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Flash Furniture Set

Best place to buy: Amazon

Model Number: BT 70259-3-BRN-GG

Warranty Information: Offers One Year Limited warranty on this model

Best features: 2 cup holders and 2 storage containers

My Rating 4 out 5 stars

Furniture Dimensions: 68W x 95D x 43.3H inches

Furniture Colors: Brown and black 

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Flash Furniture has the goods and features to set off that perfect spot for watching the game or setup a great video gaming session with friends and enjoy it with good comfort and accommodations. It’s great for setting the mood right for movies or even catching up on a juicy series on TV without suffering the discomfort and back aching pressures of trying to get the right sitting spot for relaxing.

You can really appreciate the difference Flash Furniture can bring to the table when comes to the features and options to use in this sectional set.

Flash’s Features

Three Seat Recliner: There is nothing like sitting in one these recliners and kick back with ease without reaching for the button or a complicated level when it’s really just pull, kick out your feet and relax. These buttons are located on the side of the center console just as you would think it would be. very simple and wonderful to use when ever there is a need to get more out of your recliner set .

Drinks To CupHolders

It’s one of the most important to things to have in the while enjoying a good movie to take in. The best part about it is you don’t have to get up to reach for it know it’s right next you at all times. These cup holders are stationed right at the center console. The color even matches the color of the seating.

Store and Relax

Do you have a problem with missing remotes? or too much clout around you? Well it’s no longer a problem to have now that there is not only one there’s TWO to enjoy and really have the confidence to find that pesky remote you have been looking for which are located in the center console.

Skid Glides pads

Tired of marking up the floor trying to move furniture? well this recliner set has plastic pads to prevent those bad scuffs from painting hideous scars and hard to clean chalk marks from ruining your floors. Don’t worry about the cosmetics of this feature because the feet match the color of the recliner.

Big Comfort To Deliver

If you wonder what is it made of for premium comfort and good relaxation. It just about the way you can sit in this seat with confidence that has no more than a few things to make the biggest difference like, ultra soft leather and double the amount of fire resistance foam padding that could make it extra soft.

My Recommendation:

It’s one the best ways to save on high cost furniture and still get the full amount quality which could set the balance of you budget. To full get a better perspective of this from the source of this site please visit here for more details for saving good money on this model. I would recommend buying this furniture for staring out a good home theater set for your living room.


SeatCraft Anthem Leather Seating

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Size Dimensions: 42x 86x 83 inches

Best Features: Ambient LED lights at Base and Cup Holder

Materials: Hand Pick Leather from the Top Cowhides

My Rating: 4 out 5 Stars

For Customer Reviews Click Here and Scroll Down

It’s about the class that Seatcraft brings to the table to get your attention but you stay for the elite comfort which stands against the biggest skeptic person that has many problems with sleep or comfort. You can clearly see the difference in adjustment to bring out more than just a casual theater seat which will hold more in terms of storage, convince and quality. This is what you have been looking for if your in the mood for better home theater seating.

Adjust Your Pain Away

It’s your back and neck that needs a good comfortable set of controls to get you settled into a better position for a good movie to watch. With a push of a button you can really put the best opperation in your hands by a simple opperation to get things ready for the movie.

Maybe you like to listen to some good music and need that good reclined position to relax to. Seat craft has many ways to make it possible to enjoy the great opportunities you have been looking for.

Center Console Storage

Seatcraft has storage option as well to help you with extra devices and controllers to keep the area clear and safe from dropping and misplacement. It’s one of the many features you could really benefit the most from especially from the way it’s set to store your personal items right next to you. These features are located just under the center console.

USB Port Hookups

It’s a shame to pause the movie just to get up and charge a device while the movie or sitcom is playing or find it difficult to get to the wall to charger because the movie is so good to watch you don’t want to pause or get up out of a comfortable position.

That is why you have to have such a wonderful feature. It’s great to have it by your side but it’s even better to know that it’s mounted next to the reclining buttons This Means you get to charge your smart phone or tablet and get a whole episode in time while reclining to relax your back and neck in the process of it.

My recommendation: With illuminated cup holders, and light base for the feet, seatcraft makes the case as one the best forms of home theater seating you could ask for. The ability to fully recline without touching the wall while delivering a great performance of comfort luxury and style to your living room or basement.

This would make your home theater complete in so many ways. From catching up on a good book to read to watching an old flick while sipping on your favorite drink, Seatcraft has the market on needs for the customer. Therefore, I would recommend buying this Furniture set, it’s worth it and much more.

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