Sonos Arc vs Bose 700: Love or Hate

Choosing the best soundbar isn’t easy. That is why we want to compare the two top soundbars in the market to give you better options to choose. Sonos arc vs Bose 700: Love or Hate review, we’ll check key features, and go into the specifications to see which one offers the best entertainment. Check out the pros and cons to owning a soundbar and what does each one offer for music, gaming and TV.

Sonos Arc vs Bose 700: Love or Hate

The best way to compare Sonos Arc and Bose 700 soundbar is to discover what is it are we looking for in a soundbar. Then we’ll draw out the best qualities in to match what offers the best need for quality in each. Let’s first start by defining what do need more out a soundbar.

*Things you needed to Look for In a Soundbar

Sonos Arc VS Bose 700: Love or Hate

1. Better Surround Sound:

It’s about bringing out the best in high dynamic sound. By adding a powerful soundbar to your TV.

The sound quality to hear music and movies clear with no low dialogue or fuzzy noises. If your HDR 4k TV has high-definition video, then it only makes sense your soundbar system should match it as well.

2. Wireless Capabilities:

What a difference wireless soundbars makes without the hassle of dealing with clumsy wires and cords in the way. Using a Bluetooth or WFI connection, can put your mind at ease from thinking about tripping, or the frustration.

Or Worse, wondering where to hook up more cords to more speakers. Some soundbars automatically connect though WIFI or Bluetooth within seconds!

3. Less Energy Consumption:

Don’t you hate it when there is a new appliance installed in the house, and there is a bit of concern for how much your energy bill is going up? This is why we look for an energy star logo to check the actual amount of power is necessary to using a new soundbar for home entertainment.

4. Interacts with Other Devices:

Device interaction is a plus. There is nothing like having a device to control other things you don’t have time to get to. That is what you should look for in a soundbar.

These new spectacular machines can deliver more than what you think. Some soundbars is able to control the temperature, play movies, and music at a simple voice command or turn the lights on.

5. Offers an Affordable Price:

This is the main topic on every person’s mind when think of buying a soundbar for the first time. “What is it going to cost me?” The big fear is that soundbars can rack up in cost.

But that is not true if you do your research first and find the most affordable soundbar to buy. Most companies offer executive deals and specials on the latest brands. That is what you should look for.

6. Takes Up Less Space:

We have too many things in the living room or bedroom to afford more clunky junk in the way of things and everyday life. That is why you should consider the size of the soundbar and how much space can you give for it as well. Most soundbars are smaller and slimmer, but they could still take up too much space nearby your TV set and radio system.

7. Easy Operations:

One of the most annoying things we have to deal with, is how to operate a new device or piece of technology for simple functions. To access and play a device, it should be as easy as pressing one button.

Make sure to look for this “simple to operate” feature on these new soundbars. It can save you all the problems that may surface down the road.

8. Easily Connects with Other Speakers:

Sometimes connecting new speakers can be a pain the butt, therefore making sure a soundbar can connect to external speakers and sub-woofers has to be important.

What if the speakers are wired and need a billion ports to plug into? Find out if the soundbar has wireless connectivity or fewer cords and wires to use is the best option, most soundbar companies would like for you to stay in house and use it own speakers for “best results”. Just make sure it well within your budget.

9. Offers More Features:

We love to see the new shiny toy in action. It’s great to see new things we haven’t seen before, just look at the new I phone. Soundbars should have a few new things that will entice us to buy.

But let’s stay on the same page about what is need first before getting these soundbar. Just because it has fantastic zoom or bigger bass structure does not mean it’s good to buy. It’s okay to geek out at the new options to choose, just as long it for your needs first.

10. Has Tech Support and Warranty coverage:

Look, we would like to think each soundbar can stand the test of time without ever breaking down. Especially if we paid a pretty penny for them. Which why it good to check for a warranty card and offers tech support advice to troubleshoot any problems with the device.

This could happen with new or old soundbars. It’s possible the TV may need updating or the soundbar may want to update but requires a tech adviser to help you.


What Can a Sonos Arc Do for You?


 Sonos Arc VS Bose 700: Love or Hate Sonos Arc - Black

The Sonos Arc is capable of doing many things for you. It’s designed that way. Most people think it just another soundbar with better features, True but they fail to know how much of impact it can have on your everyday life.

The way people integrate it into everyday life, it almost a part of the family. Sonos offers more than the average soundbar can do. If your not sure about this, take a look at what we discovered ourselves that will be a potential game changer for you and the family.

*The best Features Sonos Arc offers for your home

Rated 4.3 out 5

Made with Real Surround Sound

Powered by Dolby Atmos technology, brings you into the real-world intense action of the movie with crashing planes above your head to creeping footsteps right behind your back! It’s 3D Audio dynamics operating out of one single system. With Arc, it about the experience of feeling the sound all around the room, as if you’re really there.

Sonos Arc Operates Hands Free

Get used to not having a remote to control the volume or turn to another station. It’s all controlled with your voice by Alexa and Google Assistant. Plus, you have the option to surf the web, Check scores and access other home devices that may seem too out of reach at the moment. Click the Image above or this link to check out details

Enjoy a Wireless Lifestyle

Don’t get tangled up with wires, cut the cords and use WIFI to connect easily within seconds. If you would like to add a Sonos Subwoofer for extra Home Theater action, do it wirelessly. The best part is the freedom of range from placing speakers on any side of the room. It’s even possible to have it in different rooms as well.

Tune Up Your Life

Stream your favorite playlist right from the iPhone or Android and relax to the tunes while doing the dishes or cooking dinner. Perhaps you have a go to podcast that is new to listen to on your phone. Sonos Also has an App Which can carry your podcast, iTunes Apple Airplay, Pandora and more! The power of stream is in your hands, just press play.

TRUE Play Sound Acoustics

There is now needed to worry about getting that perfect sound, place it anywhere you want and get the best performance in any positions around the room. TRUE Play matches the room’s size and range and fills it with amazing theater action sound you can enjoy for hours. This is the difference of have a soundbar and Sonos theater room entertainment center.


  • TV Remote Sync
  • WIFI Connections
  • Financing Available
  • HDMI Ports
  • Voice Enabled
  • Sound enhances by Dolby Atmos
  • 16 speakers in one

Now that you have a taste of what Sonos Arc has to offer, take advantage of the opportunity to own a Sonos Arc today by clicking on this link to get started. Or click on the Image to check out offers on Free Shipping and more!

*The Best Features Bose 700 Offers for Your Home


Sonos Arc VS Bose 700: Love or Hate Bose Black Soundbar 700 With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars

Quiet The Noise and hear True Sound

Crafted to bring true audio sound to your living room without the distortion of noise a regular soundbar makes. For supreme theater surround sound. These carry the most live action by displaying it in your face every time you turn on the set.

Muti-Directional Projection

Don’t just hear the sound, feel it from all angles of the room with Bose Multi-directional ports. Hear the music coming from different angles around the room. Tiny transducers create a spacious projection to make every crash, explosion, and roar of the crowd feel like you right there in the scene.

Low Profile Drivers

It’s great to have a superior sound on display, its’s even better to know Bose has special driver designed to modify the sound to make it clear to hear though the most distorted action scenes. Hear dialogue in crystal clear depth and enjoy the audio that comes with it profile design.

AdaptIQ Technology

Bose 700 automatically adjust to the room’s size and depth to create the perfect sound anywhere in the room. The sound acoustics are amazing to hear when you’re sitting near or far from the TV set. This is a game changer in terms of home theater sound display performance.

Great Voice Pickup

The Voice control feature is second to none for catching your commands for functions. Make or receive phone calls, get the latest news updates, find more shows to watch. It’s all up to you. Plus, you can use voice command in the loudest noises because Bose is programmed to hear only programmed functions you speak.

Bose Stream Team

With Spotify, Pandora, Apple Airplay2 and Chromecast built right into it system you’re on the best platform for premium music stream all under the Bose 700 soundbar. Using Bluetooth & WIFI for connections is easy to use. These are great options for different devices as well. Just in case you were wondering, Bose has an App as well to handle those streams.


  • WIFI and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Apple Airplay2
  • Superior Voice Pickup
  • Personalize music App
  • HDMI ARC Ports
  • AdaptIQ Calibration
  • Universal Voice Remote

The Pros and Cons to Owning a Soundbar

We often hear all the best things from these fancy soundbars but what are your opinions and views of these soundbars? We compiled a list of things people like and dislike about both of the soundbars to give you a better perspective as to what seems to be your ideal fit in terms of price and size and features.


Bose 700

  • Free 2-day shipping
  • 90-day risk free Trail
  • Price match Promise
  • Low Financing offer
  • Voice Controlled
  • Universal Remote

Sonos Arc

  • Easy to operate
  • Digital Designed by award-winning engineers
  • Connects with other devices wirelessly
  • Able to mount
  • Voice controlled


Bose 700

  • It’s pricey to buy
  • slim but very long in length
  • Only connects to other Bose products
  • Speakers can reach only the size of the room

Sonos Arc

  • It’s pricey to buy
  • connects to sonos products only
  • Extra speakers can cost extra money
  • Confusing HDMI port for connection to TV

So, there you have it, we have an idea to what is excepted when using both of these soundbar systems. We put this on display, to help you on your search to choose the right soundbar for yourself and the family. Both of these amazing soundbars can deliver on a dime within an instant for all of your personal needs.

It’s up to you to know what your overpowering need for entertainment is. Are your gamer, then we would recommend the sonos arc because of the access to other gaming systems, and ease of connections for operations. If your music person, we recommend the Bose 700 soundbar for premium sound and terrific bass structure.

Our Top Soundbar System for Home Entertainment

This is the top soundbar system that meets your needs for premium surround sound entertainment. What We discovered is people love to have many ways to enjoy themselves in the modern era of home theater. That is why we choose this sound set to be the top recommend soundbar setup.

Sonos Arc VS Bose 700: Love or Hate Sonos Immersive Set with Arc

Sonos Arc surround sound Set

This setup comes in three forms of devices that makes a powerful surround system that could stand the test of time for many years to come.

Take a quick look at each one of these components that offers a special touch to the overall cinematic system. We promise to brief with the features, but to get more in depth with the specifications there is reviewed to help you understand more about each device.

Sonos Arc Soundbar:

The top of line for many platforms of entertainment, whether its music, gaming, or just sitting back and watching good movie or TV show. This soundbar captures your imagination to a world of fantasy and action with a touch of adventure. It’s great for small and large rooms and looks great enough to blend into any room of choice.

Sonos Subwoofer:


Sonos Arc VS Bose 700: Love or Hate Sonos Sub - Black

What a powerful device to have. This subwoofer can elevate any type of platform your using, gaming is much more realistic and fun to enjoy. With Music, you have the freedom to explore many ways to use around the house.

Watching a movie will never be the same. It’s like going to the movies at home every time you turn on the set. The powerful bass features alone are worth looking into check out our review page How Can A subwoofer improve your home theater?


Sonos One speaker:


Sonos Arc Vs Bose 700: Love or Hate Sonos One Smart Speaker (Gen 2) - Wireless Speaker - Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa Voice Control - AirPlay Compatible - Black - Sonos

This is a next generation of surround sound entertainment not only can you place these speakers around the home for great theater type audio, but it’s also easy to connect them to other sonos devices for great music and live stream TV as well.

Placing these speakers in parts of the house to use for podcasting or following a cookbook recipe is great tool to have in times of need without touching the device and moving around to find the remote.

To find out more on these terrific speakers check out our review page for great in-depth ideas to use them here. What Is Sonos One SL speakers

We hope you found the right choice for soundbars for your own entertainment needs. Share this article with your friends on Pinterest and Facebook. If you have more suggestions, please comment below and tell us what you think. Thanks for visiting us be sure to join us again at



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