Surround sound Speaker Stand Review

Product Name: Monoprice Adjustable Speaker Stands


Best places to buy: Amazon

Warranty Options: Warranty is lifetime Guaranteed

My Rating 4 out of 5 stars

Height Range: 26.6 to 43.3 inches

What Is Monoprice and What can It Do You Me?

Monoprice make the difference between buying a good set of stands versus buying some of the best sets of speakers that totally adjustable and safe to use. Just in time to have the best speaker to have in your home theater system. These speakers make your living room shine and helps cut down on clumsy wires to trip over. The best part is your not wondering over losing too much sound quality and space due to wired connections.

Many people try to find more out of their surround sound speaker sets but its quite the difference in know how to really get the most out of these fine stands. From its sleek, slim but sturdy stands, you are getting a fine piece of hardware that build up the look of the room with class and premium audio quality.

Monoprice one of the best in its class with optional length and positioning for ear height listening. you have more than enough space and great ability to listen to with more powerful options to choose from especially if you have really good surround sound action to fill the room with higher quality sound.

Let’s do a rundown on what Monoprice can bring to the table for your entertainment:

Adjusts to your ear height when sitting to watching a good movie

Lifetime Warranty on all wires.

Able to hold up to 5 lbs. of weight for any speaker .

Comes with mounting presets with the sizes of 1/4 to 20 mounting screws.

Speaker stands are hollow to hold more wire inside of each.

Monoprice continues to make things great for fun entertainment and take way the hassles of dealing with wires and extension hookups. A gem to have that’s one the best mounts to have in the living room. You will not have many problems with these stands which helps on the back end of things when trying to get the right type of sound quality.


Allows you have sizable distance between you and the television set. You can place these in a cross-sectional angle to gt the premium balance of audio output that you have been waiting for. Plus with a lightweight design and sleek features this speaker stands could get more sound to your ears instead of waiting for it to capture your attention, it demands by the way its used the most.


acks the ability to adjust to ALL speaker systems, which could make things a bit dicey and could be a game changer when comes to crossing over to different brand names for the right type of sound performance. Has trouble accommodating to Visio Speakers and could pose a challenge to users who like to use these products to get better audio receptions. The hollowed out plastic base is a not that strong to hold up to the overload of wires but does get the job done by masking them.

My Recommendation: Check speaker stands out for your self to see if these are one of the best to use for you home theater system and check if the warranty to see what does it really cover by calling customer service for details.





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