Seatcraft Raleigh Home Theater Review

Seatcraft Raleigh Row of 3 Leather Seating

Amazon Product Information

Seating Material: Leather

Type of Seating: Row of Three recliners

Reclining Operations: Manual

Color Type: Black

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Best Features: LED Cup holders & Base / USB port For Charging / Free Tray Tables

Model Number: 2175M

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My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

The Raleigh Series

Seatcraft’s flagship of home theater seating has done it again with a beautiful set of furniture that will make you are living room transform into a whole new world of entertainment.

Style, class and luxury has to be topic of conversation when it comes to Raleigh’s theater set. You can really appreciate the features and fine leather selections for better comfort. Its amazing to see designs and LED lights wrap around this row three recliners set when your looking to upgrade the whole living scene.

If your look for more specific options to check out, keep reading,Its full of helpful information to guide you thought the process of looking acquiring and setup you are living room with the best furniture sets to dazzle your home.

Let’s take a full look at the same these features to get you more familiar with:

Leather Seating

Its one of the most desired features to have in the home theater system. People love leather watches, leather jackets and leather boots but there is something to simply enjoy when you are sinking into a good leather recliners set to relax to.

In order to bring things to focus Seatcraft has made great efforts to give you the best type of leather selections you will love. Design to become durable to wear and tear but comfortable to the touch which is a great one two punch in terms high quality seating.

Top notch leather selection which was hand-picked and chosen with your needs in comforts and luxury in mind, Also the material used to make the softness a special asset is called polyurethane which sit on top of the fabric and makes it so cool and soft to the touch.

  • High Quailty Leather (Hand Picked)
  • Polyurethane Material for softness
  • Overall appliance of stylish Design
  • Gel creates a cooling effect for Seating
  • Duriable and build to last.

Arm Rest To Save Space

Its cool to have more than enough space to save on furniture but to have it in a home theater seating set, is truly remarkable. It’s like seatcraft has read our minds in terms of style quality and convince. You could watch how things would make the difference with a little space to save in the room. Just as you walk around the chairs to sitting in the recliner to reclining to full extension, there’s a sense of extra room around you and the room.

This could be good to know in efforts to become more size conscientious to add more things to your small living room. Having arm rest with a slim design hook up is essential to have for good theater watching.

Power Your Device Here

everyone has to charge up the phone or a tablet but do you want to disturb others by stopping the movie or move around the good parts of a movie is playing? Not need for that type of stuff when you have the USB port hooked up right next you as you recline and enjoy the movie.

There has to be a level that seatcraft is on for this to work so effectively. People need this type of stuff in their homes making things so easy to enjoy and have fun with it’s not even funny. Its great to have powered recliner with features that will make you think to yourself wow what a seat. As you should because this is one the best if not, the best home theater seating you could get to maximize your home theater.

Enjoy the Illunmination

Ever though what would it be like to just have enough light to see where you are placing drink in the cup holder but want to keep the light down low enough to not disturb others and ruin the movie experience? Set craft is making the best decision to listen to the customer and give them what they want the most.

LED lighting inside the cup holders and Lighting at the base of the seating, which is wonderful. This means not tripping over same items left on the floor and easily navigating yourself though the room without making a too much noise.

With the chrome lining the cup it’s self you could see the balance of quality and convince, There is no way to not love an illuminated cup holder, especially when your drink is lighting up while your watching the movie. This make you feel like your in an actual movie theater. But it’s your living room instead.

Tray Tables For Your Extra Food

Most of us could really use this most of all, could you imagine how many floors this saves from spills and crumbles from anything you love to eat? Seatcraft has made it simple and convent to use free tray tables to use and most of all it’s great to have your favorite snacks upright and ready to eat when your ready instead of watching the candy roll around the floor and someone slips on it from walking by.

What’s great about the Tray tables is your able to fold them away when it’s not in use. It saves space well serve the purpose to help others by holding up devices and food.

My recommendation: This has the most things you need to get to the movie action in time. The Relief series has the most features to really get a handle on most of the things needed for great home entertainment.

The style, comfort and convince is a like the trifecta of home theater fun and it continues tot get better over time by listening to the customers needs. People have shared their experiences on amazon click here to check it out. But if you look for ideas to design your home theater with same the latest styles of entertainment? check out this article. Be sure to tell us what do you think about this article by commenting below this review page.

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