Palliser Home Theater Seating Reviews

It’s great to know there are so many options on the table to choose from. If your in the market for better theater seating its better to choice from the best options than just looking for a good seat to watch a great movie.

Especially when its two to three hours long, the chance of you developing a sore but is very likely. In this article I’m going to give you the best options available to choose from. I believe you have to have GREAT seating to fully enjoy the benefits of a movie or sitcom.

I hope this list of reviews will help you on your search for the best set of furniture to not only deliver comfort but further ENHANCE the theater like experience to complement your lifestyle. In this article, were going to focus on Palliser home theater reviews to open up a different perspective on comfortable seating with style.

Single Seating Setting for Starters

She sells, sea shells..I’m just kidding. Let’s start on the single recliners for those of us looking for a good chair to use for home entertainment.

Palliser Collinwood leather Power recliner Collinwood Leather Power recliner

One of the many things to love about this lovable recliner is the comfortably of sitting for long periods of time and without having aches and pains.

But that is not all you can expect out of this power recliner. Palliser home theater seating is design to give you full comfort and good luxury by including some nice features that even I didn’t know you can have in a chair.

Standard Price: 1249.00 Buy it now: 1000.00 SAVE 249.00

Buyers Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Best Features: USB charging in arm rest, Adjustable powered Headrest, Tray tables in arm rest, lighted cup holders

Model number: 99-41421 Tulsa red 1E

Seating Dimensions: 39.5 x 38 x 44

Pros: Premium Cowhide leather hand-picked to give you the best in comfortably. This recliner has great features that could be a good deal to save though Amazon.

Con’s: Because it’s a powered recliner, you may experience issues with maintenance, therefore I would recommend getting an extended warranty. Doesn’t recline all the way back due to the electronics and is a bit stiff, but has enough support to keep you comfortable.

Love Seat for Relaxing

Palliser Westly Leather Home theater Love Seat

Why do they call it a love seat? could it be for two people who are in love to sit and enjoy each other time together? Palliser has the set that has not only had you snuggle up next to your main squeeze, you can also live in comfort with the ability to relax and fully enjoy the personal comfort as well.

The manual controls can be good if you don’t want to lean on power options and just style and comfort. The polyurethane material is very durable to keep your seating together for years to come.Palliser Seating for two

Starting Price: 2,198.00 buy it now for 2,000.00 SAVE 198.00

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Best Features: Full recliner extension for total comfort,,USB charging in arm rest.

Model Number: 41419E1125R2-V2

Best place to buy : Amazon


There is so much to love about Palliser Home Theater seating especially the quality of leather that has a real comfortable feel to it. It’s hard to not relax in these seats, just when you think it’s all about the comfort, we can not forget about the wonderful features like the USB arm rest charger to the free tray tables while you can enjoy a good show or movie.


The most problems you get out of this is the setup to your liking, which happens to everyone who try out a new fresh leather seat. It seems like these type of seats can take up space, but you can go have it as a wall hugger that does not really take up valuable space.

Third Times a Charm

Palliser Mirage Home Theater Seating

Enjoy watching a great movie with your family as you relax and recline in comfortably. To have this type of premium comfort, relies on the total commitment to lifestyle and luxury. It’s the type of life to choose when creating your own place of entertainment. The saying goes three’s a crowd but I beg to differ, to me it’s more the merrier.

Palliser seating brings so many things to the table and allows you fully enjoy the total comforts of living. From plush premium leather seats to USB port charging you can fully benefit from this set of seating.

Standard Price: 3,597.00 buy it now for 3,137.40 SAVE 459.60Palliser Seating for three

My Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars

Model Number: 41420E1125R3-V2

Best Place to Buy: Amazon

Seating Dimensions: 102 x 64 x 42.5


Palliser Seating for three can be a wonderful treat for friends and family to enjoy the movie like experience together with no interruptions and plenty of satisfaction. I love the three seating set, everyone has their own arm rest and lighting under each chair and you can have a seat tray table for popcorn and devices to use in between commercials.

So Everyone gets to enjoy the entertainment features of these seats with full recliner options.


I not going to lie to you, the price is a bit high still but take notice of what it takes to have this type of quality which can last you for years to come. It’s all about comfort and durability. The Palliser Company is dedicated to giving you the best form of entertainment and luxury. From premium leather material to stainless steel cup holders, the quality is there. I would suggest a few things to used to enhance the quality of these seats by using:

  • Heated & cooling cup holders
  • LED lighting around the headrest
  • Massaging seating
  • Heating and cooling seating
  • Storage compartments on the arm rest
  • Audio speakers installed by the base or headrest (headphones)

The Fantastic Four

Palliser Collin wood Home Theater Row of 4

Imagine having your friends over for the football game and there is only one seat to use in the room, are you going to make your guest sit on the floor to watch a good game? no it’s time to get the man cave special to really impress your friends and family.

It’s time to go big or watch your friends go home to watch it at another place with chairs no matter how small or uncomfortable the setting is. In this set you have to think BIG for a gathering of this magnitude. The best part of this set is the full man cave cherry on top to your home theater set. Let’s check out specs to this king style furniture set.

Standard Price: 5,521.00 buy it now 5,166.00 SAVE 354.99
palliser seating for four

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Best Place to buy: Amazon

Model Number: 41421E1345R4CL-V2

Dimensions: 126 x 68.5 x 34

Best Features: Storage containers in the arm rest, Lighted cup holders, USB charging


You can get used to the premium leather and reclining settings but you have to love the light cup holders and lighted base for a good look to see. These seats scream sit and relax, the best feature is the USB charging which keeps you in the seat to not miss any action watching your favorite game or movie.

Just when you thought it could not get any better, Palliser steps up and displays the new adjustable POWERED headrest to get you into a more relaxed position combined with the recliner to display the ultimate movie theater seating people have been dreaming of.


I respect the price for more seating but it’s still missing some more features to accommodate the overall price the customer is faced with. I really have a set of features Palliser can used to complete this package for great value.

  • Massaging seats
  • Air conditioning seats
  • Cooling/heating cup holders
  • In seating speakers
  • More electronic ports for multiple device connections

As you can see more is better but there is a need for more features and better quality to fully enjoy the movie theater experience and it makes the price for these seats a little more justified to the customers liking. I’m curious to know what is your take on these types of seats.

Do you think there should be more in the features, or maybe you think the prices is too high? what do you think Palliser can do to improve the overall quality of these theater seats? Please tell us by commenting below this article. Your comments and suggestions is important to us.


  1. Some great options here in your review of the Palliser Home Theater Seating, they are all great options!

    I really love the Palliser Westly Leather Home theater Love Seat!

    I can just see my wife and I sitting up in them watching a movie on a Saturda night!

    I happen to be in the market for some new theater seating, so I think these are just what I’m after!

    Thanks 🙂


    • Hello John,

      I’m happy to hear you have a taste in better options for comfort and luxury. I would recommend you should get a loveseat for you and your wife, this way you both can enjoy the style of comfort while listening to some nice music over a open fire, maybe take up a good flick to watch on rainy days. 

      Please let us know if you need any help on your search for better seating.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, Your opinions is important to us.

      The Advice Giant 

      Jerald Polk

  2. I have a friend who is in the business of custom home builder.  Every home he builds has a nice theater room.  Placing home theater seats will definitely help with the sale of the home.  These seats seem very comfortable and durable and the price is reasonable.  This site will be a great source of ideas for us for our new home project.  Will sure to come back. 

    • Hello Pardeap,

      I’m glad to hear you found this site helpful to your needs in home development. You can never go wrong with a theater room installed. It’s just makes living inside your home that much better. 

      Going to the movies is okay, but nothing beats kicking back in your recliner watching a movie with all the popcorn you can eat, with no sticky floors or crying babies. Especially when you have the top of the line seating installed in your theater room.

      Please be sure to check out more from us as we continue to bring out the best in entertainment ideas, products and solutions for home theaters 

      Thank you for you comment.

      The Advice Giant

      Jerald Polk

  3. Out of all of the Palliser Home Theater Seating that you have reviewed, I have to say that I really like the look of the single Palliser Colinwood Leather Power Recliner.  It looks beautiful, and I love the red color , and the built in tray table and lighted cup holders really are some great features.  It is expensive, especially for just one chair, but it is quality.  I currently own a regular recliner from Palliser, it is leather and I have had it for many years, so I know first hand that Palliser makes quality pieces.  

    • Hello Jenny,

      I’m glad you found this article helpful, we strive to give our readers enough information to make a good choice on the next set of theatre furniture to purchase by opening up a different perspective outside of the normal store sales and specials.

      I really like what Palliser has done with this set of furniture, and I thought it was good to share the newest features with the readers to make sure only the best line of furniture is available to choose from instead of spending too much for too little.

      It’s Great to know you own a Palliser recliner, It’s about quailty and comfort but the style sets it above the rest. Thank you for sharing your experience, be sure to check us out for more updates on future sets of furniture.

      The Advice Giant 

      Jerald Polk

  4. I’m glad I landed here today as I have been online searching everywhere for a good review of some comfortable seating for my new theatre and I have bookmarked your site to show my husband when he arrives home this evening as we are both excited as we near the build at our new home so thank you and will let you know which furniture we choose

    • Hello Vicki,

      I know your excited over the opportunity to check out some new furniture for you and your husband. I think it’s important to have comfortable seating especially when your sitting it for long extend hours watching TV.

      Thank you for bookmarking us, were committed to helping people make the right decisions when it’s comes to developing a wonderful home theater system that fits your budget and impress friends and family.

      Please keep us informed of any new updates, and if you have any questions in the future don’t hesitate to ask.

      The Advice Giant


  5. I think the price is a little high, but not extremely high in view of all that you get for it. We got a custom-made recliner about 20 years ago or so, and I think it was about $800. 

    Depending on the room size and layout, I think one idea, to save money, would be to get both the single seater and loveseat instead of the three-seater. Or two loveseats instead of the four-seater.

    • Hello Danette,

      Yes, the price is steep. But as you said, The features you can get with a Palliser makes it worth the investment. 

      I think custom made recliners can do wonders for your health and you know what you getting out of one. 

      Good idea, a single seat recliner is what I call a starter set, But I think the loveseat is perfect, in my own opinion. It’s all about what you really need in terms of space and what fits your needs the most.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment, we value your input.

      The Advice Giant



  6. Some really nice seating, if you are into the home theatre scene, these are what you’re looking for.  How many different colors are available?  We are using burgundy curtains, I was wondering if the Mirages come in a matching color?  Also wondering what shipping arrangements are.  Another question, the offset for decking of the second row of chairs is 8 inches high, do you think that’s enough to accommodate viewing over the backs of these chairs or in your opinion, do I need another step up?


    • Hello Steve,

      Good Question. Palliser has many different color schemes but unfortunately you can only get a them in black, red at Amazon. You can have matching colors but again, you have to order them from 

      Yes, the 8 inches of space between rows helps to eliminate the obstruction of viewing. You can have them adjusted to accommodate different height spaces between the second row.

      If there is any more question you have to share please feel free to ask. 

      I hope I answered your questions, thanks for taking the time to read our article.

      Jerald Polk

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