Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers Review

In-ceiling speakers is where you get the most out of your music and theater room with creative control. Your on the path to developing the home theater system that gives you the some the best ideas for design and top performance. This gives you the ability to extend surround sound all around the room to give you the best type of theater experience.

Many audio companies has made the leap to this extent to create the best way to improve the home theater system. Some have made some of the best types of In ceiling speakers that we could truly enough to enjoy.

It’s all about the way we display the system. It’s like were’re making art on a canvas but displaying the way we need to hear sound. This sound has to give us a sense of knowing what ways is possible to get more interaction out of the movie.

Sonos In-ceiling speaker review goes into the areas of creative options for your house. You get to express the true meaning of, creating the stylistic options for your own movie theater.

It’s one of the most innovative features to the Sonos dynasty which continues to develop easier ways to interact in the home life. Were going into the aspects of this review with the intent of knowing what can Sonos brings to the family household. As we break the down each part, take notes on how does it can it benefit you the most.

In-Ceiling Speakers - Pair - Powered by Amp - Architectural Speakers - Customizable Grilles - Sonos

Is Ceiling Speakers Great for Home Theaters?

To ask this question is like asking, “Do you like peanut butter on a jelly sandwich?” Most of us would think it’s gross to think of, but most of us would love it.

Same concept applies to the In-ceiling speakers option, you could love the opportunity of development or you scrap the idea of it. But we’re looking to bring more value to the home entertainment system with different ways. But what makes this option so good to use? let’s look at some ideas as to what it brings to your home theater.

  • Greater Depth into the world of cinema– We have great love of the theatrics and cinematography also the love to be a part of it, Not only that, the need to become increasingly amazed to experience every aspect of the movie or live event.
  • Bring the movie theater home- You have the option to see what the theaters are coming out with and emulate those types of features to your own home for that high definition like quality.
  • Cut Out the cutter-  The option of seeing more space in the room. Fun things like a bar set or seating space which is always a plus. This is the best way to gain living room space which is a must.
  • Great sound in every part of the room- sitting anywhere around the room will give you the same amount of experience as to sitting closer to a TV screen. You have thrilling events happening around everyone to enjoy.

What Type of Ceiling Speakers Do You Need

This is just as important as choosing what type of home theater system you will need to create your own perfect home entertainment center. Some of us would love to have round smaller speakers, others prefer square larger ones. Our hope is that you would find the size and shape that fits perfect for your theater room. Here’s a few options to take a look at to see what is the best option for you.

  • Sonos Circluar In Ceiling Speakers:  8.25 inch cut in diameter professional look with a sleek, state-of-the-art design. Sonos makes this in-ceiling technology almost invisible to see. Not until you turn it on, is where people will find out where it’s coming from. This type of speaker interacts and enhances your theater system to create the performance you always wanted.
  • Sonos Squared In-Wall Speakers:  6.73w x 10.75H inch in diameter design with tremendous kick, makes you think your in front of the action or at a live performance. Just like the In-ceiling speakers you can’t really see this speaker when it’s installed into your wall. The speaker could be painted to the look of the wall which makes it difficult to see where is it until you use it. This turns the tide for theater room design as your living room, basement, game room or garage is transformed into surround sound powerhouse.
  • In-Seating Speakers: This could be modified in many ways to your liking. It’s next level stuff and defines the ways of the old cinema theater style seating, which has been the standard for years. Options for this type of speakers is endless, leather seating with speakers in the headrest, speakers in the center console, or hookup a premium set of headphones for wireless play without disturbing the neighbors. It’s your choice, but this could be pretty pricey as the creative opportunity arises.

To keep things in perspective, we will give you a look at how much of an impact the sonos in-ceiling design could affect your home lifestyle for the better.

It’s more important to know the aspects of installation and features so we can limit the number of potential issues during setup and play action. The next section we’ll cover on a specific in ceiling speaker and features for premium surround sound.

In-Ceiling Speakers & Amp Set - Architectural Speakers - Customizable Grilles - Sonos

Sonos In-Ceiling Review

Product: Sonos In-Ceiling Speaker Set

Weight: In-ceiling speakers 5.01 lbs, Amp 4.01 lbs

Dimensions: Speaker 8.25 inches cut out in diameter. (9.27D x 4.84H)/ Amp: 2.92H x 8.54W x 8.54D inches

Color: White/black

Contents: 2 In-ceiling speakers, 1 cut out template, Sonos Amp, Sonos Banana Plugs(2), Warranty/regulatory booklet, Quick start guide, AC power-cord.

Features: Best for theater movie cinema, Streaming music using Sonos app, Live action events like sporting events and music videos and live performances. Amplifies stereo systems wirelessly, and connect to devices VIA Bluetooth, WIFI, and Ethernet.

Areas to Install: Basement, Living room, Kitchen, Garage, Attic,

Best Sonos Devices To connect with: One, One SL, Move, Sonos Sub, PLaybase, PlayBar.

Best Deal For a Sonos In-Ceiling Set:


  • Works great for the home theater system, surround sound entertainment.
  • Great streaming device in combination with the Sonos app for control.
  • Operates under TruPlay which enhances and regulates the audio system controls.
  • Allows you to use your personal devices and smart phones to stream music and movie.


  • Good to Great audio devices has a certain price to pay. Using the best technology doesn’t come cheap.
  • Requires technical installation which could come at a price if hiring professional. But possible to DIY.
  • Doesn’t connect to other manufacturers speakers and subs for great audio performance. Only compatible to Sonos.
  • Designed for in-house operation. Could limit your use in the house as well. Made for stationary play.

Do’s And Don’ts To Ceiling Speaker Installation

We all know that it’s possible to get certain things wrong in the process of installation. It’s perfectly normal to have second thoughts about placement of speakers and devices. So it’s best to get a plan in process to make sure we all don’t fall for this or at least minimize the amount of mistakes to take in order to get the most out of a in-ceiling speaker system.

*Decide What is the best place to install your speaker system.

Many of us may have an idea of what this place could be but we fail to realize what is the long term options for this type of installment. To understand this best, ask several questions about this option in future tense like; Is this where I want it to be placed for the next ten years? Do you like it installed in the kitchen, Bedroom, Living room, Basement?

*How does your family Feel About This Installation?

You family is a great way to gauge if this a good option or not. This could be a determination factor to see if you need more or less of this system. Do feel bad if the family feels different about it? This could solve some issues that you need to iron out in order to have better family home life.

*What is The Main Reason for Getting This In-Ceiling Set?

Could your reason be to bring more excitement to your home? or perhaps you would like to entertain more guest at your home. It’s nothing wrong with becoming a movie buff, most of us is in the same boat. It’s possible you may have a meeting in the certain type of area and have large numbers of people to get the most audio and interaction with.

*Measure Twice Cut Once is Important.

You have the best type of design setup to go but fail to realize how placement and installation need proper measurements. It’s vital to have these in place. It’s one of the worst, if not THE worst ways to throw a monkey wrench in your plans for development. Having this tool in your box is quite essential to your plans for better look and design.

Ask yourself these questions and write down the results. You’ll be surprised what comes out of it. As you think of the possibilities, list out your reasons for installing your in-ceiling speakers, you can rule out all speculations on potential future screw ups.

Ceiling Speakers For High Quality Home Theaters

There is no secret to building a high quality home theater system with the addition of In-ceiling speakers. The movie theaters set the tone from day one. We all love to have a dynamic sound system that is accommodated to our own needs. Maybe your ideas have change from this topic which is okay. The hope is it changed your perceptive on how hard is it to install or get this system on a budget. You can start out with a Sonos home theater set with minimum installation at a reasonable price. The funny part is you may get the same if not greater performance out this surround sound set.

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