LG HU80KA 4K UHD Laser Smart Tv Home Projector Review

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LG 4K UHD Laser Smart TV CineBeam Projector

Amazon Product information:

Warranty Options: Customer service request upon purchase

Model Number: HU80KA

Size Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 18.5 inches

Product Color: Black

Product Weight: 14.8 pounds

Item display height: 10 Inches

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Imagine a world of color and action plus a little more excitement, Then imagine this whole new world of wonderful dazzling images shown in high definition that keeps you on the edge of your seat and package it inside a box that you can carry around to your next destination for entertainment. Introducing this design model as the LG brand continues to grow to a new level of family fun to enjoy it on the run or at another place to set up, LG is there for you.

Take the time to realize how important its been to utilize the features of this device which will bring so many options for family and great entertainment In case you are wondering what does the LG bring to the table in terms of quality were going to break down each one of these feature and how can benefit you the most out of each one.

How Does LG Fit Your Lifestyle?

This is one the best questions to ask yourself when staring at a new Device to buy for your home. It’s good to have many great features but if your only looking for specific things to use then it’s better to aim those that you need the most.

Some people Like to just use this projector to carry for different places to have that movie like feature in different places. While others prefer to have the best in optimal speeds and precise in motion and color contrasting. But it’s doesn’t matter if you don’t have the best available to suit your needs the best.

What Type of Features LG Has to Offer?

Just like the main attraction of an event, LG shows a main attraction of features designed to cater to the customers needs while delivering the best forms of entertainment. Now it’s time to understand the meat and potatoes of this device to get an understanding how it can be become more beneficial to your home and family lifestyle.

4K Ultra Resolution

In a normal world the thought of showing a color gamut of dazzling contrasting tones together in such of an amazing display of cinema and high quality speed and accurate timing could be impossible to imagine. LG’s 4K Ultra Projection has cornered the market of this special type of technology. you about to witness the power of magic and amazing cinema as the movie is playing your find yourself drawn into the scenes from each frame every time there is new action sequence developing around the picture.

You have 3840 x 2160 times the resolution to enjoy this is High Definition on a whole new level. Some people can’t even believe the amount of power you get from the timing and accurate placement of third dimension graphics you can see that wasn’t there in other versions of television viewing.

This is the new way to enjoy watching a good movie or sitcom in such the ways that you have to realize that it’s not good to only see three quarters of the movie that fulfills your satisfaction but comes up short in terms of high quality. It’s about fulfilling that FULL capacity of great joy and excitement that you get from the movie theater.

The Power of Bluetooth Stereo

This is one the better things to have in a projection device like LG. This company recognizes that people enjoy the convince of great sound to complement great theater picture. This will rock your room with a powerful sound that will drive the action sequence to a whole new level of entertainment. To know what can this do for your surround sound system, it’s like adding fuel to a blazing fire that’s already to explode.

With a power consumption of 280 watts you can rest assured that this will not show up on your electric bill just delivering the right amount sound you need to complement the movie or show your watching in the best way possible.

If you look to use this system as a standalone device it’s possible to listen great musical option, paired with great speakers and your be in the driver seat to DJ your tunes to perfection. This is why LG continues to over deliver the message to the customers that it’s projectors stand for high quality standards.

2500 Lumens Of Brightness

Bring in the light, this is the most you will have in great contrast and colors is brighter detail to high content and flashing features. You see the better the higher quality the picture can display this is the best feature to have in high performing projector set.

As you discover the power high class brightness you will see the difference of many things to come in this day of age of great optical resolution and sweeter colors to discover. This is like watching life though a clear window but with better colors and high contrast.

Expand Your View Of Projection

Many of us love to enjoy a Movie in a biggest and most tall wide screen out there. But does that equate to more features and better quality picture? some projector screens can deliver on this promise and while other only can give better resolution from shorter distances but LG can do both of these in an instant with such greater picture imagery.

With the Projection size of 150 feet and a length of 14.1 feet you could set this device in so many positions and don’t’ worry about the loss of color, contrast and projection of course this would require you to have a better projection screen for better setup and display. But once this is established there is no reason to lack for high quality perform you deserve.

LG Projection Designed To Accommodate Your Life


This projector Has such an amazing outfit of treasures you could take days to realize the amount of way to fully utilize it’s powerful abilities to discover more in a LG projector device. Place this Device anywhere you would like to get the most of your movie attention It’s built with 83 million pixels that continues to become a brilliant array of magical display.

It’s your choice to enjoy it. It could be in front of you but you could package it up and take it anywhere you need it most.this is one of those devices that could truly set the market on its ear for new forms of entertainment. Does it remind you of better options to get out of when you are understanding new ways to view new movies and catch up on better shows to watch.

My Recommendation

LG Continues to excel in greater detail and push the limits of success beyond the quality of performance and deliver simply nothing the best types of good picture quality performance. This will give you a better view to realize that it’s important to know the aspects of this device. Knowing what you have could open the door for use of its features.

The capabilities of its technology has so many ways to fully touch the lives of families and future movie goers who prefer to enjoy the simple home theater lifestyle today. Take advantage Of this offer and follow the link to find out if there is a deal you could get by clicking here for more details. Please visit out comment section for questions.

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