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Harper & Bright Designs Sectional Sofa- Three Piece Set

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Size Dimensions:

Love seat– 50W x 37H x 40 D

3 Seat Sofa-71x 37 x 40

Recliner– 20w x 37H x 40D

Materials Used:  polyester

Color: Blue

Recliner Powered or Manual: Manual Pull Lever

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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Furniture Sets with a Nice touch of Theater Seating

a True hidden gem of many sorts because of it modern style of looks and good fashioned charm. Many of us could really appreciate the fine aspects of this furniture set. You have three wonderful styles of furniture that seems to complement each other in different ways.

Your about to witness the fine luxury of class and style wrap up into three pieces of comfort and relaxation rolled into this set to become one of the best living room furniture you could find to love and cherish for a long time. It’s about the way you feel when walking into a living room with such class around you, from the fresh smell of polyester to the handpicked patterns of color and design which continues to get a lot a attention.

People are shocked to see such a good set furniture that is so cheap in value but retains its high quality fashion. It’s a great combination of affordability plus comfort which translates to great deals and happier customers. This is well worth the investment. Just when you thought it was impossible to have a matching love seat, recliner and sofa under a THOUSAND!


Harper & Bright Designs

It’s a California company based out of Los Angeles, the company got its start by simply listening to what the customer truly needs and did not sacrifice style or quality in a way to give the customer a chance to enjoy fine comfortably without the pockets feeling the pinch.

It’s like get the right combination of peanut butter and jelly to spread across the bread so properly that it makes things special and nice. The focus of this company was to develop furniture to not only designs the living room but allows the customer to be creative to set the living room up to their own style.

Harper & Bright specializes in different styles, from modern contemporary to good ole classic traditional. This is the way this company opperates, give the customer what they have been looking for.

Double the Comfort and Easy to Use

You will quickly fall I love with the features. The simply way is king to our environment of complicated technology world were living nowadays.

Not only can you have three amazing pieces of great furniture each one of them has a two set feature that allows you to not only stretch out your back but also gives you extra leg room to almost stretch out into a full 180 degree angles which should deliver maximum comfort and relaxation to the point sleeping sessions may occur.

With a simple push back your on the way to relax and chill under the control of one these pieces, Invite friends over for a game night with how much they appreciate the soft comforting feel to touch and which it allows for more than just simple color matching, Many of those who are committed to a certain brand name.challenge you to check out one for yourself compare the way it feels and reclines.

Kid friendly and Holds to a standard of extra durably due the easy clean up and could stand the test of time which is great to know because we all have tendencies to stay with a certain type of brand or furniture for very long periods of time. It’ not for life. It’ not easy parting ways with old broken in furniture but its necessity to your health and well-being of your family.

Placement And Spacing, Not a Problem

The great part about owning a piece set like this gives you the thing many other piece sets do not have, That’s good spacing which continues to be one of the number one issue when acquiring new items in your home.

Don’t you hate it when it you are buying a new item that could take up too much space but you haven’t even thought about the possibly of it not fitting and just go with it until you arrive home to find out that what you feared the most and forgot about has come to life and is glaring at you like a red flag?

It’s come to the point where we have to make sure size dimensions is the first thing we have to look for before even checking the price or the quality. These are important factors to understand and get to know ASAP.

But as you figure out the right spacing the next question is where are we placing this at? Is it compatible with the rest of my furniture sets? Believe it or not, This is the fun part of the process. The whole concept is to see where things cannot only fit but see if your brand new Harper & Bright has the look of how do you set things in your living room.

My Recommendation:

Take up this offer for the sake of saving yourself hundreds and probably headaches of frustration. This is the deal you have been looking for, A three-piece sectional set that matches with and complements the whole sectional. Plus this is pretty easy to assemble and its makes it easy to accommodate for space and great coordination.

Customer reviews are raving about this model set. Amazon has “dubbed” it as its bestseller by far. So its worth a peak of two if not

check out what people are saying about this and tell us what do you think about it. . By commenting below this article. Be sure to check out more offers for home theater systems which could give you more idea to design your home theater system to fit the budget you see fit.


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