Sonos One vs Sonos One SL (Review)

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Remember back in the day, when the two soda companies, Pepsi and Coke we’re racing to create the best soda?

Each time when a new Ad or commercial came out during the Superbowl or a radio jingle, everyone had to see what’s going on. We would love it because, it was the newest flavor or new-look. But you could see that it was something to see about either one of these brands. People would rush to buy a new bottle of just to try out the new tasting flavor only to rush to tell it to their friends and family.

Well in the realm of home technology, we have companies who have devices to compete against other companies lines of devices. But Sonos has grown so popular with its line of devices to become a friendly competitive battle to see what device is the best among them.

Sonos One vs One SL Is very similar, but carries the mentally of the soda brands mantra of “Who is the best “. So we decided to put that to the test and see which one of these has the best of the best to give you the top performance for your home lifestyle.

As you read on, we’ll break down the specifics to each device and review each one to compare to your needs and wants around home. Plus we have a FAQ section to answer some the questions and concerns that you have in deciding to buy either one these home audio devices for listening or home theater and more.

What Is a Sonos One?

Sonos One Creates ways for you to enjoy your home life with ease. You will even notice, something is missing if you were to stop using this device. That is because Sonos One becomes apart from your life in many ways. Going on in life without the Sonos One creates a sense of feeling that you need something more to complete it, and One can fill that void.

Just to making things interesting, try it out for a month then try to get by without it to see how much of an effect it has on your home lifestyle.

Who could not resist not using Alexa and Google assistant for daily reports on the weather or catch the latest news reports while cooking breakfast in the morning. Perhaps a great podcast is on at a certain time and you need it to help you get your chores done around the house? These are some things you can experience when you ask; What is a Sonos one?

Let’s take a look at the specifics to this device to see what is the best features and how does it complement your lifestyle.

Sonos Product: One

Weight: 4.08Lbs

dimensions: 6.36H x 4.69W x 4.69D

Color: White with white finish matte grille; Black with black finish matte grille

Contents: (2) Sonos One, power cord, Quick start guide, Legal and warranty information

Best Features:

  • Two D-class amplifiers For tuning speaker drivers to the best optimal sound.
  • Far Field Microphone array to capture voice recognition while canceling out the surrounding noise.
  • One Tweeter creates a High Frequency response for a clear, crisp dialogue.
  • One mid-woofer makes it possible for good playback of mid range frequencies and adds a Deep Bass as well.

Best used for:

  • Kitchen Room- Small enough to store in smaller spaces for high grade premium quality sound to enjoy.
  • Bathroom- Take hot soothing bath and listen to the sound of smooth jazz and just relax.
  • Bedroom – Use One to tell a bedtime story to your kids, or use it as a mood setting device that creates memories.
  • Living Room- Enjoy the big game, or Watch a good movie in theater action style with a simple voice command.

Cool Tip* Did you know that Sonos one is water resistant and built to last under elemental situations? One is designed to with stand the test of moisture and can take few bangs and drops that we all tend to mistakenly give to these devices.

From smart phones to computer monitors, we all have a story or two to tell about damage and spills. But know in mind, Sonos knows about these situations and designed one to withstand the high heat, Water and moisture as well.

Now that you have a good idea about One’s features, it’s best to realize what you’re getting in a powerful audio system that continues to deliver the best forms of entertainment. This is Sonos gold standard for excellence.

Sonos Wireless Music Player

What is a Sonos One SL?

You have the best of both worlds, Everything you just read about Sonos One is the same as One SL which is a two speaker set to operate as one system to give you a better option to choose where do you want them around the house.

The best part is you have the power to control each one with a single simple voice command. The fun doesn’t stop there, you are know able to use this stereo set for other things around the house like:

  • Use them as apart from your home theater system. Binge watch movies in total surround sound, pair with a play base or play bar.
  • Place one SL in the Kitchen and the bathroom so you will not need to miss out on an important topic to study, while you’re getting other things done or maybe taking a bathroom break.
  • Tune up your stereo sound for full functional support which continues to be a source of great sound options.
  • Impress your friends and family to the karaoke or play party music in the living room and basement to extend the life of the party.

As you use Sonos One SL, you find more options to use around the home and it’s gets better and better with the features this device is set up with. Have the time of your life this dual set of speaker which takes no time to set up. Using great options like Google Assistant and Alexa as your primary voice control setting helps in so many ways.

Best of The Best

Now let’s take a look at these two audio devices and compare which one could give the best need for your home.

For Living room Theater: One SL, Combined with the Sonos play bar or playbase, This revolutionizes surround sound system. Bluetooth, Alexa voice control will do fine for this option.

What is Best use for Ktchen Use? Both, you could use Sonos One for the kitchen or even get more sound support when making a lot of noises in the kitchen. Or you could use One SL to place it in two different areas of the room.

Which is best for taking a shower? That would be One for sure, Not only it’s able to stand up against moisture in the room you are getting a good support of premium music and audio from One alone.

It’s Bed time, Which one is the best to use? One is best for this setting. Your in the mood for a good audio book to listen to while relaxing in the bed or getting up with news updates to listen while getting ready for work or taking on the day.

As you find out ultimately, One and One SL both is the best in different settings. Know in mind that it’s more than just an average stereo set, were taking about a game changing device that is used in different settings around the home.

FAQ For Sonos One/ One SL

How many rooms can you place Sonos One in? The second generation device can paired with another and placed in different rooms as well.

Where Is The Best place to buy Sonos One SL? Both can be purchased at the official online store at

Can you Connect other devices to it other than a Sonos? No, Sonos recommend using devices the company has for setup for better performance. This ensures you getting the best possible quality in return on investment.

What TV sets works with Sonos One SL? Any Flat screen set can work well as long you have the ports to connect the system or your TV can connect to them using Bluetooth and a WiFi enabled connections.

Can I stream music apps on these speakers? Yes for both devices, and enjoy the best of these options with the help of the Sonos app which can give you the best options to stream your favorite music from own device while using your favorite streaming services like Pandora, Google play, Amazon music.

The new Sonos One with Amazon Alexa built right in: Free shipping, free 45-day returns.

Our Recommendations for One/ One SL

With a Sonos One or SL you get some the finest forms audio play because it’s designed to deliver what you really need in the home environment. On top of that, features like Voice command with Alexa and Google assistant built in gives you option to use instead of checking the phones every five minutes while doing other things around the home.

You have the ability to move around the house and take the music with you without carrying the phone and headphones and by placing the speakers in different areas in the house. By making the decision to purchase Sonos One Or One SL could make the case that you are changing the way you want to live in your home without wires, devices and restrictions.

Our Recommendation for these two amazing audio speakers is give it a try and improve the way you live at home. Your family will thank you for this later and you will soon realize how import this is to your overall life in general when comfort and convince enters it.

Check out Sonos One and One SL and tell us what do you think by commenting below this article. Thank you for visiting

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  1. Nowadays, I am spending more time in the kitchen. This would be great to have. Thanks for the detailed review. Gonna take a closer look into One.

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