JMGO Smart Theater Projector (Review)

JMGO 1080P 4K Smart Theater Projector

Best place to buy: Amazon

Projector Weight: 3.4 lbs

Dimensions: 8.19 x 5.24 x 4.25

Best Features: Auto Focus, 3D cinema, Bluetooth,10 watt speakers

Warranty Options: One Year warranty w/ Lifetime customer service

Color: White

Product Number:J6S

My Rating: 4 out 5 stars

When it comes to re-inventing the wheel it’s very hard to do. If your consistently trying to make small improvements to the wheel and make it faster and more effective than the last one well your making waves to change the game in different ways. JMGO has the market on its ear with its bundled package set smart projector that has the all the right features to help make things a lot more fun and entertaining around the home front and living room.

JMGO brings a lot to the table as far as the major push for greater entertainment is concerned. This could make some things really stand out to the point of greatness itself. But in order to fully get an idea of what we are looking at, lets take a look at some features to get a better understanding of what this smart projector can do for you and how much of a benefit does it bring to the table for different needs.

1080P Power With 4K and 3D Cinema

Does your TV have trouble showing movies in high definition quality? how about having trouble with placement of where to put up that speaker set or need a great place to project a good viewing size and picture? All your questions are answered with one word JMGO. This projector has the ability to auto focus on the positioning and give you the premium content of picture quality you have been waiting for.

This projector flex it’s muscles and give you more than what you expect in a projector set by delivering some the better qualities a theater performance set has to offer. Which is nice cnsidering the 1080 p grade pictures, with 4k upgrades to take to your cinema excitement to another level.

This Company is about understanding what the customer wants and bring more than what customer expects. I think that is what JMGO has mastered – Advice Giant 

HIFI Bluetooth Speaker Sound

Does make you think, what else can you use out of this projector? there is plenty to use in the theater set but it is what can you discover in your lifestyle with this new form of entertainment around your home and in your life. One of the best options to get to know about is Bluetooth enabled 10 inch watt speakers that will really surprise you in the way it’s able to handle such a high amount of output while giving your all the power to control it while it’s in the standby mode.

What a wonderful option to have in the home when things get a little more out of place you rest relax to the new tunes in your own time by catching your favorite music to watch every time your at home with your smart phone.

The 3D Cinema Comes Home

It’s totally understandable if you have never had 3D action your home like forever but remember as a kid we all wanted those special 3-d glasses at the bottom of our favorite cereal so were digging and eating our way to the great prize to enjoy the TV show that displays 3-D television for thirty minutes. Well in this case you get to enjoy the whole movie at your own leisure without digging though the cereal box. You will have access to 3-D glasses JMGO glasses comes with them as well. 

JMGO Has Keystone Correction For Different Positions

If you worried about placing a projector in different positions of the room and but not sure of the off positioning of the projection? JMGO has that cover as well with an auto focused technology with supreme sharpness that give you the right type of positioning the way you always wanted every time you use it.

This feature use a 45 degree angle at horizontal and vertical adjustments to deliver the best viewing and the best quality. To many of us, this is a blessing to have in a projector because we all have the tendency to change up homes, rooms and spaces from time to time. So if your looking to move around more than usual this would be perfect for you.

Brighten Up Your Entertainment

It’s a beautiful sunny day but your favorite show just came on, so you decide to watch the program but realize the sun is too bright for your television set so drawing in the curtain maybe the right choice to make. But for those of us who choose to use a JMGO for enhance capabilities like 2500 ANSI Lumens that pretty much make it a lot better in terms of style and quality plus great clarity with some awesome detail to your viewing.

Would not have to get the drapes and cover the window to get the full brightness to come thought eh screen when it automatically adjusts to fulfill that darker image with a brighter clear picture to enjoy.

My Recommendation:

With 1080 p plus 4k projection and Bluetooth speaker power built in, you sure to have the most out your entertainment with this projector in the living room or basement. With a contrast ratio of 3000:1 seeing different shades and colors and darker tones will create a dazzling color effect of depth with crispier and crystal clear detail to be amazed and become more intrigued to see more.

You can tell this project has the making of a great projector that continues to wow you with amazing features and opportunities to keep you and family together and share fun times together. The one feature that has my attention the most is the 3D technology that helps in using this feature for movies and shows that is 3-d enabled, but imagine it with 4k projection with half second clarity and auto focus mechanics.

The JMGO 4K Smart Projector continues to exceed every ones expectations in terms of great style ability to deliver on a bigger stage while dazzling the whole family with its wholesome amount features to keep you entertained. If you have any questions about this projector please comment below this review and tell us what do you think of the JMGO J6S model.

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