Optoma Compact True (4K LED) Smart Projector Review

Optoma 4K Smart Projector

Amazon Product Information

Best Feature: Works Outdoors and Indoors

Product Number: UHD55

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Dimensions: 8.6 x 8.6 x 5.3 inches

Projector Weight: 8.7lbs

Projector Color: Black

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Say hello to an another great product Optoma has developed and created for your entertainment. It’s more than just an average projector, it’s on the top ten list of viable projectors that have made the grade of sharp high performing projectors for great family fun. It’s okay to wonder what would it be like to have more than enough in one projector set to use.

Can you see the difference of quality when it comes to television sets and Flat panel screens? That is what your going to experience when comparing models to one and another you get a to see a whole another world as you tune into the 4k projections and wonder why is there so many options at this level.

As we get to know more about this Optoma projector, take time to see what does a high performance machine with so much capability and features can help you with?

HDR Bring Your Movies To Life

High Definition Resolution is where you need to be in this lifestyle of home theater living. To many it’s a wonderful option to have, while others simply look past this and wonder what is the big deal? well it starts with Definition and how clear the picture can sharpen, or the movement of an object gets to be fine detailed at a much faster rate than usual.

Having a high quality TV set is one of those things that is a big deal in any house hold. As we all make our way into the digital age, Technology will tell you it’s time to get an upgraded TV. Well the same works for projectors in this case. It’s more of a setup to really getting the most out of your home theater system, which is a good thing but it’s better to have something that provides value in your life and completely satisfy your way of life.

Portable Projector Style

This is what it is like to enjoy your peace time away from the day to day grind by watching a good flick in you most favorite place to watch it the most. Could be the living room or maybe the attic probably the basement has your favorite spot to watch movies. What ever the place it maybe enjoys it to the fullest and have fun while doing it. This is your chance to make things more fascinating with greater entertainment in the most comfortable place you need to be. To be a fan of portability and relaxation then you came to the right place.

Its no secret we all would to have something now when we need it the most so when it comes to entertainment shouldn’t you get it when you want it and need it most? with only 8.7 pounds, Optoma can be easily carried to the next destination and the setup is easy to the get started. More than half of us has to carry around a big heavy bulky device and mess with tons of wires when we can have just a few cables and a smaller box to the get the whole process started within minutes.

Voice Command In You Are In Control

Not only you can get the best in home theater entertainment your i the position of power with voice command feature which works well with the Optoma projector set. With Alexa, you have the power to control the projector and give out simple commands to keep you cozy while Alexa keeps things in your control.

This process is simple to hook up to and requires little to no installations for connectivity. You should have the best in what life has to offer, why not have a projector control center willing to the hard work for you while you get back to doing life and relaxing.

To be into the easy listening music mind set but your tired and need some time to chill out on the sofa then you can really get the Alexa to have more command features which will allow you more than enough of the best life to live while the music plays on your stereo set You can have a command to turn the volume up or down at your choice this will set things into up nice your for life as a commander and chief of your living room or basement.

Superb Audio Features

Where does it end witth the features? you have to experience the joy of deeper bass and greater low tone frequency which can make the movie or song sound like a new way listening. It’s one the best features to have in this projector device. Imagine more than enough bass coming though the speakers and delivering high quality sound and great effects to hear while tuning out the outside world and tuning into a great flick.

You will be dazzled by the 360 degree sound capabilities which could change the way you listen to music and watch movies from now on when using the Optoma UHL55. The 8-inch speakers can pack a lot of kick with tremendous power, about 100 watts of low tone and low-frequency all enclosed in the projector which helps in getting the best types of theater sounds and clean crisp smooth vibes for easy listening sessions.

Fine Tuned to Deliver Premium Projection

Are you ready for high quality colors and fine contrast between frame of motion and wonderful lighting that captures more than your attention, it excites you to see great detail and high grade resolution to fill your living room with some the best features of visual quality you have never seen.

4K UHD and HDR- High Dynmaic Range technologies has you at the movies with the best seats in the house with no one near you and no sticky seats Just pure high performance cinema action coming at you. Just wait till you see the Life like amazing features UHL55 has in store for your room for greater viewing quality.

Crisp high stylish design and such a great touch of class and fantastic detail will leave you wanting more and more.

Pro’s: You have the best prototype of projector at your disposal and can really enjoy the better part of movie entertainment that could send you on an another level of great family fun that is the difference between an old-fashioned projector set and getting a hold of a premium system with a host of features that will make life so much easier to enjoy.

Cons: Has to come down in price, could use more of a better options for Bluetooth which is a bummer for better devices to hook up into Optoma projector. The Lens does not adjust or auto adjust which is better to use only the legs can raise or lower when needed.

To be looking to begin the phase of discovering away to make the lens zoom in more this does not have that feature. But it’s a portable device it’s built for positioning it to get a better view at a different position.

My Recommendation:

It’s worth the price to give it a go and besides that you can get a deal at amazon for a certain amount off if you check out this offer before it ends soon by clicking here. Optoma has made some strides and progress but if your looking to get more than enough high quality performance at a cheaper price you could check out these options and let us know what do you think of these line-ups of devices for better home theater lifestyle.

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