Onkyo THX Certified 7.2-channel 4K Network A/V Receiver (Review)

Onkyo THX 4K Network A/V Receiver

 Product Review Information:

Receiver Size: 15.6 x 17.1 x 7.9

Model number: TX-RZ280

Item Weight: 17lbs

Receiver Color: Black

Best Features: 4K Network, THX technology,

What’s included: AAA Batteries/ Receiver/Remote

Warranty Options: Three Year Warranty with Support

My Rating: 4 out of 5

One of the best receivers to dominate the market in high quality systems. You can get more out of the Onkyo THX-Certified Stereo receiver set.

Do you enjoying what you get out of your home entertainment system? do you crave more than your average amount of sound from your current system?

If the answer is yes to all of these then you would need take notes on this receiver with the way it’s built to have more options and give out a greater performance which is almost unmatched in every category of features.

Many of us have the tendency overlook the finer qualities of this system and focus on it’s abilities this system primarily gives out.

This is where exploring more options for better entertainment has to make the most sense in terms of good performance and fantastic ability which continues to stand the test of time.

When you decide to look into more options to buy a receiver that delivers power and great features, try out an Onkyo receiver set but first, do more research to find out more on this brand of entertainment.

By starting here and observing the specs, you can really have an advantage in the way things work for you and your family for the way you choose to get better entertainment at home.

With that being said, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of this review and get a good look at what features could help you satisfy the craving for higher quality sound support.

If you read this towards the end we’ll have a pro’s and con’s section to see what’s good for you and what is bad.

Easy Streaming with ChromeCast Streaming

Determine what is your favorite type of platform to use for easy listening features, that seem to have an impact on the way we live our lives.

Do you have the latest devices to stream music, podcast and radio shows for your home? If not then don’t worry about it, you can have more and bring out the best forms of entertainment with a Onkyo receiver.

Multi Room Audio

Connect to all of your speaker sets throughout the house with ease and just listen good music anywhere you want music.

To say that it’s more than enough sounds in your house makes now sense when you are using this system to power you home with a new level of connectivity.

People love to get more of out a good receiver set and this is one of them, so why not have it in all of your rooms and keep the control in your hands with ease.

Apart from this set has a good feature called Fire Connect which is a great tool to use for better sustained connection to help you get the all the best types of speaker sound you need for the house when you are doing chores or other various things around the house.

Noise Cancelling Audio Processing

Have you ever listen to the most background noises and hear a constant humming or the processing machine at work which is cool to  the ear sometimes.

It’s great to know Onkyo is hard at work to deliver you the best performance for your entertainment. To have silence at the right time, especially when it’s a good movie or your favorite music.

Well the TX-RZ28 has the features to keep the processing down to a silent hum which is fantastic idea to have in your home.

Good to use in case there is a scary movie that requires the tone of the music to be crystal clear while the drama a suspense is building up to the ultimate action. You’ll need this to eliminate the noise and hear the true sound that was meant to be heard.

It’s not cool to hear some random machine noise, in the middle of a quiet scene.

To know what is the source behind the magical quietness.  It’s a feature called VLSC Vector Linear Shaping Circuity, which converts the regular pulsing technology from left to right to send it as a digital signal and keeps the motion of sound almost to a faint analog processing that has now little to now sound at all.

WIFI or Bluetooth Which one Is your Choice?

To many of us, we have the options to choose the range of connection for our use of the internet or other devices.

But you have to love the conveniences of knowing what type of options are on the table to be able to connect your favorite devices.

This comes with the system to help you stay engaged with your music. If you listen to a podcast but have to work to do this can be in different places for right time, for your convince.

You should have a 5GHz to 2.4GHz this ensures the most of your options to choose for good streaming services. This will also sure a good connections when listen to music and controlling it with your smart phone.

With Bluetooth, the clarity and speedy connection makes this feature easier to enjoy, plus you can connect with other platforms and continue to use your favorite apps to play the music you have.

Internet Radio Is For Everyone

Enjoy listening to your favorite tunes on some of the most popular streaming apps out there. Here is a quick list to get you caught up.


You could see that it’s pretty easy to listen to music in different ways to enjoy it while your in the comforts of your home. It’s about getting the best in comfort and control to really have the power in your hands.

Taking control of the living room with sound has a different feel to it. You realize it’s more than what you except in terms of good sounds to hear when you want it.

This can open your mind up to a new way of great sound experience in the unique way possible. The 4K/60 p pass though really helps the system make thing work out the right way


You can see the better parts to this Just looking at the amount of quality and performance plus the THX-Certification makes things that much better. Of course you can get more with 4K system setup

In other words this sound system that you have been experienced in movie theaters that has been put though a battery of test to find out if the quality of sound you hear at the movies is the same as the one you have in your home living room.

And guess what? it passed the test and you now have the best for quality sound coming though your speakers and it’s great to have them around your home. Great to listen to in high definition.

If your  more than enough satisfied with this feature but want to add more to this system? you can rest assure of your self to know that the Chromecast sets the standard for your convince and excellent device hook up as well.

Just use your favorite smartphone, tablet, or laptop to Chromecast the shows and movies though your receiver to get the style and quality and of sound you need it most.


This receiver has problems with the HDMI cables, in the past onkyo has settled these issues. It’s recommended to get a good warranty for a good expensive effective piece of technology you have to get the best coverage to make sure your not left holding the bag in the end.

It’s good to know that you have to pay close attention to at type of speaker  setup like TX-RZ820 because this system will give you more trouble than you think especially if you’re looking to add more speakers to the service.

according to the manual it’s only better to have only 7.1 speaker setup or else if you will have more problems to deal with. Or you could downgrade and have more speakers to deliver the right type of performance.

My Recommendation:

Do you really need any more conformation to see that this is the system to have if your serious about more options to listen to?

Great sounds around the house with different platforms to really get more than enough quality performance and style of support in the form of 4K technology?

It’s time to consider better options with fabulous results.

If you have any questions about this receiver please take the time to give a comment and share with us your thoughts on this.

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