Home Theater Projector Reviews You Can Trust

Are you tired of going to a website to check our something you have been eyeballing for months, but all the reviews come back for other models or brands?

We could shed some light on the situation by sharing with you the best types of  home theater projectors reviews you can trust. In order to get you the right type of projector we need to know what specific brand and model you are looking for.

Next well will break down the right spot to place and setup you projector and flat screen hook up. Then we will list some of the latest brands to give you a wide perceptive on what things to look for when shopping for a particular one.

Home theater projector reviews you can trust is no tag line.

Were actually customers ourselves. I know you want the best value in price, with the greatest value in performance. I know, because that’s what I want. But what I specifically want, is not what everyone else actually wants.

Sometimes we try our products ordered online totally convinced, we have found the right..whatever you were looking for whether it’s a pink hat or a belt buckle, or maybe a baseball card. We purchase these fine things in hopes of having a mind set of the greatest value and best value in price.

But what happens when the things you bought is not what you are looking for? The value of it diminishes, and you feel a sense of I pain and disappointment.

Bit of anger for some, we live a world where it’s okay goof up, so let return it and get it from somewhere else, problem is, you stuck in the same carousel of looking, checking for reviews and videos and shopping at stores trying to find the right size and shape as well as price.

Good news is you don’t have to do this type of shopping when it comes to home projectors, CoolHomeTheaters.com has real reviews and good feedback on great brands.

I love new high tech brands, Every time I get the chance to go to the store and check our this is new home theater system,

I get excited to know where I can get one, How much does it take?

Sony the best In the world

Is that true? is Sony the best in home theater projector? I decided to take a special look at this to find our for myself is this true, a what others can contend with Sony?

Sony Home Theater and Gaming Projector

I think this has some say on the list of contenders for Sony’s crown. The Sony VLPHW45ES has some most amazing devices for home theaters.

But when I went to this for projectors I found that Sony Home Theater Projectors can brig a lot to the table with for entertainment. This is a great buy for sure, you can see the difference when you hear little to no sound when the projector is still warming up.

If you a fan to 3D Entertainment, then you have to check our this feature, Full Profile 1080p with a decent amount of resolution. Can you imagine this model sitting in front of you screen, displaying images in ultra sharp live moving action?

With 1800 humans lens to bring the most of every image on the screen. Especially when you need that high tone or low tone black or higher tone/low tone white to get the perfect contrast.

Speaking of adjusting, you rest assured this system can adjust well in any position with the ratio of 71% vertical and 25% horizon tonal this allows not only maximum flexibility with easy spacing.

Sony projector has a lamp life 6000 hours, this is important to know in case you would like a longer lasting lamp for you projector. Comes with a three years warranty.

I love the feature where you can switch between modes to suit your use with 9 modes like gaming, cinema, Internet and photos. Has a front facing fan to help with better spacing and throw distance.

Epson Home Cinema 5040UB 3LCD Home Theater Projector

Amazing type of device. This projector has new age technology capable of enhancing your favorite movies to bring you a great experience every time. With 4K enhancing technology and Ultra contrast in colors, blacks tones, white tones you have options to fully create you own type of display which will give you audience a whole new experience to viewing cinema.

First ever Wireless HD Projector with 4K capability, sounds like you in great company of style and quality. Has a ratio of 100,000,000/1 black level to give you deeper rich color depth and Ultra HD.

If you looking to brighten up you experience with some 3D effects this is the right projector to get. The 3D drive built into this model can quickly adjust to you favorite cinemas with a course of 3D projection.

Epson has a Power lens feature that is capable up to ten presets which will give an 2.1 x zoom and ultra wide angle.I really like the Epson’s 3Chip 3LCD technology that eliminates the use of the color wheel and the use or white light.

Epson uses computer mechanical devices to determine the right type of quality color display for you screen.

Optoma Projectors Have surprises

These home projectors come with Alexa smart home ready feature so you can use you own personal customization with the comfort and of your mobile phone. Highly compatible to reach any 4K technology device using HDMI 2.0 to fully connect to other technology that has 4k capabilities.

Carries a vertical lens with a powerful 1.3 auto focus lens which takes a lot of hassle of getting the right size ans focus.

What you gonna love about this model is the HDR playback feature which can start stop and rewind and fast forward to you favorite streaming movies and TV shows.

Sharper picture and deeper blacks for defined picture quality, I knew that this was going to be a fun to review and check our. Just imagine yourself sitting in you living room watching a movie with this type of technology at you finger tips.

What is the Best place to install a Projector?

. Most people Like to mount it at least 7 to 9 feet away from the screen just above the head viewing area. You can also place them just behind your on a higher mount which gives you space, the projector space and also you have better quality to experience with the model on lower mount but that is just my opinion.

What do I really want in my living room?

This is the time really ask yourself and try to find our what do you really want in you living room. Would you like to try something to competent you living with class and style so are you just looking to blast and boom you way into the hearts of you audience? Maybe you enjoy pure colors and deep contrast to keep you cinematic juices flowing.

Make the Choice

What ever you choices are make sure to plan an effective transition for you living room and quality of family choice. It’s a big deal to have these things in you plan to get a great entertainment system. You can bring home the family and get the most our of you living space as well. What type of projector system would you buy? Please comment below.


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  1. Wow. What a wonderful review. I really enjoyed this.
    I’m afraid my home isn’t large enough to have a home theatre in it. How large does a room need to be in order to not seem too crowded and too loud with a theatre system in it?
    I will return to your site for further reference.
    All the best.

    • Hello Wendi,
      Thank you for commenting. I believe you don’t have to have a large room space to in order to install a home theater system. If your working with a small space, I think the quality of sound makes that much better and if yor working in large spaces, I would suggest reading Best Wireless Surround Sound Systems There is a lot of infomation you can use to get some ideas. I hope it helps.
      Thanks again

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