Sound Bar Reviews : Is Vizio Sound System a Safe Buy?

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Product Name : Vizio SB2920 29″ 2.0 Channel Sound Bar

Price: 79.99

Cheapest to buy: Amazon

Guarantee: 90 day limited warranty

My Rating: 4 out 5

Vizio SB2920 29″ 2.0 Channel Sound Bar Overview

I was really impressed checking out the Vizio sound bar. I didn’t know it was inexpensive because the quality and the performance makes it a high end sound bar. Just because it’s inexpensive that doesn’t mean its has low quality. I think it’s great to find the diamond in the rough every once in a while or even every day.

You can feel the intense bass sound working when in full action, I tried it out while watching days of thunder, and I absolutely love it. It almost felt like I was at the movie theater watching it or the first time.

This sound bar is a 2.0 meaning it has two builtin speakers and can deliver full sound that travels from room to room. I the best thing about it is the level of distortion is less than 1% Plus the sound bars frequency has a high level 70 decibels Yes, That’s crystal clear audio.combine that with a powerful sub-woofer and you have a solid one-two punch in surround sound.

Can Vizio Fix my T. Vs Audio System ?

Absolutely, It’s capabilities can enhance you stereo sound system with an even greater quality than before. If you haven’t found a sound bar like this with the ability to enhance you sound experience by making you watch all the old movies you love most then what is the point to buying one?

The only problem I had with this type of system is the audio communication is not quite snyc, Which is why it’s best to play with the settings to find out how it works so you can adjust it to different modes. Like for example, what works for movies does not work for music or T.V….weird right. That means you may have to adjust it just to get the right sound quality for a better performance.

This Vizio Sound Bar Connect to my T.V. Wirelessly Though Bluetooth?

Yes It’s has Bluetooth capabilities. Also it’s wall mountable and comes with a sleek remote to control the settings. Even though you have to hookup you sound bar to the T.V. It’s has such a complementary look and design that you won’t even notice any wires.

Vizio sound comes with a nice 5.1 channel Sub-woofer which gives you most out of you sound entertainment, I also love it when my own stereo from the T.V. Interacts with my sub-woofer and give me the true HD sound I have been looking for.

Would this Vizio Sound Bar Perform on any Flat Screen?

Yes it’s capable of performing on any Flat screen up to 32 inches. After that you may have to consider getting a much more sophisticated system that can handle that type of range and audio. This Sound bar has what you need in term of good quality and value. As you know, there is always bigger, sleeker, top of the line stuff that can eclipse this model.

But it’s not about who has the biggest or the loudest system, what were looking for is how compatible is it to use for you own comfort and flexibility. In order to achieve that maximum quality of sound we have to make sure that yo have the right sound bar, Flat screen and sound to give the best experience you can have for you hard-earned dollars.

I would consider this a good buy for its price you getting and good sound bar a that is very easy to hook up, comes with a sub-woofer and remote. I believe the price has the biggest value of all because the amount of performance it delivers.

Can I Stream This Sound Bar From My Moble Device?

Yes, I love this feature to use. Imagine coming home from work and you wanted to check out a new music album downloaded off you mobile device. Vizio has app to allow you to have full control over the device so you can stream music anywhere without the hassle of wires.

Did you know that Vizio carries up to 95 decibels and can make the oldest movies sound like it was digitally remastered?

The DtsTru surround audio can pack a punch and perform to a level you have yet to experience. What you see in and what you listen to will be no longer the same, at least for me it’s was like that when I first used my system to watch the days of thunder I could talk about the specific aspects of performance but the only true way to tell is to try it out for you self.

For an affordable price you could get this under a warranty for 90 days to try, and if it’s not you cup of tea there are better options on the table you type of style. But remember to always check for the maximum output in and decibel ratings. I would recommend the highest output to adjust with that way you have an option to increase the levels of sound quality to balance out surround sound experience. I like to would to know your experience with sound bars, where they good or could be a bad experience maybe you not sure and have questions. Please feel free to ask below in the comment section and I would be more than happy to help you.

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