How to Avoid Eye Strain From Watching Movies?

Don’t you hate getting that annoying painful feeling in the eyes when watching TV for too long? Many of us have to deal with that in some time or another. We tend to have this problem from staring at our phones for too long tying to read text and get more strains when we are watching a blurring or distorted picture on TV as well.

These are typical signs of eye strain that continues to haunt us into we do something about the issue. We are here to help you avoid eye strain from watching your favorite movies. If you have a special love for flicks, or you have found yourself caught up in binge watching sessions. Well, this is definitely for you to read.

We have some great ideas to help you cut down having these issues, particularly for movie watching. Sitting in the living room, basement or even the garage has the same effects if we don’t use proper tactics to cut back on the painful strains on our eyes and body.

But we have to identify why we get these issues of aches and strain. The pain we get from watching movies or shows has an effect on our health and well-being. Take a closer look at what makes our eyes hurt so bad and strain in our next topic below.

Why Does My Eyes hurt Form Watching TV?

To understand this more, let’s look up what is eye strain: fatigue of the eyes, such as that caused by reading or looking at a computer screen for too long.

Watching TV in the dark could be one of the biggest reasons why we have so much pain and strain in the eyes. If you find yourself watching TV in the dark, its best to light up the room so you can give your eyes a break. You’ll notice the sudden ease of comfort the next time you snuggle up on the couch to watch a flick.

Some times getting up to stretch makes the difference here. Your body is made of muscles and needs a good workout to relive the pain and strain of just sitting and watching. Sometimes the circulation needs to travel throughout the body and its effects the vision as well. It’s best too just to keep a good stretch regime in hand before the movie during and after the movie as well.

Rearrange the Furniture

Select a good place to have your guest enjoy the movies and shows without blinding them in the process. Try just sitting in front of the TV screen and watch a random show for a few minutes and see how does it feel. This would gauge how much strain could affect the eyes over time.

Simply move the furniture around the room to fit your comfort. Moving seats around makes the difference as well. You would find that the further way the couch or sectional is from the TV, the better your eyes and body would feel in the end. Most of us love to be closer to action. But its taking its toll on our body to the point where we find soreness and strain could be a problem on a long term scale.

Our bodies need better comfort as result which could mean you may have to look for better seating options for home theater entertainment. Most of us would love to have a seating set that has the ability to get us reclining and sound support. If your interested in this opportunity, check our page for our recommended special selections here.

Adjust The lighting

The light does a play a huge part in avoiding eye strain problems. Dimming the lights or using low lamp lighting could help you watch TV with ease and comfort. The spot to place a lamp is preferably around the TV or behind it as well.

Direct lighting which is the bright light coming from the screen or a bright source of light beamed into the eyes, makes its bit difficult to see and makes you squint and adjust your eyes more to the lighting. But indirect lighting, which is light that shines in an angle make things that much better in terms ease of focus on the eyes.

It doesn’t hurt to get more lighting installed in the family room. Many people use overhead lighting to get more of an indirect lighting set to use for TV watching. To help you more on this topic check out our simple tips to design a home theater here.

Brighter screens and higher contrast projectors play a good role in making your eyes strain too. We have many options for theater projectors, these projectors have an auto adjust to screen views when the scenes get brighter or darker. Take a look at some of our best theater projectors, Its specialize for home theater lighting here.

Get some Rest

Time to get some rest indeed. This could be the biggest option to choose among all others. It’s not the most likely to use but could help in many ways to energize the body, mind and of course the eyes its self.

We have many things going on in life, that its seems to ware us out throughout the day. Have you ever tried to stay up after a hard grueling day at work? try watching a movie after working physically for eight hours then relax on the couch to watch TV. Most of us wonder off to sleep, others suffer back aches and bad eye strains from work. That is why we need to get more sleep and relaxation from the devices we use everyday. Sleeping helps every once in a while to recharge the batteries.

Taking a 30-minute break to rest the eyes works great for the body too. Try using a recliners for comfort before watching a movie. A nice plush three piece sectional will do well for your home to stretch out and rest.

Light up the Flat Screen

This is one of the best ways to avoid eye strain watching TV. You have some the best flat screen TV’s on the market that could offer so much in terms of comfort and convince today. It’s good to have a smart TV that automatically displays ambient lighting and softer contrasting features.

According to, Bias lighting is used to describe a light placed directly behind a monitor. Well, the same could be use for TV screens as well by using LCD lighting or you could buy a smart screen TV with ambient backlighting built-in to adjust to different images on the screen. Check out our review page on these selections here.

These are the types of TV’s you should be looking for in terms of easier watching. We have a list of good sets for you to check out here.

Samsung QN85Q60TA 85

The bigger the screen, the easier it is to watch TV is what we would recommend. Having a larger size screen TV can allow you to sit further away from the action and use surround sound systems to fill the room with theater sound that helps your get into the movie properly. Check out our page on Surround sounds for larger rooms.

If your in the mood for bigger projection theater screens, We have a review on projector screens and theater projectors for premium entertainment. Thank you for taking the time to visit If you have any suggestions and questions, please feel free to ask them below this page.

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