Cool Garage Man Cave Ideas You Need To Know

Cool Man Cave Garage

Your looking to turn the garage into a man cave to be proud of? Many of us love to escape the day-to-day grind by enjoying a good movie or enticing ourselves with a good game with friends to watch. We are going to take a look at some the best ideas people ideally like to have in a garage setting.

Cool Home Theater Seating Styles

I love to make plans for a man cave, there is so many things you can bring to life inside a garage which has the best way to make it fit the lifestyle.

What is The Ideal Size to Build Your Cave?

This is very important to know how much space are you willing to use in order to complete this magical man cave. This will set things in motion going forward towards setting the four fundamentals for man cave construction. We are going back to that later. I would suggestc choosing wisely, at lease use half of the garage space just for a movie or game time. This will allow  to have enough space to include:

  • Proper seating
  • Foot traffic
  • Additional speaker setup
  • Decorative pieces for display
  • Additional options for setup

It’s Important know the space but it’s also vital to know what do you want out of the cave. These simple yet important facts show you have to do some research to find out what exactly you need for this cave.

Rustic Man Cave For Beginners

Looking for a more vintage look to start off with? Great. It’s a fine choice but remember it’s has to be the type of cave to fully enjoy the experience the Theater room. But a man cave can take things to another level, I seen some of the best Styles of interest in Pinterest pins which I highly encourage those who are looking to check it out. My Pinterest man cave Pins

A lot of vintage and stylish ways to mold this cave with, but my first choice is to bring in mini bar which can spice up this setting. I would like to have an old school edge to complement the new wave of technology, but it does not take over the whole room or garage.

Mixing in the best vintage styles with modern decor settings can have a very huge impact on the way to use electronics.

There a difference in setting up an okay theater room versus creating an ever lasting experience guest can fully appreciate and enjoy. For starters let s take a look at what do people look for in building up this system.

What Do you Think Would Be a Good Budget?

Look, There are many ways to save for a budget but I would highly recommend you stick to a good reasonable budget that has just enough to start off the man cave project. Keep this option in mind when the out browsing for new ideas. This strategy helps so you have the right pieces to complete the ideal set.

Usually price ranges for home theater systems range between 1000 to 5000 depending on the type of style you are looking for. That is why I’m propose starting off with a small budget to work with, that way you will have all the space to make adjustments that is still possible without breaking the bank.

Nobody wants to over spend on a budget, especially for a potentially expensive Home Theater system.

Let’s take a look at what you can find the items needed to start off you man cave project:

  • Home projector
  • Surround sound system
  • Extended Speakers
  • High profile T.V. Set
  • Sound bar
  • Mini Bar
  • Theater Seating
  • Quality screen set

As you can see the most of the starter sets will be a little pricey, but if you stick to the budget there will be tremendous opportunities ahead you.

It’s Good To Go Wireless

Don’t you hate it when the T.V. hook ups and surround sound cave get in the way things? People would think its great have little to no wires at all. I’m one of them, I pretty sure you are too. In today informational world we have to think what’s the best way to maxize the space and look. Wireless Speakers to name one is technology option I love the most.

Imagine the in the mood for jazz and want to listen to it close in the most convient way possible, the bedroom or garage area. Setting up speakers in the different rooms is a game changer from the start but wirelessly connecting to a system by the way of voice command is paramount to the needs.

If the just looking for more of a simple setup and handle with some kick I would suggest getting a sound bar with an additional sub-woofer. This is a simple way to save money, space and time.

Some projectors have high value features which will allow you to change, adjust, and customize what position is needed for installation purposes. This is where wireless rules in this situation, and completely gives new you reign to set up a projector in any way you see fit.

Make a Decision on Your Cave

This is where the rubber meets the road, and you can pour all the lovely ideas into this plan to achieve the man cave that has the own foot print and touch. I have some good starter items to look into for more creative ideas.

  • Mini Bar: Classic wooden set just enough to serve the guest on game night, I think this will fully solidify the cave as one to remember.
  • Whiskey Bottle Decor Lights: What are you going to do with these empty liquor bottles? recycle them and make them shine as the center piece
  • Old school arcade machines: These vintage machines will keep the engagement with guest interested to stay and enjoy their time while the commercial break goes on.
  • Pool table/ Air Hockey Machine: Maybe the center piece is evloving gaming table fun, this is great to have after or even before the game starts.
  • High Profile T.V. system: One the best options to have is a Better flat screen television with a good sound system for great entertainment, People enjoy a good movie after a long day of work or maybe the experience with other as well, the right choice of size and quality can be prioritized in order to fully enjoy the benefit of a wonder home theater man cave

Modern Garage Man Cave

So to recap, Make a list of the ideal man cave, make an estimated budget to start you project off on the right track, and find the sizes needed to build it into the own liking.

I’m curious to know what the looking for in a man cave, maybe you have a good idea or two to bring to the table. Please feel free to share with us the man cave ideas, by leaving a comment below. Remember no idea is too crazy to try. Open the mind to the possibility that it’s worth the shot to try. Trust me you’ll be thanking me later

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