Sonos PlayBase vs Beam

Haven’t you heard about Sonos new home theater line up of devices lately? It’s okay if you have not because we’re proud to introduce two the most interesting devices to use for premium home entertainment.

It’s with great pleasure to review to device that will change the way you experience television, movies and music with the comforts of you own home.

Sonos Presents

Playbase and Beam for your every need when comes to good premium home action and relaxation.

Do know that these two models are designed to not only keep you satisfied and overjoyed with convenience and comfort but it offers ways to fully enjoy whatever your suits your style of enjoyment. It could be a good time to relax to good music or the need to host a big TV event at the house.

Know in mind that you have the power of choice with technology that Sonos delivers to your home.

It’s amazing to think that we’re living in an age that has the power to build a relationship with a family or friends by infusing home entertainment that could operate in so many ways bring in unlimited amount fun interaction from a simple pieces of state-of-art equipment that could change the way you live a lifestyle.

This could be the game changer that you’re looking for in home theater fun, but the best apart about this is its so many ways to use this these types of device to bring more enjoyed to your life.

Each one of these devices has the opportunity to give you option to use it in different ways to not only get your money’s worth but also increase what you normally do in the home life in general.

Let’s say your tasked with choice to clean the house for example and need the motivation to carry you though rest of the day. Boom! play sonos PlayBase and load up your favorite tunes to get the job done with ease.

Just let sonos PlayBase fill the room with jamming tunes of your favorite songs with total control and convenience in your hands or voice. Yes, you can use voice commands to switch sounds or turn it up or down whenever you like.

So if you’re guessing “Yeah this sound great but what if I can’t hear the sound when I’m in another room?” well that is where Sonos comes into play. Check out the specifics of both the PlayBase and the beam to decide what which one works best for your entertainment.

The Home Theater Rundown

What are you looking for in a device like this? Is it better clarity for good listening music? or a powerful base carrying display of sound that keeps you on the edge of your seat? Sonos gives you the option to have more variety in your life.

Did you know that its possible a to display music and sound throughout your home when this device is in full display?

Not only do you experience the power of sound but also add more style to your home  by connecting surround speakers to different parts of the room for full performance and dazzling effects.

It’s fits perfectly around your television set to keep the distraction away from your entertainment while delivering surround sound amazement you need for a perfect movie night.

Slim, sleek and is a good space saver but has the operating power of a mega theater speaker. This will amaze your family and guest into thinking it must be a hidden speaker lying around somewhere.

To give you more insight on this wonderful piece of technology let’s take a look into this model to give you an ideal of what we are dealing with.

Sonos Playbase Specifications:

Built in the device

  • Ten amplified speaker drivers
  • Six Mid-range drivers
  • Three tweeters
  • One powerful woofer

Audio Capabilities

  • Allows auto-play controls to give you the choice to use TV audio or not. Auto-play will begin automatically.
  • Adjust bass, treble, and loudness will be in your hands for total control.
  • Dolby Ditigal Optical input connection to your TV and stereo set.
  • Ten Class-D Amplifies to keep the sound top-notch.

Connections and Power Hookups

  • Auto-switching the power supply from 100-240v to 50-60hz gives you option to choose how much power is need to convert to the right devices.
  • Wi-Fi capabilities connects to your home broadband network that supports 802.11 b/g 240 GHz routers to stream your music and sounds uninterrupted.
  • Ethernet Port for those who choose to have a good stable connection.
  • Apple Airplay 2 has what you need to get the party started thought the use sonos controller app.

Dimensions: 2.28W 28.35H 14.85D (58 x 720 x 380) mm

Weight: 18.85 Lbs (8.6kg)

What’s Included: SonosPlaybase, Either Cable, Quick start guide, Warranty, Regulatory booklet, Optical Audio Cable

Price: $699

Recommendations: If you’re looking for better home theater entertainment the PlayBase is more for your taste, this can be the main feature to your home theater solutions by making it a better choice for Cinema play action. Has the sleek look and design to fit in well with your own home lifestyle.

Sonos Beam Specifications:

Built in the device

  • Alexa And Google Assistant Voice control
  • Wi-Fi capabilities connects to your home broadband network that supports 802.11 b/g 240 GHz routers or you could connect a sonos product to the router as well.
  • One Ethernet port of 10/100 to get a direct connection
  • Apple Airplay 2 which uses Apple devices IOS 11.4 and higher

Audio Capabilities

  • Four Full Range woofers for premium sound and excellent vocal clarity to complement the deep rich bass.
  • One tweeter is all you need to create a natural crisp dialogue.
  • Five D-class amplifiers to match the speakers drivers and acoustic architecture.
  • Adjustable Controls for the bass and treble to set the right type of sound in each room to your liking.
  • Five Far field Microphone array to use for multi channel echo cancellation.
    What is included
  • Sonos Beam
  • Power cord
  • HDMI Cable
  • Optical Audio Adapter Cable
  • QuickStart Guide
  • Legal Warranty Information

Dimensions: 2.70L x 25.625W x 3.94D (68.5 x 651 x 100)

Weight: 6.2Lbs

Colors: Black/ White

Price: $399

Recommendations: This system has what you need to get the movie started. The best part is there is more than one feature to learn more about than your average home base system could handle.

Sonos has finally cornered the market in getting ultimate family home theater system active and ready for the best type of fun there is to have around the home. Hooking up the controller is easy. If your in the market for an affordable system with great features, Sonos beam is great for a home theater.

Which One Is The Best To Use?

It will have come down to what your really looking for in terms of good quality system for premium entertainment and family home activities. Many people find using the Beam is geared for Movies and great live action Television events such sports and live TV.

But there’s great value to use PlayBase for taking it to the next room or even perhaps the outdoors for a day of fun in the sun while good tunes is playing in the background.

Tell us what your  opinion on these two devices to use. Comment below this article, we would love to hear what’s your Ideal use for these products and don’t forget to check back for more amazing devices like these at

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