Palliser Home Theater Seating Is The King Of Comfort

Palliser home theater system is starting to stand out as one of the best furniture systems on the market. Were going to talk about the history of Palliser and what features it can bring to your home. Discover ways to save on item to complete the theater home you have been looking for by checking out ideas and different styles of furniture sets that will give you a better perspective to the wonders of your mind.

Creativity is the key and your mind set will lock the true value in home theater entertainment. To get started, let’s take a closer look at some of the best lines of Palliser home theater seating to discover why it’s the King of comfort.

Palliser Collin wood Recliner Seating

This recliner has the top features to make your style of comfort complete. You can visualize the opportunities coming together in you home and know there is something that makes you feel relaxed and ready to watch a good movie as the recliner does the work of relieving you of the stress.

Top Grain Leather: This is hand-picked quality for the best seating. This feels amazing to touch and feel and you can tell this is built to last. Palliser took the time to choose out of the top 30 percent of cowhide to use for premium seating which stands tall on style and design.

Adjust Your Seating: This powered and ready to recline in different positions for your seating position needs by a push of a button. This your choice to find out how much comfort and support do you want with this feature.

Control Panel For Adjusting and USB Port: It keeps getting better from here, not only you can control the way movie watching is supposed to be your USB port I set up to charge the devices and you do’t have to even have to leave the set to do it. What a great option to have that keeps you engaged and comfortable.

Tray Table and Arm Storage: Got your hands full with many things that occupy your space to watch the movie? not to worry if your have Palliser’s features such as the arm space storage for placing the controller or smart phone inside to get more space in your seating for more relaxing and less clutter.

Nowhere to the place the popcorn? The recliner comes equipped with a tray table to keep the popcorn where you want it most.

Light up Your Cup Holders and Base: To many times we all have to pause the move to take the time to find the cup holder and or look for that controller that has fell on the ground, well thanks to Palliser’s lighted Cup and base illumination you can see where to place your drinks and find your way though the darkness without disrupting others by turning on the lights.

Row Of Four Palliser Seating

What’s Better than one palliser recliner? a whole row of four palliser theater recliners that your whole family can enjoy for years to come. Many people think this maybe too much for comfort, but you can realize that This about sharing the experience. There is nothing like watching a movie with loved ones in total comfort and luxury.

Discover yourself around game time with four of your friends getting ready to watch a great game with a tub of popcorn and drinks sitting inside your lighted cup holders and with your smart phones on charge by your side checking updates and postings on social media.

What you can expect from this great seating set is nothing short of a amazing event to have in your home. There is more you can expect from this set of furniture

  • Family Gatherings
  • Big game Events
  • Movie Watching
  • Video Gaming Action

Any type of event you can have, will make the whole time better with Palliser theater seating. Smooth seating and reclining action to adjust to your needs by a push of a button. This worth the look to try out.

Palliser Westley Black Row Seating

In this type of seating the Westley has two features that set it’s self apart from the Collin wood which is.

Cup Holders: Instead of lighting the cup holders palliser Westley set has stainless steel cup holders which help keep the drinks cool and secure.

Wall Hug Seating: This great to know that you can place the recliner about three inches away from the wall and the seat all the way back to get the full support with fear of scratching or touching the wall.

You gotta love the smooth black leather that complements the whole set. This still has the top gain leather but it’s has the black color look which changes the game and makes it’s look more sleek and theater stylish to have in the home. Plus you can mesh the style with other furniture sets.

The Seating width for each setting is.

Upright Position: 43″ height by 38″ in width

TV Recline Position: 56.5 width

Full Recliner Position: 67.5 width

To understand things more You get 128.5″ in total width, so it’s possible to save space with this set alone. For more on this type of set check out more on Westley row you can visit amazon for more options and information.

Palliser Terra Recliner Seating

This Seating is made more for space-saving options which can benefit your small space living room conditions. This one ht more respected types of furniture sets out there that has a different material used to give you more comfort.

Polyurethane Seating: This a different look than most, The support and durability is what you can be confident the most about,

Stainless steel cup holders: It has a wonderful look to have for comfort convince and good style. The Terra is feature has a certain type of feel to the touch when sitting in one of these recliners. This like it’s made for your style.

The History Of Palliser Furniture

Palliser is a furniture manufacturing company located in Manitoba, Canada. This a family owned company, which distribution to Mexico, Canada, and United States markets. This company uses over 300 leather and fabrics in it’s products to establish a premium set of quality furniture that continues to excel in the theater seating market. The world headquarters in based in Winnipeg.

Palliser has a list of furniture sets you could really appreciate once you have experienced the power that it’s recliners can bring to your home entertainment.

Audio: a Fine taste of comtemporary that defines space with short arm rest and lower headrest. This powered and comes with illuminated cup holders which has a multi-color changing feature for the base as well as the cup holders makes this set a wonderful recliner to take notice of with it’s soft color and plush style seating.

Autobahn: Great back support with a sleek look for home entertainment. This set is loaded with features such as lighted cup holders to a folding tray table and good place to store you items.

Elite: Great storage area in the arm rest which deep for many items place in. Has the classic design and top stitch design which is a popular favorite for theater action and continues to satisfy it’s customers for comfort and good back support.

Equalizer: great personal comfort and control. This recliner knows how you want to the right amount of comfort while displaying a new level of style.

Flicks: One of the most customizable set to have. This a fun home theater seat which makes movie watching a fun filled adventure.

HIFI: Is made for Theater Entertainment. It has a great back support and with cushion support all around. This definitely a crowd pleaser, which makes it among the best to buy for premium entertainment.

Indianapolis: What’s to love about the way to customize the leg support for your own convince. Do you like wood structures or maybe the steel look has some flair. It uses seat foam to keep you up right in comfort, also gives way to technology with USB ports and powered headrest but keeps things in perspective with manual reclining.

Lemans: You have extra Back height and good place to store your belongings in the arm rest while enjoy the fine comfort that it brings. durable support in reclining or sitting that suits you for years to come. This has a split back design feature which is made to contour your back for arch support and good weight distribution.

Media: This your classic design for comfort and style. This makes it easy to read, watch TV or listen to good music in. The bucket style seating has the makings of a modern era furniture to love for the ages.

Mendoza: Has a High cushion plush comfort style seating that hugs your body as you sink into the recliner it’s load with many features like a Tablet holder light cup holders and lighted base. You can fall as sleep when sitting in one of these due to the comfort and soft plush design.

Ovation: Give you the best comfort in the right places. I like that you can adjust it in many ways to enjoy seating the way it’s supposed to be. This all about saving space with style and quality features that leaves you in awe over it’s recliner style.

Pacifico: This seating supports the upper and lower back with a divided plush blown back cushion support. Soft cushion wrap around the whole seating to help with more of your aches and pains while enjoying a good movie, relax and enjoy in full luxury when sitting in these seats.

What Is Your Favorite Palliser Home theater Furinture Set?

With so many options to choose from you, can you see yourself in of these furniture sets for your home? This hard to choose from but know in mind your looking for the best taste in style and comfort so this selection should be easy to choose from. Please give us you take on what do you think Palliser could to the table in terms of comfort style and comfortably by commenting below this article and thank you for reading and share with us.


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