Sonos Arc Vs Beam: What is the Best Soundbar?

Which one do you prefer? A masterclass bass performance speaker, or all in one home entertainment source with a touch of cinematic sound? We’re talking about two of the best soundbars you have yet to experience. It’s Sonos Arc vs Beam: What is the best Soundbar?

Those of you who would like to get into the meat and potatoes of this topic by getting the specifications and features, scroll down below to feast your eyes on these great features.

If you’re a serious gamer and would like to take your video gaming to the next level, Sonos soundbars take it to another level with 3D sound for fast paced graphics. Looking to make your room feel like a symphony orchestra? check out why Sonos surround sound makes it the best choice for great audio.

Also, check out how Sonos beam and arc can elevate your gaming. If you’re not the gamer or movie buff type, find out how Sonos arc and beam can deliver the masterful sound performance you have been waiting for.

Sonos Arc Vs Beam: What is the best Soundbar?

In order to answer this question, you would have to find out what’s needed most for a typical soundbar system. Next we’ll match our wants and needs with Sonos arc and beam to discover which one answers the bell and checks the most boxes.

1.wireless soundbar: this is the most important thing to have for a soundbar. This opens the opportunity to place your speakers whatever you want without worrying about those clumsy cords. You will have the freedom to use Sonos Arc or Beam in almost any environment to get the best entertainment at home.

2.Soundbar with voice command: This feature is very valuable. Due to the fact we all tend to lose or misplace the remote control now and then. There is nothing like giving a few voice commands to control operate the devices you use on a daily basis and watching it activates without lifting a single finger.

3.Soundbar connectivity: You have to have this feature for speaker enhancement. And surround sound. Imagine listening to your favorite tunes in every room of your house and never worrying about missing a great song. That is what connectivity gives to you. Also, having the ability to connect other ports for HDMI or external video ports is so vital to use nowadays.

4. Delivers bass clarity: What is soundbar without its bass structure? Having a bass system placed next to the soundbar or better yet, built right into the system itself brings out a cinematic theater sound you can grow to love. The crisp Sharpe sound of a clean bass rumbling though those speakers as you watch a chilling horror flick makes it worth its weight in gold.

5. Has many options for entertainment: No longer we can say that a soundbar is only good for movies and TV. We want variety in our lives, and its starts with great soundbar with multiple features to use.

Surf the web though your TV, download music, videos and popular Apps to use instead of using the phone and tablet. Connect to the phone and tablet though voice commands to Arc or Beam to make phone & video calls or view family photos. These are some things we all love to have for a great soundbar system.

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What does Sonos Arc have to match these features?

Sonos Arc Vs Beam: What is the best Soundbar?

Best Features:

  • Sonos App
  • Stream your favorite Music, Movies and TV shows
  • Connects with other Sonos speakers, and sub woofers instantly over WIFI
  • Special gaming sound effects for 3D gaming audio
  • Dolby digital audio for music playback and live musical performances
  • 16 internal speakers including 2 elevating speakers for maximum reach around the room.
  • True Play Tunes to your rooms acoustics to get the right sound, right on time, when you need it most.
  • Voice command with Alexa and Google Assistant built in, so you don’t have to use the remote.


  • Amplifiers: eleven class-D Amps working together to bring a sound performance worth listening to.
  • Tweeters: Three silk domed tweeters design to create a crystal-clear dialogue.
  • Woofers: Eight Egg shaped woofers makes sure the playback, dialogue and bass is clear and powerful.
  • Weight:13.78 lbs. | Dimensions: H-3.4 in/ W-45 in/ D-4.5in | Colors: White and Black
  • Memory: 1GB of SDRAM | 4GB of Network Video | Quad Core: 1.4 GHz a-53
  • Contents: Power Cable (6ft.2inches) |HDMI cable (4ft.9inches) | Optical Cale for TV with Optical Output, User guide, Warranty Information.

Rated 4.3/5: Engineered by a Grammy Award Winning music artist Glies Martin and crafted to blend into your home perfectly, this soundbar entertains you in so many ways. Developed for the whole family. Sonos Arc is the next level of Home Theater entertainment.

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What does Sonos Beam Have to match these features?

Sonos Arc Vs Beam: What is the best Soundbar?

Best Features:

  • HD sound Controlled by the Sonos App
  • Processor Chip accelerated by 40%
  • Dolby Atmos Surround sound with 3D effect
  • Sharp Clear Dialogue with Speech Enhancement
  • Night Mode For Quiet Effects and makes slight audio dialogue stand out more
  • Power Stereo sound which elevates music in full dimension.
  • Engineered to perfection by Grammy-Award winning Artist Giles Martin
  • Uses Voice Control with Google Assistant and Alexa built in
  • Easy Setup with only 2 cords to connect and use the Sonos app to activate


  • Adjustable EQ For great balancing of sound and with Sonos app.
  • Microphone array Distinguishes voice command functions and creates an echo-cancellation for quick accurate control.
  • Five Amplifiers For maximum reach around the room using class-D amps for better sound acoustics.
  • 1 tweeter: Centered to give crisp and clear dialogue hear the slightest sound clear and enhanced.
  • Four Mid-woofers Ensures great playback and low-end output.
  • Three passive radiators for low frequencies and a better-balanced sound.
  • Weight: 6.2lbs.| Dimensions: H-2.72 in/W-25.63in/D-3.94in |Colors: Black and White.
  • Contents: Sonos Beam (Gn2) | Power cord | HDMI Cable | Optical Adapter | Quick Start guide |Warranty Card
  • Requires: WIFI Source, Power outlet, Sonos App

Rated 4.2/5: Offers the best in home Theater sound technology. Delivers fantastic bass and surround sound. Beam not only fills the room with amazing cinematic sound acoustics, but it also matches your room size for sound range. Sonos Beam takes you into the action like you’re in the movie.

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So. Which one is the best Soundbar?

Sonos has created the best soundbars families can enjoy for many years to come. But we’re here to see which one is considered to be the best of the best.

Our choice is Sonos Arc. This soundbar has an all-in-one package. Arc is clearly an upgrade over beam.

*Arc has 1GB of ram drive space for apps and video and music memory, Arc is meant for larger families, beam is meant for small family members and personal use.

*Beam can transfer easy to a personal unit or gaming for two. Beam Also uses four Mid-range woofers but Arc has eight Mid range woofers.

*Arc has eleven class-D amplifiers beam has 5 amps. Even though Beam has a faster processor chip, Arc captures the same computer processing power with more interactive features.

The Pro’s & Con’s to Sonos Soundbars

Now that we saw the best of what Sonos soundbars can offer let’s go though some pros and cons to know before buying a Sonos Arc or Beam. Knowing these tips can help you prevent buyer’s remorse. Plus, its added benefit to know how much quality does each soundbar have to offer for you.

Sonos Beam


  • Multiple option for connections.
  • Offers great speaker range for surround sound.
  • Gives good voice command features.
  • Has its own app for settings and syncs with your devices.
  • Processing chip operates 40% faster


  • It’s a little pricey for its size.
  • Only connects with (Sonos speakers only)
  • Doesn’t use TV speakers only relies on the soundbar and speakers
  • Good subwoofer but needs more bass range

Sonos Arc


  • Fantastic Sound with Dolby Atmos stereo
  • Has eight mid-range sub-woofers
  • Three cone shaped tweeters
  • five amplifiers for great soundscape


  • High priced compared to other soundbars
  • takes up some space on the shelf or wall
  • Weighs a bit too much for wall mounting

Each one has its good and no so good qualities. But It’s good to know these features and deficiencies in order to have the best option for purchasing later on. Take these pros and cons into consideration when looking for a soundbar, this could be a game changer for you and your family.

Do you Need More Speakers?

Sonos Arc Vs Beam: What is the Best Soundbar?

Both soundbars provide a great sound system that handles most of your needs for surround sound entertainment. But it never hurts to have more speakers around you for that full cinematic performance.

The good news: its connection between Sonos soundbars and wireless speakers is easy to sync. All that is needed for connection is a WIFI or Bluetooth setup.

Also, there is option for personal speaker connection with Sonos Roam, Sonos one SL, and Sonos sub woofers.

This will allow you to be able to transfer to another room or use multiple rooms for music and live TV performances. So, you can take care of things around the house and never miss a single tune.

We would recommend you should consider checking out Sonos speakers for theater entertainment options. Here is the list of Sonos speakers for home theater below.

Sonos One SL: We have an article that offer more in-depth coverage for use and review, Check out: What is Sonos One SL?

Sonos Roam: An Personal Speaker that has more features to use great music and streaming movies. Roam is portable and wireless. Like Beam and Arc you can give voice commands and it links with your phone or tablet.

Sonos Move: One the best home portable speakers on the market, it’s like have a mini boom box that connects to your favorite devices like android, i phones, Tablets, and watches.

Sonos Sub-woofer: Great bass structure, perfect low tone bass, is wireless operation that can sync with sub-woofers to create a powerful acoustic surround sound. To get more information on Sonos Subwoofer Check out the info page here to get more details and pricing by click here.

Which Soundbar is Best for Music, Gaming and Movies?

Sonos Arc Vs Beam: What Is the Best Soundbar?

In order to find out which Sonos soundbar handles your need for maximum gaming, fabulous music playback, and fantastic theater with a cinematic performance, we have to find your level of need between these options.

In this section, we displayed the best of what each one of the soundbars offers for each feature to gauge your satisfaction for choice.

Compare these features to your own to find out which one works best for you and you home environment.

Sonos Arc for Music: Best for One room reach, which extends to the total length of the room gives you option for personal speaker use. It’s engineered by Grammy awarding winning artist Giles Martin and tuned to give you the full performance of any music streaming sounds.

Sonos Arc for Gaming: This is the best option for gaming, you’re getting the best system for optimum performance. Hear surround sound gaming in 3D effects. Sharper contrast for dialogue, plus in game adjustments for faster response time to complete your experience for next level console action.

Sonos Arc for Movies: Great option to use for sweet surround sound technology. You will become immersed in the action. Sound acoustics. That eliminates the need for more speakers to use when one soundbar takes care of it all.

Sonos Beam for gaming: Has a feature for game mode enhancement. Which focuses on the game’s graphics and action in a depth from background to foreground visuals synced with 3D sound.

Sonos Beam for Music: This option works great with personal audio choices and creates a dynamic sound contrast. You can hear the difference in these speakers compared to headphones and smaller speakers.

Sonos Beam for Movies has a feature for night mode which quiets the louder audio and makes the slightest sounds and dialogue clear to hear. This soundbar can work great in smaller rooms which makes the whole room feel like you’re in the movie theater.

Our Recommendations for Buying The best Soundbar System

We recommend checking out the Sonos Arc sound system. This set has the Ultimate home theater entertainment system for TV, Movies and Music for at home. With so many features to see, we have an article that goes in-depth with tips and advice for savings, placement and operation: Check out Is Sonos Arc the Best Soundbar?

Thank you taking the time to read our review on Sonos Arc Vs Beam, we hope you found out which one works better for your choice to use for home entertainment. Be sure to share this with friends and family using our Pinterest link below and let us know your thoughts on these two soundbars as well by commenting below. Check out more reviews and comparisons on home entertainment electronics like these and more at

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