High Five For Sonos Five (Review)

When we think about an audio speaker, what comes to mind? Is it the type of music love and cherish to listen to? Do we crave the high output of bass or crisp stereo sound? or is the way it connects to our favorite device for support? You can see we have many things to love about using an audio speaker. But what if we told you about a particular speaker that has all of these features plus more?

We are not talking about some old speaker to hook up your stereo or car audio system. This is Five by Sonos. It’s a high fidelity speaker capable of developing the type of performance you have always wanted in an audio speaker. It’s a multipurpose device for our everyday needs. You can use it in the kitchen to help you put on a good meal. Carry it to the living room to listen to good music while your entertaining guess around the house.

Become the life of the party when Sonos is operating your favorite mix of music and songs at a simple push of a button. This is what you have to see in a Sonos Five speaker. Yes It’s a high five for Sonos Five for sure. Check out the specs to this device and get more acquainted with this speaker system. Then write down the important parts that you need to decide what is best to use Five for in your home.

Sonos Five For Home Theater

Sonos Five

Five can bring a huge amounts of entertainment to your home. One of the best ways to use this speaker is the integration with other speaker sets to form a high quality surround set. Take for instance the home theater set which is one the most popular options to use around the house. This is what people love to use. Could you imagine having this technology in your home as you go about you daily routine? Getting the clothes washed and doing the dishes will seem like a joy when you’re playing music hands free while getting the chores done around the house.

How about using this speaker in a home theater system? This would not only enhance the way you view watching movies, its possible you can get the most of your day by developing ways to use the speaker around the house. Just imagine your five speaker hooked up with a Sonos playbase with two Sonos speakers and a Sub giving you the best surround sound performance that you have never heard of?

It’s about the way the sonos gives the best support for you lifestyle which matters most. And this system has the best option to do so. In many ways we can see that Sonos can bring the ultimate entertainment to the lifestyle of your choosing without the use of too many wires and bulky components to tie you down. Just a simple hookup and turn on the power to get the day started.

If you concerned by the price or size, rest assured you have both a reasonable range and size. Also this speaker is quite small, but it packs a big punch. Armed with some the most advanced audio technologies to preform at its best, you can truly admire the way this system operates.

A New level of Listening

Sonos Five

Sonos FiveExperience clear, room-filling sound with Sonos Five. Five’s unrivalled acoustic technology delivers deep bass and impressive stereo for music streaming, vinyl, and more. The stylish design features new details and a monochromatic finish. Enjoy control with the app and Apple AirPlay 2.

Setting up a Sonos Five is quite simple but always requires the best type of systems for its true peak performance. Many could wonder why is this system has the ability to use for different systems, yet maintains an excellent performance all around. We would like to share some of those features with you to gain a better perspective.

From hooking up to a stereo speaker set, to getting the most out a theater surround sound theater. You have some the best options to use for Five. Did you know that Sonos has a WiFi ranger extender to give your speaker the performance range possible to carry around the house in different rooms? It’s possible to use this device for multiple rooms on different Sonos devices as well.

That means you have this hooked up to your surround sound system and play music from your Sonos playbar and have more room to play the speaker in different rooms. One speaker for many options. Video gaming just got a lot better in terms of high definition graphic detail of the speaker could bring to your console or computer system.

Just not to confuse you, we displayed the features of this speaker broken down to help you understand how this could operate phenomenally in your living room.

Sonos Five Breakdown

Sonos Five

Sonos Five – Black

Speaker Weight: 14 pounds.

Speaker Size: Size of a football, or small vase.

Dimensions: 8.03h x 14.33w x 6.06d inches.

Speaker Color: White/Black

Connections & Operations:

  • Uses your home network broadcast WiFi connection of 802.11 b/g. 2.4GHz.
  • Ethernet cable connection port that allows 1 10/100 ports connection if WIFI is unavailable.
  • CPU Quad Core of 1.3 GHz
  • Power supply of 100-200-V and switches to 20-50 Hz Ac Universal Output.
  • Apple AirPlay 2 Works on Apple devices with IOS 11.4 and higher.


  • Sonos Five.
  • Analog 3.5mm line for connecting an another device.
  • Power cord.
  • Warranty & Legal Information.
  • Quick Start guide.

Best Used For: Sonos-Playbase, Playbar, One SL, Move, Arc, Most stereo systems, Sub, Sonos App.

Best features:

  • Swipe right or left to pause, play and change the volume on the model its self.
  • Using the Sonos app to for basic controls and functions, while operating music and streams from you phone.
  • Multi-purpose connections for different Sonos components.
  • high fidelity sound for large room audio performance.
  • TruePlay software for tuning the acoustics to fine sound automatically audio room playback.
  • Three tweeters, including one center tweeter and a two precisely angled tweeters for crisp high frequency response.
  • Phased array that directs a wider SoundStage for optimum sound towards the left, right and center parts of the room.
  • Three mid-woofers for deep powerful bass without the distortion, which allows top performance at even higher volumes.

Amp - Hi-Fi Wireless Amplifier - 125 Watts Per Channel - AirPlay Compatible - Black - Sonos

Amp – Hi-Fi Wireless Amplifier – 125 Watts Per Channel – AirPlay Compatible – Black – Sonos

With an output of 125 watts per channel, an HDMI input for TV audio, and AirPlay 2 capability, Sonos Amp is our greatest wireless amplifier yet.

Play:5 vs Five

There is been a debate among speaker enthusiast talking about the striking comparisons between Sonos Play:5 and Five. It’s debatable that these speakers was the same device with a few more features. While others are claiming that the device is totally different in design and features. We decided to let you choose by comparing the two devices features together.

Sonos Play:5                           Sonos Five

Offers Three Mid-woofers-                        Yes                                           Yes 

Has Three Tweeters-                                   Yes                                           Yes 

Touch Interface Controls-                          Yes                                           Yes

Six D-class Digital Amplifiers-                   Yes                                           Yes 

TruePlay Enhanced-                                   No                                            Yes

As you can see, both devices is similar to one another but offers a different set of options for performance and output. Plus each device has the ability to carry wonderful sounds around your home in unique ways.

It’s quite obvious that Sonos created these device with similar capabilities. That is only because the use for each other requires the most of what the company has to offer in terms or professional grade sound and dazzling effects.

Playbase TV Soundbase - AirPlay Compatible - Theater-Quality Sound - Low Profile & Space-Saving Woofer Design - Black - Sonos

Playbase TV Soundbase – AirPlay Compatible – Theater-Quality Sound – Low Profile & Space-Saving Woofer Design – Black – SonosPLAYBASE is Sonos’s newest home theater innovation: a wireless soundbase speaker on which your stand-mounted TV can directly rest.

PLAYBASE can support the weight of TVs up to 77 lbs, and delivers dynamic home theater audio while calling virtually no visual attention to itself. Movies, sports, TV shows, gaming – the slim, low profile PLAYBASE adds dynamic, pulse-pounding sound to whatever’s playing when your TV’s on. And streams your favorite music when it’s off.

Ten amplified internal drivers-six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer-replace the limited output of your TV’s built-in speakers with deeper booms, crystal clear whispers, and huge waves of sound.

The Best Speaker to Use

To have a Sonos Five in your hands is to open a door to true audio power that could make it the best among others as much as you would remain confident in purchasing it for the first time. It’s reliable, water resistant, operates on multi-platform functions around the house.

This speaker can work with other Sonos devices to carry out and enhance the play you would expect in any other device but happens to deliver more each time you turn it on. We would high recommend buying this device to enhance your style of living.

For more information on Sonos Five please visit Sonos.com for details. If you find this topic quite interesting please give us your comments below, we value your opinions. Thanks for taking the time to visit CoolHomeTheaters.com

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