How to Stop Internet Disruptions

Don’t you hate it when the streaming stops, and You can not watch one of your favorite television shows on Netflix, and you get the infamous swirling circle in the middle of the screen with the text saying buffering  next to it? It’s quite bothering to say the least. Most of us have this problem and literally can’t do anything about it but sit and wait.

Perhaps you reload the movie in hopes for better streaming only to find the same problem minutes later. Well this is what most of us deal with when it comes to issues with internet drops. Our focus is help you on the journey to develop a solution to the problem. But in order for that to happen we need to identify the issues that contributes to it by breaking the down the common everyday things we use the WIFI services for.

Do you have more than one use for internet services? This could be an issue when finding out how much data is in use each time of the day.

Someone in the living room is perhaps using the internet for streaming a movie, while the kids are playing video games in the bedroom plus your catching up with a popular podcast in the kitchen.

This could lead to overloading the service which could lead to certain drops and disruptions in the service. We will cover more about the types of ways to avoid overloading the router in the next few topics.

The range of a WIFI network can only reach so far, which makes things a bit more difficult. Let’s take a closer look at the problem below to identify what solutions we could make to develop a solution to the problem.

Limited Range of Network WIFI

For those of us who sign up for a personal WIFI network or maybe you use one at work and have to deal with issues with a short range to service.

Perhaps the job site has arranged the network to a designated area to cut down on distractions and focus more on the work duties. At home your limited to only one area in the house for good continued use of this service to have, which makes it difficult when you want to carry a media player in another room. Or use the computer laptop in the bedroom.

In this situation, we have some solutions to offer:

  • Call the internet service provider and ask for an extended WIFI range
  • Get a WIFI Extender for personal use
  • Use your phone network hotspot for temporary access to use the internet.

Using this measure, will help you get the most out of your access to the internet temporary. But you will have to get it from other services or increase the usage and maybe pay more in the end. We have another alternative to take a look at towards the bottom of this page.

Just imagine, you can have access in the kitchen for listening to step by step instructions for making dinner,  or waking up to news updates while you get ready for work. Why not catch up on that episode you have been waiting to watch on that new surround sound system you just installed in the basement?

These are some of the things you can experience in the household when your free to have full range around the house to enjoy the devices you love to use most. Below we’ll discuss the top interference issues that tends to disrupt the WIFI service making it almost impossible get full use of its operations and running into drops offs.

Top Interference Issues

The top ways to avoid interference issues with streaming and internet connections is simple, but requires finding out what is causing these issues like constant buffering, dropping, and slow connections.

Radio devices: These could be the use of a microwave ovens that make it impossible to operate WIFI steaming and drawing away from the serviceable functions which tends to be a nuance. Try placing the router in an another place around the home. It’s not safe to use devices near the microwave it’s self. So the best thing is to keep devices away from the micro wave in order to maintain a constant steady flow for service.

Bluetooth devices: This could be the use of speakers that rely on Bluetooth connections for support which in turn, hinder your WIFI performance in many cases. Try to use less Bluetooth services and devices for entertainment by opting to use more WIFI connections. This move may take away from your service but there are solutions to this issue as well in the next topics below.

Cell phones: People who tend to hop on your network for a good connection makes your streaming slow down, which in turn have to adjust or reconnect. Smart phones have the ability to draw more data from your services and keep you from getting the best streaming that is need for larger platforms and devices for home entertainment.

TV: The TV set has to be one of the biggest issues in using WIFI network to stream shows and movies that may bog down the use of streaming and playback for internet. The solution would be to turn off these devices but if there is more than one person trying to use the internet, This may cause a lot of problems.

These are some the most common issues we encounter on a daily basis in our lives and find temporary fixes to settle the problem but it’s takes a different type of device to help solve many of these issues and help you strengthen your connection with a simple setup and play.

Overloaded Router Problems

Sometimes We tend to use more than one device for streaming. Perhaps we love to have more devices active to for different uses. It’s in our nature to be versatile, and having multiple options around the house requires many devices on one network. This is because families have different things to take care of during the time spent being at home. Homework projects, faxing paper work, video conferences, and music streaming makes the use of internet connections slow down.

In this instance you could curtail some the services to allow your network to perform a little better but why should you compensate for better internet service while paying for more service?

Luckily we have a device to recommend that is fully capable of allowing you to continue use with multi purpose functions while giving you the full service of streaming and surfing and audio listening.

This device has the power to give you the opportunity to have full range of the house and it’s strong enough to with stand certain interferences that tend to keep you from optimum performances.

Check out our featured solution that could become a game changer to your home and create a world of freedom from drop offs and disruptions to your internet connection.

Sonos Boost Is The Solution

WIFI Extender: Sonos Boost

Boost - WiFi Solution - Stream Without Interference - White - Sonos

Weight: .42 lbs

Contents: Sonos Boost, power cord, Ethernet cable, Quick Start guide, Legal/warranty guide


  • Connects with Sonos speakers and extend the WIFI service for better connection.
  • Creates a separate WIFI connection for non-stop streaming and gives more uses for other devices.
  • Extends to separate devices and gives full range without interrupting the current flow of internet services.

Dimensions: 1.3W x 4.5H x 4.5D

Works Best With:

Sonos Move, OneSL, One, Sub, Surround sound system

Price: Click here to check it out

As you can see Sonos boost can give your home the ability to have a powerful internet services that reaches throughout the home lifestyle.

We can connect many devices at once without getting bad connections as well as slow downs and buffering. This is the next level of technology that will provide you with the many ways to use the internet and have no more problems in connections, streaming, and surfing with many devices and technology.

Boost - WiFi Solution - Stream Without Interference - White - Sonos Boost – WiFi Solution – Stream Without Interference – White – Sonos

Get unparalleled wireless reliability with Sonos BOOST. Perfect as a WiFi signal booster, perfect for ensuring wireless reliability in larger homes with heavy WiFi traffic.

What Does Sonos Boost Do For You?

Sonos Boost increase the ways you like to use the internet in many ways. Instead of compensating for better services why not have more options for use when you have boosted to create the space to operate in that area for recreational use. If you run a business at home and need more access to the web it’s important to have a greater option on the table to use than ask and argue with family members to stop using the web to get better out of the web service.

We recommend the use of Sonos boosted to create a functional home life that sustains your home lifestyle. Rid yourself of these problematic situations and check out of this WIFI range extender for yourself and discover the difference with a device like this in your home.

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