Is Sonos Arc The Best Soundbar?

Sonos Arc soundbar by Dario

Did you ever think of a way to view your favorite movies without the bulking expensive DVD player? How about not having  to get a rectangular box with rolled up tape inside of it to use for viewing movies with? These are some of the things we used to have back in the day when it came to watching movies.

Those of us who remember what is means to wait to get a hold of a VHS tape to watch a certain movie understand how tedious it gets watch a movie. But nowadays you can see a movie at a  press of a button. Streaming movies has made it that simple to enjoy any time you want.

The world has changed since those days, and technology has evolved with it as well. But you can see that every ten years we tend to shift to the next level of entertainment.

Like the VHS player shifting to streaming services, you now have a device that could give you access to streaming services though an application. Also, this device could give you multiple options to use for video gaming, listening to music, and theater surround sound.

Remember we use to listen to music on a radio set that would only operate on FM and AM. Now you can have that plus the internet installed on a device to use at anytime you want.

This device has change the way many families live their lives for the better. It gives us so much more freedom and variety. Many of us have the power to choose the option to use what type of entertainment we need in the comfort of our own home.

What do you think of when a home theater has the ability to give you premium sound entertainment, plus updates on the weather and reminds you of a dentist appointment on time? It’s fantastic to have many things to use in device like this.

Is Sonos Arc A Good Sound Bar? You have to take a look at the specifics to understand what is makes it the best type of soundbar you could use for the home environment. We are going to look into the ways Arc works, then find more ideas to use it best. Please take the time to jot down a few ideas to get more of an opportunity of what you think Arc could work for you.

Sonos Arc - White

Sonos Arc – White

Experience immersive 3D sound for movies, sports, games, and more. Sonos Arc’s upward-firing drivers create a multi-dimensional soundstage that moves around you, rendering every detail with dramatic clarity and depth. Enjoy control with your remote, the app, your voice, and Apple AirPlay 2.

What can a Sonos Sound Bar Do For You?

Describing what a Sonos Arc can provide the most for. This topic looks into the specifics for operating in home environments. we’ll list details for what this device can work for you the most.

So what is a Sonos Arc? It’s high performance smart soundbar with multiple features that includes its own app with controls that can give you access to more features. To have this soundbar in your home is to open your life to a new way of living. You will discover the options to use the smart soundbar without TV to listen to great music.

So now you’re able to listen to your favorite tunes on surround sound. If you have a video gaming system, what a joy it is to hear the sound effects in greater detail and higher resolution. That means bigger base tones and crisp sound coming from different parts of the room coming towards you and your family and friends.

Arc brings more to your room than you can think of as you use it more. The best part of this system is how Sonos gives you an option to connect more premium devices to Arc for increased action play and dazzling sound displays.

To truly tell what you’re getting out of Arc let’s take a closer look at the specifics and features to find out how much value it brings to your life.

Sonos Arc Breakdown

In this topic we’ll list out the specifications to the device and its features for better clarity.

Sonos Arc

Sonos Product: Arc

Product Weight: 13.78lbs

Dimensions: 3.4h x 45w x 4.5d inches

Color: Black with a matte finish/ White with a matte finish

Best features:

  • TruePlay software the tunes speakers acoustics around the room.
  • Eleven D-class amplifiers tuned to Arc’s acoustic architecture.
  • Eight Elliptical woofers to ensure playback of mid range and vocal frequencies
  • Speech Enhancement emphasizes the frequencies

Works Best With: Sonos Sub, Sonos Move, One SL, and Sonos Five

Contents: Arc, Power cord, HDMI cable, Optical audio adapter, Quick Start Guide, Legal/warranty Information

Best place to Buy:

Sonos Arc Vs Samsung Soundbar

This is the are where we are going to break down the features of each device and compare them to each other.

These are two of the most dynamic soundbar systems you could get your hands on. Each one of these has a different feature to bring to table, which makes things fascinating to discover for your home. We are going to list out both soundbar  features to give you options to discover which one could do more for you.

Samsung Soundbar:

Hw-S60T 4.0 channel All in One Soundbar

*Dolby Audio, Digital Surround 5.1/ Built in sub woofer / Has Alexa Built-in / Samsung Smart Things App / One remote control.

  • Has a wider base structure with a sub woofer built-in.
  • Automatically adapts to sound around the room to deliver a higher quality audio support.
  • Allows streaming music from you phone for more control and features.
  • All in one design has Two woofers, Two tweeters.
  • Double sided horn speakers which delivers panoramic room filling sound.
  • Premium theater surround sound system that has the DTS and Dolby Digital Sound.

Sonos Soundbar:

Sonos Arc surround soundbar

*Speech Enhancement / Trueplay software / Far field microphone array / Quad core 1.4GHz / Apple AirPlay / Sonos S2 App

  • Night Sound To reduce the intensity of sound effects
  • Three high frequency tweeters for clear crisp sound and voice dialogue
  • Google Assistant and Alexa built in for voice commands.
  • Oscar Award-winning sound engineered technology.
  • Eleven high performance drivers, with dynamic mid-range base speakers.
  • Smart Sound design to connect with other devices for gaming, music streaming, and theater play.
    5.1.2 Surround Set with Sonos Arc, Sub, & One SL
    5.1.2 Surround Set with Sonos Arc, Sub, & One SL

    Add cinematic surround sound to your home entertainment with Arc in the centre, Sub providing the bass, and a pair of Sonos One SLs as rear speakers.

    Experience enveloping sound from all angles with crystal clarity and rumbling bass. Easily controlled sound with your remote, the app, and your voice.

In a different way, each one of these speakers can deliver the type of performance you could use in your home lifestyle. It’s great to know how much power and technology can be crafted inside one slim design soundbar.

This should open up your mind to new ideas to use for your home theater as you jot down these features. Remember to ask yourself which one of these will give you what is needed most for the living room.

Do’s and Don’ts to using Sonos Arc

A general rules section for using the Arc properly by using better options from the manual guide on the sonos website.

Every device has its do’s and don’t’s section, so we decided to share with you Sonos Arc guidelines for proper care and functions to prevent yourself from having bad situation with misuse or have malfunctions. Some of these are pretty oblivious and others is recommended for you protection.


  • Sonos Arc is able to be connected to other sonos speakers though WiFi, and Sonos Amp
  • Can be placed underneath TV set or mounted to the wall.
  • Sonos Sub-woofer is able to connect to this device.
  • You can listen to Arc without the support of the TV.
  • Voice commands is available to operate Arc.
  • you can connect a stereo system to Arc as well.


  • It’s not recommended connecting other manufactures devices or speakers to Sonos Arc.
  • Use for outdoor use or expose to wet conditions even though its moisture resistant.
  • Try to operate the TV speakers at the same time arc is in operation. (has switch controls)
  • Try to use Bluetooth technology to operate Arc because its used for WiFi connections & Ethernet ports.
  • Using an android device to operate a IOS Apple Air Play 2.

Why You Should Own a Sonos Arc

This is where you tie in the pains of not having a sonos Arc  would greatly benefit the family to have one.The addition Sonos speakers and systems would help you greatly in a package set.

Think about the way your entertainment lifestyle is now. Are you and your family happy the way things are when it comes to watch movies? Do you come together for good movie enjoy or are you separately getting your own version of happiness. This could be accomplish by both with Arc.

With Sonos Arc your more connected to the things your love to do, and have the opportunity to get the things you need to be done faster. Arc makes the lifestyle around the house that much easier to enjoy.

To get a started with you home theater surround system setup with Arc click here.

But It’s requires you to make the decisions to create a world of fun and entertainment. Your missing out in the next level of technology if you pass this smart soundbar up.

For a device that offers many options to use, you will be kicking yourself for not getting a Sonos smart soundbar.  If You have questions or wish to inquire about this topic, please give us a comment down below and thank you for visiting

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