Home Theater Vs Movie Theater Ideas

There’s a new movie that just came out and your looking at the preview to see who’s staring in it. Your amazed by the preview so you plan to on going to the theater to see the movie. But as you check online for setting a reservation, you come across several options to choose from.

You have 3D viewing, IMAX experience, and theater general admission. Each one has a different price. But according to these options its the better the quality, the higher the price.

Many of us are overwhelmed when this happens. We seem to go though a situation of thinking; “Is this movie worth paying more?” “How many people will I take with me to the theater?” “Is the theater going to be packed?”

So as you’re thinking about these things at the same time, the thoughts about how cool will it be to watch a movie in high definition quality? Do you want to see the screen jump out at you though 3D viewing? Of course the last thing that’s running though your mind is   snacks and food at the concessions desk.

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To many of us put the emphasis on planning and preparations. This could be a bit of a hassle at times, but if your interested in movie theater action, these common circumstances should not be relevant. On the contrary, those of us who wish to bring the glitz and glam of the theater world to the home front that’s the way to go.

There’re options to modify a room with the latest type of technology that will enhance the household with an amazing state of art home theater.

Having a home theater room with a full setup of movie theater equipment is like something most people have been clamoring to do for years. It’s intriguing to know how much of it can make the home lifestyle that much different than it was before.

In order to understand this we decided to take a closer look at some distinctive differences by comparing them together to find out which one of these options people have love for which is home theater vs movie theater.

This article will break down each side to determine to identify what’s the best features we like about each one. Then we’ll combine those features together by using the help of Sonos products to gear your ambitions towards designing your own home theater system.

Benefits Of Going To A Movie Theater

As kids growing up, most of us valued the thought of going to the movies. This was because of a favorite show of sitcom which had a certain character in it that was admired and loved.

Those of us who shared this love and admiration felt a sense of need to see the actor on the big screen filling our amusement with joy and wonder. Of course not all things were about the actor or perhaps the movie its self.

There’s other things people enjoy movies to provide a feeling of comfort or an outlet to get away from the real world for a minute. So we’re looking into the things people love most about going to the movies. We hope this inspires you with some ideas to consider for your own home theater project.

Food at The Concession Stands: one of the hallmarks to enjoying a movie There’s the food, candies, popcorn, soft pretzels, soft drinks and hot dogs plus nachos.

Arcade Machines: the stuff toy games to the photo booths, These are some of the things people love to see when in waiting for the next showing while waiting.

Previews before the movie: What’s more fun to see the movie than to see a new upcoming film to watch the previews to? this an excellent marketing ploy for the flim industry to get you to return for more theater action. But people can’t seem to resist it.

Special effects and Seating: Many of us can’t stand to sit somewhere uncomfortably for hours trying to enjoy a movie, that  why most theaters go beyond the call of duty, to make sure every experience is a great one to remember.

Of course the 3D viewing and special effects of sound and high definition alone will entice you to pay more to see a good movie on the big screen as well.

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Benefits Of A Home Movie Theater

It’s Saturday night, and the family free to be at home to watch a nice movie together. There’s popcorn popping in the microwave and your looking for the remote to start the movie.

This gives you a thought of good feelings as the family gets settled on the couch. Here the part that we will identify what’s the benefits of a home theater movie. We listed some of the things people love most about staying at home to enjoy a flick on in the living room.

Peace and quiet: It’s much more peaceful in a room with four people you know and love than a stadium size room of hundred and fifty. No crying babies, No annoying strangers kicking the back of your seat and no sticky gum shoes to deal with.

You have more Control: It’s your home, therefore its your rules to pause or rewind the movie and seek playback for the best parts to see. This is in case you miss any scenes or watch as much as you like. You have the option to watch the movie at your own time.

It’s Your Food and Snacks: You have the best options at your own disposal. There’s nothing like having wings over hot dogs, Pizza over pretzels, and cold beer over cold root beer. The best part about it? You can go for seconds and don’t have to pay a thing.

Choose Your Comfort Zone: Do you crave to watch a movie in the basement? perhaps you desire to watch it from the attic space? It’s your choice. Many of us have the ambition to choose to watch TV or a movie in different parts of the house which is a great option to have. Some people watch TV in the kitchen while preparing a meal. Others like to have a backyard theater in place to create an outdoor cinema event. These are options that make your movie experience a good one.

The Best of Both Worlds

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Wouldn’t be great to have the best of the movie theater features and as well as the home lifestyle all rolled into one fun family fun center design for pure entertainment?

Well we thought it would be beneficial to for those who crave this option to explore options to combine the best features to give you the home movie theater experience that’s worthy of taking a look at.

Movie Projectors: What a fantastic device for bigger screen viewing. We have come a long way from using projectors nowadays. Your able to mount the device in any position that you see fit.

Plus its much more sophisticated than the old two reels and a flashing light that you used to see. Home theater projectors is less expensive than they used to be but of course if you look to have high definition we could could agree it’s is worth its weight in gold.

Design Your Home Theater Room: This is what most people love and spend money on as well. The demand for a theater room in the home is just as desirable as owning a new home for the first time. You can design an open bar instead of a concession stand, You have curtains and drapes around the room instead of pictures and posters.

Seating makes the difference: There’s nothing more comfortable than to relax in a very comfortable chair or a sectional seat watching a good flick. You have many options and ways to do this from electronic adjustable seating to built in accessories like speakers in the headrest, to massage settings and USB ports for devices to charge.

Screening Options: Imagine watch your movie on a large scale screen with high resolution graphics and special effects detailed to perfection. This could be possible, in fact many people use this often to this day.

You have the option of choosing the wall or a screen to hold the high resolution view to your liking. Depending on the type of projector mechanics, you would have a plenty of options to choose from.

Top Five Options A Home Theater Must Have

In order to have a functional home theater system that delivers, its important to know about these things to consider when designing your own home theater room.

  1. Surround Sound System- This could be an affordable system or a small device for starters to get the party started. Check the list of systems here.
  2. Flat screen or Roll Out Screen- bigger screen or more displaying effects, its up to you to decide. Check out the latest features on this here.
  3. Home theater Seating- This could be a good couch or sectional with some features such as reclining support and cup holders. To learn more about this check out some features here.
  4. Streaming Device or Digital Projector- to have one of these devices is paramount to your home theater. With so many options and features to use, its no wonder why people love them. Check out these devices here.
  5. Select The best Room- It’s good to find out what’s the best option to take in the family house hold. It’s crucial to find the right spot that not only fits with were you like but its doesn’t interfere with other domain spaces as well. Careful planning  needed for this option.

The Best Option To Take

Sonos Wireless Music Player

You have the best option right in front of you here which is the home theater route. It makes the most sense to realize its logical to use the home as a new place to enjoy a good movie. With proper modifications, its possible to transform part of your home into one the gems you have been waiting for. The perfect starter system we recommend buying is Sonos 5.1 surround sound system.

If those of you are on the fence about this choice, its best to check our article on how to design your own theater. It’s packed with good advice to teach you ways to save and use good planning tips for your next project. Please give us your thoughts on this topic by commenting below. We value your input on this matter.

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