How Can A Subwoofer Improve Your Home Theater

Using a subwoofer to improve your home theater is the difference between a boom box vs a radio speaker device. Your eventually getting the best out of your theater system. It’s the topping on the cake, the yin to the yang of theaters setups. you have to complete this with a subwoofer. How would get the full performance of a movie action scene without the mega explosion. We all crave the special effects of a theater system. To have a premium theater system setup in your home is creating a movie theater in your living room.

What is the first thing you hear when the movie starts in a movie theater? The great sound effects. The low rumbling tones, crisp tweeters effects of each sound that the movie is displaying makes it that much better. Of course the powerful force of bass effects rocking your body at the sequence of action on screen is the top feature to a theater system. How does a subwoofer improve your home theater? Check out what most companies has improved for the home theater system below.

What is a Subwoofer Best For?

Using a subwoofer requires the enhancement of the movie special effects. A subwoofer bring more tones and dazzling sounds you would never hear from a mono stereo set that seem to rob you of that performance.

It’s almost like watching the movie on mute. The low bass tones has a major effect on the sound system which carries a sound effect throughout the room. Subwoofers upgrades the effects of surround sound speakers to levels you never thought of. The bass tones in carried to the speakers and works together in unison.

The communication of these speakers is important to a subwoofer. You have to take into account what is best for your systems performance. Using a sound bar has a very profound effect on your lifestyle. This makes the case why we need more bass to increase the quality of entertainment.

We watch these movies to get the real genuine performance not only in cinema features but has to deliver on the sound system as well to create the unique type of performance that makes you feel like your a part of the action. Next we’ll discover how the effect of adding more bass makes your lifestyle better.

Adding More Bass To Your Life

When car enthusiast look to upgrade car systems with bigger speakers to get more bass tones and powerful sound effects it’s the result of adding more sound quality to your lifestyle. In the world of car systems you have a powerful amplifier that regulates the giant speakers and woofers to complete the whole process of developing a fantastic sound system. It all works in unison to upgrade the music or complements types of sounds you wouldn’t hear in a sub par pair of headphones.

In order to upgrade the sound system in a home theater it’s simple, add more speakers right? well the concept is simple but the process takes a certain type of speaker and subwoofer to make it work. It does takes two to make it right, but the right two in order to make it dynamic. Your in position to see the difference when this system is in play. We would have to find out what’s the best type of subwoofer is the best to use for the home theater. Check out what is our recommend types of subs to use for your home.

What is The Best Subwoofer To Use?

What is the best subwoofer to use? well we have found these subs to be the best performance and high dynamic in terms of getting the all around type of subwoofer that communicates with surround sound speakers, unifies the soundbar with a high grade smart TV is the perfect recipe for great theater action.

To get a better look at this, we displayed the some best surround sets to pair around our feature subwoofer to get the type of performance that you have been waiting for.

Sonos theater sets has the features you have been looking for and have more than enough power to get the job done in your home. But what you do not know is Sonos has a lot more in store in terms of entertainment and convenience. Check out the features and specifics below.

Sonos Surround Beam 5.1 set.

5.1 Surround Set with Sonos Beam, Sub, & One SL

Best features:

  • Voice control
  • Oscar Award-winning Sound speakers engineered
  • High Definition Sound
  • Ttwo force Canceling drivers for crisp dialogue
  • Speech Enhancement


Beam- 6.36 Lbs

Sub- 36.3Lbs

One SL- 4.08 Lbs


Beam- 2.70H x 25.625W x 3.94D in.

OneSL- 6.36H x 4.69W x 4.69D in.

Sub- 15.3H x 15.8W x 6.2D in.


  • Sonos beam
  • OneSL
  • Sub
  • HDMI Cable
  • Audio Adapter
  • Quick start guide
  • (3) power cords
  • legal/warranty information

Connectivity: WIFI Connect, Sonos App, Apple Air Play2

Price: Check out details Here

Works best with: Sonos Boost, Sonos Amp, Sonos Arc

Description: One the Most powerful dynamic systems to grace your home lifestyle. surround the home with fantastic speakers, a great sub speaker sets and phenomenal Subwoofer. Complete with state-of-the-art smart speaker.

Sonos Surround 5.1.2 Set

5.1.2 Surround Set with Sonos Arc, Sub, & One SL - White

Best Features:

  • 3D Sound with Dolby Atmos
  • TruePlay tuning Technology
  • Realistic listening Experience


  • Arc- 13.78 Lbs
  • Sub- 36.3 Lbs
  • OneSL- 4.08 Lbs


  • Arc
  • Sub
  • One SL
  • HDMI Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Legal/Warranty Guide
  • (3) power cords
  • Optical Audio Adapter


  • Sonos S2 app
  • WiFI connection
  • Ethernet cable connection


  • Arc- 3.4H x 45W x 4.5D in.
  • Sub- 15.3H x 15.8W x 6.2D in.
  • OneSL- 6.36H x 4.69W x 4.69D in.

Price: Check out details Here

Works Best With:

  • Sonos Boost for extended WiFi for speaker support.
  • Sonos Amp good for connecting to more than one device and stereo systems.
  • Sonos Move take the music with you from living room to Bathroom, and on the go.

Description: True cinema sound features packed with some the best types of sound effects and multi dimensional sound stage that brings more control to your household and dazzles your mind with fundamental features that extend beyond the theater set which takes your level of entertainment to the next level.

The Sonos Subwoofer Beakdown

Sonos Sub - Wireless Subwoofer - Zero Cabinet Rattle or Buzz - Automatic Equalization for Optimal Sound - Black

Sonos Sub Review and Features

Best Features:

  • Award-winning sleek and high gloss design.
  • Crafted to cancel out Rattle and Distortion.
  • Two position placement carries same high performance.
  • Controls Mid-range speakers for enhanced playback.


  • Enhances surround sound speakers.
  • Deep Low Bass Structures.
  • High Intense Force drivers.
  • Two Class-D amplifiers.


  • Made for sonos devices only.
  • Doesn’t connect with Smart TV directly.
  • Requires additional speakers for full performance.

Works Best With: Sonos Beam, OneSL, Arc, Boost, Amp, Move

Price: Click Here For Details

Description: Powerful subwoofer with total bass structure. Handles most of surround sound system with automatic equalization. Frequency response rate that plays down to 25Hz. Controls the whole surround system and demands effects of sound throughout the room.

As you can see these are the some best surround sound sets fits best for a subwoofer. The subwoofer is an integral part of the home theater system. You have the most powerful dynamic system that has some the best ways to bring out the best types of movies, music, and great streaming services.

Take the time to check out these sets to see if this fits your way of lifestyle. If you have comments or suggestions please give us your thoughts on this topic by commenting below. Thanks for visiting us at

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