Sonos Best Home Theater Sound System

It’s wonderful to known that many companies are competing for your business. It’s fantastic to see what is Sonos best home theater sound system. To be honest we love to have the latest and greatest type of theater system in your home. Imagine yourself sitting in the living room with nothing to do, and your thinking about a good movie to watch on Netflix.

Let’s say that you’re looking to watch the Matrix and decide to watch it, But you found out as your watching the action scenes that it sounds a lot better when it’s played on surround sound system. Well that’s what you get with a Sonos 5.1 sound system. It’s just the best way to tell you could use an upgrade for a home theater system.

As you read on, we’ll discover how each component of this system adds value to your home. Then you will see the breakdown of specifics on each device. Also, we will cover what is the best way to use this device in different parts of the home.

The Power of Playbar

What a wonderful piece of technology to have in the living room. Your in the space of entertainment and new excitement when this is in action to use. Sonos playbar brings more to the table than just TV viewing, Your using a device that is capable of upgrading your flat screen to a new way of viewing movies that are supposed to be watched which is a movie theater experience. The enhancements of what Sonos playbar brings can improve your home movie lifestyle.

What is Sonos Playbar use For?

If you’re looking to have a family room entertainment center, Then you came to the right place for a change of home lifestyle which is one of the best options for the sonos playbar. It’s family friendly, and easy to operate with a simple yet powerful control options. The best part about this system is that you wouldn’t need to use anything else as this devices has everything you need alone to get into a great movie.

What is The Playbar Best Features?

  • Six mid-woofers gives you a full array of sound effects from left to right. Listen to what’s going on from each side of the screen.
  • Three Tweeters delivers the crisp sounds to hear a crystal clear dialogue between the action and low whispers.
  • Nine Class-D Amplifiers to match the 9 speaker drivers for maximum performance
  • Optical Input Connects to your TV and allows it to use Dolby Digital and stereo audio support.
  • Auto play setting sets you up with option to have the audio playback or not.

Playbar Specifications:

Weight: 11.9 lbs

dimensions: mounted-5.51H x 35.4W x 3.35D / placed- 3.35H x 35.43W x 5.51D inches

Color: Black and silver

Contents: One Playbar, power cord, flat Ethernet cable, optical audio cable, Quick start guide and warranty information.

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Set it off With a Subwoofer

This is the cherry on top of a hot fudge sundae. Your getting the most out of a home theater experience though the power of Sonos Subwoofer set, which continues to be the highlight of the systems’ performance. Enjoy the full dynamic action of a cinema series as Sonos tunes up the audio and take you into a world of joyful amazement.

What is Sonos Subwoofer best For?

Because of its freedom of cords and wires, This sub-woofer brings the boom you have been waiting for. It’s great for cinematic theater action which continues to become a fan favorite. The Bluetooth connection brings all three systems; TV, Playbar/ Playbase and the sub it’s self together to create a symphony for your ears. The acoustic array of sound is complete when it’s backed by a powerful deep bass structure. even though it’s small, you have the best bass in the house.

Subwoofers Best Features?

  • Two force canceling speaker drivers for displaying richer sound and zero cabinet rattle.
  • Two D-class Amplifiers to match two speaker drivers for maximum performance.
  • Dual acoustic ports strategically tuned for optimal performance.
  • Automatic Equalization makes it easy to adjust audio settings perfectly to match the live action.
  • Frequency response matches the amount of Hz used which can play down to 25 Hz.

Sonos Subwoofer Specifications

Weight: 36.3lbs

Dimensions: 15.3 H x 15.8 W x 6.2 D

Color: Black/White

Contents: Sonos sub, power cord, Quick start guide, Legal and warranty information.

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There Can Only Be One

Sonos multi-purpose device can be use in different ways to fulfill your everyday needs at any time you want it most. This speaker alone can give you the music that is needed for performance sound quality. You will find that installing another one device next to it will completely transform your whole house into a entertainment theater. Sonos One has what it takes to get the job done keep you doing what your job or chore is needed of taking care of. The best part about this device is it can be played all around the house with its portable size to use.

What is Sonos One best Use For?

Most people love using Sonos One for the bathroom to listen to some great music while enjoying a soothing bath or shower. In the kitchen One could help you check the weather while your putting together a great meal for the family.

For the living room of course you have the best opportunity to get the most of your device features by reciting a great novel using Alexa and google assistant with its voice control system. The best way to use One is connecting it with Playbar, and Sub-woofer to create powerful dynamic surround sound system.

What Is Sonos One Best Features?

  • Two Class-D digital amplifiers which is tuned to match two speaker drivers for premium performance.
  • One Tweeter gives you a high level frequency response.
  • One mid-woofer for ensures you will hear a great playback, plus clear deep bass structure. You can get clear dialogue with this system.
  • Voice command feature with Alexa and Google Assistant give you the freedom to fully use the internet to get update information on news, sports and news.
  • apple Airplay 2 which works for Apple and IOS devices.

Sonos One specification:

Weight: 4.08 lbs

Size: 6.36 H x 4.69 W x 4.69 D inches

Color: Black/White

Contents: Sonos One, power cord, Quick start guide, Legal and warranty information.

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Add More To Your System

This the fun part of it, You have the opportunity add more to the surround sound system. Sonos has a way of keeping things interesting for your entertainment. It’s more than just add more power to the system, you create the ultimate theater system. Style, dynamics, and high grade audio at your finger tips.

If you’re looking to just use double the audio performance, Use Bluetooth to connect the devices and set it in different areas around the house while it’s running in sync performance, so not only can you experience it in different rooms, it’s possible to take it with you to environments that might damage other devices that mimic it.

Sonos products is built to last in different environments. This is because we all have different things to do in other environments and Sonos figured out how to complement it.

  • Use Two Play 5’s for a great control of the music around your home in different rooms.
  • Indoor, Outdoor Sets can give your the best of both worlds and can get the best for your money using the Sonos Move and Play one.
  • Sonos 5.1 system has all of what you need for home theater entertainment. Combine (2)One’s, Sub, Playbar.

Our Grade For the Sonos 5.0 Surround Set

Having one device is great to have in surround sound system. But have four systems’ in one to create a powerful performance is one the best forms of theater sounds around the home theater system.

You have a powerful subwoofer that is capable of transforming the house into a movie theater, The playbar gives you a more efficient system for live action and TV viewing. The play One SL completes the system by creating surround sound masterpiece by gravitating you into a movie action sequence.

5.0 Surround Set with Sonos Beam & One SLYou have to know that one of the best ways to use a surround system is having the ability to use it in different ways. Each one of these devices can be use for other ways to have more of an impact on your home living and outdoor activities.

Because of it’s multi-purpose uses and creative ways to deliver music, surround sound, and interactive controls to the internet. Therefore, were grading the Sonos surround system 5.0 a  4 out of 5 stars. If you have a different perspective on Sonos 5.0 channel surround sound system . Please give us your thoughts on this topic by commenting below.

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