Sonos Top Surround Sound Review

Do you think it’s time to get a new Home theater system? Do you crave real stereo sounds to enjoy movies with?

It’s okay to feel this way when your at home looking an at your flat screen watching movies but can’t seem to hear the same great fantastic sounds a movie theater would deliver.

Many of us is tired too. But your in luck to find out that we have found something that will change the game in the world home entertainment.

This puts the control in your hands instead of handing out that control to the movie theaters with hopes of getting dazzling colors of high digital resolution and phenomenal arrays of crisp sharp sound. But as you know there is a price to pay for this type of performance.

We have to deal with the sticky floors followed by an annoying couple exchanging kisses and giggles while the baby in the front row screams during the good parts of the movie.

And to make matters worse, you have to sit next to a total stranger munching crunching on popcorn while telling the movie at the same TIME!…yes we all know this feeling, but your don’t have to put up with it anymore.

What Is Surround Sound For?

Surround sound is to have the peace of mind of knowing your truly getting what you want in a movie theater without things we hate the most that come with the experience. You can enjoy the crashing and exploding scenes in full array to your own delight wherever you are in the room.

It’s putting you in the movie to see more engagement. This is what your suppose to have in the house when it comes to entertainment. Not one of us could argue that it’s great to have the movie theater in the house is much better than the theaters

There is so many ways we could customize our theater systems. That is why we have so many surround sound systems out there. Each one of these systems could make the huge significant impact in the way we live our home lifestyle.

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It’s no wonder why people need variety in the living room, basement and attic to escape into a world of wonder, and amazement.

There has been a particular type of band name of systems that is changing the way we enjoy movies, music and streaming services. Sonos has reach a level of achievement with its variety of ways we can enjoy music and high definition surround sound.

Why Choose A Sonos System?

Sonos is growing a juggernaut in the industry of audio devices that continues it’s efforts to please us with a new and improved surround sound and stereo systems. It’s leading the way we listen to our music. You have more options and than one to create the environment you desire. That is what Sonos stand for.

You can agree that we all need the best audio support, no one wants to listen to sub-par music and get robbed by laying out hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars to only find out, that it’s same plain old music box that tends to break down after a year or two of use.

Sonos Play five Vinyl Set

Sonos opens that world to a better lifestyle living in the home environment. It’s the breath of fresh air compared to the same old “same old” bag of tricks these other stereo manufacturers have been putting out for years.

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To be able to work with same the best in the country for high quality sound in development, Sonos decided to team up with people who know sound quality from the music industry best to the same the most successful audio developers to champion the best devices for the Sonos sound system.

Review of Sonos Sound System

Here is one of Sonos best designed home theater surround sound system. Were displaying the best features as well as the specifications so you have the opportunity to compare and shop what is best for your standards and in terms of quality, excellence, and longevity.

Sonos 5.1 Beam Bundle

What is included:

  • Sonos Beam : (height 2.70 x width 25.625 x depth 3.94 inches) (weight: 6.2 lbs)
  • One SL (2) : (height 6.36 x width 4.69 x depth 119.7 inches) (weight 4.08lbs)
  • Subwoofer: (height 15.3 x width 15.8 x depth 6.2 inches) (weight 36.3lbs)

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Color: Black or white design

Beam package Best features:

  • Two D-class appliers,
  • One tweeter
  • One mid-subwoofer
  • Adjustable bass and treble controls
  • Two Force-canceling drivers for distortion and buzzing
  • Dual acoustic ports for Sub performance
  • Automatic Equalization :For balance the speaker and Sub interaction
  • Four full range woofers
  • HDMI ARC, HDMI cables connects to your TV HDMI ARC input
  • Five Far Field Microphone used for advanced beam forming and multi channel echo cancellation

Best used for:

This model is best for the living room for a small group of people. This is sonos starter set to home theater entertainment. Even thought his is a smaller system it delivers a greater performance that handles well for any action packed movie or live event. This system is great for couples or video gaming.

Our Rating For This System:

Sonos has made it clear that it’s beam model pack as the goods to deliver. The Beam package is the one the best systems you ask for in term of small range support and single and room use ability.

If your on a budget, This is the perfect model to use. We rated this model overall for style, ability to use and performance 4 out of 5 stars

What is Your Favorite Surround Sound?

What do you value as the best system for your home entertainment? Do you value more sound capabilities? or do you crave high depth and precise motion and flow of music and dazzling effects of soothing acoustics? it’s you choice to decide.

The great thing about this system is your not a fan of one of those selections the change can be made easy to accommodate your style of home theater action and adventure.

You can add more speakers to bring yourself in the action of the scenes. Or maybe you have an another room to project the live event in the kitchen while your cooking dinner.

Sonos has the way to make life that much easier to enjoy. If your rather build it yourself and instead a getting surround sound system it’s possible as well. In previous articles we covered The Sonos Beam and review it’s best features to check out by clicking here.

Give us your opinion on this topic and tell us what is your top surround sound system to have by commenting below this article. Thank you for taking the time to read and please visit us at for more exciting articles in the future.

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