Great Ideas to Enjoy TV Without Cable

Are you tired of cable fees and expensive bills showing up in the mailbox every month? It’s becoming a major issue to the point of exhaustion. People actually get sick of seeing the bills rise up over the same if not mediocre service you get every month.

It’s not the end of the world here. We have options to find better television without using the help of cable services. This what we want to help you with. We want to help you find the next option to getting rid of this problem once and for all.

But in order to find out what do you do not like about cable services we have to ask the questions to see what solutions are possible to make that change happen for you and your loved ones.

The biggest issues we face when dealing with cable services is poor customer service, High expensive cable bills, and faulty cable services. It’s not the end all be all with cable, we have options to set you free. So it’s important keep this in mind.

Be sure to jot down some of these tips and options for better entertainment, Also check out some the links to find out if this could make your choice a safer transition. Keep your head up we are all going though this, and we need a more variety in our lives. It doesn’t hurt to look for better options to improve our home theater lifestyle.

Why Is Cable So Expensive?

This is probably the number one question on most cable viewers minds today. There is so many viewers out there using cable services nowadays the companies should be swimming in money by now. Certain networks and movies production companies have to raise the rates on its terms for viewing and seeing more things around the world could be a factor.

Then you have to take into account that its more to do with sports networks signing bigger contracts with cable companies to view things and place in more depth. But what about those darn commercials? It’s hard to tell what is the main issue here.

With so much revenue coming in the market its mind-boggling to hear these outrageous numbers the companies is asking for today. Granted, we have a wider access to more channels and shows than before. We can view more sports in different times a day with visible access to the other areas to see people and places and things we haven’t seen before.

But that does not have to equate to high end cable bills. We believe its more to do with the marketing scheme of the companies making room for more customers by giving them major yearly discounts for high cost services. These “discounts” is our bill increase which means we are paying for new customers signing up for cheaper services. But after a year or two you realize its too expensive to have when the bill SKY ROCKETS to crazy numbers each month.

Most of us don’t realize how long and expensive the contracts we sign up for when we agree to get a package deals set up only to have them increase rates if we are not a part of the package deals process. But when we sign up for it, we are just delaying the high cost bills by pushing it towards the future.

You have to break the chain, and we have some options to show you that will help you ease your pocket book. Welcome to streaming my friends. You’ll find this is a good option to try.

Welcome to Streaming

Have you ever watch a movie though the cable service on an online streaming network? Did you ever stream netflix episodes online? If the answer is yes to all these then you have experience the best of what streaming has to offer to your home.

Today you can stream shows, movies, and sitcoms in the comforts of your own home. With no problems as long as you have access to the internet. The data is the main thing because access to the streaming network requires large qualities of data to distribute streaming to your favorite devices.

We feel this is the next step in viewing. Its possible to use this for local news updates and watching your favorite shows and movies. There is popular streaming services available to subscribe to for a lower fee each month or week. That fee could be a drop in the bucket compared to the cable services you would have paid for in the first place.

Heck, there is even free streaming services that is available, all you have to do is look for it. Luckily, we have some options below for you check out for yourself.

For free trail services check out:

  • Netflix if you do not have a membership for free trial 7 days.
  • Hulu offers a free 30 day trial.
  • Amazon Prime gives you a service membership with subscriptions though phone services.
  • SlingTV offers for 7 day trial.
  • Youtube TV offers a trial for 7 days.

Keep in mind, these offers tend to change from time to time so its best to check them out whenever possible to see what fits your budget the most. Even though these are some of the best offers, take notice of the terms of agreements and polices rules for sign up and use. There is some catch you may not see in the promotion that is always a part of the terms of service.

Movies services on tap

If your not into television services and only want to watch movies at a push of a button, that is possible as well some if not most services offer that option and more with ease. The prices can be much lower which is better for everyone and give you more access to the content you want to watch. Services like Tubi, Netflix and others have the same type of services that offer only for movie watching opportunities.

Don’t you know you can have some of your favorite movies downloaded and ready for you watch when you have the time at your own leisure. Smart soundbar services offers free movies to watch though its own application services. Which puts you in the drivers seat for premium entertainment. Sonos app is able to use for it’s premium surround sound systems as well.

Download and Watch

Watching downloaded movies is still a big thing. It’s overshadowed by many other options to use by its still possible to enjoy the movies and shows you value to see. Uploading movies to a cloud storage place and access these files with your devices is a great way to save money on costly bills and fees.

This will give you freedom from internet and cable services which will allow you total control of your lifestyle of home entertainment. It’s quite easy in some ways to get access to downloaded movies. Amazon sells movies, Apple movies gives you access to movies shows and music to download for a subscription cost. It’s does not have to be a requirement to be online to watch.

Some people don’t like to use this option because of the wait time or bad loading could occur. But its a good option outside of paying tremendous fees and bills towards services for cable shows and movies you probably would even watch.

Free Streaming Service

This is the number one word that comes to mind in when it comes to home entertainment. We all can’t resist this option. It’s like a finding the fountain of youth, or getting the best of both worlds. To be able to find free streaming services online is like having your cake and eating it too.

The big catch to this is where to find these services. You can argue how it could be a form of pirating movies and shows, but to those of you who need to know, it’s not pirating if your contributing to the movies or shows by free promotions. It’s good to have this option and it benefits others to enjoy as well.

Many companies have the option to use as well with tactics to get us to subscribe to services but offer many shady tricks to get more money in the process. But resulting in losing more customers because the lack of poor services. But the free streaming market has some best options to use terms of reviews and high quality services. Just keep in mind of the terms of agreements when engaging this type of service.

Find out more on safer ways of streaming, check out Don’t forget to check out for more details and tips for improving your home theater.

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