Recliners For Small Spaces With Big Ideas

We all have the tendency to use a lot of space and though Time it’s consumed one of the most things we need in our lives… Space. If Your on the brink of losing space due to bulky furniture it’s a good thing to look into recliners for smaller spaces.

The fact that you looked into this article tells me you made the smart decision in making the attempt to find a recliner that not only saves you space but also save money as well.

You’re living space is very important, but it’s not about sacrificing value or comfort. You need the best of both worlds in that aspect. We’re looking into some ways to save on space by checking out some the hottest recliners that deliver comfort, style and great features but most importantly saves your space.

Big Recliner Ideas For Small Spaces

Many people think bigger is better, Obviously that is not the case here. It’s good to have a big comfy couch or a super big love seat but were looking for the recliner that set the standard for space-saving features, which makes sense to know there are options available to check out.

The ideas we are showing, will help you find ways to compensate for bigger furniture sets while giving you a look at the best features that’s truly amazing. So it’s not so much about ” bigger is better ” it’s more of bigger things in smaller packages.

Esright Massage Heated Recliner:

This is truly a space saver for comfort. you can really appreciate the smooth leather feel and features that will give you the best option for comfort and savings for space and money.

No need to keep sharp coffee tables it’s about the using the most out a recliner. You have a side pocket for magazines, and two cup holders installed on the arm rest to give you the ease of convince. What a wonderful idea and a great concept to use for this recliner.

Yes it’s true you can get a decent massage as well as a staying warm for chilly nights which helps with any heating cost on your bill.

Gotta love the way this package is set to help you in many ways. The one feature to know about that will make you spin for this is the 360 degree swivel that allows you to move the in different positions.

This is truly a space saver indeed. You can decline at a 150 degree angle so you get to relax in a different positions while getting a warming massage…WOW!

Let’s take a quick rundown on these features so we know what you need to know about the Esright recliner

  • You get two cup holders installed in the arm rest.
  • It reclines to 150 degrees and 360 degree swivels.
  • You have two storage bags to hold your favorite magazines and papers.
  • This recliner massages your body while you keep warm and toasty plus a vibrating feature included.
  • This comes with a remote control and power cord that has 5 settings with 2 intense levels for maximum comfort

The Esright recliner Sizes is 33.1 L x 35.8 W x 43.2 height, so this makes the case you’re saving space while getting the most comfort, control and convince possible.

Wall Huggers Vs Space Eating Recliners

You could get a good discussion out of this topic for many reasons. But the reason why we are looking at this comparison is to show more options to accommodate for space using the pro’s and con’s concept for a better choice.

Let’s look at the Pro’s to owning a wall hugging recliner:


  • Saves you space
  • Cuts down on the use for more furniture
  • keeps things nearby you


  • Less space to fully relax
  • Some recliners maybe to tight sit in
  • One positional option

Now let’s check out the pro’s and con’s to owning a Space eating recliner:


  • Full recline effect for maximum space.
  • Comfortable extended table for extra items to access.
  • You have 360 degrees of space to use.


  • Consumes space around your living room.
  • Bumping into others while sitting can cause problems.
  • Only one of these could be the center point of a smaller room.

It’s good to weigh out options to see if this what you want to in a particular recliner. Looking for a good recliner that has all of what you need to save space requires good judgment and careful planning to find a good recliner that meets your needs.

Get the Most Out of Your Recliner Space

If you plan on buying a space-saving recliner for total comfort and convince, it would make sense to get the most out of your recliner. What I meant by this take into account what you can use for this type recliner. In order to find out about this is to list out your options for needs by asking questions:

  1. Does buying a recliner suits only your needs or is this for family needs?
  2. Can you see your self moving this recliner in different spaces around the room?
  3. Do you plan on using more tables and night stands or less with pockets and cup holders?
  4. Can you find a recliner with lights built in or do you see yourself buy additional lamps?
  5. What devices do you use while sitting in a recliner?
  6. Can I find a recliner that has storage compartment?

Answering these questions will help determine what type of recliner you can find in the market to buy. This is what a smarter shopper would do to fully gain an understanding and a clear choice to go after a particular recliner that saves you money, time and the effect of trial and fail situations.

The Best Recliner to Save Space

There is a recliner you will have the space to save. Not only will you save space, it’s most likely you will fully enjoy the features that will impress you and your family for years to come. you could value more for less by searching for the best. Fortunately there is one here you can take a look at that will really give you the full confidence to buy without fear of losing space.

Jummico Fabric Reclining chair:

This chair doubles as a theater recliner which accommodates your needs for style and comfort. Imagine yourself in this chair watching television on a brand new flat screen while enjoying your favorite beverage. Surround sound creates a room of excitement, and you can feel the comfort of this chair as you drift into sleep.

It’s all about the comfort and if you have a space-saving chair with a built in recliner that relaxes your body, you have the best reclining chair on the market.

Let’s look into the features for this recliner:

  • Soft plush Fabric which gives comfort style and luxury
  • Large curved padded arm rest
  • Push back manual recliner which operates easy for convince
  • Rubber Feet for protection against hardwood floors
  • Steel frames for full stability

It’s truly a space saver to have in your home. The Jummico Fabric recliner helps you maintain good back support though relaxing for long extended periods of time. Don’t you hate it after sitting in a chair one position for very long time gives you back aches and makes your legs fall asleep? well this recliner can avoid such things while taking you mind off pain and shifts it towards enjoyment and in many cases good sleep.

It’s Your Choice To Select a Space Saving Recliner

We covered ways to save on space and ideas to use for good use, while giving you a few options to choose from. Now it’s your choice to buy the right recliner that fits your needs for comfort.

Just remember to write down a list of options to choose from that will give you full confidence to buy without having the fear of doubt that you made the wrong decision.

If you have any questions about this article or have an experience to share, please comment below. We truly value your comments here.

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