Small Man Cave Ideas With Big Results

Are you looking to improve your Man cave but your fresh out of ideas to start with? Well your in store for some great tips to replenish your creative skills set to develop the man cave you always wanted. Small man cave ideas really do create big results. If you think about it, It’s the little things that makes a masterpiece theater.

From the fine quality of seating to the “out of the box” illuminations of stars to Liquor lamp bottles. This is a great way to get a good idea on how you want to design your game room or man cave.

Let’s Start With The Basics

First lets determine the size of you want to have in order build the room you need. Most people opt to have the whole entire room to start but somewhere along the way tend to forget about what exactly you need to fit into that room space.

Just developing the theater with a sofa table and chairs takes up most of the room size. So you can see that it’s very important to prioritize much-needed space available to fit in all of what your trying to accomplish in decor and style.

Okay so let’s take a look at the essentials to build a man cave:

  • Projector Positioning
  • Surround sound installations
  • Projector screen sizes
  • Furniture settings
  • Bar/Table positions
  • Arcade/ Gaming table setup

In order to put a man cave to together it must be properly structured with more than enough space to create and bring out your imagination. NOT all of these options have to be in your design but it’s good to get a foundation in place to create a good picture idea.

If your into sports, you have the luxury of moving around with an open bar set or maybe a poker table to have for guest who want to occupy their time while the commercial break airs. What if your into the movie type of setting which sets up around using plush large movie theater chairs with a modern or old fashion popcorn machine, completed with a good surround sound speakers.

If your looking for more of a relaxing setting with good music and entertainment you could play with new ways to display audio speakers and projector screens that a will fit the way you like to view and listen to music. I love the gamer settings, to me it’s has a little of everything : size, mini kitchen set, comfortable chairs, projector screens, premium music, and don’t forget the gaming tables, and arcade machines. We’ll dive into these ideas a little later. But it’s so important to have the right type of size idea setting to get the full creative ideas you need to build your dream man cave.

Have You decided Where Do You Want A Man Cave Installed?

This may seem simple but totally necessary to have in mind for peace, comfort and better space. It’s great to have the best spot available to have in your house or apartment but you really think it’s the place you feel that suits yours and other needs as far as respect to others who may live in and near your home?

Some people like the basement for lots of space and distortion of sound this room may give out, other people think it’s all about the attic where you have the best radio reception but I would like the use the garage for this because of the acoustics and the ability to make more space without too much construction to modify which is great to build up instead of tearing down and starting for the ground up.

To break it down simply, I have three categories your can use to help in your search for placement:

  • Attic SettingFor Quiet time and movie watching and personal use.
  • Basement SettingFor Gaming, Movie watching and Music listening.
  • Garage SettingFor Large Guest, Gaming and Sporting events.
As you can see these three places can serve you well in terms of where it’s best to have the equipment that will not only be accommodating you and your guest but to respect your neighbors and people who live inside of your home. Which, in my mind is vital to a successful build.

Build the Game Room You Want the Simple Way

We can make this complicated with tons of options or we could make it simple with the starters and then go from there, it’s your choice. I like starting with the basics and build it up. I would first start with the Size of my T. V or projector Screen, this should set the standard with lots of ideas to from decor to style and setup.

Next I have to have the right surround sound system to complete the setting this will give you a better idea of how you would like the setup to sound like, for example: let’s build the system toward the conner wall of the area where it’s possible to get the most sound and space to enjoy gaming but you have to consider the fact that space plays important part to entertainment.

The last thing you want is someone tripping over wires and systems to get to the bathroom or something costing you thousands of dollars of equipment and the risk of hurting friends and family due to clunky items. I would suggest making a good walking pathway between the entertainment zone and the resting area, this way you have the balance of style and comfortably of knowing it’s safe and secure to have people around your gaming area.

To complete the basic setup, invest in good chairs and tables that fits the space and foot traffic around the setting. Of course the over head projector plays a huge role in this process. Some folks like keep the projector far away from the setting by placing it near the ceiling or right next to the speaker system. Those two can be great spots to start out with but as you work on building this cave up the choices for placement may change.

Install Your Movie Theater Here

Would it be Great if you truly captured the real feel of the cinemas in the comforts of your own home? Think about the smell of fresh popcorn being popped while your getting into a great movie relaxing in a real movie theater furniture, then add your own little twist to this by incorporating new wallpaper that reflects the 3-D Lighting and sound effects projected though an state-of-the-art projector.

These are the simplest ways to build the dream cave but the small things added to this setting makes the biggest difference. To really find out what you like to have in your theater cave, try to allow your creative juices go to work and develop a world where you have multiple possibilities.

Why not relax with a mini bar with drink on tap with an old-fashioned tap set which is self served? Make it real by installing bottom lighting structures that illuminate where you set and turn off when you leave? Or how about installing an Ac Unit to regulate the temperature in certain areas of the theater room? You have the best options provided but it’s only a sample size compared to the traditional ways to build it properly.

Don’t forget to Keep it Simple

So now you have an Idea to make sure to have space available to build, It’s important to know where you want build your setting, and best to determine what type of man cave your building to accommodate what is needed to design. I hope these basic and simple ideas can you on you journey to a bigger development in creating a room that you feel the most satisfied with the most, But I would love to hear about your ideas and struggles if there is any. Please take the time to share with us your ideas and solutions for a man cave, You’ll be surprise how great an idea is when your creativity takes flight.

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