are into the bright light sound blasting technologies that will give you a full use in options for development.

  • It takes more than your usual set up of a video game, try the better option with 3D capabilities and use the screen to make it interactive for others by using more viewer interactive gaming
  • Teams of people would like to be challenged so you have a competitive sporting or fighter game set up. X box Is full sporting games but if there is something more simple but challenging you can find yourself with a very popular spot to have in your set.

Sports and Interactive game stations

As you build out this unique station of a game room take into notice of what your space has to look like in order to have the maximum effect on spacing and interactions with others in the group.

Basketball : Shooting hoops with goal in mind to beat out your friends is a good option to have in the game room. People can use this to play with others and play against the computer. The hoops game would be a nice touch to use for this room it brings timeless value to the whole set.
hoops machine

Skeet ball: One of the all time favorites to use for vintage gaming. I would highly recommend looking into this as a use for gaming. This type of set delivers action upon hours of play and commands your attention for fun and social interaction.

Pool table: I believe you can never go wrong in choosing a more laid back and chill entertaining system. People really relate to playing pool instantly and find it to be laid back cool vibe in enjoying casual game.

Air Hockey: Is a favorite gaming option of mine that holds a good value in years to come. It’s has a simple setup to play two people at a time and can get pretty intense with good friends.

Ping pong: What a fun choice for family fun and has a great option to have in a family fun room of gaming. Your could’nt take up space in this set. Four people can play at once and involves only a paddle, ping pong ball and a table.

Gaming Stations: The use of a flat screen and a few joysticks can never get old and I think it’s more of a popular choice people can really enjoy and relate to very easily which brings great interaction with others.

Dine in with great ideas to eat in drink while you play

This can make the whole experience well worth your while. It’s the next step to turning the basement into a game room theater. People will have a different perspectives in discovering the options you could have in these types of areas to know. Butit’s about thinking out the box and allow your creative ideas to come to life.

Drinking set: Bar taps are cool and good to have for sorting events and parties. But what about just everyday use? I have some options to choose from that would give you a good idea to form your own opinion on these ideas.

  • Vintage bar with whiskey lights
  • Half Chief bar half drinking bar
  • Built you own meal station with drinking dispenser
  • Self serving station with automatic drinking taps

As you can see this will give you more brainstorming ideas to brew up and utilize to create more out of the box ides to create a reality that fix your needs.

 A good television set to keeps all of your guest attention

Flat screens require more size to accommodate the large portion of a gathering. I think it could have a different effect on how the whole operation is in setup. You can get the best TV set that has some the best features and call it a day or your could set up a projector screen set that could allow for more gaming, or more movie watching.

Ideal sizes in my opinion would require 55 to 85 inch screen television sets. I think this is a good for people to enjoy the action from the theater seating.

Imagine having the sound controls installed in the headrest with more than enough space to relax and grab a drink while relaxing in the comforts of a plush seating that reclines.

The process can be simplified and cover less space. The projection screen model, It’s one the more simplistic ways to set up a family or friend type of viewing set for comfort and style. Playing video games has a more relaxed interactive view. The only draw back is this takes away the full family or friend interaction with face forward viewing.

To some people you can see this as a good thing and get more of a bonding experience with others and could find it as the only at times but It’s all about what do you think is the best form of entertainment.

Tell us what is your ideal Game room? do you plans for this in the future for yourself or have experience others and want to share more with this topic please feel to let us know below by commenting. Thanks for reading.


  1. This is actually a nostalgic kind of article.  Some of the things that we can put in our game room are great.  This article brought back something very cool that I saw only a couple days ago.

    While my wife and I were walking through one of our local retailers the other day there they were right in the aisle.  Old school arcade games that were brand new.  They are actually remaking the arcade games of yesterday.  They had a price tag of about $350 on them.

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a great article


    • Thank You Dale, it was my mission to show how we can bring back memories of old while appreciating the new styles of gaming and home entertainment. 

      A lot of new gaming systems is coming back with old school vintage games we grew to love and admire. This only helps in building a game room you could love to appreciate. 

      Any questions on installation or proper setup techniques please feel free to ask us anytime you get the chance.

      Jerald Polk

      The Advice Giant

  2. I know Game Rooms are becoming more and more popular and I like how you show the different possibilities in how to create such a room.

    I do remember in the older days that my Father had built a corner in our basement, for us kids, to be used as a gaming corner. We had a table tennis, an air hockey and a soccer table.

    We had to remove one for the other one to play with but, back then, we didn’t mind.

    Because of my childhood experience I also consider to have a good Gaming place in our house and your article certainly has given me some valuable ideas in how to bring it to life. 

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    • Your welcome Sylvia, I think game rooms help you escape into a world of memories to share with friends and family, which brings a new features to your home with good timeless interactive games like table tennis and air hockey. 

      If you’re in the market to have a game room installed in your home please free to ask us for suggestions, we’re here to help you with any problems that you may have. Thank you for sharing your childhood memories, and be sure to check back for more creative ideas to build a great home entertainment center.

      The Advice Giant

      Jerald Polk

  3. I would love to create something like this. I was just wondering if the author has their own home theater or game room? I would love to see a completed one in action. Also, do you have costs or references for the products like retro arcade games? How much would something like this cost?

    • Hello Spencer, I do not have a game room installed, but this is the reason Why I choose this website to build my passion for great home entertainment not only for me, but to those who would love to have home theaters and great entertainment.
      Great question to asking about a home theater gaming, that is what were working on to give you all the experience of what it’s like to build or design your own home theater.

      I glad you asked about this question on the cost of retro and modern video games, were working on a review page for these type of items to view on display very soon. Please visit us again to find out what else is coming to cool home theaters.

      Jerald Polk
      The Advice Giant

  4. I was actually looking to turn my basement into a game room for my brother and his friends. They meet up every month and I thought turning my basement would be a good idea. This article gave me so many ideas for it. Now I know what exactly I should do to my basement room.

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

    • I’m glad you’re inspired to build your own game room to accommodate your brother and friends Sujandar. We have some good ideas to help you expand your creative thinking for better home entertainment. 

      If you have any questions please feel free to ask us, we’re here to help you with any issues you may have in installation to setup and proper placement advice. Thank you for sharing your experience with us, please share this with your friends family.


      The Advice Giant 

  5. I’m sure most of the men, at some point, wanted this kind of entertainment at home. For me, darts, table pool and perhaps some other game to be inserted in combination with a mini-bar  and karaoke machine is a recipe for a great way of entertainment with your friends.

    Best regards,

    MMA Store-Warrior Spirit

    • MMA warrior Spirit Thank you for ideas. I think those are good options to start with. Starting out with darts and a pool table alone could have a good friendly gathering which could last for hours.

      A mini-bar is a great choice as well, be sure to check back with us on options for dining and bar style settings for home entertainment. Thank you for your valuable ideas


      The Advice Giant

  6. One dream I always had through my life was establishing a party room where the family and friends could gather to watch sporting events, Celebrating birthdays and other special event parties, and just having fun in an area away from the rest of the house. I managed to plan and build this years ago when I built my last house in Germany.

    At that time (over 20 years ago now) many of the neat games, entertainment home centers, etc. were not available. Fortunately, since that time, there have been many such products offered in the markets, and over time I have added to the original concept I put together, and the floor (yes I used an entire floor of the house to do this in) has grown in what we can do and the entertainment options we have.

    Some of the games you mention like the old-style arcade games provide hours of entertainment for the grandchildren now, while some of the all-time favorites are still in use too. Our darts have moved to the electronic version, the TV has morphed from an old big-tube and footprint model to the flat-screen and 5-1 sound system, and even the Bose system has been upgraded (I started with a Bose Lifestyle 25 system).

    For those people like us who enjoy improving these areas of our house, an article like this will always capture our attention, as the ideas and suggestions open the mind to new opportunities to make what already is a great area even greater! I have a buffet area with chafing dishes, a complete separate set of dinnerware (and a commercial grade dishwashing machine in the bar area) and a carving station that really presents whatever featured protein we may use (i.e. a whole suckling pig), a steamship round (beef), or perhaps a turkey (Thanksgiving), etc.

    Recent additions include a karaoke machine, a gaming console, and a new old=style arcade game. Adding new stufd and moving old stuff to other areas of the home has kept the area interesting and current for us all. I only wish I could take over another floor of the house (wife will not let THAT happen, hehe)…

    Good post, I have bookmarked the page and will return!

    • Wow Dave, what a dream!

      I’m glad it open your mind to have a better entertainment experience in your home. In fact it’s good to have more interactive options available to use and enjoy, especially when the weather gets bad outside.

      Having a Karaoke machine in you home can be a great choice which should make your home useful for better events for your family & friends.

      I hope you get to accomplish those goals and dreams. Please let us know if your need any suggestions for installation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Jerald Polk

  7. I love this post!  This bring back so many great memories of when I was growing up.  My family had a game room upstairs, and I used to love to spend time there playing around.  Of course back then, there weren’t the multitude of types of games and devices that there are now!  If I had a game room today, I think I would love to have an “Old School” arcade. It would be fun to try to find the vintage machines:)  Thank you so much for a great post, and for taking me down memory lane!



    • Hello Suzi, 

      Well your quite welcome, the message of this article was to give you ideas can experience of knowing what is it like to re-live the moment of enjoying vintage arcades and bring back the passion to build your own game room. Great to know you have good memories about old school Arcade games.. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.


      The Advice Giant

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