Home Theater Subwoofer Amplifier Makes a Big Difference

Have you ever thought what is the difference between a regular sound system with factory speakers and then you find out about the new subwoofer sound bar with a fantastic amplifier built inside most systems. But your about to find out difference between the having a sound system and installing a top ten sub-woofer

What is all the Hype About Sound Bars?

The world of sound bars is taking over. In today’s market you can get a good sound bar for cheap and still reap the FULL benefits of a sound system which is the most interesting topic to know.

Just take a good look at full sound system with all the bells and whistles, (sub-woofer, Receiver, Hd surround sound, Dolby digital, Extra sub- direct speakers) these cool items can make the ultimate system you need for the best quality in sound.

Sound bars has all of these types of features plus more, this Is why think it’s safe to say it’s the better choice in terms of saving money and space. But if your into the big time pay load in HIGHER quality sound equipment and have the space to accommodate this type of system then it’s also safe to use the bigger surround sound system which could fit a much larger home theater sound system.

I believe it comes down to these two powerful systems, there are special needs for each one. It’s up the choice of the buyer to know and educate one’s self on how to properly gauge the area, and use of the surround sound or sound bar systems. Than you could check the brand maker to see if the difference is possible to differentiate which one really helps with you needs.

Good thing I have a top 5 list to help you understand a good surround sound and sound bar system.

  • Vision
  • ABOX
  • Bose
  • Sony
  • Samsung

In this area we are going to see which one of these brings to the table and how can it benefit you the most out of each one.

Vision Sound Bar: Vision 38-Inch 2.1 Channel Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer Has the right type of features to complete your set as far as just enjoying good quality sound for movies and small apartment range for two to four people can enjoy.

Cost: 149. 99Visio Sound Bar

Where to buy: Amazon

What is included: Wireless Sub-woofer with controller

Best features : Control the system from your cell phone & Stream your music to the System

Buyers Ratings 4 out of 5 stars

Sonos 5 play Bar: Sonos Sub Wireless Subwoofer Has what you need to bring the base at the right time. You look to make an impression on a family or friend? This is what you need to start off with. DON’T worry about the performance It’s top-notch. High end performance during cinema action sequence.

Cost: 698.98

The Best place to buy: Amazon

Bose Sound Bar systemSonos Play 5 Play Bar Sonos Play Bar

Best Features: Sonos App

Buyers Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

Gives you complete control over the device using the power of your cell phone with 30 streaming services to use.

Bose Sound Bar system comes with built in amplifiers and a great sub-woofer that has 60 feet of base range. With less than1% of total harmonic distortion you can comfortably enjoy you music, movies without the fear of losing full range audio features.

The 100 decibels of sound quality creates a room-filling sound attraction that will bring you into the world of crystal clear sound. Complete with Blue tooth capabilities so that your free from the wires and a universal remote for comfort.

Sony Sound Bar System: Powerful Mini Sound bar with Wireless Subwoofer, Has all the fun in this mini little system. which, In mind is amazing. I love it when you subtract more space to give out more quality. This system packs a punch, Quality sound, With S force front surround sound you can really tell the difference with only two built in speakers.

Cost: 348.00Sony Mini Powerful sound bar

The Best Place To Buy: Amazon

What’s included: Sub-woofer and remote

New features: S Force Sound Front surround sound/ Wireless connections

Buyers Ratings : 4 of out 5 stars

It’s sleek and slim, Sony can give you a two-way option for placement, either placed on under the sofa on its side or right next to it by standing up, you can get the same premium quality on both positions which is a plus stylistically.

Samsung Sound Bar System 2.1 Channel 300 Watt Sound Bar with Wireless Active Subwoofer Home Theater System

Style, Comfort, and Convince is all of what you can expect from this simple sound system. But what if I told you that it’s more than meet the eye in home entertainment? You can expect more for your buck with this type of model and brand.

Cost: 199.99Samsung Sound Bar

Place to buy:Amazon

What is included: Wireless Active Sub-woofer, with remote

Best features: Wireless connectivity, Sound Share technology

Buyers Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars

As you can see, this sleek new design complements the interior decor of you living room basement or attic. NO more fooling around with wires on this model, and rest assured to know that if there are any problems with this model you have FREE 60 day tech support to solve any issue. Did I mention the 300 watts of total power output?

ABOX Sound Bar System ABOX Soundbar 2.1 Channel System 120 watt, 34inch speaker system set that has what you need and then some, This 2.1 channel system operates on a 110 decibels which is not only powerful but clean with the delivery of sound and quality. ABOX Is PACKED with 4 speakers that bring a powerful impact on command.

Cost: 119.99ABOX Sound Bar

Where to buy: Amazon

Best Features: Four built in speakers, Bluetooth,180 degree sound displacement

What’s included: Sub-woofer, Remote, Wire/wireless connection

Buyers Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

ABOX Sound Bar raises the bar in excellence. 4 speakers built in, 2018 best buy of the year, Powerful Sub woofer,

and new cutting edge technology which delivers great sound placement, there is no wonder to why this sound system can be the best-selling sound system.

Does Your Amplifier have the Right Base and Tune?

It’s a great question to ask one’s self. If your look to build the home theater system to be proud of and want good premium sound that is second to none, well it makes sense to have the right system in tune with your amplifier and sub-woofer set. I would only look for particular systems with high output and low distortion It’s makes the process easier and ever more entertaining.

I would recommend using BOSE for good Premium quality sound It has the combination of balance and base which your system could use to hear what’s going on without your base system fuzzing out your sound quality.

It’s good to compare this with a Sony to find the right type of tune you really need but I more importantly, find out what is this system used for the most.

Sub-woofers Bring More Than Just Base Sound.

Okay, let’s say your watching a good movie that commands that high intense sound directional system to carry this powerful sound and all you have is a factory sound which is unsatisfactory and you totally missed the most important part in movie due to the distortion and lack of base output drives you crazy.

I know exactly how you feel because I lived in that lifestyle myself into one summer I decided to make a change and save every penny I had to get the best system out there to get the premium sound I craved to watch my favorite movie.

In the world of sound, I didn’t know there is a difference between good vibes and bad vibes. Good vibes from music you love is has to be on point.

Because you heard of this type music before and know what to expect. I bet, you could tell he difference in sound once your favorite tune plays, the level of sound quality has a lot to do with base syncing up with higher decibels of sound but never loses quality. It’s hard to find such good base sound without distortion but it’s out there.

Have you made the Choice on Sound Systems?

This does not require you to make a life or death choice it’s does require you to does some research to find out what’s one the of the better system to handle what you are looking for the most.

  • Bigger Base
  • Space saver with higher output
  • Multi- channel HD controls
  • Surround sound speaker support

The Cutting Edge Of Sub-Woofers

This is my favorite part to talk about. In today’s market we get to check out new lines of Sub-woofers and Amplifiers to complement our love for new technology and convenience.

This will be the game changer we have been waiting for. Here I’m are going to show you a new Sub-woofer to share and give you pro’s and con’s to compare which one will really give you more bang for your buck and the specifics to how to properly use it.

Polk Audio Sub-Woofer


Has a laser based Klippel measurement Technology to Deepen the sound and improve the linear effects.

High current Amplifier for explosive base power

Good connectivity, This has speaker level input and output,

10 inch polymer composite dynamic-cone driver which give you that balance in base and sound.


Could blowout your speakers using this at very high volumes it’s great recommend to keep it 85 decibels for safety

The box design makes things a little combative toward the overall design of your entertainment center.

No warranty on this model which is surprising, but maybe Polk stands tall on durability.

Great for movies not so great for music, have to have more features and convenience in the digital age.

Specifications: Polk audio sub-woofer

Height: 14.375 inches

Weight: 26 lbs

Width: 14 inches

Depth:16.125 centimeters

Audio Quality: one lower and one upper both 3 decibels from 40 Hz to 180 kHz

Speakers inputs: Two Terminals (spring)

Audio inputs: Stereo line level and 2 RCA inputs and Pair (L/R) Analog RCA.

Polk Audio has the top-notch quality in structuring your home base entertainment. If your look to get more out this sub-woofer be ready for a performance you have been waiting on, I think POLK understands the needs of the customer and gives under selling options while over delivering results. I would firmly put my stamp on it as the best sub-woofer to use and buy.

I would like to know what your idea of the best subwoofer and if you had any experiences with this model or any other model good or bad please share with us your thoughts. Be sure to comment below and give feedback on our site and post.


  1. Thank you so much for this timely article. My husband has been shopping for a surround system for our home. I showed him your informative post and he was very excited about the Bose Sound Bar system. We think this might be the perfect system for us. Thank you for your review, this seems like a great product and Bose is a trusted name.

    • Anytime Heather, It’s my pleasure to help you, be sure to stay tuned to new updates and new videos coming soon. Bose and Sony products is only a small part of what I’m looking to highlight when it comes to Sound bar systems

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