Samsung (Frame 43” QLED 4K UHD TV Review)

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 Frame QLED 4K UHD Smart TV

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Weight for This Model 24.7pounds

Screen Size: 43″ inches

Dimensions: 38.1W x 23.7H x 8.4D inches

Item Model Number: QN43LS03TAFXZA

Best features: Quantum Processor for 4K technology, Multi-angle Viewing

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

In this digital age we are witnessing a new world style of technology just flooding into our homes offices and schools with all types of unique ways to develop an entertaining and fun filled environment. Samsung has the opened that world up and delivered the best part of that experience with the help of this new age technology that will keep you at the edge of your seat with amazement and joyful wonder.

We are going to take a deeper look at the aspects of this Television set to find out what stands out the most from other flat screens out there. At the same time take some notes and compare these to your set list of items your look for in home theater system. As we take a journey into this new age technology, We will introduce some more products within our site  to help you get the most out of your home theater experience.

The Specifics

Let’s check out what samsung has to offer which should help you to complete your home with the finest entertainment. What we have here is the most interesting parts of this magnificent technology. Let’s start with the visualization quality.

  • Dazzling arrays of clarity to view from different angles
  • Quantum processor 4K
  • Full array of 8 times the quality
  • Quantum HDR 12x

View TV from Different Angles

It’s with unbelievable belief that we have found this type to be true about flat screens today. To be able to see great quality pictures from different angles is truly amazing.

Just imagine watching TV from a different angle just as clear and precise as you would see it in person which makes the right sense.

Especially if you’re hosting a big party or have many of your friends over to watch the game, and need more space to see the TV set properly it’s no longer needed due to new features Samsung displays which eliminates the hassle of trying to get the right angle to see the perfect picture.

Spectacular High Definition Resolution

What a wonderful sight to see for high definition and premium colors in super resolution grade performance. Into many ways it’s more than just seeing things differently.

Step into a brand new vision of crystal clarity. To many times you have been robbed of the full spectrum of 3D like cinematography and it’s a shame to wonder what your have been missing with all the new movies coming out lately. But thankfully you have the option to check out one the best forms of television with Samsung’s HDR QLED set.

Directional Array of LED technology

To have one the best forms high definition resolution is one thing, but to have 8 TIMES the power of LED array when you need it most is truly amazing. In The right moments, you could really see the difference as you look into the fine quality features of this television set.

Watch as your darker tones create such an amazing array depth and opens more realistic visual that will keep your attention and truly dazzle you with tons of pixels designed to bring out fantastic high definition images.

Illuminate and Enhance the Quality of the Picture

It’s great to know that you have more options to choose from a Samsung. Too many of us think the way to truly get the most out a good television set is keep some sort light on nearby, because it’s easier on the eyes. Just remember that there is a better feature that will  illuminate and glow as  it adjusts to the type of content you’re watching which is great to have for movies and live shows.

Samsung calls this feature “ambient mode” for those who need or enjoy better viewing with ease and comfort. Ambient modes works to give out more than just good lighting, you will have pretty cool displays images instead of looking a blank screen even in standby mode.

My Recommendation:

With amazing array of colors and powerful state-of-the-art technology, Samsung seems to be in drivers seat for premium home entertainment. But The home theater market seems to bring something different to the table that serves you with some the most powerful premium home entertainment that we all could expect to have.

Samsung has what it takes to make the premium grade level but, what else does it have to offer when it’s compared to another similar product that not only matches the quality and type performance the but brings a totally new-look and style to the table.

That product is Sonos and it has taken over the market in recent years to establish the main goal of giving you the top end  best audio and visual display for great entertainment.

To learn more about Sonos products and more be sure to check back with here at give us a comment and share what is your favorite brand to use for movie, home audio use. We truly value your opinions and suggestions.

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